Stupid Behavior #1 - Recap

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Officer Shaun Diamond of the Pomona Police Department assists Chief Joe Romero in the pursuit of a ‘g ride’ (stolen vehicle) driven by a parolee at large. The pursuit winds through Pomona and ends abruptly when the van clips a taxi cab in an intersection, rolling the van on its side and literally wrapping the cab around a steel traffic pole. The suspect is taken into custody and the taxi driver is transported to a hospital for his injuries. The Chief explains that he picked up the pursuit after hearing of a neighboring agency losing the suspect in an early chase.

Officer Wendy Osborn of the Lansing Police Department patrols a park near several businesses that has a lot of foot traffic. She spots a vehicle parked in the area that is closed for business. There is a male and female in the truck that both claim not to know they aren’t supposed to be in the park after hours. The male passenger doesn’t have any ID and gives a strange spelling for his name and cannot remember his age. The female driver hands Osborn something with her name on it for verification. The passenger seems agitated at the inquiry and is taken into protective custody because he is unable to provide the officers any ID and gives several different birth dates. The driver claims she was headed to a chicken eatery and spotted her co-worker walking down the street and picked him up. The woman tells officers her husband would be very upset if he knew she was parked in the park.

Officer Chris Kennedy of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department spots a male walking down the street and decides to talk to him. The man tells Kennedy that he has felony convictions for “gaming”. He explains that he used a quarter on a string to fool slot machines and gamble on them. When Kennedy asks to pat the man down, he shows his wallet and a wallet he claims he just found at the bus stop. The man talks at length about karma and how he believes strongly in that concept. The man admits he took the money out of the wallet but was planning on giving it to the police.