Season 3

45 :03x01 - I Remember It Well

Police suspect Nikki Beaumont, a Counterstrike ally and former thief, of taking a priceless jewel collection. She asks Peter and Alexander 48 hours in order to prove her innocence. But before Nikki can explain the plan to Peter she is sitting in an airplane bound for the French Riviera, where her father Jean-Jacques Beaulieu lives. During the flight, she makes friends with Gabrielle who has followed her. The two women do not suspect that they are chased by criminals.
Special Guest Stars: Cyrielle Claire as Nicki Beaumont | Jean-Pierre Aumont as Jean-Jacques Truffant |
Guest Stars: Luis Marquez as Thomas | Jean-Marie Marlon as Chevalier | Guy Verame as Godard | Thierry DeCarbonnieres as Raymond

46 :03x02 - The Sting

Mobsters are squeezing protection fees from businessmen, Addison steps in playing a restaurant owner to lure the crooks.
Guest Stars: Robert Eliot as Spike (as Michael Davies) | Philippe Caroit as Di Marco | Jean-Pierre Bernard as Rosti | Saul Jephcott as Henri | Rachael Palmieri as Unknown | Klonel Azoulay as Unknown | Junger Zingel as Unknown | Eric Paraud as Unknown | Frank Capillery as Unknown
Director: René Bonnière
Story: Linda Watt | Teleplay: Richard Oleksiak

47 :03x03 - Till Death Do Us Part

A criminal claims he holds Addington's wife, thought dead, for ransom.
Guest Stars: Christian Burgess as Trevor Winston | Barbara Law as Juliette | Michel Voletti as The Inspector | Marine Jolivet as Corinne | Hubert Gillet as The Beggar
Director: Bruno Gantillon
Story: Linda Watt | Teleplay: Michael Donovan (1)

48 :03x04 - Bastille Day Terror

The team scramble to recover a stolen nuclear warhead that threatens France's Bastille Day parade.
Guest Stars: Brigitte Nielsen as Monica Steile | Mapi Galan as Jessica | Bradley Cole as Baire | Marc Maury as Gorki
Director: Bruno Gantillon
Writer: Linda Watt

49 :03x05 - No Honour Among Thieves

The team must protect a mobster slated to testify before a committee on organized crime.
Guest Stars: Elke Sommer as Anita Duvalier | Val Avery as Morey Lempke | Christian Erickson as Traherne | Nadia Farès as Jeanette | Gerald Morales as Castigliano
Story: Linda Watt | Teleplay: Martin Lager

50 :03x06 - Skin Deep

Avant-garde designer Sandrine's (LaToya Jackson) models are murdered one by one.
Guest Stars: Latoya Jackson as Sandrine Carter | Denise Virieux as Tara | Jacques Martial as Serge | Rachel Palmieri as Suzanne | Michel Voletti as Philippe | Jack Gordon as Manny | Philippe Cal as Sandrine's assistant | Jean-Claude Jitrois as Himself
Director: Robin Davis (1)
Story: Linda Watt | Teleplay: Vincent Lambert

51 :03x07 - The Curse of the Amber Chamber

Freak accidents plague an international expedition searching for long-missing antiques.
Guest Stars: Pierre Semmler as Hans | Marc de Jonge as Herr Hinkel | Dee DiMarco as Prof. Natasha Keirov
Director: Jorge Montesi

52 :03x08 - Death Seal

Stone uncovers illegal arms sales while investigating a Navy SEAL plane crash.
Guest Stars: Toni Naples as Peter's Date

53 :03x09 - Cyborg

Peter must capture a genetically altered killer.

54 :03x10 - DOA

Poisoned Peter must give up a witness to terrorists to obtain an antidote.

55 :03x11 - Cat in the Cradle

Gabrielle infiltrates a strip club to foil drug dealers.
Guest Stars: Mary Beth Rubens as Marlene

56 :03x12 - Bosnian Connection

A Bosnian relief group is front for an arms operation.

57 :03x13 - Betrayed

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58 :03x14 - Clearcut

The team must mediate between loggers and environmentalists.

59 :03x15 - Free to Kill

Parole-review board members are being killed, and Addington may be next.

60 :03x16 - The Hit

To locate a protected witness, drug dealers kidnap Peter.
Guest Stars: Cali Timmins as Yvonne | William Colgate as Sheriff Jenkins

61 :03x17 - French Twist

Gabrielle, drugged and hallucinating, is suspected of killing an artist friend.
Guest Stars: Nigel Bennett as Quinton Jones

62 :03x18 - The Contender

A fight promoter wants J.J.'s brother, Sugar Duke, to take a fall.

63 :03x19 - The Raw Truth

A sleazy TV journalist (Morton Downey Jr.) stages stories for ratings.
Guest Stars: Morton Downey, Jr. as Journalist

64 :03x20 - Peacemaker

An Irish protestant peace envoy is killed, and the team must guard his successor.
Guest Stars: Mackenzie Gray as Lord Eames | Henry Czerny as Oliver Montcalm

65 :03x21 - Muerte

A murder-for-hire organization places an implant in the brain of an unwitting operative, who then will kill without memory.
Guest Stars: Andrea Roth as Heidi

66 :03x22 - Badguys

Peter is in prison for murder, and Alexander must disband the team to ensure his safety.