Coast to Coast #137 - Recap

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Detective Aaron Vigil of the Rialto Police Department runs the plate of a vehicle entering a gas station that matches a description of a vehicle involved in a carjacking incident and watches as the driver ‘blacks out’ and drives from the scene forcing the detective to give chase. The chase ends when the driver turns into a cul-de-sac and the suspect slams into a pursing patrol vehicle. The man jumps from the car and Detective Vigil deploys his Taser to stop them man from fighting. The man immediately complies and is taken into custody. The seemingly unfazed man is placed in the car and Vigil explains that the vehicle was carjacked earlier in the day and the owner was beaten by the person that carjacked him.

Officer Michael Sartain and Officer Kenneth Sacaide of the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department respond to an assault call. The male complainant claims he was assaulted by his male roommate. Arriving on scene, the officers are greeted by the complainant and a female party that claims she was pushed down by the man. The suspect in the original call states that he and the other man share the home and the other man was upset because the suspect brought his girlfriend to live at the house. While he was gone, the complainant allegedly assaulted his girlfriend, leading to the assault that prompted the call to police. Even though the female initially states she has no injuries that ‘she can send him to jail on’, both the original complainant and the female victim sign forms and her boyfriend as well as the complainant are taken to jail for the assaults.

Officer Michael Smith of the Sacramento Police Department assists another unit in pulling over a stolen vehicle. When the suspect refuses to yield, a pursuit ensues and Smith explains that they have been given permission to PIT if necessary. The suspect overshoots a turn and crashes over a median, disabling the car and ending the pursuit. The man is taken into custody without incident. The officer that made initial contact details the call. The suspect explains that his friend gave him the car to use because he was down on his luck. The suspect asks what kind of jail time he is looking at – and seems happy when he is told he will be looking at a few years. He says he will study law in prison because he knows how to live in prison.