Half a World Away - Recap

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The scene opens with Annie talking to Auggie, who is about to go on vacation to Istanbul for a Jazz Festival. She tells that she wouldn’t call if it wasn’t important. She asks him what the salad is that she likes at the cafeteria. Auggie is trying to get the bag in the overhead bins, but it won’t fit. A stewardess named Franka comes up and tells that it won’t fit. Auggie shows that he is blind and she tells that she will take care of his bag for him. She asks if he is doing anything later and Annie tells Auggie that it looks like he is making friends already. Auggie says that he will be fine. Annie says that Auggie needs to learn to say goodbye when he is done with a conversation. However, Auggie says that he doesn’t need to. He gets into Istanbul, Turkey and walks the street. He meets his friend Kasim at the Jazz Festival and asks if he can plug into the main amp to record the Jazz Festival. He says that he can. He stands in the crowd and enjoys the music.

Afterward at his hotel, he says that he can’t believe that someone missed the Jazz Festival. That someone is Franka, the flight stewardess. She came with Auggie on his vacation. He tells her that the musicians are telling each other through song that everything is going to be alright. Franka is intrigued why Auggie is interested in that when he is a music journalist. She tells that she has something she can do to “distract” him. She kisses him and suddenly he hears a voice on the recording that the microphones picked up. He says that it is the voice of the man who blinded him. Auggie listens again and it is clear that it is him. They do a flashback to 2007 in Baghdad, Iraq where a younger Auggie is playing Football with his platoon. He is able to see at this time and is having fun. He is called into the General’s office and he says that the mission in Takrit to go after the Jack of Diamonds, a terror group. Back at the present, Auggie calls Annie and asks her to look up Afran Felat Khani on the database. He tells her not to tell Joan about it though. She agrees. Auggie doesn’t say goodbye again and Annie is sure that he is unable to say it.

Back in Istanbul, Auggie goes back to Kasim and asks if he can have a recording of another microphone. He says that he can. Back at Langley, Annie gets as error message. Joan walks up and asks what she is doing. She says that she looked up a file that says that it is missing. She asks if she has tried the File Tree and she thanks Joan for the advice. Auggie gets a call from Annie later and she says that Khani has been removed from the database. However, the File Tree revealed that he has a sister in Baltimore. Annie realizes that Auggie wants her to go to Baltimore. Franka comes up to Auggie and he asks her to be his eyes. She agrees. They walk up around the marketplace and Auggie recognizes one of the voices from the recording. Flashback back to Iraq and Auggie is leading his platoon to Takrit. They stop to what looks like a dead dog in the middle of the road. One of the members, an Iraq native, shoots at it. Mines around explode. Back in Istanbul, Turkey, Auggie and Franka are following the man that Auggie heard. He says for her to keep her distance.

Annie gets to Baltimore and talks to Khani’s sister, Layla, and lies and says that she is there for a manicure. She buys it and they talk about family. Layla says that her brother is dead. Annie goes outside and leaves a message that Khani is dead. Suddenly, Agent Rosabi of the FBI pulls up and tells her to get in. He asks why she was talking to Layla. She tells that she just wanted to get her nails done. Agent Rosabi tells that Layla is a FBI asset that has been giving information on her brother. Annie realizes that Khani is not dead and that the Special Forces Team that was sent back in 2007 might have been Auggie’s platoon. Back in Istanbul, Auggie and Franka follow the man and Franka tells that the man went into a coffee shop. Auggie wires Franka and tells her to order a coffee. She agrees and goes inside. She sits next to the two men and Auggie listens. Flashback back to Iraq and Auggie’s platoon enter Tarik. They get to the location of the Jack of Diamonds and are under fire. Auggie manages to get inside the building and go up and kill the man on the roof. Back in Turkey, the other man that the store owner is meeting with is Khani. The man tells that he will be able to have safe passage on a Cargo plane.

Annie calls Auggie and he says that he has to do something in a different town. He says that he is sorry that he didn’t read her in. She asks if she can help in. Auggie thanks her and says goodbye. Annie realizes that something is wrong because Auggie never says goodbye. She goes into Joan’s office and tells that Auggie is in trouble because he is going after Afran Felat Khani. She tells that she knows why Auggie would want to kill him. Flashback to Iraq and Auggie hears Asir, a fellow platoon member, set a trap and Auggie runs and says that there is a bomb. But, he is too late and the bomb detonates causing him to lose his vision. Auggie and Franka come out of a building and Franka tells Auggie the plans of the airport and airplane. They take a taxi to the location. Meanwhile, Annie talks to Agent Rosabi and tells that she can have Afran Felat Khani on the plane and reroute it to Washington D.C. He says that they have enough to keep him in prison. She tells him to stay by his phone. Auggie and Franka get to the airport. Franka’s phone rings and it is a blocked number. She answers it and it is Annie. She asks for Auggie and she gives the phone to him. Annie tells that Auggie doesn’t have to kill Khani because the FBI are going to take him down, but Auggie says that it is too late.

Auggie goes outside and climbs into the airplane through the wheel landing. He gets the layout of the plane and listens to anyone on the plane. He hears deep breathing. He moves around and plants a phone with a recording of machine guns. Khani runs and is tackled by Auggie. After a fight, Auggie manages to get on top and pulls out his knife. He pauses for a moment and then puts down the knife. The plane touches down in Washington. The FBI is there and Khani’s rolls off the landing bay. Joan and Annie watch as Khani is taken into custody and see Auggie come off the plane. Later at the café, Auggie tells that he got a Purple Heart for being blinded and that he didn’t deserve the medal for that. However, Annie tells that he did the right thing about Khani. Auggie thanks her and shows the picture that was taken with his platoon. The episode ends with Auggie asking how she got Franka’s cell number and Annie telling that a girl has her secrets.