Around the Sun - Recap

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The scene opens with Annie getting ready for work. She gathers her things and drives to work. When she gets there, she is almost hit by another motorist. She gets inside and waits in line for a coffee. She steps out of line for a second and tries to get back in line, but is stopped by the same woman that almost hit her. She gets her coffee and goes into Auggie’s office and gives Auggie his coffee. She sees that Auggie has cleaned up and Auggie tells that he is going to be in charge of the OCA and that his replacement will be assisting Annie from now on. She is not happy that Auggie has to leave, but understands. Jai tells Annie that they have briefing. Annie gets inside Briefing and Joan talks about a possible leak that they may have a NASA and tells that they need to get on it right away. She welcomes Auggie’s replacement, Reva Kline. Annie recognizes her as the woman that almost hit her and cut in line at the coffee stand.

Annie talks to Jai about how Danielle wants to help her train for the marathon coming up and Reva laughs. She says that when a woman takes up a sport, it is a precursor to divorce. Annie tries to defend her sister and tells that she is going to have to be in charge of the mission to find the leak. Jai is impressed that Annie was a Space Camp nerd and Annie tells that there is a lot that Jai doesn’t know about her. Jai asks Reva what she thinks of the space program and Reva says that it is a waste of time. Annie is given her cover as someone from the Smithsonian to videotape for a documentary. Jai tells that the morale is not going to be good and that she is going to ask four questions. Three of them are questions leading up to the trigger question. Reva keeps adding in her two cents in the conversation and says that she will be watching her videos to check for deciept and tells her that the NASA morale is not going to be as high as Annie’s. Auggie walks up and meets Annie in the hall. She tells that Auggie is still with them and Auggie tells that he had to fill out too much paperwork. Auggie tells that Annie is good at her job and will get the job done. Meanwhile, Arthur and Joan meet with Jet and he tells that he doesn’t have to worry about the charges and tells that they will meet up after he gets back playing tennis.

Annie gets to NASA for “Mars Week” and starts to interview engineers. Annie talks to one in particular, Will ***. His son, Charlie, comes over and tells that his father should be in the Smithsonian because he has been basically working for NASA since he was 10-years-old. Will says that he saw the launch of Apollo 15. Annie asks what Charlie’s favorite mission was and he says that it is the Pioneer 10. A woman approaches Annie and tells that she hasn’t heard of any video recordings from the Smithsonian. Annie tells that she has clearance from a board member and the woman walks away. Arthur meets with Auggie and tells that he is going to like it in the OCA and Auggie takes in the surroundings. Annie gets back to the CIA and Reva tells that she needs to concentrate on keeping her target questions in the same order with every interview. She shows a video of Will and says that he is lying about what he does because he puts a barrier up. Annie is not too sure about it, but Jai comes in and tells that Will would be the perfect target. Jai says that they need to surveillance him.

However, Joan denies their request. Reva tries to intervene, but Joan puts Reva in her place and causes her to cry outside the office. Annie approaches her and Reva blames her allergies. Annie tells that Joan is kind of cool and not so bad. Reva says that at the DST, they didn’t have to have this much of a challenge. Annie tells that it is all about the facts here. Reva tells that they could bug Will’s place. Annie calls Will and says that she has a picture that she has as a thank you. Will tells that they are going to have a barbecue. Reva doesn’t like it and says that it could be a trap that she is going into. Arthur tells Auggie that he is going to have to write a speech for the meeting. Later that evening, Annie gets to Will’s house and she gives the photo of the Apollo 15 launch. They go on the roof and Jai sneaks inside and plants the bugs. On the rooftop, they have a nice barbecue and look at the star. They are about to pull out the telescope and Charlie tells Annie that she should hang out with his dad. Charlie says that their apartment is small and that is because his father won’t ask for a raise. They go back downstairs and Jai gets out just in time.

The next day, Annie goes jogging with Danielle and Annie asks about her and Michael. Danielle says that she doesn’t miss him much, but she is fine. She tells that she thinks that she is falling out of love with Michael. Annie realizes that someone is following them and Annie gets rid of Danielle by telling that she dropped her phone. She chases after a girl, but loses her across the bridge. She tells that she had a tail on her and Reva tells that she shouldn’t go in today, but Annie tells that she is going to anyways. Joan and Arthur are upset at the bill that Jet gave them and tells Arthur to pay Jet and then fire him. Annie gets in and tells that she wasn’t tailed. They pull up surveillance and Will is with the girl that was following Annie. They play a recording. It is Will saying that he has another drop to make. Arthur meets with Auggie again and tells that he has to rewrite the speech and says that he has to write in the way that it won’t be boring and tells him that the press conference is tomorrow.

Annie is in Auggie’s office when Auggie comes in. She compliments his office and tells that there is something about the mission that doesn’t seem right. Auggie tells that he has to turn around the first assignment from Arthur gave him. Annie reassures him that he is going to do great. Joan has Will in the interrogation room and tells that they are only talking. Joan asks when the Columbians made him and he says that it was at a science fair of Charlie’s. The woman approached him and he was infatuated with her. He tells that things spiraled out of control from there and she wanted more. Later that night, Annie talks to Danielle about her relationship with Micheal and Danielle tells that Annie sees the best in everyone. Annie suggests that they go out for a romantic day out. The next day, Annie looks into Will’s finances and says that Will doesn’t hate his country. Reva says that she needs to move on. Annie tells that she feels that something is not right. Reva tells about her project, the “Hummingbird”. She tells that she wanted to test run it and forced the mission. However, the Hummingbird cameras were affected by the wind. She tells her not to ruin her career. Annie tells that the story just proves that she was inspired by something.

Auggie gets ready to give his speech and Arthur gives him a pep talk. Annie gets into Reva’s office and plays the video of Will’s interrogation. He is lying about the science fair. Annie goes in to see him and tells that she knows that he wasn’t the one who was turned, it was Charlie. Will tells the truth that Charlie was the one giving his resume, a paper he wrote and other things to the Columbians. He tells that he knew that they wanted to meet and the Columbians told that someone followed Annie in. FARC is the agency that wanted the information and Will tells that he left the fake message on his message machine. Later, DPD calls and Annie thinks that it is Reva, but it is Auggie. He tells that he is back because he doesn’t want to give up his cover. He tells that Charlie made a call and set up a meeting to give away information. Annie manages to get to the location before FARC and tell Charlie to come with her. They go in the hall and the woman that was following Annie sees her and chases after her. Annie turns off the lights and manages to knock the woman down and Charlie takes her gun. Annie manages to knock the woman unconscious.

She has the police take the woman away and tells Charlie that everything is going to be fine and asks if he has anywhere to go. He says that he will go to his Grandma’s house for now. Arthur and Joan meet with Jet and tell that they want to talk to him. He says that he was playing tennis with the Kentucky Senator. He says that he has no reason to peruse an investigation. Arthur and Joan smile at one another. Auggie, Jai, Reva and Annie gather for drinks, but Annie tells that she has a date. She gets back home and shows Danielle’s girls and show a contraption that her father gave her when she was little to look at the stars. The episode ends.