Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) - Recap

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The episode begins with Auggie confirming the fact that the photographs were doctored. She then goes to meet Megan. Megan is in hiding and she hates the place she is in. She says that she is about to lose everything she had. She is furious about the fact that Annie didn’t tells her that she was planning to drop a missile on her boyfriend Khalid. Annie tries to assure her that for the time being this is the safest place for her and she leaves. It seems to be a bust day at Langley as Arthur needs to appear in front of the Senate Intelligence Company by afternoon which doesn’t give them enough time to prepare. Annie arrives at the office and meets Auggie.

She still doesn’t understand why Mossad would do something so foolish. Auggie said that they wanted a drone strike which they aren’t capable of. But Annie argues saying that by doing this they lose CIA’s trust and money. Joan arrives and Annie asks her if she could do anything. She feels that she can still work on Khaleed and see if he is still funding terrorists. Joan tells her that no one at Langley is officially working on Khaleed. Joan tells to go home and pack and report to Bluebonnet. And she should not try to contact Eyal in any circumstances. Annie is on her way home and she notices that she is being followed. It is Eyal and he calls Annie and asks her to pull over.

She asks him if he knew about the false intel and he swears on his son that he wasn’t aware of it. He says that everything in that file was solid. He says that they have intercepted calls with Khalid’s contact in Riyadh. He is thinking of extracting vengeance on the person who sold him out. Annie rushes to the place where Megan is kept. She enters the room and finds that Megan isn’t in there. The window is open and she is gone. John Dexter, who was guarding Megan’s room, tells Annie that no one entered the floor other than her. He then gets the camera footage from both the ends of the hotel and Annie finds a suspicious SUV and she asks Auggie to run the plates. Annie then sees Eyal standing outside the building and she tells him about Megan’s disappearance.

She shows him Griffin Cole’s picture and tells him that Cole was spotted outside the building when Megan disappeared. He was driving a stolen car and it was tracked to West Virginia. Eyal offers to drive and he tells her that Cole is still a target and he doesn’t like unfinished business. At Langley, Arthur is completely worried and Joan thinks it has to do with their unfinished talk. But he says that he is worried because this time it was his fault. Arthur thinks that Mossad would pull something so risky. He is having difficulty accepting that. Joan then tells Auggie about the hearing and she wants concrete evidence on the doctored photographs. Now we have a blind guy working on visual evidence.

On the other hand, Eyal and Annie track the SUV via GPS and they arrive at the spot where the truck is dumped. They break open the lock of a garage and find the SUV. But Megan isn’t in it. Something about it doesn’t feel right. Annie sees Megan’s picture inside the vehicle and Eyal notices a bomb. Eyal is about to warn Annie; but it is too late. She opens the door and the bomb gets activated. They rush out and the bomb explodes. Annie then calls Auggie. He tells her that the bomb was a message as Cole knew he would be followed. Joan arrives and wants to talk to Annie. Annie tells her that she is with Eyal and tries to explain. Joan s pissed and hangs up on her. Auggie tells Joan that sending Joan to Bluebonnet for debrief is more like some punishment.

Joan says that it is right. Auggie says that Annie is only trying to win her respect. Joan changes the topic. She tells him that Rivka is on her way in and she wants the run down on the photos in five minutes. Auggie then gets a text from Auggie saying that Cole has a brother about five miles from where they are. At Langley, Auggie tells Joan that the photographs were taken from an Israeli spy satellite as it has some bad marks that appear when they enlarge the pixels. Eyal and Annie arrive at Daniel Cole’s house. The moment Annie asks Daniel about his brother, he runs. They tackle him and Eyal asks Annie to go inside and check the house.

He then points his gun on Daniel’s cheeks and Daniel tells him that he lent his car to his brother to go to the airport and he doesn’t know about the woman. Annie sees all of this and later on their way back she questions him about his methods. He then tells her about a girl named Johanna Peterson, who he met when they were looking for a female spy to infiltrate Khalid’s organization. Eyal had grown closer to Johanna but later when she was ready, she was sent to Khalid. She did her job very well and provided Mossad with intel but then it suddenly stopped. They then received a call where Khalid wanted to be removed off from the Mossad hit list in return for Johanna’s life.

The next they found her dead body; she was poisoned. Annie remembers how Katrina was killed. So, poisoning seems to be like Khalid’s MO. Next, Arthur is in front of the Senate Intelligence and he explains the intelligence they had received. While browsing through other documents, e comes across the name of Zamir Gerson, the Israeli Minister of Agriculture. Arthur cuts short the session saying that he didn’t have time to prepare and leaves, asking his team to gather every bit of intel on Gerson. At Langley, Joan lays down the papers in front of Rivka showing how Mossad fed them with false intel. Rivka goes through the sheets and says that she owes CIA an apology. She then hands over Eyal’s file to Joan.

Annie is driving back with Eyal and Auggie calls her. He tells her that Rivka was in Langley and has told them that Eyal has gone rogue and that he is trying to avenge the death of a woman he met in Holland. He was the one who doctored the photos. Annie is pissed and she pulls over and confronts Eyal. He says that all this is true. Annie has trouble believing this. But she feels bad and feels that he used her. He tells her that her trust in people makes her an easy target. She leaves him on the road and drives away. At a nearby airfield, Annie spots Cole who gets into a plane. Annie crashes the gate and pulls over in front of the plane and asks the pilot to open the hatch.

But when Annie enters the plane, she finds it empty. Cole walks behind her aiming a gun at her. She asks him about Megan and he tells her that he gave her a plane ticket and a fake passport. She went to Khalid. Eyal arrives and Annie takes advantage of Cole’s distraction and strikes at him. But he grabs her by her neck and holds her. Annie asks Eyal to take the shot and Eyal shoots Cole right in between his eyes. Auggie goes to meet Kip. Kip introduces him to Major James Wilder. Wilder tells Auggie that he wants to replace a Battle Buddy who just dropped out and Kip had suggested Auggie’s name. Auggie wants to think about it and Wilder says he has a week.

Meanwhile, Annie once again asks Eyal to tell her the truth and he says that he has nothing to say. At Langley, Arthur has found anything new. Joan tells her that she has lost control of her operatives and that she sets a poor example. She thinks that she needs to take a few days off. Arthur supports that. Arthur’s secretary arrives and tells them that Henry Wilcox’s sentence has been commuted. Arthur goes through Zamir’s name and he makes an appointment to meet Henry. Eyal meets Rivka. She is glad that things went according to plan. He feels terrible about betraying Annie. He says that he is finished here.

Rivka offers him desk but he doesn’t want it. She tells him that what’s happening over here is much larger than he knows and they all had to pay the price. She has lost him. Eyal leaves. At Langley, Auggie tells Annie that she need not go to Bluebonnet and this is thanks to Joan. Next, Megan walks in to meet Khalid. He is glad that they are together again. He wants to know about the woman who approached her. She says, “Her name is Annie walker”. The episode ends.