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Hello Stranger - Recap

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The episode begins at Sana'a, Yemen Office of the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister plays chess with his chief of staff on his balcony when suddenly he grips at his chest. Later at Langley, Joan briefs the team, the PM is being allowed into the country only for surgery following his heart attack. The CIA is staying out of it. Annie guesses that the State Department is trading the medical access for lower gas prices. In front of everyone, Annie says she wants to try to turn the PM's chief of staff, Sayid al Moukri. He as it turns out, was a grad student at Oxford and there was an unsigned editorial condemning the Cole bombing attack, Annie thinks he wrote it.

She claims he's ambitious and being under-utilized at home and wants a way to contribute. Joan rejects the plan as too risky. Later, Annie drops by Joan's office to make her pitch again, saying she has a lot in common with him. Joan says ok, telling Annie not to get caught and to bail at the first sign of trouble. She'll have three hours during the surgery. Auggie intercepts Annie. She asks about Parker and his bar fight. Annie thinks Joan was behind the cogent profile Eyal was ordered to do. Auggie doesn't think it's the worst idea. He tells Annie what she's trying for is a huge gamble and it's OK to bail. Sayid and the PM in the meanwhile, arrive at the Mayo Clinic, heavily guarded by the State Department. The surgery starts, along with Annie's three hour countdown. She grabs a magazine and sits down in the waiting room.

When he goes for a cigarette, Annie twirls her lighter and offers to show him a secret place it's OK to smoke. She takes him to the roof. She greets him by name and he immediately knows she's CIA. She quotes his editorial, but he denies writing it. She tries to convince him to just talk, saying she's not part of a government conspiracy, she fought hard to be able to come personally to talk to him. He thinks there can be no dialogue given that she knows everything about him and he knows nothing about her. She gives her name. But he tells her not to approach him again and leaves. This is the moment she's supposed to go home; instead Annie goes downstairs and finds State Department people closing in on her.

She makes it through a door and thinks she's safe, but runs smack into Steve Barr with the State Department. He calls Arthur and Joan while he detains Annie. Arthur apologizes while Joan defends. Arthur agrees to send Annie home. State personnel walk Annie out of the hospital. She calls Auggie to play "what if", asking hypothetically what she should do. He suggests she use the time she has left to get Sayid out of the building to talk to him. Auggie then goes to his psych appointment and suggests a field trip. Annie on the other hand goes to the nearest convenience store and buys all the cigarettes. Back in DC, Auggie takes his shrink outside to teach her how to cross the street blindfolded so she understands him better.

Sayid comes into the convenience store for a pack. Annie tries again, telling him he seems like a leader. She objects to him seeing her as the Agency but admits her country is only interested in his because they have oil. Annie goes back to the article again and suggests they build a bridge between their two nations. Annie sees a State department SUV and tells him that his being off hospital grounds is a violation and puts them both at risk. They run. Annie and Sayid race across traffic to a neighborhood and down and alley. They duck into a mechanic's garage as two guys in suits follow. They hide behind cars and duck out as the State guys look around. Back in DC, Auggie gives Suzanne direction as she attempts to cross the street. She veers off course and gets honked at, but he makes her cover her eyes again and keep going.

Once across, she's ready to do it again. Annie in the meanwhile leads Sayid to a diner so they can talk. He says he doesn't like Western food, but then gets a burger. Back at Langley, Joan tells Arthur she and Annie both showed initiative. She reminds him he hates State Department people. She thinks he's acting like he's halfway out the door on his way to the Chinese Ambassador, job. "The choice I made today was the right call given the facts that I had," he says. She tells him he'll make a great politician. In the diner, Sayid tells Annie how his parents were friends with the PM and he moved into the palace when he was 12. He helped nurse an injured bird back to health but remembers learning the lesson of not releasing it before it was ready.

Annie thinks it's a progressive political thought for his country. Annie tells him she's disagreed with her mentors many times, but they believe in her. He suggests what it would feel like to lose that. "Is this how the CIA works, you talk to people like they are on Oprah's couch?" he asks. Annie walks him back to the hospital. There are still State people out front so they circle the block. He tells her he's sorry it didn't work out. He just wants the PM to recover. Annie then tells him he must not have written the article, the author had courage and vision and he's full of fear and caution. "How do you convince someone in 10 minutes that you believe in them more than they believe in themselves? Be grateful for what Azem has given you, but look for ways to realize your own potential. I am one of those ways, we are, right now," she tells him.

He tells her he can't. She walks away but he calls after her, asking questions about how they would keep him safe. He asks about protecting his family and Annie says she'd have to check. He memorizes her number and burns the card, then walks away. Annie then calls Joan. She learns the PM had another heart attack. Annie races to catch Sayid as Joan tells her to get on a plane and avoid an international incident. On the street, Suzanne asks Auggie how he keeps going. He tells her about having his own street corner moment five years ago. He got frustrated, tossed his cane and walked into traffic, but he didn't get hit. He announces their session over and she accuses him of always trying to manage people and situations. Annie in the meanwhile sneaks into the Mayo Clinic.

She grabs scrubs and goes up to the PM's floor but gets spotted. She is then chased. She races away from her pursuers and gets into an elevator with Sayid, stopping it between floors. She tells him not to confuse the PM's second heart attack as a sign he has to stay put. She tells him her mentor said they couldn't protect his family and she disagrees with her. He thinks she should understand his position. "Only a fool confuses fate, with destiny. Fate is what happens to us, destiny is what we make in spite of our fate," she says, quoting the article. He admits he wrote it and asks how she knew he wrote it.

She says it was courageous. He restarts the elevator and gets off. The State people eventually grab Annie. Back in Langley, Annie watches news reports of the PM's death. Sayid is back in Yemen. Auggie tells Annie it's not her fault. Annie thought she had him. She worries about how angry Joan will be. Joan later summons her. Then instead of yelling, Joan asks Annie if she has any questions about why she couldn't grant Sayid's request. She tells Annie it's ok to be mad at the CIA, and even at her. Annie announces she's put in for a transfer and leaves. The while heading toward her desk, Annie gets word, there's a Yemeni man on the asset line for her. She takes the call. The episode ends at this point.