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Cowboy Bebop: Asteroid Blues

Small-time hoodlum Asimov Solenson and his girlfriend Katerina are on the run from the mob with a priceless shipment of the illegal drug “Bloody Eye.” There’s also a bounty on their heads, and freelancer Spike Spiegel is determined to get it. The couple twice elude Spike in a chase across the surface of Mars, but his Swordfish II speedster is a tough craft to outrun. A tough, uncompromising opening, considered “too hot” for Japanese terrestrial TV, and only shown on the serial’s satellite run.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x1
Airdate: Sunday September 02nd, 2001

Guest Stars
Daran NorrisDaran Norris
voiced Bartender
Dorothy Elias-FahnDorothy Elias-Fahn
voiced Space Gate Voice
George C. ColeGeorge C. Cole
voiced Antonio/Jobim
Michael GregoryMichael Gregory
voiced Laughing Bull
Steve KramerSteve Kramer
voiced Carlos
Tom FahnTom Fahn
voiced Thug
Katia MoraesKatia Moraes
voiced Katrina
Kirk ThorntonKirk Thornton
voiced Asimov


Spike and Jet float through space in Jet’s ship, the Bebop. Spike is irritated that Jet told him that they were having bell peppers in beef, and to Spike’s dismay, there is no beef. He asks Jet how it is bell peppers and beef, if there isn’t beef. Jet responds that it is when you’re broke. Spike asks about the money they made off their last bounty, and Jet angrily lists all the accidents that Spike caused catching the bounties. ..

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Episode Notes
There is a Playstation in Running Rock's tepee.

The three old men's names are Antonio, Carlos, and Jobim. They get their names from Antonio Carlos Jobim, a famous Brazilian songwriter.

The handgun Jet Black uses throughout the series is a Walther P99. Spike almost always carries an Israeli Jericho 941.

The SDN (Space Designation Number) for the Bebop is: 268170.

Bounty Information
Name: Asimov Solensan
Bounty: 2,500,000 Woolongs
ID: F47998UGK
Height: 6' 2''
Weight: 174 lbs
Age: 36
Domi: Asteroid
Criminal Record: Bank Robber, Murder

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
The SeatbeltsMemory 
The SeatbeltsSpokey Dokey 
The SeatbeltsFelt Tip Pen 
The SeatbeltsGuitar Melody A 
The SeatbeltsElm 
The SeatbeltsRush 
The SeatbeltsRoad to the West 
The Seatbelts featuring Mai YamaneDon't Bother None 

Episode Quotes
Jet: Hey Spike! It's Ready!
Spike: I'm just about finished. What's cookin'?
Jet: Special, Bell Peppers and Beef.

Spike: Your boyfriend is sick, he’s a small fry; I don’t bother with his type.
Asimov: (Choking Spike from behind) Now who’s the small fry?!

Episode Goofs
When Spike knocks over Katerina 's grocery bags...with the exception of the hot dog he swipes all the groceries are some form of chocolate/cocoa product.

At the very end of the episode, when Jet comes to tell Spike he has finished dinner, Jet is holding a ciggarette that is almost finished, but when he sends it floating to Spike and Spike catches it, the ciggarette has gotten much longer.

Cultural References
Spike is shaped after Lupin from "Lupin The III" and is also dedicated as an allusion to Johnny Woo, and Bruce Lee.

The characters of Asimov and Katerina were shaped after two moives, "Desperado" and "Bonnie and Clyde".



Did Bull really foresee Spike's death in the first episode? Bull's prophecy was, "You will meet a woman. The woman will hunt you. And then death."


There were a number of things that this could have meant. The three major things would be:

1.) Katerina (episode 1)
2.) Julia (episode 26)
3.) Julia (prior to show)

Possibility 1: Katerina is the most likely possibility because she was in the episode with the quote. Let's break down the quote further. You will meet a woman (Katerina). The woman will hunt you (Katerina had a thing for Spike). And then death....(Katerina dies). Note, the quote never said that Spike would die.

Possibility 2: This quote could be referring to the demise of Julia and Spike. Spike spends the whole series searching for Julia only to find her in the end. In turn, Julia was hunting for Spike throughout the duration of the series. And in the end, they both died.

Possibility 3: This prophecy could have also been referring to an event that had already happened. This possibility is less likely than the first 2, because it had already taken place by the time the quote was made. The question in this lies in the last part of the quote, "and then death...". The series is talking about Spike's purgatory on the bebop. Was he or was he not alive? So depending on how you view that question, you can see the prophecy being fulfilled in that sense as well.

Another important thing to bring up is the different levels of this show. Nothing simpily means what they say. There is always more depth behind it. It is very likily that Bull could have been referring to all 3. In the end, its unknown how much Bull knows, but it is apparant that he knows more than he tells.

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