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This Is Not America - Recap

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The episode begins with Auggie getting out of jail as Arthur bails him out. But Auggie didn’t even call him. Arthur isn’t sympathetic about Auggie being dumped. He takes away special investigations from him and sends Auggie back to DPD and try to prove to Arthur that he was wrong. At Langley, Annie wants to talk to Lena. She says that she knows a way to get to Simon. But Lena isn’t interested in getting into a fight with Joan. "I have privileged access to a top FSB operative, are you telling me I should walk away because someone decided to move my desk down the hall?" Annie shouts. Lena feels that Annie has developed feelings for Simon but Annie says no.

Lena says that this chapter is over. At DPD, Annie is happy to see Auggie at his desk. She notices his knuckles and he doesn’t want to talk about it. He asks her to go to Joan as she has an assignment for her. Joan briefs the team saying that one of their teams has discovered a piece of an Iranian missile and one of its components is copied from an American design. Annie butts into Joan’s briefing mentioning Israel might be involved. Everyone looks at Annie; Joan agrees with Annie. Annie is supposed to help surveil the architect of this technology, Isaac Reiss. Saul Berkowitz, one of the senior people will be the running point. Joan mentions to Annie that her buddy Eyal is out of the country and she expects her to give her undivided attention to this case.

Next, Annie arrives in Israel. Eyal is waiting for her and Saul has gotten sick. During dinner, Annie tells Eyal that the intel is 48 hours old and she is not sure if they are following the right guy. Eyal says that Reiss has been walking around the city in the heat and Mossad thinks that Reiss id dead dropping his missile tech to Persians. Eyal walks Annie to her room and he knows that she wants to talk to him about something. But he can also tell that she doesn’t trust him yet. At Langley, Joan tells Auggie that he will be going for mandated therapy. He tells her that if he shows even slightest vulnerability, it will end his career. But she tells him that he has to do it.

Next, Eyal and Annie meet Isaac Reiss and offer him a fake job to see how he reacts. Isaac arrives and they sit down to talk. While Isaac talks to them, the team bugs his office. Eyal tells Isaac that they are building the next Concord and they want him to design it. Isaac is excited to hear about the offer. But Eyal tells him that he has to leave his existing job immediately. Isaac hesitates. Eyal says that he wants an answer now and Annie tells him to think it over. Annie then tries to have a casual conversation about Isaac’s love life and the woman he is dating. Isaac leaves and Eyal tells Annie that he was lying as they have been following Isaac and there is no woman in his life. Back in their room, Annie wonders why Isaac lied about having a girlfriend.

Annie thinks Isaac is not a villain and Eyal feels that she gets too emotional. During therapy, urges him to talk to deal with anger to avoid another incident, but says she'll sign off on his form if he wants her to. She is surprised when he takes her up on it and walks out. Next, Isaac makes a call. He says that he has been offered a new exciting opportunity that will change everything for “us”. It is actually a voice message he left for someone. Eyal thinks it is a code and Annie feels that he called his girlfriend and now he is preparing dinner for two. Eyal feels that it is dumb to leave a voice mail. But Annie thinks he is too paranoid. Annie says that surveillance is not seen the woman and, she convinced him to keep their relationship at work a secret.

She realizes that he is dating a spy. She feels that the probably doesn’t know that she is stealing his technology. She says that there are no dead drops and that is why the tails did not see anything. She wants to read Isaac in and make him an ally. Eyal objects and she brushes him off. He tells her that it is imperative that she follows his lead. He tells her that he has got a directive where he needs to run a profile on her on field. She is shocked; her agency is investigating her. He tells her that they are worried about her and it is a common practice. He knows about Jai and he says that they have a right to be worried. Annie calls Joan. But she doesn’t confront her. As soon as she gets off the phone, Isaac calls her.

He wants to meet her; it is about the job and he wants her to come alone. Arthur meets with his ex-wife Gina, who informs him he is on the short list to be the new ambassador to China. It was something they wanted to do together, but she says that doesn't matter now. Next, Annie meets Isaac. He tells her that he wants to explore new avenues and that he still has to convince his girlfriend that this is a good idea. Annie wants to know her name and he tells her that she doesn’t want him discussing her at all. But Annie tells her that they aren’t working together yet. He tells her that her name is Ileana. He shows her the picture of his girlfriend. Just then shots are fired. Eyal and Annie follow the shooter.

Annie is close behind him and he jumps off a second storey. Eyal tries to stop Annie but she jumps after the shooter. She loses her gun and the shooter grabs it and aims it at her. Just then he gets hit by a car. Later, Annie gives Eyal the shooter’s cell phone. She feels that he is going to tells Langley that she is loose cannon and that she is reckless. She tells him that this life is hard for her. He tells her that it isn’t for him either and he takes her with him to show her why. Eyal takes her to a ground where kids are playing soccer and tells her that his son I son the ground; but he gets to see him only from afar. This life is as hard for him as it is for her. But he also knows that something is bothering her.

He wants to help her. But just then he gets a text saying that they found Isaac. Arthur tells Joan that he is shortlisted for being the ambassador to China. He has also spoken to the East Asian desk for a job for Joan at the Beijing station. She is annoyed that he did not discuss this with her before. She tells him to go for it but she feels that she has done her time on the field. He says that he will need his wife on his arm. She tells him that he has married the wrong kind of wife. Next, Annie tells Eyal the name, Simon Fisher. They find Isaac. He tells them that he realized that his girlfriend was a spy. Annie says he can help bring her in. Isaac waits as agents wire his room. Annie tries to keep him focused. They just need him to call her and ask to meet. He calls her and tells her that he was shot at today.

He is tensed. She tells him to stay calm and that she will reach in an hour. Annie and Eyal try to get him to wrap the call, but he asks his girlfriend if she would move with him to the US. Isaac looks out of the window and finds her walking down on the street. Ileana realizes that she is being watched and she runs. They chase her. She hides behind a pillar and attacks Eyal. But Annie comes from behind and decks her. Next, Eyal tells Annie he gave her a good review. And he has a file for her, even though Mossad is not in the business of sharing information.

She thanks him and she hopes that the next time they meet under happier circumstances. He tells her to be careful and he leaves. At home, she closes the blinds and pulls out the Mossad file on Simon. In that she finds pictures of her with Simon. She is nervous. She calls Simon and asks him if she can see him. The episode ends.