Suffragette City - Recap

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The episode begins with Gabe’s Cookies van arriving with a delivery for Annie from Danielle. Inside the house, Lena checks whether Simon and Annie are alive. She then places the gun in Simon’s hands, to make it look as if they killed each other in a gun fight. The delivery guy arrives at the door and starts knocking. Lena hides a small red wallet in Annie’s jacket and escapes. The delivery peeks in through the window and sees Simon and Annie lying on the floor; shot. Next, we see that Annie is being rushed to the OR. Auggie arrives at the hospital, as he is Annie’s emergency contact. The doctor tells him that Annie has to go through a delicate surgery.

Cut to a surreal scene, we see Annie walking in to the same restaurant where Jai was murdered. Simon is waiting for her and offers her tea. Simon then tells her that she is in great danger and that she needs to find ‘black bird’. He then gives her an ice cream tub with a gun in it. He then tells her that they wouldn’t be seeing each other after this. He gets up to leave and tells her that he thought that walking away from her would be easier this time. Annie says that she is sorry for everything; but Simon says that he is not. He leaves. Annie picks up her gun and leaves. She turns around and sees the shooter from the mall. She leaves. She steps outside and leans against the door to listen to something.

Cut to the real world; at Langley, Arthur is presiding over an urgent meeting. He tells everyone present that Lena Smith has provided compelling proof which proves that Annie has been passing classified Intel to Simon. He then informs them that Annie and Simon were found on the kitchen floor. Assumption is that Simon shot first and Annie shot back; killing him. But Annie survived. Lena takes over and tells the group to look at the dossier in front of them. She tells them that there was an account number found in the red wallet found on Annie’s body and there has been a lot of money transferred to this account. She then shows how Annie bought a forged passport to travel to Cuba. She then enlists the classified documents and sweep drive that they found at Annie’s house.

It is clear that Lena was setting Annie up all this while. Joan somehow doesn’t appear to be too convinced with what Lena is telling them. At the hospital, Auggie is impatiently waiting for the surgery to be over. Eric arrives with coffee. Eric asks Auggie if he was the last person she spoke to. Auggie is surprised to know that Eric knows that Annie called him. Eric tells him that he had pulled up the records owing to a requisition that was sent. Auggie meets Arthur. Auggie knows that Annie is being accused of treason and Arthur doesn’t deny. Auggie doesn’t believe it. He is going to do whatever it takes to prove that Annie is not a traitor. Auggie then goes to Joan and tells her that he wants access to the evidence against Annie; Arthur had denied his request saying that it was above his clearance.

Joan tells him that she does have the authority to do that. She says that there was nothing that could be done as the evidence Lena presented is compelling. Joan says that the only way to find out would be having Lena polygraphed. Auggie then strikes a deal with one of the employees to let him into the polygraph room where he could hear Lena being interrogated. The polygraph by far is showing that Lena is telling the truth. Auggie gets impatient and walks into the interrogation room and accuses Lena. He is asked to leave. Next, Joan arrives to meet Arthur and he tells her that there is a meeting to decide whether Annie should be de-commissioned. Joan thinks that it seems like a hasty judgment.

Joan thinks that they cannot decide anything before Annie wakes up as she has a right to defend herself. No one knows when Annie will regain consciousness. Cut to the surreal scene, Danielle tells Annie to take a seat as she is going to conduct a polygraph on Annie. Danielle asks few questions and Annie feels frustrated when the machine shows that she is lying. She gets up to leave. She then sees that Joan has now taken Danielle’s place. She opens the door and a bright white light shines flashes in front of her. Through the light she sees Auggie driving towards her. She sits in his car and they drive away. Cut to the real world, a nurse from the hospital hands Auggie a list of Annie’s personal effects; he had requested for it.

The nurse reads out the list and Auggie is surprised to hear that Annie was carrying a passport. Why would she do that when she was on her way to meet him! He asks for the number of the passport. He then calls Eric to run a check on the number to see if it was a forgery. Eric says that the passport is a fake and that CIA did not create it either. He asks Eric to get him few names of the guys who could make the passports. Next, Auggie arrives at a house, and calls out to a man. He enters the house and finds the man lying on the floor; dead. Lena is hiding behind the door. She sees Auggie. Auggie senses a presence. He gets up and leaves. Next, we see that a Joan is standing with Auggie in front of the house. A team goes inside but they find that the place is clear.

They go inside the house. Auggie is pissed. He tells Joan that there was no rug in the house when he arrived and that he is sure that there was a dead body lying on the floor as he had checked the pulse of the body. Joan wants to know what could have happened. Auggie asks her if she can see some flowers around. She says a no. Auggie says that he can swear that he smelt lavender earlier. Next, Arthur tells Joan that the committee decided to de-commission Annie. Joan is upset that Arthur didn’t even try to defend her. At the hospital, Auggie talks to an unconscious Annie, telling her that he needs her to wake up and that he believes that she is innocent. Cut to the surreal scene, Annie and Auggie walk into a restaurant. They then enter the ballroom. As they dance, Auggie kisses Annie and tells her that she is beautiful.

But then he says that they need to finish their mission and find the black bird. Annie takes out a key from his pocket and gets out from the rear exit. Cut to the real world, Lena is at the hospital and she gives Auggie some coffee. She tries to be nice to Auggie and tells him that she is there to help. Auggie thanks her for the coffee and leaves. Auggie then enters Joan’s office and tells her that it was Lena. He tells her that when he found the body, he was sure that he smelt lavender; but when Joan got there, it was gone. He got the same smell at the hospital. It wasn’t flowers, it was Lena’s perfume. Joan is confused and wants to connect the dots. She wants to know why Lna would kill the guy who made Annie’s passport, unless she was abetting Annie.

Auggie suspects that Lena could be the real FSB double. But all this needs to be proved. He needs access to the evidence. Joan gives him access to the evidence; indirectly. He listens to all the files. He tells Joan he found something. They meet the delivery guy who was delivering the cake and cookies to Annie. He tells them that he remembers seeing a grey BMW around the area. It is the same vehicle about which Auggie heard in the evidence files; it is registered under Lena Smith’s name. They go to Arthur with this evidence. It may not be enough to implicate Lena; but he can postpone the de-commissioning. Arthur gets a call from the hospital; Annie woke up for a few minutes.

Cut to the surreal world, Annie meets Lena and realizes that Lena is the black bird. Lena then tries to suffocate Annie. Cut to the real world, Lena is in the hospital, and she is trying to kill Annie by covering her nose and mouth. A guard arrives and tries to stop her. Lena then tries to gag Annie. Joan and Auggie arrive just on time to stop her from killing Annie. Lena throws them off and escapes. Joan calls and orders every exit out of the city to be blocked. The doctor tries to revive Annie. Annie opens her eyes. The episode ends.