Sound And Vision - Recap

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The episode begins with Mr. and Mrs. Quinn arriving at the airport and later being taken away by some officials. Annie walks into her new office and hands over the sweep to Smith; she can now access every information on Simon Fisher’s tablet. But Annie is slightly worried as she feels that all came too easily. Moreover Simon had left the passports of the German spies lying around in the open; as if he wanted Annie to find them. Just then an officer tells Smith that the DCS would like to see her and Annie at his office. Arthur then asks Annie to wait outside with Auggie and takes Smith into his office. They are surprised to learn that Smith reported to Arthur.

Inside the office, Joan updates Arthur and Smith about the detention of a Canadian couple who arrived in Barcelona this morning; Ken and Andrea Quinn. They arrived to purchase a hand crafted virus from a hacker called the Red Rover and the department hasn’t been able to track down his identity. Joan suggests that they should send a couple who could pose as the Quinns and have them make the buy and bring the malware to them. Joan wants Auggie and Annie in this mission. Smith is not too pleased with this decision. But anyway the new Quinn couple is scheduled to leave on the next flight and will be on the field for the next 36 hours. Annie meets Auggie at the airport and she wonders why she is sent on this mission as he is the one who has been tracking the Red Rover. Well, it is how the agency works!

At the office, Smith tells Joan that the next time she needs one of her operatives, she should directly approach her. Auggie and Annie reach Barcelona. Auggie tells Annie that they should be a little more romantic as they are posing as a married couple. Seems like he is enjoying this way too much! Just then the waitress arrives with a note for Annie when was sent by some guy; it tells her to be at the payphone in the next 10 minutes. Annie tells Auggie that there is a change of plan. As they arrive at the pay phone, it rings. Auggie answers it and asks the Red Rover for the package. The caller asks him to put the money in the motorcycle that will pass by them in 15 minutes. Annie puts in the money and the line disconnects. Auggie thinks that they have been played.

But just then the phone rings and the guy tells them that the package is under the pay phone. They find the drive. Meanwhile, Arthur tells Joan that the Chinese cane to know what they did; the Chinese too were after this malware. Joan tells him it is impossible as the Spanish Government separated the Quinns and denied them access to any communication. He gives her the photographs of three operatives who were spotted a while ago. Arthur wants to know the status of the operation and Joan tells him that they have secured the package and they are on their flight back home. In the hotel, Auggie tells Annie that he is going to ask Parker to marry him. He was going to do it tonight but this mission brought about a change in plan. Annie looks upset. He has bought her a ring as well. But he hasn’t told her what he does or who he is working for. Joan calls Annie and tells her that the Canadians who were rounded up, are found murdered.

It is no longer safe for them in Barcelona. Annie tells Auggie that they got to leave. As they wait for the lift, an operative whose picture Arthur received arrives and walks past them towards the room they were in. the operative knocks at the door. Just then the lift arrives they get into the lift. Just then the operative stops the lift and gets into it. Annie signals Auggie about the operative. Just as he was about to draw his gun, Auggie attacks him. They both leave him wounded in the lift and escape through the stairs. Annie goes ahead and clears each floor as Auggie walks down the stairs. But on a particular floor, a man attacks Auggie and his briefcase falls to the ground. Annie rushes to help Auggie and in the meanwhile a guy picks up the briefcase and runs away. The attacker also flees the scene. Auggie then calls Joan and updates her about what happened.

He tells her that the target is US based and the damage the virus can cause could be very severe. They need to intercept this thing before the Chinese put it in play. It is not possible to track down the package; but Auggie suggests that they should track down Red Rover and tell him. He tells her that they could start with questioning the waitress about the guy who passed on the note at the café. He has profiled Red Rover; partially. Joan tells them that it is her fault that she sent them there with faulty intel and inadequate support. She wants them to come back. Meanwhile, Arthur meets Henry Wilcox and tells him that he is sorry about what happened to Jai. He tells Henry that he is aware that Henry has been having some visitors off late from the task force and he hasn’t been co-operating.

Henry knows that Arthur’s visit has an agenda. He is furious that he wasn’t allowed out for his own son’s funeral. Arthur tells Henry that there is a speculation that Henry was involved in the bombing. But Henry tells Arthur that Jai was murdered in their backyard and Arthur is the one responsible for Jai’s death. In Barcelona, Auggie is upset that Annie told Joan that they don’t have the bandwidth to track down Rover. He feels that Annie considers him to be a burden. He tells her that she should have gone after the package instead of running up to help him. He wants to win and doesn’t want to go back empty handed. Just then Smith calls. She tells Annie that they have tracked Simon to Munich and she wants her to stop by. The sweep drive had no valuable information.

While she is talking to Smith, Auggie disappears. Annie is worried. She manages to track him down by talking to the manager of the café. She finds Auggie standing near the waitress’ apartment. He found out the apartment by calling in a favor and Annie says that she used her sources. The waitress arrives and they ask her about the description of the man who gave her the note. They enter the apartment with her and there is huge equipment which Annie is unable to describe. Auggie hears a humming sound. The waitress tells them that if they have come for their money, they aren’t going to get it. Auggie instantly knows that the waitress is the Red Rover. Meanwhile, Joan learns something about Arthur and his involvement with Jai that she wasn’t aware off.

Auggie talks to the Red Rover and she tells them that he only wanted to get noticed and that she also wanted to prove to her boyfriend that she is the best. He tells her to come along with them and create the anti-virus. Someone with her talent could be of great use to them. He asks her to help them and it could change her life. She is ready to go with them; but they need to deal with the goons standing outside. They escape through the back door. But they find them and they start chasing them. Annie and Auggie run in one direction while Rover goes the other way. Later Rover arrives on her motor cycle; the one they had dropped the money in and pick these two up. They escape.

Joan is waiting for Annie and Auggie at the airport. Auggie introduces Pilaar (Red Rover) to Joan. He tells Pilaar that Joan is going to be her new handler. Auggie is going to fly to meet Parker. He is going to propose her. Annie is upset. Auggie leaves. Next, Annie knocks at the door of a hotel room. Simon Fischer opens the door and is surprised to see her. He lets her in. The episode ends.