Walter's Walk - Recap

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The scene opens with a flashback of Annie’s magical time on the island with Ben Mercer, and then to the point when Annie was rescued by him from the assassin from last episode. She wakes up from her dream and looks at the necklace. Annie’s sister tells Annie to sign a paper giving custody of the kids to Annie in the case that anything happens to her and Michael. She tells that she is late for work. At the CIA Headquarters, Annie walks in and Auggie has a box. He tells that they have moved in a new office. Joan walks up to Annie and tells that she needs to debrief Walk-ins who go into the office claiming that they have Intel on the CIA. It is a nutcase job and Annie knows it. Annie meets with the crazy people claiming to have information that ranges from the Kennedy Assassination to different cases that have fallen into conspiracy. One woman, Helen Newman has an actual claim about a secret coded message that her college son Walter decrypted. She asks Annie to go to the car and Annie sees a boy in the car. It is a 10 year old boy.

Annie meets Walter and she tells that she is CIA and he tells that there is a number station that is active and is giving off a number code. He is scared and Annie tells that she will look into the matter. Joan walks up to Jay Wilcox who has been transferred from the DCS to the DPD and tells that he will support Joan in any way that she needs. Annie asks Auggie about Number Stations and he tells that they are not active. She tells that she needs him and his team to look into it. He tells that he can look into it but she has to go on a sandwich run. Jay Wilcox, the son of Henry Wilcox, a very high ranking official, meets Annie and Auggie introduces him to her. Auggie and his team listen to the transmission and find out that Annie’s walk-in actually uncovered an active spy transmission. Annie is driving and she gets a call from Helen and she tells that she believes that she is being followed. Annie tells that she needs to go back to Langley but she tells that she started to be followed when she left Langley and has to do what’s best for Walter.

Back at the DPD, Joan tells that the there has been no contact with Helen and that broadcast came from Belfast. Irish Republican Army (IRA) and that the signals that Walter uncovered a message intended for Michael Cayhill. Annie is ordered to meet with her MI6 operative and she sees an old machine. Auggie tells that it is codes decipher and that it will help translate the number code. Joan walks in on Arthur and asks for a moment. She asks why Jay Wilcox in her division and tells that it was bad enough when Arthur put Annie on the division to draw out Ben Mercer but he tells that he thought that it is all a good idea. Meanwhile, Annie is meeting her MI6 Operative and has a protocol. Meeting at the Farmer’s Market, she walks up to her operative James Elliot from the MI6. They walk to her car and Annie changes directions quickly to avoid anyone following them. He tells that her cell phone is out of date. They arrive at Kensington Place and they open the door to Helen and Walter’s home and Annie sees that they have not returned home. They walk into Walter’s room and Walter took the recordings of the number stations with him. The doorbell rings. Annie looks to see who it is and she is knocked back. She fights for a while and struggles to maintain control. James shoots the man.

Annie grabs the hard drive from Walter’s computer and a light falls and sparks. They run down stairs and they tell the police that they heard a gunshot. They are stopped by a detective and he tells that they are free to go back to the CIA. In the car, Annie and James talk about how important family is and that it is all they have. But James doesn’t have family so he wouldn’t know. Annie returns home to her sister’s house. She sees her sister sitting down with the kids and is thinking. Arthur and Joan are on a date and he she tells that Arthur always orders his steak the same way and that it is the only thing that is constant. He tells that he wants their marriage to work. Arthur’s phone rings and he ignores it.

Annie is looking over her bruises and her sister comes in. Annie tells that she can’t sign the Will and they have an argument on how selfish Annie is. At Langley, Annie is beating on a boxing bag and Auggie asks what is wrong. She is upset with the fact that she can’t handle a simple hand to hand combat and Auggie trains her with some different ways to fix her doubts about her hand to hand combat. She learns some new moves to use for when it happens again. Joan comes in the meeting and she tells that they have identified the body that Elliot killed and it was a currier of the IRA and that Cayhill is coming into the USA for a visit. Annie comes up to Joan and asks what they are missing with Helen and Walter. Joan tells that they are off the grid but Annie tells that the tapes of Walter are the key. Jay asks Joan why not let Annie follow the thread and Joan agrees and tells her to follow protocol. Joan tells Jay that he can’t tell her what to do with her staff.

Annie enters the apartment of Helen and Walter again and Cayhill enters into America. He is being followed by the CIA. They get him and ask him to go with them. Meanwhile, back in the apartment, Annie finds a picture with Walter and his father in front of Spruce Knob Cabins. Annie calls and the receptionist tells that they are not excepting any calls. Joan is meeting with Cayhill and she wants to know why he is in America. He tells that he is only going to visit friends. Annie finds Helen and Walter in a cabin and tells Walter that she needs the tapes to help out their investigation. She tells that she is sorry that his claims took so long to be noticed and that his tapes will make everything better. She gets the tape and places it on her dashboard and Auggie does his thing with the old machine that helps decrypt codes.

Annie is sitting with Helen and she tells that they contacted everyone about the information. She contacted British Embassy and Annie gets an idea. She thinks that James is a double agent. She finds a GPS tracker on her phone and she sees him pull up behind her. Walter, Helen and Annie are in the cabin and Walter tells that there is a crawl space that they can crawl out and get to safety. Annie remembers the spark that a lamp gave off when it fell to floor and unhooks the gas from the stove and puts the light by the door. When the door opened, there is an explosion and the two helpers with James are knocked unconscious. Annie tackles James and the extra training paid off with Auggie and she gets control of the fight and knocks James unconscious.

Later the CIA arrives and arrests James and the other two individuals. Auggie tells that the transmissions were for a car bomb in front of a British Bank in D.C. Elliot set up the whole thing and was going to frame Cayhill too. He even set up the currier too. Annie talks to James and wants to know about the thing he said about being a spy and having a family was true or not. She tells that it matters to her and he tells that it was the only true thing he told her. Joan walks into Cayhill and apologizes to him about arresting him and tells him to look forward. Arthur meets with Jay and he asks about how he thinks about Annie. He tells that she is smart. Arthur tells that he needs to get any information from her because Ben Mercer is still underground. He tells that Joan is not happy that he is there.

At the airport, Annie and Auggie thank Walter and Helen for their help and give Walter headphones and tell him to keep in touch. Back at Annie’s sister’s house, Annie is in the kitchen when her sister enters. She tells that she knows that she will be there for her kids no matter what and she doesn’t need a piece of paper to say that. But Annie signed it twenty minutes ago and tells that when it comes to family, you will do anything for them.