Chases and Takedowns Special Edition - Recap

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Officer Matt Delenikos and Officer Bill Shaw of the Portland Police Bureau spot a ‘hand to hand’ drug transaction taking pace. When the dealer (a man known to the officers) sees the police, he drinks water in an attempt swallow dope in his mouth. The man is taken to the ground and two baggies are recovered. The man claims he just got out and was just trying to make rent. Talking frankly with the officers, he claims that he has given up on life and decided that selling drugs was as good as it gets for him. The officers’ council the man to get his life together and even go as far as giving the man their cards for further support. They encourage the man and tell him that life isn’t over for him yet.

Officer Alan Edwards of the Spokane Police Department is dispatched to a possible ‘prowler’ call. A caller spotted a man slinking around the area. Officer Edwards spots the man that matches the neighbor’s description and when he tries to stop the man, the male takes off on foot. Several neighbors assist the officer and take the suspect into custody. The man ran from another officer earlier. The suspect claims he went to the wrong address because he is intoxicated and that is why he was running from officers. Officer Edwards explains that the man has several warrants and questions why the man would run from the police. Edwards expresses his appreciation for the help he received in apprehending the suspect by the civilians in the area.

Deputy Dan Roufa of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office runs a tag that come back stolen. He follows the vehicle at a distance and watches as the driver bails out and runs into a wooded area. With the help of a K-9, he apprehends the young man. A search of the vehicle turns up a drug scale. The suspect has a large amount of cash on his person and tells the deputies that he was given the car by a friend. He refuses to give up his friend and tells the deputies he gave up because he didn’t want to get bit by the dog. Deputies explain that by being vigilant and running tags, sometimes you find stolen cars. The suspect is arrested for grand theft auto.