Wild Chases Special Edition - Recap

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Officer Michael McNab of the Spokane Police Department explains that they are on patrol in an area where a full sized pickup truck was recently stolen. The owner left the keys in the ignition while unloading food for a charity food drive. Soon after, an unoccupied truck matching the description of the stolen vehicle is spotted along with another occupied vehicle, on the side of the road. One of the occupants of the second truck jumps out and hops behind the wheel of the stolen truck. A chase ensues and the suspect goes off the paved roads into a grassy field and finally into a wooded area. Officer McNab stays close behind and makes another attempt to break the glass when it appears the vehicle is stuck. The driver again speeds away and Officer McNab notices that his patrol vehicle is on fire. He tries to extinguish the fire himself, but the fire spreads rapidly and soon engulfs the vehicle.

Detective Carl Jones of the Rialto Police Department is dispatched to a burglary in progress. Dispatch states that two men have tripped security cameras and have been spotted loading copper wire into a vehicle. Detective Jones spots the vehicle and attempts to detain a man walking away when a second suspect jumps into the car and drives away in an attempt to elude the authorities. The man drives around a corner but quickly changes his mind and gives up without further incident. The other suspect is found by the air unit hiding in a ditch.

Deputy Sean McMichael of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office assist in the tracking of a vehicle that was seen leaving the area of a burglary. The car exits the freeway directly in front of Deputy McMichael’s patrol car. The driver veers off of the paved road to avoid the deputies and fails to stop. He leads the deputies on a short pursuit. The deputies deploy a spike strip and the vehicle’s tires deflate, causing him to lose control and crash into another vehicle. The man is taken into custody without incident.