Lady Stardust - Recap

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The episode begins with Annie in Amsterdam and the phone in her hand rings. It is Khalid and he sends her a picture of Eyal with today’s paper. He is alive and Khalid says that he will live if Annie gives him the names of his people who are CIA assets. She tells him that she doesn’t have access to that information and he gives her 24 hours. Annie meets an asset who Eric has recommended as fearless and brilliant. She can help Annie access the CIA files but only from inside the US consulate infirmary as only there the computer has access to the web. Annie calls Auggie and leaves him a voicemail. She says that she is out to do something which has thousand reasons not to proceed but her gut tells her to.

She is then cornered by two men. She fights them and she also gets a few good hits. A shopkeeper arrives to break the fight and Annie runs off. She then goes to the consulate and introduces herself as Danielle Brooks and that she has been attacked. Inside, Bob, the Vice Consul arrives and sends the nurse outside. He asks Annie how she got into the country as there are no flags on her passport. She tells him that she spent a week in the Greek Islands and Bob knows that the Greek immigration database is notoriously out of date. He tells her that they will keep her in one of the infirmary bunks and they can continue with this the next day. Henry is released from prison and Arthur is there to meet him. This time he has a name, Romi Hadad and supposedly he was the real target of the drone strike.

Henry is impressed and wants to know how Arthur found that out. Henry had told the whole world that Hadad was dead six years ago. After the meeting got cancelled, it barely took some time to put things together. Henry feels that order has been restored and Arthur points out to the collateral damage that his scheme had caused. Next, Khalid has Eyal tied to the chair and there is bandage on his leg. Looks like the GPS tracker has been removed! Eyal looks at the surroundings and knows that Khalid hasn’t received the lifeline package from his father. He feels that Khalid is desperate and Khalid points out that Eyal is the one working with a rival spy agency. Eyal tells him that he has betrayed Annie so many time that he wouldn’t be surprised if she wanted him dead.

In the middle of the night, Annie manages to break into the infirmary and accesses the CIA database with software the hacker gave her. She transfers all the files, actually 16 of them on to her drive. She then returns to her room and is shocked to find Auggie waiting for her in the dark. She has explaining to do but he first gets her out of that place. Once they are out, he tells her that Joan put him on the first flight the moment she heard the voicemail. He tells her to let Mossad look for Eyal and she tells him that Eyal has quit. So Mossad won’t look for him. He wonders if it is a good idea to hand over the names of the assets as their lives would be irrevocably changed. He ask her if she has feelings for Eyal and if all this is driven by those feelings.

Annie wonders why he keeps asking her that. He has an idea which wouldn’t break any agency protocol. This will get too messy. It is not going to be easy but they will make it together. At Langley, Arthur tells Joan about the declassification ceremony where Jai’s name would be put on the Wall and Henry made this happen. Considering the fact that Henry lost his son, she feels that Arthur should grant this. Arthur tells Joan to use her discretion and keep him posted. Annie meets the hacker again and takes the printout from her. She goes through those papers and thanks her. She tells her to tell her friend that he has got one hell of a right hook. So the beating was a set up. Auggie goes to a bar and meets his friend Jost. He tells Auggie that his request was weird and specialized.

He takes him to the back of the bar and hands him a gun and box of bullets. Annie talks to Khalid. But she won’t go by his terms. She wants to meet in a public place. at noon, Annie walks into the market and Auggie waits nearby. Khalid arrives with Eyal. She tells him that he was wrong on counting on her feelings for Eyal. She hands him a blank file and shoots Eyal and Eyal falls to the ground. Annie runs. There is chaos. Auggie, a blind man, is asking directions for Pier 10. Khalid and his guards chase Annie. One of the guards checks on Eyal and an unharmed Eyal tackles him and takes his gun. He removes the blood packets shot at his shirt and he leaves and meets Auggie at Pier 10.

Annie still isn’t there. Moments later, we see Annie running towards them and shouting at them to start the boat. Khalid and his goons are right behind her. She leaps at the boat and gets on it. the goon leaps behind her and Eyal shoots him mid air. Auggie tells her that he was worried about her. Arthur calls and tells Annie that Saudi Arabia has made a deal with the Dutch government. The Dutch have allowed him to leave and Khalid will return to Saudi where he will be untouchable. He will leave on a helicopter in an hour. Annie tells him she understands. She tells Auggie and Eyal that CIA wants her to kill Khalid and mop up the mess. Eyal agrees to do it and Auggie doesn’t want ether of them going on a suicide mission. Annie then goes to the hold and takes Eyal’s gun and sneaks out of the boat.

She then sneaks into Khalid’s heavily guarded apartment and finds him smoking in his room. He tries to reach for his gun but she aims at him and asks him to sit down. She takes his gun and tells him that she is not there for negotiations. She is there on Megan’s behalf. Khalid feels that the CIA killed her but she tells him that the moment he knows the truth, he will realize how insignificant he is. She gives her the name of the assets in his dad’s company. His father’s bodyguard killed Megan. His father ordered it. He then looks at the file and begins believing her. She tells him that his father is the root of his problem. It is up to him what he does with the information. Annie comes out of the apartment and finds Auggie and Eyal waiting for her. She tells them that she did not kill Khalid and that he is gone.

Next, Eyal is about to sail to Greece and he tells Annie to join him. But she wants to go back home and put down some roots. He hopes that one day they will be sitting together and watching the sunset. That would be a beautiful evening. He leaves. On their flight back, Auggie and Annie decide to grab a drink at some place nicer than their regular bar on Friday. At Langley, Arthur speaks at the declassification ceremony of Jai. He tells Henry that he is sorry for his loss and Henry says that he is not. Annie goes to her desk and finds a letter for her. she goes to the diner where Jai was killed. Henry is waiting for her. he tells her that he is trying to set things right and that it is about Arthur and Joan.

He wants to know why she did not kill Khalid and she tells him that with the information she gave him, either Khalid would kill his father or it would be the other way round. Either ways, it would not be tracked back to the Agency. He likes her spy craft and he knows that she is the best person for this job. She tells him that she won’t go against Joan and Arthur. He hands her a file and asks her to take a look. She does and then tells him that she is in. Annie is at home, having beer and reading the file. Auggie arrives. It is not Friday. He says that he wanted to have this conversation for a long time but he never found the right time to talk to her. He grabs her and kisses her. She tells him that she is glad that they are having this talk. They get back to kissing. The season ends.