Coast to Coast #136 - Recap

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Officer Greg Williams of the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department patrols an area known for drug activity and spots a man standing in the middle of the road. The man and his friend speak to Williams briefly and begin to walk away. The friend is questioned about his drug activity after Williams notices his behavior is somewhat erratic. He pats the man down and questions the man about any criminal activity he may have pursued in the past and the man claims he only steals guns from people that ‘ain’t cops’. While the conversation is taking place the other male walks away to ‘get his ID’ and never comes back. A neighbor comes over and tells Officer Williams the men are a nuisance. Williams goes around the perimeter of the home in time to spot a male running into the woods. He pursues the man on foot and quickly detains the man.

Cpl. John Black of the Rialto Police Department heads to a location to back up an officer that was in a foot pursuit with a suspect that tossed a baggie of narcotics. The officers search a residence where the man has been known to hang out and find the man in an upstairs bedroom closet. The man is taken into custody without incident. He denies that it he has any involvement in the foot pursuit and claims he was hiding in the closet because he is in a bad neighborhood. The man denies that he tossed the recovered narcotics. As the officers test the drugs, they notice that there is meth in the baggie.

Officer Shawn Ford of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department responds to a call of a male walking around in the fountain at the Mirage. Ford explains that people jump the fence to grab change from the lagoon. He spots wet footprints leading away from the scene and gets a description from a witness. The witness spots the man walking down the street and the officer stops him. The man admits to grabbing the coins but explains that he refuses to beg for money and this is his only alternative. Because the man doesn’t have any warrants, Officer Ford gives him a break and after asking the man to toss the ill-gotten change back into the fountain, he cuts him loose. Another officer contacts Ford a short time later and states he has a suspect in custody that was caught stealing change from the same fountain. When Ford arrives it is the same man. The man claims that it was ‘too hard to leave’ and he hated to see his ‘hard work’ gone.