Begin the Begin - Recap

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The scene opens with Annie on the beach and remembers Ben being rushed into the hospital. As they wheel him in, his heart machine flat-lines. However, she walks up to Ben on the beach. He is in a wheelchair at a Naval Hospital in Guam. Annie leads him to a room and he gets up and climbs into bed. She starts to debrief him playfully and he says that she needs to excuse the nurse for a bit. However, Annie looks back and the nurse is already gone. Annie walks out of the room to find the place deserted. Two men come in and start unloading bullets in the room, but Annie and Ben are in the stairwell. They manage to take down the two men following them and Annie says that they have to get to the guard outside. They run outside and just as the third man is going to shoot them, he is shot by the guard. They are safe and Annie tells him that they should go home.

Later at the Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, Ben says that he prefers Guam. Jay Wilcox comes up and says that he is glad that Annie is back. Jai says that Ben has problem with authority, but Ben doesn’t think as Jai as an authority figure. Jai and Ben exchange snide remarks and Annie tells them to keep the peace. Annie asks what she can get Ben and he says that he would love a cheeseburger. Jai and Annie leave Ben at the Medical Center and Annie gets dropped off at her sister’s, Danielle, house. They greet with a hug and Danielle says that they had a minor break-in. The garage was open and things were taken, but says that Annie’s guest house wasn’t touched. Annie says that she needs to freshen up and checks to make sure that everything is in its place. It is all there right where she left it. Later at Langley, Annie gets into work and Auggie Anderson welcomes her back from her trip to Sri Lanka. She says that her sister’s garage was broken into and says that all of her documents are safe, but requests for a Level One sweep.

They get into Auggie’s office and says that he is in charge of finding the people who tried to kill Ben and her. He also says that Liza Hearn has published articles that threaten indictments toward Arthur. Joan talks to Annie and asks how she is and Annie says that she is fine. Joan gives her the next mission. Morozov is a business Estonian who they need to watch closely. Nadia, a tennis player and a person of interest and a contact in the CIA is to also be watched because she is an asset to them. Annie gets to the Tennis center and gives Nadia flowers. She was told by Auggie about the details and says that if she says that she will put them in the locker, she doesn’t have any Intel. However, Nadia botches the script. Annie calls and thinks that Nadia is in trouble. She gets to the office and Auggie tries to convince her that it is nothing, but Annie plays the morality card and Auggie allows the trail and tells her that they need information. Annie follows Nadia and finds her in the Sauna room. Nadia asks what she is doing and Nadia is eating chocolate. She says that before Estonia was on the EURO, they couldn’t get chocolate, but now they can and it is her vice. Annie tries to talk to her, but Nadia says that she is sorry. Annie sees bruises and asks about them. Nadia says that Morozov is a good man and says that she wants the CIA to leave her alone.

She goes back to Joan and says that Nadia is in danger, but says that she asks for the CIA to leave her alone. Jai says that is not usual. Later Arthur and Joan meet for drinks in his office and Joan asks what the hold-up is. He says that they are waiting. Chet Lagardi is a lawyer that will fight for Arthur and he says that they want to wait on it. Meanwhile, Auggie calls Annie and says that they will have the sweepers at her sister’s place tomorrow, but they need to get them out of the house. She says that she has an idea and gives the girls soda in a glass filled to the top. They of course spill it all over the place. She tells Daniel that she will call the carpet cleaners. She gets another call from Auggie telling her that Nadia is on the move. Auggie and Annie survey the area and follow Nadia and Morozov to a place. Annie hears what sounds like gun fire and runs inside. However, it was only the champagne opening and Annie walks in on Morozov wishing Nadia a Happy Birthday. Back at the office, Joan says that she almost blew Nadia’s cover and that they are going to give Nadia what she wants and leave her alone now. She tells Annie to go through files and dissect them. She asks if she is serious and Joan says that she is. Meanwhile, Jai comes in and asks what he wants to do now that Ben is back. Arthur says that it is best to stay with Joan right now.

The sweepers come in and pose as carpet cleaners. Danielle says that she will get the kids. Meanwhile, Annie is snapping pictures of businessmen outside with Morozov. Joan realizes that Annie is gone. Annie goes up to Auggie and says that Morozov is watching Nadia like a hawk. Auggie wants to know why Annie is following the case when Joan told her not to. She says that she has that feeling. Auggie tells Annie is paranoid. She says that maybe she is, but she is fine. Auggie tells her that the home sweep came up with nothing. Auggie tells her to take the rest of the day off and says that he’ll cover. Annie goes to Ben’s room and realizes that he is gone. The nurse says that there was no person by the name of Ben Mercer. Annie goes to Joan’s house and asks what happened to Ben and she says that Ben is a high risk, high reward person and says that she has to accept the fact that he goes missing. Annie picks up that Ben is safe. She goes for drinks later with Auggie and Annie realizes that Nadia is not the victim, she is the assassin because she has access to Morozov. The reason why is because Nadia can buy good chocolate now and that Morozov is going against Russia.

They get to the Tennis match and Auggie pretends to have a ticket to the game. He shows Morozov that he is in danger. Morozov takes the hint and says that he would like to figure this out together. Meanwhile, Annie gets in the back by posing as Nadia personal assistant. She shows that Nadia wants an apple. The security guard allows it. Nadia wins the match and walks to the back. Annie tells Nadia that Morozov is safe and tells her to go with her. However, Nadia’s coach is the real killer and Nadia says that she threatened her. Annie and Nadia get into a car and her coach follows right behind. Annie manages to run her into a tree and they get away. Later at Joan’s, Chet Lagardi comes up and says that Arthur hired him. Meanwhile, Auggie talks to two kids and they confess that they broke into the garage at Danielle’s. At Langley, Annie says that Nadia will have protection, but no public appearances and no money. She says that she has to accept it. Nadia thanks her. Later in the evening, Arthur meets with Ben and welcomes him back in the agency, but there is to be no contact with Annie. The episode ends with Annie and Auggie meeting for drinks.