Letter Never Sent - Recap

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The scene opens with Annie meeting Auggie in the garage as he is about to enjoy his 67 Corvette engine – a thrilling machine, of which he has been a fan ever since his childhood days. Annie announces that she is about to leave on vacation, and Auggie jokes about further. Annie wants him to take care of her special plant while she is away on vacation. Later, Jai attends a polygraph test. He appears cool at first but fails on the third question. Later Annie meets her sister Danielle. She is trying to remain occupied. She is upset, and blurts out that her life is not perfect. Then she breaks into tears. She has recently heard from Michael that he has been sleeping around with his assistant. Annie wants to cancel her trip to Stockholm to give her company, but then decides to take her along.

At the Stockholm airport, just as Danielle starts talking about her Facebook friend Magnus, he is quick to see them. He decides to escort both of them to the luggage area, but Danielle comes back to report they have lost it. Magnus offers to take both of them for shopping, but just as they are about to get out of the airport, Annie receives a call from Auggie. She knows her vacation will not be just a vacation. Auggie tells her to pick up an envelope from a CIA asset and deliver to at Waterfront Conference in the city. Although Annie thinks that is cramping her vacation too far, she agrees to do it. She sees off Danielle and Magnus, and sets off to meet the CIA asset. She collects the envelope and a message on a card. Meanwhile, back the HQ, Arthur learns that word about Operation Links has leaked, and it happened because someone failed a polygraphic test. Meanwhile, Auggie gets himself tested on how his injury has been doing. Although he wants to get treated as soon as possible, the doctor tells him that there is a long way to go before the treatment is okayed for him.

Back in Stockholm, Annie is on her way to the Conference Center, where she bumps into Magnus and Danielle. She has got herself a new costume and is all done up. Annie hates the interruption, but remains alert for a 30-year-old male who will ask her for coffee. However, while the male is waiting in an empty corridor, he is taken out by a man of similar description. He picks up the note from his jacket, which says – Ask American blonde Walker for Coffee. However, when he gets there, he is quick to identify Danielle as his target. When she refuses, finding it funny, he knows she is not his target. However, when Danielle talks about this funny guy, she is desperate to locate him, but fails. While she cannot locate the guy, she has to confess about the hitch to Auggie. He is shocked to hear about Danielle playing her partner, but Annie manages to explain – she is on a vacation. She wants to know the protocol, of which there is none. Then Auggie advises her to get back to Pedro, the CIA asset. Meanwhile, Arthur consults Joan on the Operation Links leak out, and confesses about speaking about it to his ex-wife. But Joan does
not turn out to be of much help.

Later, when Morgan has a few words of wisdom for Jai, he argues, and refuses to listen for long. Meanwhile, Annie reaches Pedro’s place to find him and his assistant murdered. They have not taken any of the cash or the guns, which means they are looking for something specific – the envelope Annie has. Auggie announces that her rendezvous is dead. If the assailant has spoken to Danielle, she is in danger too. She gets back to the hotel but is frightened to find no trace of Danielle, until she comes back tipsy sometime later. She has no clue of the dangers ahead, but agrees to leave once Annie insists. She also explains they can be easily spotted, which is why they will leave by train for Oslo and fly from there. Joan meets Gina, Arthur’s ex-wife and she wants to know what Gina knows about Operation Links. She reveals that Arthur had brought it up with concern for Joan. There was a possibility that a blowback could taint Joan’s image. Later, Auggie lays in a sarcastic elevator pitch into Jai, presuming that he has been causing trouble for everybody, especially the respected Arthur.

Back at Stockholm, the two sisters find their way to the train station, where Annie notices an abnormally heavy deployment of cops – moreover, the train services are privately armed in Sweden. Shortly after, Danielle is quick to spot the imposter who had asked her out to coffee. Annie recognizes the danger, and starts getting away. However, as they move up a scantily occupied elevator, the man starts following them. However, with Annie’s presence of mind, they manage to hide and escape the scene. Annie contacts Auggie. She tells him about the mess up, but Auggie is quick to arrange for water extraction at Baltic Sea. Annie wants to speak to Magnus, and she arranges for his flower truck to reach a townhouse with yachts. Meanwhile, back at CIA, Auggie gets the news that he cannot qualify for the trial treatment, and his cranium injury has not improved very far. Later, Jai confesses about receiving information about Operation Links from his father Henry. The officers are shocked to hear the confession, and Jai manages to stay clean on the records.

When they arrive at the townhouse, Magnus suggests they leave later as the weather is just too rough at the moment. As a result, they have to wait at least for a couple of hours. A while later, Danielle reveals that she has written the address of the townhouse on the luggage tag. That makes it easy for the enemy spy to locate them quite easily, and he does. They manage to hide, but not for too long. Annie tells Danielle to rush towards the boat, but she is attacked from behind. Meanwhile, Annie manages to follow the shooter and take him down. Later, Jai meets Arthur for a drink. Arthur hails Jai’s confession as a moral act, although he had to blame his father for a secret they shared connected to Operation Links. However, Jai says he is tired of being underestimated, and reveals his true intentions about the confession he has planned so carefully. While he has chosen an ethical path over preservation of his father, he expects Arthur to save Henry’s reputation. And when he does so, both of them would be losing reputation, while Jai himself will be running the department. Although intrigued, Arthur does not say anything in reply.

Later when CIA agents arrive at a golf course to pick up Henry, he just wants to know if it was Jai who spilled the beans. One of the escorts nod, and Henry asks them to wait until he has taken his shot. After dropping it right in the hole, he comments – it always goes well when the pressure is off. Later, Annie and Danielle share an ice cream before getting back, and Danielle is hardly able to get over the shock she has received over the past few hours. Later Annie gets back to CIA and meets Auggie in the garage. He reveals that they know she has killed an enemy spy, and her life in the agency is not going to be the same again. Then he gives her the Corvette keys gifting her his car. Keeping his medical report secret, he announces his trip to Africa. He decides to reveal a good deal of information there. Annie hopes the people there will take him seriously. After he leaves, Annie takes the car for a spin.