Glass Spider - Recap

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The episode begins with Annie and Auggie arriving at Jai’s safe house. Annie is shocked to learn that Auggie found the safe house and Auggie admits that he took little help from Henry. He tells her that he kept investigating Jai’s murder off the records. Arthur had explicitly told him not to talk to Henry. They enter apartment 317. There are boxes full of papers all around. Meanwhile, we see a car racing. In the apartment Annie sees that there are dates and maps all over on the walls. They feel that this must be what got him killed. She opens a file and finds the picture of Simon Fisher in it. Arthur steps out of the racing car and knocks on the door of apartment number 317. Annie had called him.

He looks around the apartment. He knows that Auggie spoke to Henry. Arthur orders to pack all the stuff and bring it to his office. Annie is still looking at Simon’s pictures. At Langley, Arthur is discussing this case with Annie and Auggie; Joan has also joined them. Auggie tells Arthur that Jai believed that 6 out his 50 missions were blown because of leaks. Annie says that at the diner Jai believed that there is a connection back at Langley. Arthur points out that Jai was following Simon and that he is in DC. Arthur wants to proceed under the assumption that he killed Jai. Annie tells the group that she can bring in Simon and that she has been developing Simon as an asset for months. She also states that their relationship has become intimate.

She thinks that Simon is in love with her as he killed his handler for her. They then meet Lena, who tells them that Annie was following orders. She says that Annie was remarkable on the case and that she is very talented. Arthur needs a detailed time line about the Fisher investigation. Arthur wants Annie to set up a meet with Simon so that they can grab him. But Annie tells them that Simon is a man of integrity and that he needs to be treated with respect. She says that she can bring him in willingly. Arthur agrees. Next, Annie calls Simon and asks him to meet her now. Joan runs into Lena in the elevator. She is not mad at Annie; she is mad at Lena for bending rules. She thinks that there could be fallout.

Lena tells her that Annie just needed someone who she could trust. Joan then meets Arthur. She is concerned about the small team handling Simon’s case. He says that secrecy is the way to go till they know who to trust. Arthur then meets Henry is prison. He wants to know what else Henry is holding back. Next, in the van, Auggie gears up Annie for the meet. He pins a small microphone on Annie’s coat. Annie knows that she will be on her own with Simon as the place they decided to meet was packed. Auggie and Annie make plans for drinks after the mission; they both have few stories to tell to each other. Annie goes to meet Simon and is waiting nervously for him. Arthu7r and Joan are listening in to the conversation relayed by Auggie through the microphone on Annie’s coat. Finally, Simon arrives.

She tells him that he is not safe in DC. She tells him that her employer is willing to offer him a deal. She wants him to go with her. He knows who her employer is from the first time she hit his car. She asks him directly if he killed Jai. He says a no. she says that they know that the FSB did it. He states that he doesn’t work for the FSB anymore. She points out that he is a man without a country. She wants him to come to Langley with her so that they don’t have to say goodbye anymore. He asks her if he can trust her. She tells him that she came alone to meet him; a sign of good faith. Just then Simon sees someone following him and shoots him. Annie then grabs Simon and escapes from someone else who is following them.

They run out of the back door of a departmental store. Simon is about to talk and Annie stops him She points out at the mike on her coat. She removes it and stomps on it. Auggie loses the connection. Annie tells Simon that it all started out as a mission, but it turned into something more. She doesn’t want to lose him and if he goes with her, she wouldn’t have to lose him. Simon says a goodbye and that he is sorry for everything. But Annie tells him that she is not. He walks away. At Langley, Auggie tells Annie that the shooter wasn’t agency sanctioned. Arthur and Joan tell Auggie and Annie that following the shooter is the best way to follow Simon. They have pulled up all the security camera footage.

Annie sees the face of the shooter and remembers him from the diner where Jai was killed. The shooter has been tracked to a motel and Annie insists on going. She instructs the tactical team that the shooter must be taken alive. They reach the motel. Annie sees the shooter jump off a balcony. She follows him and manages to corner him. He turns around; he has a gun in his hand. He sees all the agents facing him; he puts the gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger. At Langley, Auggie listens to the last few minutes of conversation between Simon and Annie. Annie meets Joan. Joan is not mad at her. Joan wants to focus on linking the shooter to Simon. Annie asks about staying in Joan's division but Joan says the decision is out of her hands.

She then meets Auggie. Auggie makes her listen to the conversation. He knows that she stomped the microphone. He wants to know whether she let Simon walk away. She doesn’t answer. He asks her if she loves him and she doesn’t answer. Annie leaves Danielle a message and asks her to call. Next, Arthur meets Henry once again. He shows him the picture of the shooter. Henry knows Brewer as he is the one who made him. Brewer was rotting in the Columbian prison and Henry was the one who sent him on the mission. Arthur tells him that Brewer is dead and that he was the one who killed Jai. He thinks that the Russians ordered the hit. Annie meets Lena. Lena tells her that even if Simon got away, Annie had uncovered a jamming device in Cuba and that she will be known as a top operative for that.

Lena then takes her report to Arthur and tells him that they need to talk about Annie. Annie reaches home. She gets a call from Auggie. Auggie asks her to come back to Langley as there are some operatives going through her desk. She then sees Simon waiting for her and she hangs up on Auggie. Simon tells her that he doesn’t want to lose her either. She tells him that Langley could offer him asylum. But he doesn’t want asylum, he wants her. He is tired of the spy game. He asks her to come with him. He tells her that there is a small island around Maldives and it is off the grid. He has been developing a false identity for over a decade and that he could provide cover for her. She agrees to go with him.

Annie goes to her room to pack a few things. She collects her passports, some cash and a photo of her nieces. She looks at it for a moment and then calls Auggie to tell him that she is coming in. she then goes to the kitchen and tells Simon that they need to talk. Just then Lena arrives. He sees her and moves Annie to protect her. Lena fires two shots at him, killing him. She then shoots Annie twice in the chest. Annie drops to the kitchen floor. The episode ends.