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Bad Girls #11 - Recap

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Corporal Luke Torres of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department/Jurupa Valley Station patrols a high crime neighborhood. As he passes by a house that was recently served with a warrant for drug activity, he spots a female that he recognizes as having a felony warrant for drug trafficking. When the corporal attempts to contact the woman she denies that she is the suspect and gives a false name and makes an attempt to walk away. When the corporal tries to detain her, she begins struggling and eventually Cpl. Torres is forced to take her to the ground until backup arrives and she is taken into custody. A warrant ID sheet is pulled and she confirms that she is indeed the woman they are looking for.

Officer Zachary Johnson of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department stops a truck that has been reported stolen. The female driver steps out of the vehicle and is questioned. She initially claims that “it was a fair exchange” and continues to explain that the owner allowed her to drive the truck in exchange for forty dollars worth of crack cocaine. She later adds that she is a prostitute and decided to prolong the use of her vehicle for services rendered. The owner shows up and admits he knows the woman and details the events leading up to her taking his truck. While both parties are admonished for the lifestyles choices they have made that has led them to this point, the victim takes his truck and the female suspect is issued an citation to appear in court to answer to the charges.

Corporal Daryll Johnson of the Pomona Police Department spots a vehicle parked in a motel parking lot that is listed on the hot sheet as stolen. He assigned an officer to survey the vehicle. Eventually, the officer radios that a woman has driven away in the vehicle and Cpl. Johnson catches up to assist with the traffic stop. The woman is removed from the car without incident and questioned about the ownership of the vehicle. Officers realize that the suspect is a transvestite and also learn that the man claims he bought the car in San Diego months prior. The suspect assumes that a friend called the car in stolen because of a miscommunication about ownership. Officers question the suspect further and learn the man has a warrant as well as priors for burglary.