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Stupid Criminals #3 - Recap

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Officers Michael Sartain and Pete Cutcliff of the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department assist another department that is chasing a homicide suspect in a neighboring city. The officers join the pursuit and watch as the suspect drives his vehicle through traffic and up into the parking lot of a gas station. The driver collides with a car at the pumps, knocking down a female and wrecking two other vehicles. Officer Sartain explains that the man has a warrant for his arrest for a homicide committed in another area. The man is taken to the hospital where several officers will wait for him to wake up and take him into custody. The officers explain that there are no major injuries despite the severe impact.

Detective Aaron Vigil of the Rialto Police Department rolls to back up patrol officers on a domestic violence call. The police have already visited the home once today. When they arrive, they are flagged down and told the female has fled the house and the male victim is bleeding from a knife cut in his abdomen. The woman is found hiding behind a house and is taken into custody. He also has bruises from a hammer attack. The man begs for the officers to not charge his assailant. He explains that the couple has been estranged and today they were having reconciliation when a neighbor walked in and enraged the woman. The woman tells the officer that her ‘old man’ is a drug user and has a stolen car. She also states that she was nude when the neighbor walked in on them having relations. She feels her ‘old man’ didn’t handle the situation which shows no respect for her. The couple argues with each other before the woman is eventually taken away. Officer Sergio Carerra Memorial Information

Sgt. Dennis Joy and K-9 'Leo' of the Sacramento Police Department spot a vehicle that has swerved and hit the center divider, an indication that the driver may be DUI. The vehicle does not immediately pull over and leads the officer on a slow speed chase. Moments before the officers are going to PIT the car; the driver pulls over and is ordered from the vehicle. The male driver is taken into custody without further incident. When questioned regarding his reckless driving, the man doesn’t remember. The man freely admits he made a mistake by not stopping quicker and states he drank a little that evening.