Quicksand - Recap

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The episode begins with Annie and Auggie having beer and she goes on and on about Megan Carr. She then realizes that Auggie too has something to say. He tells her that he is being deployed to Iraq as a battle buddy as Downey is suffering from PSTD. Annie thinks that it will be great for him. Cheers to that! At Langley, Eric tells Annie that Megan’s body was found in a hotel room in Luxemburg. He says that she has a flash drive. She has a sister who hasn’t been notified yet. She asks him if he could make a fake id. Yes he can. Next, Annie lands in Luxemburg.

She passes off as Megan’s sister. She goes to the morgue and sees that the dead woman is not Megan. She then sees that the guy who brought her to the room is now gone. On the screen, she sees that the man is trying to run. She then sees a man coming towards her with a tranquilizer gun. She ducks down and then runs. She then hides and attacks the man with her heels and then runs. She is on the street and she sees an SUV pull up. Annie calls Langley and says that she needs help to get out. But Auggie’s replacement Linda tells her that it will take half an hour for the extraction plan to be in place. Annie tells her that she might be taken hostage. Linda tells her that she is not Auggie and she will need that time. She runs into the parking lot and finds that the door to the stairs is closed.

She gets inside an unlocked car and sees a man searching for her. She then calls Eyal. She wants to know the best way out of this city but she can’t take trains or planes. He tells her what roads to take and says that he will meet her in Zurich. She hot wires the car and drives away. Next, Auggie lands in Iraq with Downey and after the orientation, Auggie tries to engage him but he says he is whipped and wants to crash. Meanwhile, Arthur meets Henry in the prison. He wants to know why the Agricultural Minister, Zamir Gerson, signed off training compounds they targeted. He want sto know why an agricultural minister is involving in the matters of defense. He also knows that Henry knows Zamir from Princeton. Henry tells him that he is now trying to make things right and that Arthur was right with the drone attack.

He says that they are right about targeting Khalid. He points out that there has to be some reason his sentence is being commuted. In Zurich, Annie reaches Eyal’s apartment and he tells her that he is getting her new passport ready. But she says that she isn’t going yet. She wants to know if she could use him to complete her mission and he says a yes. She knows that Khalid is trying to take her alive and she wants to get to him before he gets to her. Eyal wonders that how is Khalid managing to pay his men when he is in hiding. Eyal tells her that Khalid’s father, Omar is in Zurich on business. Omar seems to be hiding something. He tells her that one of his banker friends told him that Omar got 50k in cash and he went to make the drop at a club but he didn’t see to whom.

Just then the banker calls, telling Eyal that Omar got 250k this time. In Iraq, Downey tells Auggie that coming back was his wife’s idea. He tells Auggie that he got a concussion and that his partner died trying to save him. Auggie says that it is ok to have some trauma after a war. Downey leaves. In Zurich, Eyal visits a jeweler to get 100k in clean diamonds. But the jeweler tells him that he needs to get an approval from Rivka. Eyal tries to stop him and he tases Eyal. Eyal tries to get back at the jeweler but Annie pulls him off. Eyal then admits to her that he quit Mossad. He says that he needs the money to bribe his way into the club to see who Omar is going to pass the money to and this can lead them to Khalid. Later, Annie gets a new phone and she calls Joan and tells her that she needs 100k in Euros and that too cash. She updates Joan.

Arthur wants his assistant to find out more DNA evidence from the drone strike. He tells Arthur that the Senate hearing has been cancelled and they are satisfied. Eyal and Annie are preparing. Eyal hopes that they can patch things up. Just then they get a delivery; compliments from Mrs. Campbell; a briefcase full of cash. At the club, Omar arrives on time with the satchel. Eyal tells her that the plan is to stick a tiny GPS to the satchel so that they can track it later. He also tells her that the dining room is for men only. Dressed up fancily, Eyal and Annie pass off the cash to the attendant and enter the club. Annie waits downstairs and Eyal goes to the dining room to look for Omar. Later, a waiter arrives and tells Eyal that Omar is asking him to join him as they are the only two dining.

Eyal uses a fake name. In Iraq, Auggie goes looking for Downey with a beer. He says that he saw a shrink after smashing a guy’s head with a bottle. Downey says that no one will understand how it is being in Iraq unless they have been there. Auggie tells him about the time he was wounded and how a little boy kept him alive by telling him about his new soccer ball, while auggie was waiting for the medics. Auggie says that he made it through only because of that kid and managed getting his Purple Heart. In Zurich, Annie is sitting in the club and a man sits down besides her and watches her. She gets up and walks away. Annie then sees the waiter handing over the satchel to a person. It is Megan! She asks her where she is going with the bag.

Annie notices Megan’s engagement ring and warns her that they will get rid of her when she isn’t of any use to them. She then tells Morgan about the incident in Luxemburg. Megan decides to stick with Khalid. Annie tells her that it is up to her and manages to stick the GPS tracker on her and wishes her luck. Megan leaves. Eyal arrives and just then they hear gun shots and they rush outside. They see a car driving off and Megan is lying dead on the ground. Eyal picks up the satchel. In Iraq, the troop is on the road to Tikrit and they are warned to stay close. Auggie walks down a street he remembers. A kid kicks the soccer ball towards Auggie. He calls the kid to him and hands his Purple Heart to the kid. Downey asks whether he thinks it is the same kid who talked to him and Auggie tells him that they all could have been.

In Zurich, Eyal checks the satchel and doesn’t find anything useful that could lead them to Khalid. Annie tells him that Megan refused her help and she got herself killed. They then hear the noise of cars pulling over. They are Khalid’s men and they found them. Annie tells Eyal that they are five storeys up and there is no way down. Eyal thinks they could climb down on to the other balcony. Annie goes in to the balcony and Eyal locks her in and sticks the GPS on himself.

Through the glass she sees that Eyal surrenders himself to Khalid’s men. In Iraq, Downey sound happy as he is talking to his wife. They are on their way back home. In Amsterdam, Annie is following the GPS tracker. She reaches an empty bench with a phone stuck beneath it. It rings and she answers it. The episode ends.