Let's Dance - Recap

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The episode begins with Annie gearing up and then quietly enters and empty house. There is a piano in the middle of the room and she plays around with it. Few guards arrive with guns and tell her that this area is off limits. Next, Annie is standing in front of Arthur and Joan. She tells them that she has figured it out. She tells them that when Lena was in Nairobi, there was an FSB agent named Dmitri Laureanoff aka Rock Mona. He was a consort musician and he had killed two rival assets using piano wire. The apartment she broke into was Lena’s. Annie says that she went through all the cables from ’98 and there is a mention of Dmitri in one of Lena’s correspondence with-respect-to Langley.

They tell Annie that Lena has fled to Russia. Annie has an action plan ready. She has found out that there is a Dmitri Laureanoff living in Moscow and working in a music store. Joan tells her that she too was in Nairobi at that time and if Rock is the same Dmitri she is talking about; then she should not go to Russia. They also tell her that the department is trying their best to bring Lena to justice; to kill her. But she managed to kill all the operatives that were sent to do the job. So now, they are going to talk to the Russian Government. At home, Annie is packing her stuff and Joan arrives. Joan knew that Annie wasn’t asking permission but was telling them that she is going to Russia.

Joan is going to support her; but she says that once she gets to Russia and manages to track down Lena, she will only click a photo and come back. Any payback and Annie will end up in an island and the department will deny knowledge of anything. The next day, Auggie is waiting for Annie in the car. He gives her the plane ticket and the keys to the apartment of a former CIA. He tells her that all contact with Langley needs to be cut off. He also assures her that no matter what, he will always be there for her. Next, Annie is in Russia and she enters her apartment. On the table, she finds a note for her from Auggie and a bag full if money. Next, she goes to the music store and asks Dmitri that she wanted to take piano lessons.

He says that he no longer gives lessons. She insists and he sees her hands. He then asks her to play something she knows. She does; and he denies teaching her. Annie leaves. We then see that Annie is working on her fitness and also pursuing Dmitri for the piano lessons. She then decides to go to a restaurant. The waitress gives her a cup of tea. On the cup, she notices the same sign like that of Simon’s tattoo. She then leaves from the restaurant and finds that she is being followed. It is Dmitri aka Rock. He realized that her cover was false and the agent whose cover she was using, was left handed and when Annie played, her right was dominant. She then tells him that she wants to know about Lena Smith. He tells her that he met Lena years ago and she was an amazing challenge.

But it turned out that she was using him and that she told his superiors that she would be a CIA double. He lost everything and he came back. He notices that Annie is sad as well. She tells him that it is anger and he figures out that Lena is responsible for it. She asks him to help her. He tells her that he longer moves in the circles that could help her; he has no help and he knows no one. He asks her not too bother him again. At home, Joan is worried about Annie and Arthur tells her that he could fire Joan for playing along with Annie’s plans as the agency has suspended all missions on this one. Next, Annie goes to the same restaurant once again and meets the waitress. She is actually Simon’s sister, Gloria. She knows everything about Annie.

The Government never told her anything about Simon; only that he is dead. Next, Annie once again meets Dmitri. He tells her to get her justice without him. She doesn’t give up; but he does. He then tells her that there might be someone he knows. He takes Annie to meet a guy named Sergei. Annie gives him some money and he tells her where Lena is kept. He also states that she is always protected and she never sees the light of day. He is sure that Annie will never get to her. She then tells Dmitri that she needs a gun. She practices her aim and Dmitri figures out that Annie is injured. He then sees the bullet wound mark on her chest. He then tells her that she should go home. But obviously she won’t. The next day, they wait for the Mercedes that is driving Lena (as per the scheduled that Sergei told them).

Annie puts now a bed of nails and the Mercedes runs right over it; and as expected they have a flat tyre. Annie then runs to the car and breaks the window and pulls out a camera to click Lena’s photo. But she is shocked to find a man inside, instead of Lena and he is holding a gun at her. Annie runs and the man begins shooting at her. Dmitri arrives on time and Annie jumps into the car. They escape. At Langley, Sam informs Joan that the Agency has got a whiff of an unsanctioned covert operation. And he informs her that it didn’t go well. Sam asks her to prepare a statement. He tells her that it is now a “Joan and Arthur” mission for the Agency and after Jai and Lena; this could be the last for Arthur. At the shop, Annie points a gun at Dmitri.

She knows that the man had his shot but he didn’t take it; there has to be a purpose. She wants him to start talking. He tells her that it all started when Annie came to him for lessons. He felt like he is being watched. Then Lena reappeared. And once again, he fell for her when she kissed him. She then tried to use the ambush to discredit Annie. He tells Annie that Lena wants her alive; she wants to meet her. He tells her where she can find Lena. At Langley, Joan tenders her resignation and Arthur tells her that he will consider it. Meanwhile, Auggie calls Annie and informs her that after the ambush, she is a “person of interest’ for the Russians. He tells her that he can get her out of the country, but she refuses.

He requests her to come home and she assures him that she will see him soon. Annie then arrives at the restaurant; bag packed. She tells Simon’s sister that she is leaving. They have tea together. As she heads towards the metro, few men follow her. but when they get to her, they see that it is not her; it is Simon’s sister. Annie is at the house where Dmitri said she could find Lena. Lena is waiting for her. Annie is pointing a gun at her. but if she pulls the trigger, she will never learn the truth about Simon. She tells Annie that she and Simon never met face to face; they only worked for the same organization.

Jai was on t her and she wanted someone to take the fall. So she framed Annie. She knew that Annie would fall for Simon; what she never expected was that Simon would fall for her. she wants Annie to work as a double in the CIA. Annie refuses. Annie calls her a traitor and Lena urges her to pull the trigger. Lena too is hiding a gun. But Annie gets her shot and she shoots Lena twice. Lena drops on to the floor. The episode ends.