Man in the Middle - Recap

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The episode begins with Annie waking up in Eyal’s house in DC. Someone knocks at the door and slips an envelope under the door. She opens it and finds a file with details of Khalid Ansari and Megan Carr inside. Parker arrives at Auggie’s house. Joan and Seth walk out of the Narcotic Anonymous meeting and Seth says that they could go for breakfast. Joan thinks that she cannot keep using him anymore and says that they shouldn’t meet. Seth asks her to talk to Arthur about her position and she says that she can’t tell him about this.

At home, Parker tells Auggie that she is back to help her parents as they are behind on their mortgage as the compensation they used to receive after Billy’s death has stopped coming in due to some glitch. She hopes that Auggie could pull some strings. Next, Annie shows up at work and Joan isn’t too happy to see her. She read the mail that Annie sent her and she feels that there is no point digging into it as Khalid Ansari and his family is untouchable. But Annie tells her that Khalid is meeting a high level terrorist and that they need to stop this meeting. She tells Joan that Khalid is dating an American and if they can turn her, they could get information about the meeting.

Joan knows this file came from Mossad which proves that they had access to the intel from the watch. Joan feels that Annie’s judgments have been compromised with her emotional attachments. She asks Annie to go home for the day. But instead Annie goes to Arthur. Arthur knows the name of the terrorist Khalid is meeting; he is Kamaal Al-Mazri, based in Pakistan and he is the brains behind the network and the hotel bombing. On reading the file, Arthur infers that Khalid might be providing an open check book and they need to track this meeting down. Annie thinks they can play the girlfriend but on reading Megan’s profile, Arthur feels that she would be tough to crack and Khalid might be having her watched every moment.

Arthur too sees that the file is from Eyal and Annie says that he can be trusted. Arthur tells Annie to talk to Megan and he will talk to Joan. Joan is upset that Arthur overruled her. On learning about Kamaal, she tells Arthur that she did not receive any HVT email. That is because she has been removed from the HVT list as the department thinks Joan has lost focus. Arthur agrees with their decision and asks Joan what is going on. At the Dupont Circle hotel, Annie manages to get Megan have a drink with her. Megan at once realizes that Annie is from the CIA and she tells her that Khalid is not the man Annie thinks he is. Annie tells her that dating Khalid is no ordinary choice and that she could be subpoenaed by the Ethnic committee and she could lose her career.

Megan doesn’t care and she leaves. Next, Annie wants authorization for level 3 document removal, and also surveillance videos for Project Panther. Arthur points out that if Megan decides to turn them in, then they both would be testifying in front of the Congress. He questions the credibility of this file as it is from Mossad and Annie trusts it. He reminds her that she is putting her career at stake with this. He signs the authorization papers. Auggie meets Annie and tells him that she is taking a risk with information given to her by a competing spy agency. Auggie tells her that she needs to mend fences with Joan and that this whole building is like family; she is going to need Joan some day.

Annie tells him that she has no feelings for Eyal. Annie arrives to meet Megan and she sees a man who she had seen earlier in the day as well. Annie shows Megan the picture of the man sitting in the lobby. She tells Megan that he has been there since the time Megan arrived. She then shows her pictures of this man keeping a tab on Megan and Annie tells her that Khalid doesn’t place the same trust in her like she does in him. Annie then takes Megan to the car park and asks her to call Khalid and keep him online for 40 seconds so that he can be traced. After disconnecting the call, Megan tells Annie that she just spooked her boyfriend by become the clingy woman she swore never to be.

At Langley, Arthur tells Joan that Kamaal is No. 17 on the terrorist kill list. So if they get a clear shot, they can send in a drone attack. And Khalid meeting him makes Khalid a viable suspect as well despite his State Protections. But they will have to talk to Seth first for legal advice. Next, Auggie visits the Department of Veterans affairs for parker and gets in touch with an old contact. He learns that Parker’s parents forgot so sign a form few months back and hence it is in backlog. Auggie asks for a favor and he is happy to oblige. At Langley, Arthur shows Seth that Kamaal’s location has been traced and it appears to be close to Khalid’s trajectory.

He also says that there are no schools, mosques or anything nearby, so there wouldn’t be much collateral damage if there is a drone attack. Seth says he needs to check on this and leaves. Arthur asks Joan what’s going on between her and Seth and she tells him that she needed someone to talk to. Talking to a former lover? Well that is not, nothing! Joan brings up her being removed from the HVT list. Next, Auggie tells Annie about the drone strike being approved and she gets to watch it. She heads to the secret room to the basement. Annie enters the room. The briefing says that Khalid and Kamaal are on the same site. Joan pitches that this drone strike is a wrong move against Khalid.

She says that they need to know more about him before they act and she states that Annie is taking help from Megan and Megan can offer them a way in. Annie says that it is possible. But Arthur gives his go on the drone strike. Seth arrives with the approval to hit both men. Arthur gives a “go” and the target is hit and neutralized. But just then Annie notices a jeep speeding by. It is Khalid. But because of the satellite delay, they can’t shoot a moving target. Annie says that Khalid is heading towards the crowded market. Khalid gets out of his vehicle and he has left the phone in his car. So he cannot be traced. Annie meets Megan and tells her that Khalid is going to come after her. Megan learns that they tried to kill Khalid.

Auggie gives Parker the form and tells her that her parents will get the check by the end of the week. He also tells her that this should be the last time they see each other. Parker leaves. at the concert theatre, Megan is angry and Annie tells her that she became compromised the moment she got into a relationship with Khalid. Annie begs Megan to let her protect her. They then see the man from the lobby walk towards them. They run. They hide in the scaffolding above an empty theatre. The man arrives and after a tussle, Annie manages to throw him over the edge. At Langley, Joan calls Annie into her office. The DNA checks are being run on Kamaal’s body and Khalid is in the wind; but they will get him.

Annie tells her that she will report to Blue Bonnet tomorrow. But that might not be necessary. Joan says that they had a failed drone strike because of the intel Annie brought. Annie knows she is going to get blamed. Joan blames Eyal as well and tells Annie that they are always there for her. Annie is pissed and she points out all that she faced and each time the agency didn’t do anything for her and left her to rot. But Joan thinks that this was directed to her and she says that she is done. She feels that their relationship is far more broken than she thought it was. Joan says that it is time they revisited the transfer Annie had asked for. Joan then goes to Arthur’s office.

He gives her the number to the hotel he will be staying in for the next few days; he needs to clear his head. She will not be able to take him leaving right now. She says that there is something she needs to tell him. Auggie calls Annie to the bar. She tells him that her talk with Joan didn’t go too well. She needs to finish the report and so she can’t accompany him. Annie then sees that there is something wrong with the surveillance photos. She barges into Arthur’s room and says that the photos were doctored and Kamaal wasn’t in the compound. So the drone strike was launched based on false intel. Annie says, “Mossad played us”. And Joan says, “No, Eyal played you”. The episode ends.