Wishful Beginnings - Recap

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The episode begins at Culpeper Regional Airport where Annie lands and gets into an SUV. The driver takes her to a farm where she meets a guy named Gary. He tells her this is an Agency safe facility. He says that she will tell him about the events that took place in Russia. Annie says she wants to go back to Langley. But he says that they will get to it later. He ours her some juice and tells her that they will be going over timelines and polygraph over the next few weeks. He asks her if she fell in love with Simon and she says a yes. He points out that she was unable to separate her personal life from her professional life.

She tells him that the agency wanted her to blur the lines and she is good at it. Someone brings a note to Gary and he says that there is a change in plans. Next, Annie arrives at Langley and Auggie is waiting for her. They hug each other and then she asks him why she was at the farm only for two hours. She then remembers that he wanted to tell her something face to face. He asks her to settle in first. They enter the office and Joan arrives to meet Annie. She has declared Code Orange; a sign for uncleared visitors. Just then Eyal walks in with Rivka Singer from Mossad. Eyal tells Annie and Joan that yesterday, one of their agents, a Swiss National by the name Karina, went missing on the US soil. Rivka says that they need the CIA’s help in finding her by using their voice recognition system. Rivka says that in return they would give them the intel Karina has acquired.

It seems that Karina was a stewardess on a chartered flight between Riyadh and DC which carried a lot of oil executives. Mossad had given her a watch that can funnel data when placed beside any electronic device. Joan is happy to help Mossad. Eyal tells Annie that he wants to meet Auggie; the one who planned the rescue mission for Annie. Eyal is happy to meet Auggie. After Eyal and Rivka leave, Joan tells her that she is back provisionally. They will give her a new cover and ID and she will have to move to a new safe house. She will no longer work with the Smithsonian. Joan then tells her that Eyal came with Rivka as he wouldn’t have been able to negotiate this on his own. She wants Annie to bring the watch to Langley and not share the intel with Eyal. They will have to assume that Mossad has another agenda in play.

Next, Annie takes Eyal to the hotel where the voice recognition placed Karina. They enter the room. Annie hears some noise from the cabinet. She finds Karina inside and Karina is glad to see that Annie is not Israeli. She then sees Eyal. Eyal wants to know what happened. She tells them that her purse was stolen and she came home and found her place in shambles but nothing was taken. So she felt that it had something to do with the weird guy who came up to her on the flight and asked her all sorts of questions. She tells Eyal that she wants out. Eyal asks her to hand over the watch. She refuses to as the watch is her only leverage. He tells her that she cannot exit. Just then Karina clutches her stomach and falls to the ground; dead.

At the office, ME reports that Karina was poisoned 24 hours ago. Rivka is furious that the asset died on the US soil and they did not get the intel. She accuses that CIA did not keep their end of the bargain. Annie tells her that they had no leads on the intel. Rivka criticizes her as an operative. Eyal backs Annie. Annie says that they could still find the intel. Rivka asks her to prove the same and leaves. Later, Arthur tells Annie that she will be awarded the Intelligence Medal of Merit; the one with the cash payment. He tells her that they are proud of her and that Joan was deeply disturbed when Annie was in Russia. Meanwhile, Joan is having lunch with Seth and she is worried that Annie is following the pattern that she did. Annie goes to meet Auggie. He has IDed the man who Karina described; Griffin Kohl, ex-CIA.

The kill pattern suggests that he used ricin. He is now working for Khaleed Ansari, son of one of the most powerful oil-men in Saudi Arabia. Annie tells Joan that Mossad is using them to spy on Khaleed Ansari. He is untouchable as his father plays golf with the VP. Joan wants to call it off. Annie thinks she can find out what Eyal is after and get to the intel first. Annie tells Joan to let her handle Eyal. Joan’s concern is that Eyal is handling Annie. Next, Annie arrives at the last place Karina visited. Auggie found that out by hacking into the traffic cameras. Just then Eyal arrives. He has GPS installed in her car. He tells Annie that Mossad thinks that Khaleed is using charities to funnel terrorist funds and that the information could be on the watch. So they begin to search for the watch in the park.

They end up digging out a key. Next, Joan tells Rivka that the key opens a safety deposit box and that they cannot break into it without alerting the other agencies. Annie suggests that she can pose as Karina. Rivka disapproves the idea. Joan tells that Annie can be wired and that way Mossad can have access to the intel without fearing that the CIA is keeping something from Mossad. Eyal thinks that this is a crazy idea as Annie will not be protected in the vault and the killer can be tracking her as he had stolen Karina’s purse and he might know about the safety deposit box. Rivka says that Mossad will provide the wire. After they leave, Annie tells Joan what Eyal told her about the funds and she believes him. Rivka tells Eyal that he is protecting Annie.

He says that he is protecting the mission. At the office, Joan steps out of the elevator with Seth behind her. Arthur asks her about Seth but she pretends that she didn’t see Seth. Annie drives to her house where Simon and she were shot. She then drives to a hotel and says she will be staying for a while. Next, at the Metropolitan Bank, Annie manages to pass through the verification process and gets into the vault and finds the watch in the deposit box. Eyal is waiting for her outside in a car. But to her shock, Griffin arrives and aims a gun at her and takes the watch. Eyal hears a distortion in the signal and steps out of the car. He finds Griffin trying to escape and follows him.

Annie cries for help and the manager opens the vault door. Griffin than uses a rappelling gear to get down from the building. Annie gets hold of him and manages to take the watch-box from Griffin. He rappels down. Annie tells Eyal that Griffin is gone and the watch belongs to the both of them. Next, Annie collects her award. Joan tells her that the analysts are going through the intel on the watch. Joan tells her that he is worried about her closeness with Eyal; she can see a pattern being formed. She tells Annie that the people she can count on are here. Annie doesn’t seem to understand the message. Annie comes back to her hotel and finds Eyal waiting for her. He then takes her to his place in DC and tells her that she can stay there and he has a flight to catch.

Eyal asks her how long before her supervisors realized that she shared intel with Mossad. She says that she doesn’t care and that she shared the information with him and not Mossad. Joan and Seth visit a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. Eyal leaves from the house and gets into Rivka’s car. He gives her a flash drive with the intel in it. He tells her that Annie gave it to him. She asks him if he will initiate the next phase and he says that he will as they had discussed. She then asks him where Annie is staying and Eyal says, “At her place”. The episode ends.