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Bean Bag:
A Bean Bag is a 12 gauge round that is in the classification of less lethal weaponry, and is a woven bag filled with iron shot fired to stop a person but with the intention of not killing them.
A junky old car in very poor shape.
Be On the Look Out. A BOLO is an alert sent to departments and their officers when there is a search to find someone or something, i.e. a BOLO may be dispatched for a car that was just stolen.
1) Shell casings of a bullet left at the scene of a shooting, 2) Upper ranks of officers.
Code 3:
When an officer is dispatched to a scene Code 3, it means it's a critical emergency, and they are authorized to use their lights and siren to get there as quickly as safely possible.
Cold Case:
An older crime that has never been solved.
Street term for Methamphetamine.
Dime Bag:
$10.00 worth of narcotics.
Double-deuce Gatt:
Street term for a 22 caliber hand gun.
A handgun.
1) A match on the computer after a person's information has been entered in and submitted. 2) An outstanding warrant. 3) A killing by order.
Hook Up:
To hand cuff.
Paper Call:
A Paper Call is a crime or complaint on something that has already happened and an officer is dispatched to take a report, i.e. a person's house has been broken into and burglarized and the owner gets home and calls the police to come and make out a report for insurance purposes.
Short for perpetrator, which is a person suspected of committing a criminal act.
A rookie officer.
Sticks / Spikes:
A.K.A Stop Sticks, an apparatus which is comprised of sharp, pointed tubes, which will break off and quickly deflate tires when run over by a fleeing vehicle. Usually kept in the trunk of police cars.

Network: SPIKE ( USA)
Type: Documentary
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Status: Returning Series
Airs: Saturdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 11, 1989
Episodes Order: 33
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