When the Levee Breaks - Recap

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The scene opens with Arthur giving an agent named Paul an award. Annie walks up to Auggie and says that they give out a lot of awards. Meanwhile at St. Andrews Middle School in Hong Kong, a teacher is instructing a student about physics. The student thanks the teacher and leaves. Two men enter and the professor runs. He is caught at the window and they tell that Ben Mercer can’t save him now. Meanwhile, Ben Mercer walks up to police with guns drawn. In the office, Joan asks to talk to Annie. Ben Mercer walks up to the police and tells that he is ready to come out of the cold. Annie is escorted to watch Ben get debriefed and Ben comes out and tells that he came into the CIA again to tell that an old Anton Sebine, a chemist, has gone missing. He reassigned Anton to a school in Hong Kong. Annie is told to leave the room.

In the hallway, Annie asks if Jay was ever going to tell that he was in Sri Lanka. Jay says that for a while, he thought he knew Ben well. Arthur goes in the room and says that he has been a bad boy. He asks what Ben wants and he says that Sabine was kidnapped by Articus, an arms dealer. He has a way in, but he needs resources. Arthur says that if Ben is telling the truth, they need to act on it. Jay tells that a teacher in Hong Kong has been missing. Arthur says that Annie is going to go with Ben and Jay and Joan try to reject the idea, but Arthur says that she has a past with him. Annie gets told and then goes out in the hallway. Auggie asks what is going on and she tells that she is shadowing Ben. He tells her that he is going to tell Joan, but Annie tells that she wants to go. Auggie tells that he has something for her and gives her a GPS tracking dot. He also gives her his personal line if she ever gets into trouble. Arthur walks into his office to find a bunch of agents and lawyers. One of the men, tells Arthur that Liza Hearn is about to print an article revealing something that Arthur is trying to hide. He asks what their strategy is and the man tells him to let them decide that.

Ben meets Annie outside and she asks if Ben remembers what being an agent is all about. She tells that she is coming on the mission no matter what. Later that evening, Annie packs her things and grabs the bracelet from Sri Lanka. She puts the GPS tracking dog on it and puts it on. Later in Sri Lanka, Auggie tells what Annie is to do while there and that they are going to have to try to blend in. Ben draws a line in chalk by a fountain. They do their best they can to blend when Ben hears an explosion. However, it is only fireworks. He tells Annie to come with him. He takes her to an old friend who owns a restaurant. He asks if he has seen their friend and he says that he has not for a while. Annie realizes that it is not just about the food. At Langley, Auggie meets with Arthur and he tells that Liza Hearn needs to be contacted by Auggie and says that the article would affect missions on the ground. Joan meets Alex and he tells that the DCS is going to need someone better than Arthur and says that if things were to get bad, they would like her to step up and take the mantle.

Jay goes to Henry Wilcox and says that he needs information. He asks if Ben Mercer was taking orders from others and he tells that Ben never could follow orders and tells Jay that he needs to take initiative. Ben goes up to the fountain and sees that Lonestar was there and says that they are going to be grabbed soon. Suddenly they are blindfolded and ride in a car. Annie tells that she doesn’t like the treatment and Ben says that they are not tied up. They arrive at a Buddhist Temple and meet with Lonestar. Annie says that she has been there before after Ben left her at the beach. Lonestar says that only people wanting to forget go there. Ben gives Lonestar Pringles and $50,000. Lonestar offers some tea and tells that Articus is hiding out in the biggest house. Suddenly Lonestar starts to choke. He has been poisoned. There are gun shots and Ben tells that they need to go. They run and pay a guy for the motorcycle and escape their persuers. Around a cliff, Ben turns sharp and the truck pursuing them goes off the cliff and the individuals inside are killed. Ben drives them to where they first spent their time in Sri Lanka. Annie tries to tell that she will stay somewhere else and Ben tells her that it is the only place safe.

On the other side of the world, Auggie meets with Liza Hearn and tells that he is sorry for lying to her. He begs that she hold off on the article for 72 hours so that they can avoid any problems and she tells that she will only because Auggie is sweet. Arthur and Joan meet in his office and he says that he has the Liza Hearn publication on his mind and the threat it holds. Joan tells that he has done a fantastic job as head of DCS. Meanwhile, Annie and Ben settle in and Ben tells that they are clear and that tomorrow, they are going to try to find Articus in Bali, Indonesia. Annie talks about what Ben did and Ben tells that he never forgot her. She sees that he still has his bracelet and she kisses it and then kisses him. The next day, Annie wakes up to find Ben gone. Thinking that he did it again, Annie is upset, but Ben runs in and tells that they need to move. They try to escape from Jeeps that come on the beach, but they can’t. However, it is only Jay and he tells that they didn’t check in. Annie realizes that Jay found her through the GPS tracker. Jay tells that a team is going to Bali to rescue the professor.

Later, the Bali government arrives, but the house is abandoned and Articus is not there. Jay tells this to Annie and Ben and that they struck out and Jay tells that it is not safe her. Ben tells that it isn’t safe and they should leave. He says that he will get their gear and bring the truck around. In a restaurant, Auggie is eating when Liza Hearn comes in. They exchange things that they both left at each other’s place. She asks why Auggie to stop the article from being published for 72 hours and he says that missions would have been compromised. However, she tells that the article is only about Arthur. Auggie realizes that he was played and says that Arthur owes him now. She leaves and Auggie realizes that a toothbrush is not his. She smiles and leaves to a car that is parked. Henry Wilcox is inside and tells that they have more to talk about. Henry is the leak. Meanwhile, Joan goes up to Arthur and tells him that Alex is offering her the job as Head of DCS. Arthur tells that she should take it if it comes up, but she tells that the place runs best with both of them.

Back in Sri Lanka, Annie realizes that Ben is not coming back and Auggie calls and asks why she is going to a building and wonders why she is so high in the air. Annie realizes that Ben and her switched bracelets and knows that Ben went to the tallest building. They talk with Arthur and Joan and Arthur tells Jay to take Ben out if needs be. Joan tells that they are sending a helicopter to the top of the building. They get there and see Ben making a deal with Articus for Anton Sebine. Annie thinks that Ben went rouge again and as Ben leaves, Jay draws on him to let Sebine go. Ben tells Annie that the “truth is complicated” meaning that he is still on their side and shoots at Articus. They try to get Sebine out of there and they fight and kill all of Articus’s men. Annie sees that Ben is in trouble and goes after Articus. He falls to his death when she moves out of the way in time. They move to the roof where a chopper is waiting. One of the men climbs up as they are getting into the helicopter and shoots Ben in the back. The episode ends with Annie calling Ben’s name as they fly back to Langley to debrief from their mission.