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Takedowns Special Edition - Recap

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Officer David Schummer of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department patrols an area known for a high rate of drug activity. He spots a male seated in a truck in the alley – suspicious behavior for 2 am. The man states that he is meeting a friend to discuss some work and that the man is up at odd hours because he works the graveyard shift. The officer asks him to exit the vehicle and asks to do a search of his person. The man agrees and is searched. His vehicle is search as well. The male seems to have something lodged in his upper inside lip and when the officer questions him about it, he ‘shows’ the officer that he has cottonmouth from a prescription. The eagle-eyed officer spots several crack rocks and the officers are forced to briefly wrestle with the man.

Officer Conrad Stumpenhaus and Sgt. Darrel Bergquist of the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department stop a green minivan that has a license plate that indicates the driver has a warrant. They initially spotted a sticker in the back window that indicated the vehicle’s plates were stolen. The driver explains the van belongs to his Uncle Gene. He is detained during the investigation. The passenger is also detained. A search of the vehicle turns up a baggie of drugs in a baby wipes box. The driver tells the officers the wipes belong to his sister. The man is upset because he claims he is trying to stay straight. While placing the men into the paddywagon, the officers locate a baggie of coke in the older man’s wallet. He denies that the drugs are his and the officers tell him he is living by the statement on his shirt – “I DON’T LOOK FOR TROUBLE, IT FINDS ME”

FTO Glen Anderson of the Rialto Police Department assists SCAT after the team received information that a parolee has dope on his property. The officers move in and detain the male suspect. Soon after, they spot a baggie of dope just as the informant said. Detective Aaron Vigil admonishes the man for his behavior and talks to him about the length of time he has been making the same mistakes. The man’s wife comes outside and is shown the drugs and becomes emotional when the officers tell her that there is no future in what her husband is caught up in and that she needs to protect herself and her children. The woman appreciates the kind words and tells FTO Anderson he is the first officer to ever speak to her so frankly. Detective Vigil searches the property and finds a loaded handgun in a refrigerator. When confronted with the gun, the male suspect denies knowledge of it but is told he is looking at life as this is his ‘third strike’ under California law.