Horse to Water - Recap

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The scene opens in Red Square in Moscow where a man is meeting another man named Igor. Suddenly Igor pulls a gun on the man and tells him that they know that he has been working with the CIA. He then shoots the man. Meanwhile, Annie is with Danielle in a Marathon race. She tells her that she is there for her and Danielle tells her that she is happy that she was able to get out of work. At the same moment in Petersburg Prison in Petersburg, VA, Arthur meets with Max Langford, a CIA operative turned traitor. Arthur asks if the name Iri mean anything. He tells Max that he was a CIA asset who was killed. Max says that he doesn’t get any information from anyone on those matters. Arthur leaves and calls Joan. He says that Max knows something about the murder because he is behind it.

Back at the race, Annie comments on a woman wearing jeans in a Marathon. As they are about to run, a man walks up to Annie and tells her that they need her back at work. Annie feels bad, but Danielle says that it is alright. However, it is clear that it is not alright. At the CIA, Joan walks into Arthur’s office and asks why Arthur thinks that Max is the leak. He says that Max didn’t ask for information. Joan warns that Arthur could be blamed for working with him, but Arthur says that he is taking him down. Joan briefs everyone and tells them that they are going to find out as much information that they can. Auggie brings up that Max has two daughters. Bebe is the oldest and has never visited her father in prison. The youngest, Grace, is a veterinarian who takes care of horses. Annie is set to trail Grace, who has been seeing Max every week. Auggie tells Annie that she could have been at Mile 21. She tells Auggie that she is trying to run “damage control”, but she can’t do it. Auggie tells her that Danielle knows that she is trying. He gives Annie her cover. She is a reporter for Breader’s Magazine. Annie tells Auggie that she is getting used to the creepiness.

Jai comes into his office and his secretary tells him that he has no meetings from anyone. Jai feels that he is being kept out of the loop. Annie arrives at the stables and finds Grace. She tells her to leave because she doesn’t talk to the Press. Annie says that she is there for the stables. Grace apologizes and says that she thought that she was there for another matter. Annie asks what that is, but Grace brushes her off. They reschedule and Annie calls up Auggie. She tells him that there was something off. She follows Grace and finds her meeting with a man and gives him a folder. Later at the CIA, Joan says that the man is Adnan Al-Raheeb, a Saudi with a history. Joan says that they might have found their traitor. Joan tells the team that Chess is the way that Grace and her father passing information. Tech guy, Barber, tells them that it is a game that they are playing and Max is keeping the moves in his head. They are going to search the house while Annie distracts her. Annie goes to her meeting and they ride horses. Barber and his team get in. After riding a while, Grace tells Annie that they need to get back. Annie sends a message to the Tech guys. They get out just in time.

Annie and Grace go in and Grace offers Annie a glass of wine. On the side of the road, Barber tells Auggie that it was close, but they got out in time. Jai comes into Auggie’s office and asks him if he wants to go out and get a beer. He agrees. Grace tells Annie about Max and how he got caught up in a bogus charge from the CIA of selling secrets to the Russians. Annie asks about the chess board and Grace says that her father and her are playing the game. Bebe comes in with a Piñata. She says that she was thinking of Grace when she got it. Annie introduces herself to Bebe and when Grace steps out for a moment, Bebe drills Annie with a load of questions. She says that Grace may be naïve, but she isn’t. Annie leaves and sees Bebe take a picture of the chess board. Annie gets into the CIA and Joan tells Annie that they are going to fracture the bond between the sisters. She gives Annie a file that shows Bebe visiting Max in prison. She says that the documents are forged and that Annie needs to sell it to her. Annie tells her that she can’t do the mission and says that her judgment is going to be impaired because of her emotions from dealing with her own sister issues.

Annie goes to Danielle’s house and says that she brought ice-cream. Danielle says that she is sore from running the Marathon. Annie asks about their father and Danielle says that Annie had more of a relationship with him then she did. Annie says that she is going to go and Danielle thanks her for not doing the whole apology thing again. Later that night, Auggie meets for drinks with Jai and he asks what has been going on in the DPD. He says that he feels like an outcast. Auggie tells Jai that he needs to surround himself around with people who are going to be an asset to him. Joan meets Annie at the tavern and she tells Annie that she is going to have to take the job and that it doesn’t matter how she does it, just as long as it gets done. The next day, Annie goes to see Grace and tells her that she is actually CIA. She gets upset and Annie shows the file that Joan told her to show. However, Annie tells her that they are fake. She says that she wanted to be honest to be able to get her to trust her. Grace says that she wants to see him.

They go to the prison and Max asks what they told her. She tells him that they told her that 3 men died when he gave the secrets. He says that they were nothing besides Pawns in their chess game. She says that she has spent many years defending him and doesn’t want to anymore. Annie goes out to meet her and Grace says that she doesn’t want anything to do with her. Annie follows her outside and tells her that she at least needs to give her a ride home. Annie tells Grace that the men who died weren’t “pawns”, but were real people with families. Grace agrees to help and Annie tells her to call Bebe. She leaves a message and says that she will bake a banana crème pie tonight. They get to the house and Grace says that she has to take care of the horses. Annie waits for Grace to get back and calls Auggie. She says that she doesn’t know how easy it is going to be to get Bebe. Annie sees Grace dial a number. Bebe is behind her. She tells her to give up her phone and car keys. She tells her that she knows that she is CIA.

They take Annie to the stables and Bebe aims a gun at Annie. She tells her that it is over and shoots at Annie. Bebe is a bad shot and misses her. Annie tackles Bebe and wraps a rope around her neck. Grace comes in and aims the gun on Annie. She tells her that she understands how important family is, but she has to make her own fate. Grace gives up the gun. Auggie asks where Barber and Holman are and he is told that Special Projects has them now. Auggie goes into Jai’s office and is upset that he poached his operatives. Jai tells him that he only gave the offer. Auggie says that is the last time he will have drinks with him. Annie meets with Joan and tells her that she wants weapon training because she felt the wind of the bullet go by her head. Joan agrees. Later, Annie is at the firing range. The episode ends.