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Season 5

92 :05x01 - Nameless, Faceless

Hotch's unexplained absence quickly becomes apparent when the team is called back together to profile a killer who is targeting an emergency room doctor.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Christopher Cousins as Dr. Barton | Paul Butcher as Jeffrey Barton | Michael Adler as Patrick Meyers | C. Thomas Howell as George Foyet | Meredith Monroe as Haley Hotchner | D.B. Sweeney as US Marshall |
Co-Guest Stars: John Eddins as Detective Walker | Kelly Lloyd as Principal Sheila Findlay | Gary P. Stein, Jr. as SWAT Commander | Norma Hans as Grieving Mother | Laura Niemi as Dr. Zwerling | Cade Owens as Jack Hotchner
Writer: Chris Mundy

93 :05x02 - Haunted

When a disturbed man kills several people at a pharmacy, the BAU must figure out what triggered his actions before he hurts anyone else.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Sean Patrick Flanery as Darrin Call | Glenn Morshower as Lt. Kevin Mitchell | Michael Bowen as Tommy Anderson | Bjorn Johnson as Dr. Cipolla |
Co-Guest Stars: Benjamin Stockham as Young Call | Sabrina Hall as Pharmacist | Don Creech as Bill Jarvis | Kanin J. Howell as Young Bill Jarvis | Chris Ufland as Patient | Bridger Zadina as Young Tommy Anderson | Zayne Emory as Ryan | Suzanne Deyo as Local Reporter | Monifa Days as Woman
Director: Jon Cassar
Writer: Erica Messer

94 :05x03 - Reckoner

The BAU investigates a case in Rossi's hometown that involves both his personal and professional life.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Cynthia Watros as Heather Vanderwaal | D.B. Sweeney as US Marshall | Lawrence Pressman as Judge Schuller | Vincent Guastaferro as Det. Gil Hardesty | William Sadler as Ray Finnegan | Cliff Weissman as Drew Sandweiss | Leith M. Burke as Jerry Sorum |
Co-Guest Stars: Glenn Keogh as Sean | Hannah Brylowe as Allison Sandweiss | Cade Owens as Jack Hotchner | Dale Waddington Horowitz as Medical Examiner
Director: Karen Gaviola

95 :05x04 - Hopeless

When vandalism escalates into violence, the BAU must track down a pack of unsubs who kill their victims for the thrill of it.
Guest Stars: Salli Richardson as Tamara Barnes | Wade Williams as Detective Andrews | Travis Aaron Wade as Turner | Clayne Crawford as Vincent | Blake Shields as Unknown |
Co-Guest Stars: Stacy Jorgensen as Lynn | Jeronimo Spinx as William | Rahvaunia L. Johnson as Nicole | Gigi Hessamian as Samantha | Bernie Hourihan as Mike | Suzanne Voss as Catherine | Peggy Blow as Patricia | Nate Witty as Doug | Nellie Barnett as Jessica | Robert F. Lyons as Bartender | Sharon Brathwaite as Karen Osborne | Jo D. Christopher Jonz as Dan Osborne
Writer: Chris Mundy

96 :05x05 - Cradle to Grave

The team tries to find a suspect who is known for making young woman pregnant and then kill them after they've given birth.
Guest Stars: Hallee Hirsh as Carol | Jayne Atkinson as Erin Strauss | Max Gail as Conrad Winmar | Diana Scarwid as Jane Winmar | Mae Whitman as Julie |
Co-Guest Stars: Liz Burnette as Maria Ortiz | Van Epperson as Medical Examiner | Frieda Jane as Unsub's Wife | Jonathan Nail as Dr. Marvin Saul | Lynn A. Henderson as Dr. Kathleen Dekeyser | Riley Thomas Stewart as Michael | Mark Berry as SWAT Commander | Erik Sundquist as Unsub | Simon Sorrells as Young Man | Spence Kramber as ND Detective | Lauren Skirvin as Kristie
Director: Rob Spera

97 :05x06 - The Eyes Have It

The team attempts to catch a serial killer who kills his victims and keeps their eyes as souvenirs.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Salli Richardson as Tamara Barnes | Jayne Atkinson as Erin Strauss | Todd Giebenhain as Earl | James McCauley as Lt. Brantley |
Co-Guest Stars: Jen Lilley as Megan | Jessie Graff as Tracy | Vanessa Vander Pluym as Jaime | Alice Lin as Elsie | Chuck Kelley as John O'Heron | Cheryl Dooley as Luann | G.O. Parsons as Wes | Amanda Jaros as Sandy | Marco Aiello as Herbert Mullin | Anzu Lawson as Dr. Ruiz | Samantha Cutaran as Lani Sukarto | Jennifer Del Rosario as Bina Sukarto
Director: Glenn Kershaw
Writer: Oanh Ly

98 :05x07 - The Performer

The BAU team investigates the mystery behind a trail of murders that all seem to align with the tour schedule of a rock star.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Gavin Rossdale as P.K. Davies (aka Dante) | Inbar Lavi as Gina | Eddie Jemison as Ray Campion | Ian Anthony Dale as Detective Owen Kim |
Co-Guest Stars: Jordan David as Edwin | Tonya Kay as Tara | Lenny Von Dohlen as Record Exec #1 | Justin Grace as Mundy | Netta Most as Erin | Eric Edwards as Dr. Gillespy | Ashleigh Sumner as Marcia Masters | Elizabeth Chambers (1) as Herself
Director: John Badham
Writer: Holly Harold

99 :05x08 - Outfoxed

The BAU team is tracking down a family annihilator, but need to take a break from the case to get advice from "The Fox", which is a horrific killer from the team's past. "The Fox" surprises the team with a ominous message for Agent Hotchner.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Andrea Thompson as Detective Anne Hudson | Neal Jones as Karl Arnold | Kristina Klebe as Miranda | Neill Barry as Captain Joseph Downey |
Co-Guest Stars: Jimmy Fallon as Himself | Savannah Lathem as Lucy Downey | Hope Levy as Laura Downey | Joshua Rush as Ronny Downey | Sam Cohen as Paul Downey | Lorin McCraley as Garrett Pain | Sydney Sweeney as Dani Forester | Maria McCann as Samantha Forester | Marissa Armijo as Marisa Devon | Noah James Butler as Guard | Dylan Matzke as Nick Forester | Kimberly Crandall as Jane Young | Dominique Grund as Stacy Young | Joseph Marsh as Billy Young
Writer: Simon Mirren

100 :05x09 - 100

Hotchner needs help to find The Reaper and save his own family before it's too late.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jayne Atkinson as Erin Strauss | Meredith Monroe as Haley Hotchner | Josh Stewart as Detective William LaMontagne Jr. | Nicholas Brendon as Kevin Lynch | C. Thomas Howell as George Foyet | D.B. Sweeney as US Marshall | Ariana Thomas as Pharmacist | Brian Appel as Agent Anderson | Zokai Holmes as Super | Kim Swennen as Medic #1 | Ty Vincent as Medic #2 | Cade Owens as Jack Hotchner | Max Goudsmit as Young EMT | Glenn Clarke as Panel Member #1 |
Co-Guest Stars: Gina Garcia Sharp as Evidence Tech Gina
Writer: Bo Crese

101 :05x10 - The Slave of Duty

The team needs to reunite in order to solve a home invasion case, while Agent Hotchner may have to leave the team.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Rena Sofer as Erika Silverman | Jayne Atkinson as Erin Strauss | Josh Stewart as Detective William LaMontagne Jr. | Nicholas Brendon as Kevin Lynch | Meredith Monroe as Haley Hotchner | Khary Payton as Det. Kaminski | Wes Brown as Joe Belser | Cade Owens as Jack Hotchner |
Co-Guest Stars: Frederick D. Tucker as Valet Manager | Molly Baker as Jessica Brooks | Brian Appel as Agent Anderson | Joe Allen Price as Minister | Jonathan Nail as Coroner | Jim Lowe as Grant Franklin | Gina Garcia Sharp as Evidence Tech Gina | Elisabeth Harmon as Park Supervisor | Patty Malcolm as Ann Herron | Dre Michael Chaney as Club Manager
Director: Charles Haid
Writer: Rick Dunkle

102 :05x11 - Retaliation

When a criminal escapes from custody and starts a killing spree, the BAU must first profile his past in order to catch the criminal.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Lee Tergesen as Dale Shrader | A. Martinez as Bunting | Tim Guinee as Joe Muller | Reamy Hall as Molly Muller | Jan Hoag as Betts |
Co-Guest Stars: Angela Pierce as Connie Shrader | Leslie Stevens (2) as Karen Otey | Griffin Cleveland as Son | Jordan Van Vranken as Jenny Shrader | Monroe Makowsky as Dan Otey | Sarah Flannery as Stacey Ryan | Caleb Mayo as Junkie | Darr Gregor Davis as Jason Otey
Writer: Erica Messer

103 :05x12 - The Uncanny Valley

While Hotch has problems returning to work, the BAU investigates an abduction case in which an unusual personal obsession is at the center.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jonathan Frakes as Dr. Malcolm | Jeffrey Johnson as Detective Cotrone | Rosalie Ward as Bethany Wallace | Valeri Ross as Linda Jackson | Jennifer Hasty as Samantha Malcolm |
Co-Guest Stars: Monique Patrice as Maxine Wynan | Joanne Casey as Phyllis | Gregory Marcel as Karl Wallace | Megan Duffy as Cindy Amundson | Leonard Robinson as Joe | Andrew A. Rolfes as Carousel Manager | Matthew Moy as Eric | Anne Moore as Mary Newsome | Don Ernst as Bob Stuart | Tacey Adams as M.E. | Butch Klein as Marc | Patrick O'Connor as Dr. Finn | Christopher Boyer as Shop Manager

104 :05x13 - Risky Business

The BAU team investigates a rash of startling teen suicides in a small Wyoming town.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: John Pyper-Ferguson as Wilson Summers | Michael Bolten as Christopher Summers | Clare Carey as Sheriff Samuel |
Co-Guest Stars: Rene Hamilton as Mrs. Krouse | D.C. Douglas as Mr. Krouse | Christopher Weir as Mr. Leake | Joe Jagatic as Deputy #1 | Ellen Marlow as Lindsay | Justin Prentice as Ryan Krouse | Amanda Leighton as Trish Leake | Lauren Letherer as Mrs. Leake | Kim Irwin Dildine as Principal | Dalton O'dell as Ted | Samantha Grace McCullough as Classmate #1 | Kayla Girling as Classmate #2 | Skylar Nevolo as Classmate #3
Director: Rob Spera
Writer: Jim Clemente

105 :05x14 - Parasite

The BAU follows the mental decline of a con artist whose schemes have become so complicated that he begins to eliminate the people involved in them.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: David Eigenberg as Agent Goldman | Annabeth Gish as Rebecca | Victor Webster as Unsub | Rebecca Staab as Lorraine | Valerie Cruz as Brooke Sanchez |
Co-Guest Stars: Bryce Robinson as JD | Suzanne Quast as Carla Marshall | John Idakitis as Frank McKelson | Anna Marie Wood as Dina McKelson | Mike Randleman as Stuart | Calvin Harrison as Agent Cal
Writer: Oanh Ly

106 :05x15 - Public Enemy

The BAU investigate a serial killer who seems to be targeting quite random victims in highly-visible places, only to intentionally create a sense of public fear.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Sprague Grayden as Meg Collins | Larry Clarke as Father Kendellen | Frank John Hughes as Detective Moreland | Nate Mooney as Connor O'Brien |
Co-Guest Stars: Brantley M. Dunaway as Officer Gardella | David Landry as Paul Collins | Debra Leigh as Parishioner | Curtis Fortier as Layperson #2 | Leah Allers as Reporter #1 | Rob Roy Cesar as Reporter #2 | Natalie Brooke Edwards as Tara Kelly | Shane Zeranski as Looky-Lou | Jennifer Cortese as Library Mother | Randon Davitt as Young Connor | Dan Mailley as Salesman | Anna Clark as Sophia Collins | Dwayne Standridge as Layperson #1 | Sean Patrick Murphy (1) as Officer Liddy | Timothy Brennen as Billy O'Brien | Ryan Bailey (2) as Clerk

107 :05x16 - Mosley Lane

The BAU profiles a child abductor who may have been keeping children for more than eight years.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Ann Cusack as Sarah Hillridge | Bud Cort as Roger | Beth Grant as Anita | Brooke Smith as Barbara Lynch | Toby Huss as Frank Lynch | Evan Peters as Charlie Hillridge | Cameron Protzman as Aimee Lynch |
Co-Guest Stars: Bunny Levine as Martha | David Youse as Mr. Shepherd | Debra Sullivan as Mrs. Shepherd | Richard Clarke Larsen as Mr. Hayden | Grace Savage as News Anchor | Austin Mincks as Stephen Shepherd | Mark St. Amant as Jake Hillridge | Katlin Mastandrea as Mae | Alton Clemente as Deputy

108 :05x17 - Solitary Man

A truck driver is kidnapping women and disposing of them in random locations and the BAU must find out his motive in order to catch him.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Morgan Lily as Jody Hatchett | Gabrielle Carteris as Nancy Campbell | Bradford Tatum as Truck Driver | Hugo Armstrong as Manager | Melissa Culverwell as Lynn Clemons | Kimberly Adair as Tanya Hill | Scarlett McAlister as Betty | Stuart G. Bennett as Sam | Ariana Savalas as Bobby Lainsford | Obba Babatundé as Sheriff Frank Sanders | Brynn Samms as Courtney Campbell
Director: Rob Hardy

109 :05x18 - The Fight

The BAU team travels to San Francisco to investigate the murders of several homeless men and teams up with a separate group of BAU operatives who are working another case they think is connected.

Source: CBS
Special Guest Stars: Forest Whitaker as Sam Cooper | Beau Garrett as Gina LaSalle | Matt Ryan as Mick Rawson | Michael Kelly (1) as Prophet |
Guest Stars: Jason Brooks (1) as Bell | Jason Wiles as Ben McBride | Alexa Nikolas as Jane McBride | Lesley Fera as Leslie McBride | Kelvin Han Yee as Detective Ekler | Scott Allan Campbell as Detective Ganz | Felix Solis as Nelson G | Howard S. Miller as Coroner | Eric B. Gerleman as Suspect

110 :05x19 - Rite of Passage

Illegal immigrants entering the country are being targeted by a serial killer, so the BAU is called in.
Guest Stars: Mike Doyle as Deputy Boyd | Marlene Forte as Sheriff Ruiz | Kurt Caceres as Omar | Alex Quijano as Deputy Gentry |
Co-Guest Stars: Joseph Lucero as Jose | Jaime Alvarez as Man | Lyn Mahler as M.E | Eduardo Ambriz DeColosio as Coyote #1 | Kristen Alaniz as Mother | Nathaniel Pena as Young Boy | Casey Nelson as Deputy Gannon | Justin Huen as Richard | Elena Campbell as Marion | Shannon McClung as Evidence Tech | Parvesh Cheena as Father

111 :05x20 - ...A Thousand Words

The BAU team must profile a serial killer covered in tattoos who commits suicide, but leaves clues to the whereabouts of his last victim

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dean Norris as Detective Barton | Jolene Andersen as Juliet | Holland Roden as Rebecca | Tina Lifford as Nora | John Thaddeus as Unsub/Man | J.F. Pryor as Tommy |
Co-Guest Stars: Greg Jennings as Tech Jennings | Kimberly Van Luin as Police Dispatcher One | Dana Lyn Baron as Police Dispatcher Two | Fred Cross as Trooper Pasternak | David Stranbra as Trooper Creighton | Jason M. Roberts as Deliveryman | Reginald Mayo as Paramedic

112 :05x21 - Exit Wounds

Garcia joins the BAU team's and goes to Alaska where several people have been murdered in a small town.
Guest Stars: Nicholas Brendon as Kevin Lynch | Mark L. Young as Owen Porter | Scarlett McAlister as Deputy Susan Flack | Wings Hauser as Sheriff Rhodes | David Carpenter as Doc Johnson | Dale Dickey as Carol | Eric Ladin as Joshua |
Co-Guest Stars: Kimberly Estrada as Brenda Bright | Robert Dolan as Keith Graves | Steven Montfort as Craig Ramey | Pat Caldwell (1) as Mrs Brown | Karen Strassman as Martha Porter | Natasha Sims as Kat Allen | Peter Colburn as Mr. Porter
Writer: Rick Dunkle

113 :05x22 - The Internet Is Forever

The BAU team are brought in to profile a serial killer who uses the internet and locates his victims on social networking sites.
Guest Stars: Katherine Conway as Dorris Archer | Reece Rios as Unsub | Ned Schmidtke as Austin Chapman | Karen Forest as Norma Renmar | Kathryn Michelle as Mary Ann | Tyler Jacob Moore as Brad | Peggy McClellan as Allison Kittredge | Justin Sintic as Texting Detective | Stefanie McCall as Reporter #2 | Jonathan Goldstein as Detective John Fordham | Matthew Rocheleau as Scott Weldon | Ian Vogt as David Caston | Deborah Puette as Louise Hightower | Sarah Lieving as Lucy Masters | Nate Donaldson as Faux Unsub | Graham Clarke (2) as Reporter
Director: Glenn Kershaw

114 :05x23 - Our Darkest Hour

A series of rolling blackouts in the city of Los Angeles lures a serial killer out of hiding, giving him renewed opportunities to continue his killing spree

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Tim Curry as Billy Flynn | Eric Close as Detective Matt Spicer | Robert Davi as Detective Eric Kurzbard | Linda Purl as Colleen Everson | Austin Highsmith as Kristin |
Co-Guest Stars: Kent Shocknek as Newsanchor Kent | Laura Diaz as Newsanchor Laura | Pat Harvey (1) as Newsanchor Pat | Paul Magers as Newsanchor Paul | Dar Dixon as Greg Everson | Tina Huang as Reporter | Maxim Knight as Carter | Caroline Kinsolving as Spicer's Mom | Isabella Murad as Ellie Spicer | Ricardo J. Chacon as Cordo | Emilee Annine as Annie | Mark Thompson (1) as DJ Mark | Brian Phelps as DJ Brian | Jeanine Harrington as Carter's Aunt
Writer: Erica Messer
Warning: Criminal Minds guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller
Status: Returning Series
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 22, 2005
Episode Order: 24
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