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Cowboy Bebop: Ballad of Fallen Angels

The Red Dragon syndicate is trying to go legit, but mid-ranking mobster Vicious is killing off all the moderates. Nobody can stop him – the one man who could have, is missing, presumed dead. His name was Spike Spiegel, whose former gangster past is something of a surprise to his current associate, former cop Jet Black…

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x5
Airdate: Sunday September 16th, 2001

Guest Stars
Carol StanzioneCarol Stanzione
voiced Annie
George C. ColeGeorge C. Cole
voiced Vicious
Mary Elizabeth McGlynnMary Elizabeth McGlynn
As Julia
W.T. HatchW.T. Hatch
voiced Mao Yenrai
Richard CansinoRichard Cansino
voiced White Tiger Representative
Episode Notes
During the flashback scene with Julia, you can see a vial of bloody eye on the stand by the flower. Some speculate this is an indication that Julia broke up with Vicious because of a bloody eye addiciton. However, it is also possible that Vicious and Julia were just peddling the bloody eye for the Red Dragon Syndicate.

The Bounty Information
Name: Mao Yenrai
Reward: 28,000,000 Woolongs
ID: R4B475501
Height: 5' 6''
Weight: 155 lb
Age: 52
Domi: Mars
Record: Murder

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Gabriela RobinGreen Bird 
Jerzy KnetigAve Maria 
The SeatbeltsSlipper Sleaze 
The SeatbeltsWaltz for Zizi 
The SeatbeltsPiano Bar 1 
The Seatbelts and Steve ConteRain 

Episode Quotes
Vicious: When angles are forced out of hevean they become devils, you agree with me dont you, Spike?

Vicious: Do you have any idea what you look like right at this moment spike?
Spike: What?
Vicious: A ravenous beast, the same blood runs through both of us. The blood of a beast that wonders, constantly hunting the blood of others
Spike: I've bled all that kinda blood away!
Vicious: Then why are you still alive!

Spike: Yeah I know the whole sad story.

Spike: But Annie, I'm alive
Annie: No you're not. You died 3 years ago. That's how things work around here

Jet: What’re you trying to hide from me?
Spike: So, how’d you mess up your arm, huh Jet?
Jet: What does that have to do with it?
Spike: Nothing at all.
Jet: So when are you going to answer my question?
Spike: When you answer mine.

Cultural References
This episode, "Ballad of Fallen Angels" pays title homage to Aerosmith's song, "Fallen Angels".

The scene where Spike falls out of the cathedral window was inspired by the movie, "The Crow".

The cathedral in this episode was shaped after the Notre Dame Cathedral.



Who's vial of bloody eye is on the stand over the window?


We do not know who's vial it is. However, we do know that the stand is in Julia's apartment. Most people speculate that the vial actually belongs to Vicious and that it was one of the many deciding factors that Julia left him for Spike. The other possibility is that Julia or Vicious were selling the bloody eye for the syndicate.

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