What's The Frequency, Kenneth? - Recap

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The scene opens with Annie meeting Danielle at her place. While her two kids are letting off steam, Danielle complains about Michael’s contribution to the day – just some candies. Annie wants to take them with her, but Danielle is reluctant at first. Later Annie leaves announcing her visit to the Smithsonian Institute, which Danielle guesses is a cover up for her CIA profile. On her way, she is spotted by an MI6 Agent, who follows her up to an entrance, and manages to pass on a message for rendezvous. She finds him sitting on a park bench. He introduces himself, Kenneth Martin, and offers her some candies. She is intrigued about the way she is meeting Kenneth, and asks him what if she were to call the police. Kenneth explains that he picked her because he found her bold enough to meet a complete stranger, and that too alone. Moreover, he also knows Annie’s multi-linguistic skills, but not that she works with the CIA. Ann finds him strange, but later he reveals his MI6 identity, which makes everything clear to Annie.

Back at the CIA office, Annie learns that Kenneth had been secretly hooked up, although the rules do not permit MI6 operatives to function in the same manner with the CIA. Moreover, there is suspicion about Kenneth’s profile being most unlike that of an MI6 officer. He is from a working-class family and not educated very highly, while MI6 is full of squeaky Cambridge graduates from upper class backgrounds. Annie is worried if this is real at all, but Joan wants her to take up the job. The next day, Annie meets Kenneth in front of a construction site. Kenneth reveals his spying background, and what he used to think as a kid. Then reveals a little more of what he has been able to find out from the Smithsonian website bio pages about Annie. She receives a couple of photographs of a suspect who works at the Smithsonian Institute as an art restorer. Kenneth asks her to get the appointment details of the person. Kenneth would later take a tour of his studio.

When Annie gets back to CIA, she learns that the person is named Karim Bikri. He has been at Smithsonian for a month, and no dangerous evidence is yet apparent. However, Joan wants Annie to help Kenneth in snooping the studio. Although Annie is doubtful if Joan really means it, Joan announces that she wants to know what Kenneth is up to. Annie gets bad news that none of the money MI6 is paying her will be hers, but she will have to play double agent, which means double paper work. Later, Jai and his father Henry Wilcox get talking at a golf course. Henry complains that Jai has not been able to make a mark for himself at the CIA. He might be a competent officer, but his window of opportunity is about to close. Henry helps him out with a clue. Jai is reluctant at first but takes it.
Later Annie visits Karim in the studio and wants to fix an appointment. However, Karim appears intensely engrossed in a sculpture. Annie tries to josh him up, hinting that she likes his work, but the only interference Karim wants is his lunch. Karim argues how he could stop his work on the special sculpture for an interview or appointment. He moves dangerously and makes her nervous, and she cannot find out anything about his plans. However, when she steps out, she is able to find out what she needed from a deskpad.

Parker makes love to Auggie and meanwhile, Joan has met an MI6 boss for dinner, hoping if she can chance upon a hint. Later that night, Annie and Kenneth break into the Smithsonian. They rush carefully through the large halls, and suddenly notice a laser alarm. However, they manage to evade that, and break into Karim’s studio. No one is there, and Kenneth is able to find loads of Tolouene in Karim’s cupboard. Annie spots a security guard patrolling the museum, and manages to hide at first. In the endeavor of getting out of the place quickly, they hit one of the laser alarms. Kenneth manages to hide, but Annie holds out her Smithsonian ID card. However, Karim arrives to check out the chaos, when Annie is still in the guard’s custody. She tries to explain that she came again for an appointment, but Karim announces that he does not believe anything she says.

When Annie gets back to the office, she learns that although Tolouene is an explosive, it is commonly used as a paint solvent. Joan announces that due to lack of concrete evidence, she has to call the case off. Annie meets Kenneth to deliver the bad news, but Kenneth reveals his file, which contains documents that can help prove that Karim is a major dealer of arms and launders money to terrorists. Later, Jai learns from his boss Arthur Campbell that Headley has been captured by police in Bolivia. He gets desperate, and calls the Department of State. Later that night, Auggie announces to Parker, that they cannot be moving ahead together. But he has had a great time with her, and does not regret a single moment. Next day, Annie snoops around in the Smithsonian. Just as she is about to discover something, but a hefty man threateningly makes her walk backwards. Somebody grabs her mouth from behind and is quick to identify her as the one who broke into the studio. She is taken to a car and dumped into the hatchback, where she finds Kenneth already held up.

After the car drives away, Kenneth struggles to key his way out of the vehicle’s hatchback. He fails, but Annie’s automotive background proves helpful. She knows how to open up the space between the hatchback and the seats, and manages it rather quickly. However, they need time to work their way through the tiny space. The car stops on a deserted path, and the driver tries to open the hatchback holding a revolver in the other hand. Kenneth holds it with all his strength from inside, and Annie skids away after taking to the driver’s seat. On the way, they get talking, and Annie finds out that he is not on an official mission, but doing some homework while on a holiday. When Kenneth is puzzled about a road sign saying that they are headed to CIA, Annie has to reveal her real profile. Later when, Annie tries talking it out with Joan, Kenneth’s boss, whom Joan had met for dinner, is shocked to find him ‘holidaying’ at a CIA office. Kenneth wants to explain, but has already found himself in considerable trouble. Annie delivers him the message that Joan wants to turn over the case to the FBI, and it is quits for them.

Later, Jai cannot get through to any of the department bosses to talk about Headley’s capture. However, on his way out, one of the colleagues congratulates him for Headley’s progress. Later, he discovers that Arthur has managed to rescue Headley and directed the credit towards Jai. Although he is suspicious about why Arthur did it, he also learns that Arthur has decided to promote Jai as well. He explains he felt like doing something good for him, everything is not always politics. Later Annie visits Danielle at her place, where she suddenly remembers something. She rushes out and meets Kenneth, and they are quick to uncover a crucial hint that can help them provide the evidence they need against Karim. That way, he will be able to get the case moving. They make their way to Karim’s studio. However, just as they are about to find something, Karim rushes in with a handgun. He chases them, but Annie hits a laser alarm on the way, after which she and Kenneth manage to slide through and escape under the closing gates of the section. Later Annie learns that Karim is linked to major crimes from Auggie, and has been a most wanted for the FBI. When she meets Kenneth, he announces his promotion to a filed officer’s position. Annie is glad to hear that and is sure he will make an excellent officer. The episode ends.