Season 1

1 :01x01 - Extreme Aggressor

When a fourth woman goes missing in Seattle during the course of four months, the team is brought in to profile her captor and find him before he strikes again. Gideon, who has taken a six month leave of absence since running lead on a case in Boston that ended in disaster, is asked back to help crack the case. While the team works to hunt down the serial killer, Hotch is asked to discreetly evaluate whether or not Gideon is really ready to return to full-time duty.
Guest Stars: Andrew Jackson (1) as Tim Vogel | Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia | Artine Brown as Detective Holmes | G. Michael Gray as Unsub | Lukas Haas as Clerk | Chelah Horsdal as Heather Woodland | Natalina Maggio as College Student | Meredith Monroe as Haley Hotchner | Alonso Oyarzun as FBI Student | DJ Qualls as Richard Slessman | Malcolm Stewart as Warden | Joanne Whalley as Karen Donovan | Louise Grant as Mrs. Slessman | David Lewis (1) as David Woodland
Songs: Nonpoint -- In The Air Tonight, Citizen Cope -- Penitentiary, Pixies -- Rock Music, Peter Lund -- The Light of Day

2 :01x02 - Compulsion

The team is dispatched to a college campus to investigate a series of arson fires that have killed several people. The unsub seems to have a compulsion regarding the number three.
Guest Stars: Sarah Jane Redmond as Gloria | Steve Bacic as Uniform #3 | Warren Takeuchi as Wayne | Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia | Kristen Caldwell as Chemistry Student | Evan Lee Dahl as Jeremy | Lukas Haas as Clerk | Jennifer Hall as Clara | Bob Jesser as Professor Wallace | Sage Mears as Chemistry Student | Rolando Millet as Campus Security Guard | Nathanial Moon as Agent Trainee | J. Karen Thomas as College Admin Tuner | Michael D. Cheng as Fire Inspector Zhang | Erika T. Johnson (1) as Agent Trainee | Christopher Mowod as Campus Patroller
Director: Charles Haid
Songs: Nine Inch Nails -- Every Day Is Exactly The Same

3 :01x03 - Won't Get Fooled Again

Gideon suspects that a serial bomber attacking a small town is actually a disciple of Adrian Bale, his greatest nemesis.

The Behavioral Analysis Unit is on the trail of a serial bomber who turns out to be a copycat of Adrian Bale, the bomber responsible for murdering Gideon's previous team of profilers in Boston several years prior. Gideon must confront his old nemesis face to face in order to get important information that could help them catch Bale's protégé.
Guest Stars: Sarah Jane Redmond as Gloria | Campbell Lane as Sidney Wisnuski | Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia | Jay Acovone as Detective Morrison | Joan M. Blair as Mrs. Walker | Aimee Brooks as Housewife | Scott Conte as Dan Tracy | Jeff De Serrano as Joe Reese | Joe Hart (1) as David Walker | Asante Jones as Officer Worthy | Tim Kelleher as Adrian Bale | P.J. Marino as Prison Guard | Lisa Pescia as Assistant Director FBI | Tripp Pickell as Bomb Tech | Maria Quiban as Rosalie Escobar | Tom Virtue as Gil Clurman | Emily Wagner as Jasmine Weiner | Aria Wallace as Emily | Caryn West as Mrs. Clurman | Aimee Bradley as Housewife | David Vincent (1) as ATF Agent | Idrajit Sarkar as Chicu Reddy
Director: Kevin Bray
Writer: Aaron Zelman
Songs: Jackson Browne -- Doctor My Eyes, Alabama 3 -- The Night We Nearly Got Busted

4 :01x04 - Plain Sight

The Behavioral Analysis Unit travels to San Diego to profile a rapist and murderer who commits his crimes in the middle of the day.

The suspect attacks in the light of day, yet blends so seamlessly into the neighborhoods he targets that local authorities have been unable to catch him. The BAU team creates a profile to aid in the investigation, than heads out into the field to catch the killer before he strikes again.
Guest Stars: Jim Poyner as Hope's Lawyer | Susan Bain as Julie | Warren Takeuchi as Wayne | Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia | Sunkrish Bala as Jordan | Keith Diamond as Detective Cornelius Martin | Patricia McCormack as Marcia Gordon | Ron Roggé as San Diego Cop | Kelley West as Shelly Hart | Kirk B.R. Woller as Franklin Graney | Daniel Zacapa as Captain Griffith | Brian Appel as Agent Anderson | McKerrin Kelly as Brenda Samms | Teri Ann Krefting as Video Aerobics Instructor | Albert Malafronte as Bill Gordon
Songs: Aretha Franklin -- Respect

5 :01x05 - Broken Mirror

When the daughter of a U.S. District Attorney is kidnapped, the suspect attempts to take her twin sister as well.

The Behavioral Analysis Unit quickly determines that the kidnapper isn't after money -- he's after the victim's twin sister. Now, they must determine how to save the original victim without putting her twin in danger, which becomes even more complicated when it becomes obvious that the kidnapper is somehow always a step ahead of them.
Guest Stars: Yeni Alvarez as Aide | Jeremy Brandt as Aide | Elisabeth Harnois as Trish Davenport & Cheryl Davenport | David Lee (2) as FBI Agent | Sonya Leslie as BAU Female Agent | Matt Letscher as Vincent Shyer | Meredith Monroe as Haley Hotchner | Matt Newton as Jordan | Robin Thomas as Evan Davenport
Director: Guy Norman Bee

6 :01x06 - L.D.S.K.

The Behavioral Analysis Unit is called in to identify a killer who is shooting at victims in broad daylight.

As the attacks begin to escalate, Hotchner and his team work with local law enforcement to recreate one of the shootings in an effort to stop the violence before it escalates any further. However, a shocking turn of events leads the team to change their profile entirely with surprising results.
Guest Stars: Warren Takeuchi as Wayne | Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia | Anthony John Denison as Weigart | Nike Doukas as Cheryl Marston | Marcus Giamatti as Dr. Barry Landman | Tim Halligan as Dr. Erstadt | Thomas Lumberg, Jr. as Scott McCarty/SWAT #2 | Matt McColm as SWAT #1 | Carmen Mormino as Jerry Middleton | Paula Newsome as Detective Shea Clavin | Timothy Omundson as Phillip Dowd | Kent Shocknek as Reporter John Jenkins | Diana Yanez as Head Nurse | Courtney Baxter as Screaming Little Girl | Stephen Bracken as SWAT #3 | Cullen Kirkland as Adam Middleton | Sam Moyer as Young Man | Agatha Nowicki as Young Woman
Songs: James Blunt -- Tears And Rain

7 :01x07 - The Fox

The team attempts to catch a killer who preys on families while they are supposed to be away on vacation.
Guest Stars: Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia | Sharrise Baker as Fay Arnold | Abraham Benrubi as Frank Fielding | Leith M. Burke as Michael Kapp | Dameon Clarke as Chris Crawford | Warren Davis as Harry Dunken | Allison Dunbar as Allison Crawford | Bonita Friedericy as Dr. Rachel Howard | Chaise Goris as Sarah Arnold | Chanet Johnson as Barbara Raleigh | Neal Jones as Karl Arnold | Jacqueline Mazarella as Robin Dunken | Meredith Monroe as Haley Hotchner | Roberto Sanchez as SWAT Leader | Colton Shires as Sam Crawford | Tony Todd as Eric Miller | Jon Barton as Military Technical Tactical Advisor | Dana Emberson as Unsub | Zackary M. Fisher as Karl Arnold Jr. | Emma Polhemus as Emily Crawford | Alexandra Wyshak as Jackie Dunken
Director: Guy Norman Bee
Writer: Simon Mirren

8 :01x08 - Natural Born Killer

When an undercover cop is taken captive, the Behavioral Analysis Unit believes a serial killer is responsible.
Guest Stars: Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia | Larkin Campbell as Detective | Deborah Geffner as Neighbour | Patrick Kilpatrick as Vincent Perotta | Val Lauren as Freddy Candore | Robert Machray as Ray | Gonzalo Menendez as Josh Cramer | Francesco Quinn as Michael Russo | Joseph Sikora as Jimmy Baker
Director: Peter Ellis (1)

9 :01x09 - Derailed

Hotchner and Gideon must move quickly to save Elle and the other passengers taken hostage on a train by a delusional fellow passenger who threatens to kill them all.

When a paranoid schizophrenic passenger has a delusional episode on board a train, Hotchner and Gideon must play into his fantasy in order to save the people he has taken hostage. To that end, they send in Dr. Reid who tries to convince the man that he agrees with his skewed view of the world in order to get Elle and the other passengers safely off the train.
Guest Stars: Chris Bauer as Theodore Bryar | Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia | Susan Gibney as Linda Deaton | M.C. Gainey as Moretti | Jeff Kober as Leo | Anil Raman as Josh Patel | Alice Rietveld as Elaine Curtis | Kevin Cristaldi as Harry Anderson
Songs: Gillian Welch -- Wrecking Ball

10 :01x10 - The Popular Kids

Hotchner and his team investigate whether or not two high school students murdered in a small town may have been victims of a cult killing.

Based on the crime scene evidence, the FBI profilers begin to believe that it's possible that someone other than a cult member may be responsible for the teenagers' deaths. The whole town turns out to help with the investigation, not knowing that the profilers suspect the killer may be one of their own.
Guest Stars: Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia | Will Rothhaar as Cory Bridges | Michael McGrady as Sheriff Tom Bridges | Aaron Paul as Mike Zizzo | Shanna Collins as Brandy | Chris Butler as Deputy Harris |
Co-Guest Stars: Clay Wilcox as Henry Dent | Ellen Woglom as Cherish Hanson | Rae Ritke as Veronica Hanson
Director: Andy Wolk
Songs: Drowning Pool -- Hate, Agents Of The Sun -- Make Slow, Peter Gabriel -- Make Tomorrow

11 :01x11 - Blood Hungry

Hotchner and his team attempt to get inside the mind of a psychotic killer whose fantasies lead him to murder.

The murders are disorganized and erratic, making it hard for the team to put together a pattern of intent. However, when Gideon uncovers similar evidence at more than one of the crime scenes, it gives the profilers the key element they need to help them understand the psyche of the killer.
Guest Stars: Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia | Lindsay Crouse as Mary Mays | Mark Rolston as Sheriff Hall | Kris Lemche as Eddie Mays | Penelope Windust as Lynette Giles
Director: Charles Haid
Writer: Ed Napier
Songs: Judith Owen -- My Father's Voice

12 :01x12 - What Fresh Hell?

When a young girl is abducted in broad daylight from a neighborhood playground, the FBI profilers initially think that her father is responsible for her disappearance. However, when the girl's dad turns up later with a credible alibi, the team must turn their attention to the seemingly safe neighborhood in which the child lives to find clues as to who might be responsible for her kidnapping.
Guest Stars: Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia | Tracey Needham as Marilyn Copeland | Ned Vaughn as Donald Curtis | Judith Scott as Det. Charlotte Russet | Dwier Brown as William Copeland |
Co-Guest Stars: Katie Cecil (1) as Belinda 'Billie' Copeland | Kathleen Mary Carthy as Helen Godfrey | James C. Burns as Uniformed Cop #1 | Brooke DeBetties as Connie Sutter | Kevin Breznahan as Martin Jones | Len Cordova as Hal Greene | Skyler Gisondo as Boy #1 | Time Winters as Kirk Lomax | Eric Christie as Sergeant
Director: Adam Davidson
Songs: Deadman -- When The Music's Not Forgotten

13 :01x13 - Poison

Gideon, Hotchner and their team attempt to catch a suspect who has poisoned multiple residents of a small town.

After determining that the suspect used LSD and "ruphies" to poison the town residents, the team must next identify what type of poisoner they are dealing with, such as vengeful or prankster, in order to ascertain his motive.

As they piece together a profile, they become certain that the poisoner intends to strike again and set out to stop him before he can claim any more victims.
Guest Stars: Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia | Peter MacKenzie as Jack Fisher | Nestor Serrano as Detective Hanover | Nick Jameson as Edward Hill |
Co-Guest Stars: Braeden Le Masters as Eric Fisher | David Miller (1) as Trooper P. | Jayne Taini as Nell Trucco | Matt Baker (2) as Danny Wallace | Annie Quinn as Samantha DiForio | Suzanne Whang as Reporter | James Howell as Desk Sergeant | Bill Doyle as Uniform Cop | Sonia Jackson as Head Nurse | Fred Ochs as Doctor | Amy Wieczorek as Office Manager | Stace McQueen as Mrs. Hill | James Bartz as Brian Devons | Lynn O'Dell as Lynn Dempsey
Writer: Aaron Zelman
Songs: Kasabian -- Club Foot, Deadman -- When The Music's Not Forgotten, Wilco -- Wishful Thinking

14 :01x14 - Riding The Lightning

The FBI profilers interview husband and wife serial killers two days before they are set to be executed.

As the interviews progress, Gideon begins to suspect that the wife may be innocent of the crimes committed. Racing against the clock, the team sets out to prove she was one of her husband's victims, rather than his partner in crime, before it is too late.
Guest Stars: Constance Towers as Mrs. Mason | Roger Aaron Brown as Warden Charles Diehl | Jeanetta Arnette as Sarah Jean Dawes | Michael Massee as Jacob Dawes | Michael B. Silver as Sam Shapiro | David A. Kimball as Frank Sheffield |
Co-Guest Stars: Cher Calvin as Lara Sedgwick | Ren Casey as Riley | Rachel Nicole Hamilton (1) as Sobbing Girl | Cynthia Lamontagne as Becky The Reporter
Director: Chris Long
Writer: Simon Mirren

15 :01x15 - Unfinished Business

Gideon, Hotchner and their team reopen the unsolved case of a serial killer who has attacked someone for the first time in 20 years.

The serial killer resurfaces after 20 years of silence and contacts the Behavioral Analysis Unit with the promise that he will kill another victim in the next five days. As the team springs into action, Gideon enlists the help of a former colleague who worked the case when it was fresh to help find the killer.
Guest Stars: Geoff Pierson as Max Ryan | Marc Gomes as Detective Charles Santangelo | Christopher Grove as Scott Harbin | Aaron Lustig as Walter Kern |
Co-Guest Stars: Craig Tsuyumine as Audience Member | Francisco Viana as Security Guard | Rich Skidmore as Newscaster | Del Hunter-White as Neighbor #1 | Mel Fair as Male Reporter | Marsha Clark as Neighbor #2 | Robert Manning, Jr. as SWAT Leader | Shauntay Hinton as Female Reporter | Bryan McMahon (2) as Philip Bromwell | Laura Gardner as Sylvia Gooden | Jeanie Hackett as Anne Kern | Sue Goodman as Tortured Woman
Director: J. Miller Tobin
Songs: Deadman -- When The Music's Not Forgotten

16 :01x16 - The Tribe

The BAU team investigates the mass murder of five college students killed in a method similar to that used by a local Native American tribe in times of war long ago.

Gideon, Hotchner and their team believe that a pack of killers who are part of a dangerous cult may be responsible for the student deaths. They interview the residents of a nearby Indian reservation, as well as citizens of the surrounding community, in an attempt to track down the killers. Meanwhile, Hotchner's handsome younger brother pays him a surprise visit at the Behavioral Analysis Unit headquarters.
Guest Stars: Skyler Shaye as Ingrid Griesen | Chris Ellis (1) as Sheriff Rhodes | Gregory Norman Cruz as John Blackwolf | Robert Curtis Brown as Peter Griesen | Chad Allen as Jackson Cally | Eric Johnson as Sean Hotchner |
Co-Guest Stars: Josh Duhon as Rammy | Sonya Stephens as Jane Bear | Michael Canavan as Roy Minton | Geoff Meed as Eugene Leland/Unsub #1 | Sky Soleil as Kyle Van Owen/Unsub #2 | Aaron MacPherson as Deputy #1 | Dagger Salazar as Samuel
Songs: Iron Butterfly -- In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, Coldplay -- The Scientist

17 :01x17 - A Real Rain

Gideon, Hotchner and their team investigate a series of killings that appear to be the work of a vigilante.

At first, the murders taking place in Manhattan seem random, but then the NYPD begins to fear that the serial killer is copying the infamous "Son of Sam." When the Behavioral Analysis Unit is brought in to help with the case, they discover a link between the victims that leads them to a vigilante taking revenge on criminals let go by the justice system.
Guest Stars: Ethan Phillips as Doyle | Tonya Pinkins as Detective Nora Bennett | Dennis Boutsikaris as Lance Wagner | David Aaron Baker as Will Sykes |
Co-Guest Stars: Loren Lazerine as Walter Derbin | Munda Razooki as Officer Clark | Sarah Scott Davis as Uniformed Cop | Irene Roseen as Parishioner | Pauline Yasuda as Young Asian Woman | Nate Reese as Older Black Man | Pat Connolly (1) as Marshall | Sheilynn Wactor as Ted Elmore | Glen Walker as Reporter | Donnell Turner as Man on the Street #1 | Natalie Graziano as Woman on the Street #2 | Wahn Lee as Woman on the Street #3 | Elizabeth Tatus as Woman on the Street #4 | Joe Jagatic as Man on the Street #5 | Joel Heyman as Man on the Street #6 | Mike Muscat as Man on the Street #7 | Glenn Wilder as Second Man
Director: Gloria Muzio
Writer: Chris Mundy
Songs: Jeff Buckley -- Hallelujah, Deadman -- When The Music's Not Forgotten

18 :01x18 - Somebody's Watching

Dr. Reid falls for a Hollywood starlet at the center of a murder investigation. When people surrounding the successful television actress start dying, Gideon and Dr. Reid call in the rest of the Behavioral Analysis Unit to assist with the case. As the team tracks down a stalker turned serial killer, Dr. Reid finds himself in danger as he grows closer to the actress in jeopardy.
Guest Stars: Amber Heard as Lila Archer | Ian Anthony Dale as Detective Owen Kim | Peter Jacobson as Michael Ryer | Katheryn Winnick as Maggie Lowe | Jason Olive as Parker Dunley | Melanie Mayron as Becka Doyle | Jackie Geary as Pinky Robertson |
Co-Guest Stars: Alejandro Furth as Joseph Martinez | Kate Luyben as Natalie Ryan | Andrew St. John as Jeremy Collins | Harry Yi as Detective
Director: Paul Shapiro
Writer: Ed Napier

19 :01x19 - Machismo

Gideon, Hotchner and their team head to Mexico to aid in the investigation of a serial killer who preys on the elderly.

The Behavioral Analysis team initially faces resistance from local law enforcement officials, whose investigative techniques differ greatly from those used by the team in domestic cases. However, when another person is murdered, the two factions join forces in order to track down the killer before he strikes again. Meanwhile, Hotchner is torn between life at home with his wife and newborn child and his responsibilities at work.
Guest Stars: Meredith Monroe as Haley Hotchner | Carlos Gomez as Captain Navarro | Darlena Tejeiro as Rosa Trejo | Carlos Sanz as Deputy Borquez |
Co-Guest Stars: Molly Baker as Jessica Brooks | Julia Vera as Lupa Trejo | George Perez as Miguel Trejo | Juan Carlos Cantu as Diego Trejo | Andres Saenz-Hudson as Roberto Gonzalez | Alejandro Patino as Pablo Vargas | Norma Maldonado as Maria Sanchez | Margarita Reyes as Anna Santiago | Presciliana Esparolini as Milagros Villanueva | Yvette Cruise as Consuela Ramirez | Margarita Cordova as Nina Villanueva
Director: Guy Norman Bee
Writer: Aaron Zelman

20 :01x20 - Charm and Harm

Gideon, Hotchner and their team race to catch a serial killer on the run across the South. The serial killer changes his appearance like a chameleon in order to elude authorities and continue his killing spree. It is up to the Behavioral Analysis Unit to look beyond his multiple appearances and profile the man underneath in order to locate him before he takes his next victim.
Guest Stars: Andy Comeau as Mark Gregory | Mark Totty as Special Agent Raymond McCarthy | Robert Pine as Doug Gregory |
Co-Guest Stars: DaJuan Johnson as Room Service | Michael W. Catlin (1) as Hank Bloomberg | Trary Maddalone as Jenna Alban | Eltony Williams as Agent #1 | Alicia Ziegler as Allyson Glennon | Brian Groh as Motel Clerk | Joey Honsa as Kelly Dalton | Sathya Jesudasson as Motel Manager
Songs: Billy Larkin -- Blue Light Lady, Jackson Browne -- Doctor My Eyes, Major Lance -- It Ain't No Use

21 :01x21 - Secrets and Lies

The CIA takes over the FBI field office when Gideon and the team are called in to profile a CIA mole. The mole is leaking classified information from within the CIA, putting the lives of several operatives at risk. During the team's investigation, the CIA takes over the Behavioral Analysis Unit offices and computers in order to prevent any further security leaks. Working under these extreme circumstances, Gideon, Hotchner and the rest of the team must work swiftly to expose the mole before more lives are put in danger.
Guest Stars: Andrea Gabriel as Aaliyah Nadir | Jack Conley as John Summers | Ray Baker as Bruno Hawks | Lisa Vidal as Gina Sanchez | David Bowe as Kruger Spence | Navid Negahban as Hassan Nadir | Devika Parikh as Olivia Hopkins |
Co-Guest Stars: Daylon Reese as Faris Nadir | Hannah Marks as Dalia Nadir | Michael-John Wolfe as Security Guard | Brett Arthur as Agent #1
Writer: Simon Mirren

22 :01x22 - The Fisher King (1)

After each receiving mysterious items while on their respective vacations, Gideon, Hotchner and the rest of the team reconvene at the BAU offices in order to put all of the interlocking clues and messages together in the hopes of solving the case.
Guest Stars: Meredith Monroe as Haley Hotchner | Charles Haid as Unsub | Jane Lynch as Diana Reid | Challen Cates as Dr. Jesson | Diane Venora as Doris | Treva Etienne as Detective St. Pierre | Judith Moreland as Detective Lindo |
Co-Guest Stars: Amanda Bernero as Rebecca Bryant | Aaron D. Spears as Gerald Dupree | Gilles G. Marini as Curt | David Rowe as Jamaican Cop | Alexander Chance as Delivery Man | Dean Lemont as Agent Green | Rachel Grow as Nurse | Gina Garcia Sharp as Agent Sharp | Brian Appel as Agent Anderson
Songs: Billie Holiday -- You Go To My Head

Season 2

23 :02x01 - The Fisher King (2)

Instead of focusing on the personal aspects of the case, Gideon tells the team to profile the killer as they would in any other investigation. While the team splits up to hunt down the killer, Dr. Reid stays behind to work on the clues -- and uncovers a personal connection that cannot be ignored and could crack the case wide open. Meanwhile, one of the team fights for their life.
Guest Stars: Jane Lynch as Diana Reid | Anne Marie Howard as Celia Bryant | Josh Clark as Detective Casey |
Co-Guest Stars: Adrian N. Roberts as Pilot | Martha Boles as Agent Josephs | Gracie Kathryn Murdoch as Young Elle | Charley Rossman as Randall Garner | Amanda Bernero as Rebecca Bryant | Brian Appel as Agent Anderson | Andrew Elvis Miller as Paramedic #1 | Sabrina Gennarino as Paramedic #2 | Joey Naber as Barry | Jeff Marchelletta as Robert Greenaway | Elizabeth Liang as Dr. Van Dyke | Rachel Grow as Nurse | Steve Heller as Surgeon
Director: Gloria Muzio
Songs: Lifehouse -- Light Up, Five For Fighting -- The Riddle

24 :02x02 - P911

An ex-profiler, who now heads up the FBI's "Innocent Images" unit, an undercover operation dealing with child pornography, enlists the team to help identify and save the young boy who is being held prisoner and sold to the highest bidder by a child pornographer. With time running out, the team races to save the child's life.
Guest Stars: Mary Page Keller as Agent Katherine 'Katie' Cole | Jodi Lyn O'Keefe as Agent Amanda Gilroy | Daryl Sabara as Kevin | John Rubinstein as Hayden Rawlings |
Co-Guest Stars: Laura Leyva as Gracie Hendricks | Tisha Terrasini Banker as Jackie Powers | Michael Len as Peter | Elizabeth Hendrickson as Amy Cole | Jonathan Runyon as Dan Ash | Dig Wayne as Reverend Jackson Harris | David Pevsner as Michael
Director: Adam Davidson
Writer: Simon Mirren

25 :02x03 - The Perfect Storm

The suspects send out DVDs of their actions after each incident, escalating the crimes to include psychological attacks on the victim's families. The FBI profilers determine that they are looking for two individuals working as a team but are surprised who is ultimately responsible for the murders.
Guest Stars: Katie Mitchell as Mary Clemensen | John Verea as Detective Portillo | Michelle Pierce as Tiffany Spears | Frank Ashmore as Henry Davin | David Parker (2) as Mike Kroger | Nicki Aycox as Amber | Brad Rowe as Tony Canardo |
Co-Guest Stars: Shannon Jarrell as Victim #4 | Rich Hickman as Disgruntled Man | Millie Huckabee as Laura Clemensen | Paul Norwood as Frank Clemensen | Paul McCarthy-Boyington as Joey Davin | Nick Hoffa as Uniform Cop | Matt Sigloch as Swat Leader | Stephen Alvarez as TV Newscaster

26 :02x04 - Psychodrama

The profilers are brought onto the case when it becomes clear that the perpetrator's behavior is escalating from simple crimes for profit to abusing his captives. The team believes his motives are not based on money and must identify what is causing his behavior to become more violent in order to catch the culprit.
Guest Stars: Jason Wiles as Dale Sheppard | David Fabrizio as Agent Wallace | Marco Sanchez as Detective Murad | Gary Wolf as Roland Lynch | Michael Chieffo as Bill Henderson | Meredith Monroe as Haley Hotchner |
Co-Guest Stars: Austin David Young as Darren Henderson | Chris Warner as Security Guard Jiminez | Connie Cooper as Karen Sheppard | Asher Axe as Jeffrey | Jean St. James as Claire Henderson | Brian Hatton as F.B.I. Professor | Terrell Clayton (1) as Parole Officer | Jennifer Lynne Wetzel as Scared Woman | Tyson Chambers as Andrew
Director: Guy Norman Bee
Writer: Aaron Zelman
Songs: Hilary and Hailey Duff -- Our Lips Are Sealed

27 :02x05 - Aftermath

The team is asked to assist with the case when the rapist resumes his crime spree, this time focusing his attention on a different demographic of women. During the investigation, Elle makes a critical decision that could let the rapist go free and, ultimately, impact her career with the Behavioral Analysis Unit.
Guest Stars: Dahlia Salem as Detective Maggie Callahan | Jason London as William Lee | Mandy June Turpin as Alicia Jordan | Robert Clotworthy as Don Norvell | Lisa Long as Beth Norvell | Bruce Gray (1) as Dr. Wagner |
Co-Guest Stars: Jennifer Ann Evans as Lisa Blake | Stephon Fuller as Tech | Tuffet Schmelzle as Cheryl Cosgrove | Jonathan Klein (1) as Craig Dyson | Derek Webster as Lawyer | Edward Diaz as CSU Tech
Director: Tim Matheson
Writer: Chris Mundy

28 :02x06 - The Boogeyman

The profilers interrogate the members of a small town in mourning after a second murdered child is discovered in as many weeks. Meanwhile, Elle has trouble recovering and readjusting to the challenges of her job after being attacked in her own home.
Guest Stars: Robert Knott as Chief Jones | Sean Bridgers as James Charles | Cameron Monaghan as Jeffrey Charles | Geoffrey Lewis as Coroner | Elle Fanning as Tracy Belle |
Co-Guest Stars: Jessenia Quiroz as Emma | Martha Boles as Agent Josephs | Bobby Preston as Henry | Noah Matthews as Matthew | Stacy Reed as Elaine | Alina Phelan as Janine | Preston Bailey as Eric | Chris Conrad as Deputy Mack | Logan Hudson as Nicholas Faye | Skyler Hudson as Nicholas Gaye | Ciro Suarez as Deputy Hall | Jarrod Bailey as Simon
Director: Steve Boyum
Writer: Andi Bushell

29 :02x07 - North Mammon

When three college athletes disappear the night of a football pep rally, the BAU look to outsiders who didn't attend the rally for clues to the girls' abduction. J.J., originally from a small town, is instrumental in forming the profile and moving the case forward.
Guest Stars: Mimi Michaels as Brooke Chambers | Kelly Kruger as Kelly Seymour | Kayla Mae Maloney as Polly Homefeldt | Lisa Waltz as Judy Homefeldt | Jason Beghe as Chief Yates | Jamie McShane as Peter Chambers |
Co-Guest Stars: Mark Henderson as Coach Bunting | Tom Schmid as Marcus Younger | Dean Cudworth as Sgt. Tom Sikes | David Grant Wright as Gill Seymour | Lisa Clifton as Elaine Seymour | Todd Jeffries as Coach Don Haas | Andrew Rothenberg as Manager

30 :02x08 - Empty Planet

The Behavioral Analysis Unit must help identify and catch a serial bomber terrorizing the city of Seattle. Through their investigation, the BAU meets Professor Kent, the author of a science fiction novel that denounces technology and has become a type of guidebook for the bomber. With her help, the team attempts to figure out why these sites are chosen as targets before anyone else is seriously injured.

Source: CBS
Special Guest Stars: JoBeth Williams as Professor Ursula Kent |
Guest Stars: Jamie Elman as Kenneth Roberts | Gary Werntz as Dr. Emory Cooke | Cheryl Francis Harrington as Dr. Betsy Brazier |
Co-Guest Stars: Bunny Levine as Sylvia | Tom Choi as Special Agent Nick Casey | Gabby Sanalitro as Martha | Daniel Leary as Drew | Jennifer Jalene as Cassandra Atkins
Director: Elodie Keene
Writer: Ed Napier

31 :02x09 - The Last Word

Paget Brewster joins the cast as Emily Prentiss, a new agent assigned to the Behavioral Analysis Unit. To her surprise, she has to immediately fight suspicions of nepotism (her parents are high-powered diplomats) as she was placed in the BAU without Hotch or Gideon being notifed.

Meanwhile, the team is dispatched to Saint Louis to track down two serial killers operating concurrently but independently. The killers' M.O. and victims are vastly different from one another, yet the team discovers a surprising connection.
Guest Stars: Jason O'Mara as Mill Creek Killer | Maury Sterling as Jim Meyers | Christopher B. Duncan as Agent James Sheridan | David Barry Gray as Tom Carroll |
Co-Guest Stars: Victoria Kelleher as Ellen Carroll | Rochelle Greenwood as Marci Mitchell | Scott Michael Morgan as Hollow Man | Deborah Van Valkenburgh as Betty | Robert C. Koch as ND Agent | Jeff Grays as Sheriff's Deputy | Inger Tudor as Female Reporter | Bethany Geaber as Hysterical Woman | Cory Tyler as Security Guard | Landall Goolsby as Male Reporter #2 | Chip Hormess (1) as Jason Mitchell | Natalie Salins as Cara Becker | Kate Rene Gleason as Female FBI Agent | Trevor Olsen as Male Reporter | Jonathan Kehoe as Angry Man | Karina Bennett (1) as Female Reporter #2
Director: Gloria Muzio

32 :02x10 - Lessons Learned

Gideon, Dr. Reid and new team member Emily Prentiss travel to Guantanamo Bay to interrogate the leader of the terrorist sleeper cell being held prisoner who holds valuable information that could help prevent a major national disaster. Prentiss, who speaks fluent Arabic, uses this opportunity to prove herself worthy of joining the team. While Gideon interrogates the terrorist, Reid analyzes the prisoner's body language in order to determine whether or not he is speaking the truth. While they attempt to gain information from the terrorist leader, the rest of the team works the case stateside.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Meredith Monroe as Haley Hotchner | Lauren Stamile as Agent Bonnie Ryan | Anthony Azizi as Jind Allah | Kevin Chapman as Agent Bingaman |
Co-Guest Stars: Roger Ranney as Agent Ken Norwood | Wiley Pickett as CIA #1 | Michael Edward Rose as CIA #2
Director: Guy Norman Bee
Writer: Jim Clemente

33 :02x11 - Sex, Birth, Death

A troubled young man who fears that he may be a serial killer in the making describes his fantasies about killing prostitutes to Reid. When several hookers turn up dead in the Washington D.C. area, the young man becomes the prime suspect in their murders.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Mel Harris as Congresswoman Steyer | Jessica Tuck as Dr. Sarah Harris | Anton Yelchin as Nathan Harris |
Co-Guest Stars: Burnadean Jones as Mae | Marco Antonio Martinez as Medic | Annie LaRussa as Linda Weems | Thomas Crawford as Ronald Weems | Ben Hermes as Uniform Cop | Trishelle Cannatella as Jane | Ronald Hunter as Detective Barnes | Marvin Shapiro as Lawyer | Greg Baglia as Police Officer | Emily Brooke Hands as Rhonda | Susie Kantar as Crystal | Katy Magnuson as Holly | Janie Haddad as Whistle Blowing Prostitute
Writer: Chris Mundy
Songs: Pixies -- Where Is My Mind?

34 :02x12 - Profiler, Profiled

When Morgan goes home to see his family in Chicago, he's arrested as a serial killer by a detective who used a profile that Gideon had sent to him after reviewing the case. The team flies to Chicago to find the real murderer and exonerate Morgan.
Guest Stars: Jascha Washington as James | Julius Tennon as Carl Buford | Skipp Sudduth as Detective Grodinksi | James MacDonald (1) as Detective Dennison | Kerrie Keane as Fran | Erica Gimpel as Sarah Morgan | Keith Tisdell as Rodney Harris |
Co-Guest Stars: Myzel Robinson as Damien | Benita Krista Nall as Desiree Morgan | Jordan Aaron Carroll as Young Morgan
Director: Glenn Kershaw

35 :02x13 - No Way Out (1)

When the BAU locates the alleged serial killer in a remote desert diner, the local authorities are eager to take action, but Gideon insists that they wait when it becomes evident that the murderer is keeping another secret from them. As Gideon and Morgan attempt to ply information out of the suspect, the rest of the BAU team studies the killer's tracks to try and uncover what keeps him coming back to the same isolated town year after year.

Source: CBS
Special Guest Stars: Keith Carradine as Frank |
Guest Stars: Amy Madigan as Jane | Rusty Schwimmer as Lila May | Otto Sanchez as Deputy Rick Siglock | Melissa Leo as Sheriff Georgia Davis | James Horan as Mark Davis |
Co-Guest Stars: J.K. Palmer as Deputy Ned
Writer: Simon Mirren
Songs: Etta James -- At Last

36 :02x14 - The Big Game

Hotchner and the BAU team fear they are facing a mission-based serial killer, or multiple killers, when a 911 phone call quoting bible passages from Revelations is placed by someone in the house just seconds before the murders occur. As the team begins their profile, Garcia discovers that the tech-savvy unsub (unknown subject) sent out a video of the murders over the Internet just hours after they were committed, which is viewed by millions of users. Meanwhile, Hotchner, Morgan and Prentiss must determine how many people are actually responsible for the murders since different voices can be heard on the 911 recording and on the video.

Source: CBS
Special Guest Stars: James Van Der Beek as Tobias Hankel |
Guest Stars: Bill Smitrovich as Detective Farraday | Meredith Monroe as Haley Hotchner | Todd Grinnell as Dennis Kyle | Jaime Ray Newman as Lacy Kyle | Samantha Smith as Helen | Cullen Douglas as Dr. Wilson | Wolf Muser as Samuel |
Co-Guest Stars: Keisha Alfred as Gayle | Karl T. Wright as Ken | Dean Lemont as Agent Green | Brian Appel as Agent Anderson | Don Swayze as Charles Hankel | McKinley Freeman as Agent Franks | K’Sun Ray as Young Tobias | Phinneas Kiyomura as Dart Player | Gina Garcia Sharp as Agent Sharp | Tyler Olson as Handyman |
Uncredited: Jim Nantz as Himself | Phil Simms as Himself
Director: Gloria Muzio
Songs: Rick Ross -- Push It

37 :02x15 - Revelations

The BAU team's hunt for a serial killer becomes personal when they discover that the unsub has kidnapped Reid and is streaming a live feed of him being beaten and tortured.
Special Guest Stars: James Van Der Beek as Tobias Hankel |
Guest Stars: Jane Lynch as Diana Reid | Bill Smitrovich as Detective Farraday | Taylor Nichols as William Reid | Muse Watson as Mickey Bates |
Co-Guest Stars: Don Swayze as Charles Hankel | Frank Crim as Sheriff Watson | Jeff Clarke as Mike | K’Sun Ray as Young Tobias | Malcolm Foster Smith as Hospital Worker | Remy Thomas as Young Reid | Cecelia Specht as Pam
Director: Guy Norman Bee
Writer: Chris Mundy
Songs: The Rolling Stones -- Sympathy for the Devil (The Neptunes Remix)

38 :02x16 - Fear and Loathing

With community leaders in an affluent, predominately white New York suburb fearing the worst, Gideon and the rest of the BAU team arrive to investigate the murders of young African American teenagers who are found beaten and strangled. With little to go on and evidence that continually leads to dead ends, the team must work quickly to determine if the crimes are the result of a racially-charged serial killer before the potential fall-out from the crimes leads to even bigger problems.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Michael A. Shepperd as Mr. Davis | David Ramsey as Wakeland | Billy Aaron Brown as Detective Ware | Yaani King as Tania | Camille Winbush as Ally | Denice J. Sealy as Mrs. Davis |
Co-Guest Stars: Ken Meseroll as Mayor Hughes | Byrne Offutt as Jeff | David Guzzone as Beat Cop | Sofie Calderon as Stacy | Tony Winters as Reverend Williams | Jaquita Ta'le as Gail | Tiffany Hines as Naomi | Bianca Bethune as Sandra | Walter Driver as Ken | Emma Turpen as Bree | Shaun O'Hagan as Officer Cale | Welton Thomas as Cop #1
Director: Rob Spera
Writer: Aaron Zelman

39 :02x17 - Distress

The BAU team travels to Houston to investigate a series of seemingly random murders at construction sites. At first, Hotch, Gideon and the team believe they are dealing with a homeless vagrant who is terrorizing a Houston neighborhood slated for revitalization. But after viewing satellite photos of the crime scenes, the BAU team realizes that the UnSub left an SOS distress signal at one of the murder locations and they begin looking for a man with a military background. Meanwhile, the team notices a distinct change in Reid's demeanor.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Holt McCallany as Roy | Kent Faulcon as Detective Fuller | Joanna Going as Dana | Nick Chinlund as Max |
Co-Guest Stars: Jeffrey Lorenzo as Kelvin | Jennifer Willison as Angie | Juan Ramirez as Edward | Jimmy Kieffer as Security Guard | Jeff L. Williams as Uniform Officer | Sandi Mcgree as Jolene | Bridget Shergalis as Mary | Dre Taylor as Mogadishu Boy
Director: John Showalter
Writer: Oanh Ly
Songs: John Mellencamp -- Ghost Towns Along the Highway, The Pimps -- Sumpin'

40 :02x18 - Jones

The BAU team travels to New Orleans to track a serial killer who is again killing men throughout the city after a 15 month break. New Orleans officials believed that the serial killer that haunted the streets of the city was killed in Hurricane Katrina since the murders ended. With all of the case files and evidence missing in the hurricane's aftermath, Hotch, Gideon and the team have only one clue to go on -- a single word, "Jones," written on the wall of the lead detective's office just moments before he died in the flood waters. Meanwhile, Reid struggles with the aftermath of being taken hostage and meets up with an old rival.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Josh Stewart as Detective William LaMontagne, Jr. | Simone Kessell as Sarah Danlin | Rhys Coiro as Ethan | Randy Thompson as J.R. 'Smitty' Smith | Edward Edwards as Detective William LaMontagne, Sr. | Jeff Doucette as Coroner
Director: Steve Shill
Writer: Andi Bushell

41 :02x19 - Ashes and Dust

Hotch, Gideon and the BAU team link the arson victims together through corporate development firms accused of building on contaminated land and track their wanted arsonist through a radical environmental group that uses fire to spread their message.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jordan Garrett as Paul | Sean O'Bryan as Vincent Stiles | Anthony Ruivivar as Lieutenant Ricardo Vega | Tom Schanley as Evan Abby | Stacy Edwards as Charlotte Cutler |
Co-Guest Stars: John Nielsen as Dennis Cutler | Karen Lew as Doctor | Mercedes Colon as Detective Leah Castro | Reed Rudy as Tom Dunleivy | Christina Carlisi as Allison Abby | Virginia Morris as Aunt Stiles | Adrian Johnson as Reporter | Angelo Custino as Liam Abby | Sean Peavy as Brad | Nicole Smolen as Katie
Songs: Enya -- Boadicea, Damien Rice -- Grey Room

42 :02x20 - Honor Among Thieves

Agent Prentiss' mother, a foreign ambassador, enlists the help of the BAU team when a Russian immigrant is kidnapped and held for ransom. While searching for the kidnapped man, whose captors are sending the victim's body parts to the family, the BAU team uncovers ties to the Russian mob who live by a strict code of conduct.

Source: CBS
Special Guest Stars: Kate Jackson as Ambassador Elizabeth Prentiss |
Guest Stars: Elya Baskin as Lysowsky | Gonzalo Menendez as Josh Cramer | Olga Sosnovska as Natalya Chernus |
Co-Guest Stars: Gregory Wagrowski as Sergei | Dimitri Diatchenko as Lyov | Zoran Radanovich as Fyodor | Brian Appel as Agent Anderson | Gina Garcia Sharp as Agent Sharp | Dmitri Boudrine as Alexander | Tatiana Chekhova as Russian Translator | Sergei Chernov as Anton Gorban | Dennis Volochkov as Uri | Dina Rosenmeier as Assistant
Writer: Aaron Zelman

43 :02x21 - Open Season

The BAU team investigates when the bodies of several missing people turn up in a remote section of the Idaho wilderness. After determining that the victims had been taken from one place and transported deep into the woods, the BAU team discovers the UnSubs they are searching for have a new sport -- hunting humans.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jake Richardson as Johnny | Jim Parrack as Paul | Larry Sullivan as Sheriff Schaeffer | Kelly Overton as Ranger Lizzie Evans | Gareth Williams as Tim Harrison | Laura Allen as Bobbi Baird | Lorna Scott as Kathy |
Co-Guest Stars: Richard Kuegeman as Brad | Scott Rinker as Luke Hamilton | Heidi McNeil as Lynn | Kristin Alcala as Heather | Danny McCarthy (2) as Young Man
Songs: Boston -- More Than A Feeling

44 :02x22 - Legacy

After receiving a tip from a local detective, the team travels to Kansas City to investigate a report of homeless people mysteriously disappearing from the city's streets.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Kristoffer Ryan Winters as Cal McGee | Bre Blair as Maggie | Steven Williams as Captain Wright |
Co-Guest Stars: Ronnie Steadman as Steven | Jack Donner as Old Nate | Tahmus Rounds as Charles Holcombe | Joel Heyman as Detective One | Wil Garret as Benny | Mary Gillis as Mona
Director: Glenn Kershaw

45 :02x23 - No Way Out: The Evilution Of Frank (2)

Gideon takes off to hunt Frank, an elusive and prolific serial killer, without telling the BAU and the team must profile Gideon as a suspect in order to find them both.

Source: CBS
Special Guest Stars: Keith Carradine as Frank |
Guest Stars: Amy Madigan as Jane | Gina LaPiana as Sammy | Jayne Atkinson as Erin Strauss | Wolf Muser as Samuel | Rebecca Lowman as Mrs. Belle | Elle Fanning as Tracy Belle |
Co-Guest Stars: Amanda Bernero as Rebecca Bryant | Melonie Mack as Jen | Joshuin Barker as Mr. Belle | Natalie Graziano as Prison Guard | Moira Squier as Sarah | Austin Herda as Leopold | Leo J. Clark as Jackson
Writer: Simon Mirren

Season 3

46 :03x01 - Doubt

After shutting the campus down, Gideon, Hotch and the BAU team create a detailed profile of their UnSub, but when the killings on campus continue after they take a suspect into custody, the team begins to doubt themselves.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Shelly Cole as Anna | Shawn Michael Patrick as Detective Jim Griffith | Elizabeth Hendrickson as Katie | Vince Grant as Nathan Tubs | Jayne Atkinson as Erin Strauss |
Co-Guest Stars: Tori White as Aliza | Angela Oh as Sarah | Alexa Alemanni as Amy | Moira Price as Suzanne | Kim Estes as Coroner | Christina Haag as Female Cop | Amanda MacDonald as Helen | Anthony Diaz-Perez as Paul Davies | Tyler Poelle as Cop
Director: Gloria Muzio
Writer: Chris Mundy

47 :03x02 - In Birth and Death

Hotch requests a transfer, Prentiss resigns and Gideon is missing, leaving the team three people short as they track a serial killer in Milwaukee who abducts women in very public places.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jayne Atkinson as Erin Strauss | Gordon Clapp as Detective Wolynski | Yvonne Jung as Claire | Chandler Canterbury as David Smith | Eddie Cibrian as Joe Smith | Meredith Monroe as Haley Hotchner |
Co-Guest Stars: Lucia Sullivan as Vicki | Regi Davis as Cop | Stefan Marks as Bill Thompson | Cade Owens as Jack Hotchner | Mary Ostrow as Admin #5/Pam | Lori Skope as Ms. Bennett | Grace Renn as Lisa Phillips
Writer: Chris Mundy
Songs: Lifehouse -- Broken

48 :03x03 - Scared to Death

Hotchner and the team track down a serial killer who exploits his role as a psychiatrist to find out his victims worst fears, then uses that fear as a means to kill.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Michael O'Keefe as Dr. Stan Howard | Matt Bushell as Bill Calvert | Jayne Atkinson as Erin Strauss | Stephanie Venditto as Jane Howard |
Co-Guest Stars: Jennifer Keyes as Jenny | Barbara Gordon as Dog Owner | Randy Crowder as Apartment Super | M.J. Karmi as Howard's Mother | Brandon Killham as Young Howard | John Bobek as Patrick | Casey Kramer as Land Lady | Melody Hollis as Jessica Howard | Danielle Sapia as Missy | Christopher Frontiero as Craig Sanders

49 :03x04 - Children of the Dark

Hotchner and the team suspect that two suspects may be working together in a series of brutal home invasions and murders taking place in a Denver suburb.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Stephanie Erb as Dina | William Lee Scott as Gary | Francis Capra as Ervin | Joanna Flores as Carrie | Christine Healy (1) as Mrs. Manwaring |
Co-Guest Stars: Mark Doerr as Tom | Garrett Ryan as Hayden | Evan Donaldson as Neil | Tom Kiesche as Lieutenant Nellis | Mary Carrig as Carol | Michael Ng as Asian Diner | Laura P. Vega as Ortiz Mother | Alex Castillo as Ortiz Father | Parker Contreras as Danny Ortiz | Michael FitzGibbon as ER Doctor | Bill Tangradi as Fence | Bob Rumnock as Supervisor | Masam Holden as Tyler | Kate Emerick as Sara | Christopher Frontiero as Clerk
Director: Guy Norman Bee

50 :03x05 - Seven Seconds

When a child is abducted at a local mall, the BAU locks down the area and profiles the people at the scene in order to retrieve the child before it is too late.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Meredith Monroe as Haley Hotchner | Suzanne Cryer as Susan Jacobs | Paula Malcomson as Beth Jacobs | Nigel Gibbs as James Franklin | Alexander Gould as Jeremy | Salvator Xuereb as Paul Jacobs | Emmanuel Xuereb as Richard Jacobs |
Co-Guest Stars: Cade Owens as Jack Hotchner | Molly Baker as Jessica Brooks | Ariel Winter as Katie | Dikla Marshall as Marie Samuels | Kelly Heyer as Teenage Girl | Nathan Pearson as Teenager | Celeste Den as Uni #1 | Don Danielson as Uni #2 | Mark Tomesek as Security Officer
Writer: Andi Bushell
Songs: Imogen Heap -- The Moment I Said It

51 :03x06 - About Face

Hotchner and his team must find a murderer who posts "Missing" fliers of his victims, where he knows they will see them, in advance of kidnapping and killing them. Senior agent David Rossi comes out of retirement to take up the slack left in the wake of Gideon's abrupt departure.
Guest Stars: Jayne Atkinson as Erin Strauss | Michael O'Neill as Detective Yarbough | Andrew Kavovit as Max Pool |
Co-Guest Stars: Sandra Robinson as Michelle | Tarri Markell as Enid | Elimu Nelson as Officer Bowie | Kelli Kirkland Powers as News Reporter | Robert C. Sloan as Uniformed Officer | Kelly McCracken as Lieutenant Price
Director: Skipp Sudduth
Songs: Hootie & The Blowfish -- I'm Goin' Home

52 :03x07 - Identity

When one half of a serial killing duo, a former militia member, commits suicide when caught by authorities, Hotch and his team must race to identify and apprehend his partner and save his victim.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Michael Cudlitz as Francis Goehring | Kaj-Erik Eriksen as Henry Frost |
Co-Guest Stars: Jim Beaver as Sheriff Williams | Pat Skipper as Harris Townsend | Jason Hamer as Robert Miller | Kristopher Logan as Trailer Park Manager | Adria Tennor as Diane Goehring | Tammy Minoff as Jennifer Hillbridge | Sebastian Naskaris as Employee #3 | Jenna Gavigan as Becky | Danielle Kennedy as Cashier | Beth Dover as Angela Miller
Writer: Oanh Ly

53 :03x08 - Lucky

The pursuit of a cannibalistic serial killer forces Morgan to question his faith. Meanwhile, Garcia meets the man of her dreams, but her first date with him ends unexpectedly.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jamie Kennedy as Floyd Feylinn Ferell | John Lafayette as Dr. Lorenz | Bailey Chase as James Colby Baylor | Nick Searcy as Detective Jordan | Michael Beach as Father Marks |
Co-Guest Stars: Oliver Wells as Young Unsub | Liz Montgomery (1) as Boardmember #1 | Steven Shaw as Boardmember #2 | Ben Carroll as Guard | John Eric Montana as Dr. Fulton | Daniel Quinn as Bob Kelton | Gwen Holloway as Lee-Ann Kelton | Kate Connor as Sheryl Timmons | Seth William Meier as John Timmons | David Lowe (1) as Local Cop | Matt Riedy as State Trooper | James Otis as Dr. Nash | Colleen Foy as Tracey Lambert
Director: Steve Boyum

54 :03x09 - Penelope

The team unites to determine if Garcia's life is being threatened by a serial killer.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Nicholas Brendon as Kevin Lynch | Marc Vann as Adam Fuchs | Bailey Chase as James Colby Baylor |
Co-Guest Stars: Tamara Zook as Neighbor | Andrew Elvis Miller as Paramedic #1 | Sabrina Gennarino as Paramedic #2 | Bruce Katzman as Trauma Surgeon | Loren Lester as Surgeon #2 | Anne McCarthy as ER Nurse | John Eddins as Detective Walker | Reena Dutt as Nurse | Paul Vroom as Clerk | James Kalagher as Waiter | Mati Moralejo as Mike Fleming | Maddison Davis as Young Garcia (5) | Christina Gabrielle as Young Garcia (9) | Rebecca Egender as Young Garcia (20)
Writer: Chris Mundy

55 :03x10 - True Night

A famous comic-book artist is instrumental in the hunt for a serial killer.

Source: CBS
Special Guest Stars: Frankie Muniz as Jonny McHale |
Guest Stars: Parry Shen as Bobby Kim | John Walcutt as Detective Brady | Ellen Hollman as Vicky |
Co-Guest Stars: Edward Flores as Gustav | Matt Micucci (1) as Milo | Steve Richard Harris as Jasper | J. Richey Nash as Uniformed Cop | Craig Gellis as Glenn Hill | Sarah Bassak as Mail Carrier | Tom Ohmer as Desk Sergeant | Johanna Parker as Jean | Eric Tiede as LAPD Detective

56 :03x11 - Birthright

A series of murders in rural Virginia has the BAU team investigating a link between this killing spree and a similar case two decades ago.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Lacey Beeman as Molly | Jeff Corbett as Michael Ballantyne | W. Morgan Sheppard as John Caulfield | Dendrie Taylor as Karen Foley | Jennifer Hetrick as Mary Wilkinson | Rodney Eastman as Stephen Foley | Sally Pressman as Chrissy Wilkinson |
Co-Guest Stars: Nathan Sutton as Justin | Jesse Bernstein as Danny | Curt Bonnem as Charlie Wilkinson | Kandis Erickson as Julie | Ann Roberts as Tara Elizabeth | Rebekah Brandes as Young Karen Foley | Matt Hoffman (2) as Robert Wilkinson | Thomas Johnson as Boy Royce | Erika Whalen as Girl | Houston Rhines as Guy | J. Claude Deering as Man

57 :03x12 - 3rd Life

The Behavioral Analysis Unit profiles a serial killer who abducts two teenagers and murders one, and who will kill the other teen if they don't stop him in time.

Source: CBS
Special Guest Stars: Fredric Lehne as Jack Vaughan |
Guest Stars: Gia Mantegna as Lindsey | Rick Otto as Detective Payton | Michael Harney as Pat Mannan | Brian McNamara (2) as Bruce Owen | Cheryl White as Lori Owen | Hayley McFarland as Katie Owen | Alex Hyde-White as Grant Silverman | Riley Smith as Ryan Phillips |
Co-Guest Stars: Curtiss Frisle as Taylor Coleman
Writer: Simon Mirren
Songs: Rihanna -- Umbrella

58 :03x13 - Limelight

When the contents of a self-storage unit reveal the grisly early makings of a serial killer, Hotchner and his team must profile the contents in order to catch him.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Andrea Roth as Jill Morris | Wendy Braun as Katrina Townsley | Christopher Allen Nelson as Unsub |
Co-Guest Stars: Madden Page as Auctioneer | Michael Cotter as Stu | Jeremy Cohenour as Dwayne | Porter Fowler as Older Man | Chris Snyder as Shawn Overholt | Jason Delane as Philly Agent | Zach Hanks as Guy | Kelly Lester as Woman | Louise Claps as Older Woman | Karen Fatta as Operator | Mary Elizabeth Barrett as Medical Examiner | James Aidan as Digger | Cory Tucker as Agent | Joseph Gilbert as Manager | Nicole Stuart as Reporter | Michael Chandler as Reporter 2 | Ruby Campbell as Reporter 3
Director: Glenn Kershaw

59 :03x14 - Damaged

When Rossi decides to revisit an unsolved case from his past, the BAU team steps in to help him unravel the circumstances behind the mysterious murder of two young parents nearly 20 years before.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Nicholas Brendon as Kevin Lynch | Nicholle Tom as Connie Galen | David Tom as Georgie Galen | Dennis Christopher as Merriman | Michael Shamus Wiles as Chester Hardwick | E.J. Callahan as Landon |
Co-Guest Stars: Jessica Raskin as Alicia Galen | Big Leroy Mobley as Bull Big | Christopher Heltai as Strip Club Customer | John Gloria as Detective Willis | Tim Trobec as Guard | Rando Thomas as Makeout Man | Natalie Dye as Connie Galen (6 yrs) | Reese Fritch as Georgie Galen (5 yrs) | Clara Bommelie as Alicia Galen (3 yrs) | Matthew J. Cates as Clown/Joe

60 :03x15 - A Higher Power

When the suicide rate spikes in a Pittsburgh neighborhood, the BAU team suspects the deaths may actually be the result of a serial killer who believes he is an 'Angel of Death'.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Renee O'Connor as Pam Baleman | Paul Schulze as Ronnie Baleman | Scott Michael Campbell as Peter Redding | Myk Watford as Curtis Fackler | Jennifer Aspen as Laurie Ann Morris | Blake Robbins as Jonathan Morris |
Co-Guest Stars: Zakareth Ruben as Beth Smoler | Rod Britt as Coroner | Craig Patton as Man #1 | Brynn Horrocks as Woman #1 | Susan Hull as Woman #2 | Tim Cummings as Man #2 | Brandon Ford Green as Stuart Sankler | Leslie Fleming-Mitchell as Smoker

61 :03x16 - Elephant's Memory

Hotchner and his team investigate a spree of killings in a small Texas town involving a teenage boy and his girlfriend.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Chris Mulkey as Sheriff Britt Hallum | Cody Kasch as Owen Savage | Lindsey Haun as Jordan Norris | Michael Ironside as Man (John) | Tim De Zarn as Paul Barter | Alexandra Krosney as Eileen Bechtold | Tracey Walter as Ike Stratman |
Co-Guest Stars: Rhino Michaels as Rod Norris | Matthew Kimbrough as Deputy Lou Savage | Boo Arnold as Deputy Bart Lawford | Kym Jackson as Sarah Letts | Nick Roth as Danny Panzer | Nicolas Alexander as Gavin Pressman | Devin Crittenden as Chad Heyman
Director: Bobby Roth

62 :03x17 - In Heat

Hotchner, Rossi and their team travel to Miami to catch a serial killer whose conflicted sexual identity fuels his crime spree. During the trip, J.J. meets up with a former colleague who turns out to be more than a friend.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Tia Texada as Detective Tina Lopez | Josh Stewart as Detective William LaMontagne Jr. | Nicholas Brendon as Kevin Lynch | Michael Graziadei as Steven | David Monahan as Cowboy Hat Guy | James Martin Kelly as David Fitzgerald | Wendy Hoopes as Sarah Fitzgerald |
Co-Guest Stars: Kara Revel as Layla | Douglas Souza Barcellos as Carlos | Adrian Quinonez as Bartender #1 | Francis Cardelle as Bus Boy Michael | Jacqueline Wright as Hostel Manager | Jeryl Prescott Sales as Medical Examiner | Tom Sean Foley (1) as Coordinator | Spencer Hill as Bartender #2 | Francesco Cura as Bar Patron | Bruno Bruni as Hitchhiker | Billy Snow as Cards Kid
Writer: Andi Bushell

63 :03x18 - The Crossing

An obsessed man has crossed the state line to follow he has been stalking. Also, Hotch and Rossi investigate a case in which a woman has killed her husband and claimed she was the victim of battery.
Guest Stars: Bonnie Root as Keri Derzmond | Jeffrey Pierce as Ryan Scott | Barbara Eve Harris as DA Eve Alexander | Brad Beyer as Detective Steve Berry | Scott Lowell as Mike Hicks | Mary-Margaret Humes as Audrey Henson |
Co-Guest Stars: Kosha Patel as Clerk | Angel Parker as Cashier | Camden Singer as Hannah | Courtney Henggeler as Jenna | Brian Appel as Agent Anderson | Julie Sanford as Nancy Ferguson | Victor Z. Isaac as Nathan Henson
Director: Guy Norman Bee

64 :03x19 - Tabula Rasa

The reawakening of a criminal from a four year coma opens up a serial killer case, although he claims no recollection of the crimes.
Guest Stars: Eric Lange as Brian Matloff | Amy Carlson as Cece | James Eckhouse as Mr. Corbett | Steven Culp as Lester Serling |
Co-Guest Stars: Jon Barton as SWAT Officer | James Sharpe as Detective Jarvis | Sarah MacKay as Nurse | Bob Gebert as Doctor | Roxana Brusso as Lidia | F. William Parker as Judge | Loreni Delgado as Technician | Anne Betancourt as Nina Moore | Richard Herlan as Husband | Jenny Powers as Woman | Beau Dremann as Sergeant | John Pirruccello as Resident Jogger
Director: Steve Boyum

65 :03x20 - Lo-Fi

When people who seemingly have nothing in common are shot at random in New York City, the BAU team is called to investigate whether a single serial killer or a team working together is responsible for the killing spree.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Josh Stewart as Detective William LaMontagne Jr. | Sienna Guillory as Kate Joyner | Jack McGee as Detective Brustin | Erik Palladino as Detective Cooper | Moe Daniels as Lisa Bartleby |
Co-Guest Stars: Joaquin Perles as Tom | Amie Farrell as Shelly | Barry Pearl as Man | Jake Eberle as Cop | Patrick Cupo as Cop #2 | Tiffany Coty as FBI Agent
Director: Glenn Kershaw
Writer: Chris Mundy

Season 4

66 :04x01 - Mayhem

When an SUV carrying members of the BAU explodes, the rest of the team fight to save their colleagues and catch the terrorists responsible for the bombing.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Michael Steger as Sam | Sienna Guillory as Kate Joyner | Jack McGee as Detective Brustin | Moe Daniels as Lisa Bartleby | Adoni Maropis as Ben Abner | Erik Palladino as Detective Cooper |
Co-Guest Stars: Monica Young as TV News Reporter | Amie Farrell as Shelly | Geoff Reeves as ESU One | Warner Greg Collins as Captain | Brandon Hirsch as ESU Two | Joe Basile as Colm Lagan | Loren Lester as Dr. Shore
Writer: Simon Mirren

67 :04x02 - The Angel Maker

When a series of murders are linked to a serial killer who was executed a year ago, the BAU must find the connection between him and the current killing spree.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Patrick St. Esprit as Sheriff Merrill Dobson | Lauren Bowles as Chloe Kelcher | Blake Lindsley as Shara Carlino | Neil Hopkins as Angel Maker |
Co-Guest Stars: Megan Molloy as Delilah Grennan | Gillian Brashear as Dr. Renee Turner | Ric Maddox as Deputy #2 | Pat Destro as Sela Dobson | Kevin Cotteleer as Coroner | Darin Cooper as Sid Ruttledge | Robert Catrini as Dr. Hagen | Nick Warnock as Deputy #1 | Jennifer Nyholm as Faye Landreaux
Director: Glenn Kershaw

68 :04x03 - Minimal Loss

When Prentiss and Reid go undercover to investigate possible child abuse at an underground cult, they get trapped inside the compound when a federal raid goes bad.

Source: CBS
Special Guest Stars: Luke Perry as Benjamin Cyrus |
Guest Stars: Jenna Boyd as Jessica Evanson | Kathleen Wilhoite as Kathy Evanson | Colby French as Chris Cole | Connor Trinneer as Dan Torre | Jeff Fahey as Leo Kane |
Co-Guest Stars: Karina Logue as Nancy Lunde | Jim Klock as State Cop #1 | Bob Levitan as Reporter | Ryan Barton-Grimley as Techie | Jah Shams as Sect Member #1 | Timm Perry as Sect Member #2 | Kellie Koppel as Sect Member #3 | Jennifer Keister as Sect Member #4 | Gerard Marzilli as Sect Member #5 | Julianna David as Sect Member #6 | Joel Murray as Attorney General | Tim Clemente as Stunt Cop #6 | Jessie-Blue Ewing as Little Girl

69 :04x04 - Paradise

A serial killer who disguises his victims' demise by creating car accidents to mask their earlier deaths is the subject of a BAU manhunt.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: William Mapother as Ian Corbin | Wil Wheaton as Floyd Hansen | Robyn Lively as Abby Corbin | David Andrews as Sheriff Bruner | Jack Laufer as Harold Sanders |
Co-Guest Stars: Joe Unger as Bobby Jones | Sherry Weston as Betty | Price Carson as Owner | Tom O'Keefe as Guy Ayres | Tommie Harris as Dad

70 :04x05 - Catching Out

A serial killer who jumps trains and targets people living near the railway is the subject of a BAU manhunt.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Meta Golding as Jordan Todd | James Black as S.A. Kevin Liman | Andre Royo as Armando Salinas | Pepe Serna as Ruben Garcia | Adrian LaTourelle as Detective Stark | Jim Cody Williams as Modesto Bull | Victor Warren as Detective Daniels |
Co-Guest Stars: Linda Bisesti as Joann Nelson | Mitch Carter as Lockeford Bull | Silvia Curiel as Rose | Omar Leyva as Cesar Jimenez | Troy Holden as Younger Hobo | Michael Earl Reid as Older Hobo | Julieta Ortiz as Mrs. Ortiz | Morgain McGovern as Cashier | Marisa Quintanilla as Angela Ortiz
Director: Charles Haid
Writer: Oanh Ly

71 :04x06 - The Instincts

While investigating the kidnapping of a young boy in Las Vegas, Dr. Reid begins to have dreams that may help reveal some buried memories from his childhood.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jane Lynch as Diana Reid | Melinda Page Hamilton as Claire Bates | Shashawnee Hall as Detective Ashby | Reed Diamond as Craig Bridges | Kari Matchett as Amy Bridges | Bruce French as Dr. Norman | Taylor Nichols as William Reid |
Co-Guest Stars: Greg Watanabe as Medical Examiner | Marty Lodge as Minister | Sawyer Church as Michael Bridges | Justin Wren as Riley | Brad Heller as Walter Davis
Director: Rob Spera
Writer: Chris Mundy

72 :04x07 - Memoriam

Dr. Reid embarks on his own investigation into the murder of a young boy years earlier in Las Vegas that he strongly believes has a connection to his own childhood.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jane Lynch as Diana Reid | Taylor Nichols as William Reid | Josh Stewart as Detective William LaMontagne Jr. | Meta Golding as Jordan Todd | Xander Berkeley as Detective Hyde | Brian Goodman as Lou Jenkins | Dee Wallace Stone as Dr. Jan Mohikian | Bruce French as Dr. Norman |
Co-Guest Stars: Shirly Brener as Adrianna | Vaughn Armstrong as Vernon Duncanson | Lisa Tharps as Receptionist | Andrew Astor as Young Reid | Rachel Grow as Nurse | Paul Jeans as Desk Sergeant | Justin Wren as Riley | Andrew Harlander as Gary Michaels | David Q. Combs as Sheriff
Director: Guy Norman Bee

73 :04x08 - Masterpiece

The team must profile a self-confessed serial killer who turns himself in, but sends them on a massive manhunt to find his latest victims before it is too late.

Source: CBS
Special Guest Stars: Jason Alexander as Paul Rothschild |
Guest Stars: Nicholas Brendon as Kevin Lynch | Ali Landry as Kaylee Robinson | Meta Golding as Jordan Todd | Paul Michael Glaser as Detective Garrity |
Co-Guest Stars: Jamie Israel as Student 1 | Gina Garcia Sharp as Agent Sharp | Ellery Sprayberry as Chelsea Robinson | Quonta Beasley as Student 2 | Brighid Fleming as Jessica | Davis Cleveland as Ricky | Tiffany Espensen as Samantha

74 :04x09 - 52 Pickup

Agents Prentiss and Todd go undercover to profile a pickup artist who uses his skills of persuasion to lure women into danger.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Currie Graham as Viper | Meta Golding as Jordan Todd | Riki Lindhome as Vanessa | Keri Lynn Pratt as Ashley Holden | Gabriel Olds as Unsub | Joanna Cassidy as Mrs. Holden | Courtney Ford as Austin |
Co-Guest Stars: Jake Newton as James (Man #1) | Spencer Hill as Richard (Man #2) | Cari Shayne as Detective Rachel Harding | Shelley Dennis as Becky Williams | Kimberlee Peterson as Melissa Foster | Curt Roland as Young Unsub | Geneva Somers as Brandi | Marcia Moran as Unsub's Mother
Director: Bobby Roth

75 :04x10 - Brothers in Arms

A BAU case hits close to home for Morgan, who was a cop before joining the team, when a serial killer specifically focuses on members of the police force in Phoenix, Arizona.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Meta Golding as Jordan Todd | Joe Regalbuto as Commander Marks | Mark Pellegrino as Lieutenant Evans | Guillermo Diaz as Playboy | Bo Foxworth as Officer Ron Mercer | Jake McLaughlin as Officer Tom Kayser | Doug Jones (1) as Fight Club Captain |
Co-Guest Stars: Roberto Sanchez as Sergeant Manny Rodriguez | Alexander Bedria as Officer | Shane Conrad as Officer Mark Cunningham | Keith Burke as Morgan's Dad | Sterling Ardrey as Young Morgan | Christopher Guckenberger as Punk | Andre Ellingson as Cop | Charles Hoyes as Sergeant Selby | Roddy Jessup as Sergeant Daws | Zokai Holmes as Sharpshooter | Kevin Scott Allen as Bartender | Maria Russell as Police Operator | Hollis Doherty as Maggie Cunningham | Dylan Sprayberry as Sam Cunningham | Darrell Bryan as Father | C.J. Brown (1) as Scrappy Boy #1 | Reid Harper as Scrappy Boy #2
Director: Glenn Kershaw
Writer: Holly Harold

76 :04x11 - Normal

The team investigates a serial killer dubbed "The Road Warrior," a suspect who kills luxury car owners while they are driving on freeways in Southern California.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Mitch Pileggi as Norman Hill | Meta Golding as Jordan Todd | Faith Ford as Vanessa Hill | Elaine Hendrix as Judy Hannity | Gina Torres as Detective Salinas | Danny Nucci as Burke Manning |
Co-Guest Stars: Evie Thompson as Britney Hill | Rudy Moreno as Victor Alvarez | Monica Herman as Female Broker | Ryan McTavish as Male Broker | Brie Gabrielle as Sasha Hill | Drew Garrett as Rick Hannity | Samantha Bailey as Jenny Hill | Yves Bright as Male Broker #2
Director: Steve Boyum

77 :04x12 - Soul Mates

The BAU team suspects a member of an affluent community in Atlanta is responsible for the disappearance of a local young woman and that the suspect may have worked with an accomplice.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Michael Boatman as William Harris | George Newbern as Stephen Baleman | Steve Rankin as Detective Linden | Dana Davis as Andrea Harris | Valarie Pettiford as Sharon Harris | Meta Golding as Jordan Todd |
Co-Guest Stars: Hayley Holmes as Holly | Julia Max as Young Girl #1 | Hector Bucio as Young Man | Kate Martin as Annie Baleman | Taivon McKinney as Young Girl #2 | Desmon Heck as Bailiff | Casey Weiant as Lisa | Jim Gleason as Worried Father | Tay Blessey as Connie Mayers | Tunisia Hardison as Kim Groves
Songs: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers -- Here Comes My Girl

78 :04x13 - Bloodline

The BAU team becomes involved in the case of a family working together to abduct young women.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Meta Golding as Jordan Todd | Andrew Divoff as Dad | Cynthia Gibb as Mom | Slade Pearce as The Kid | Adair Tishler as Cate Hale | Brett Rice as Detective Bates | John Bishop as Jim Scheuren |
Co-Guest Stars: Paul Benz as Deputy Bo Whitaker | June Carryl as Doctor | Lucy Butler as RV Park Owner | Sierra McCormick as Lynn Robillard | Andre Johnson as Security Guard | Kirk Bovill as Man | Tonja Kahlens as Woman | Caleb Guss as Boy | Adam Clark as News Reporter
Director: Tim Matheson

79 :04x14 - Cold Comfort

The team must track down a killer who embalms his victims before a fourth girl is killed.
Special Guest Stars: Cybill Shepherd as Mrs. Gless |
Guest Stars: Michael Biehn as Detective Ron Fullwood | Vondie Curtis-Hall as Stanley Usher | Mercedes McNab as Brooke Lombardini | Matt Winston as Ivan Bakunas | Nicholas Brendon as Kevin Lynch | Randolph Mantooth as Mr. Gless | Sam Littlefield as Roderick Gless | Lolita Davidovich as Sandra Lombardini

80 :04x15 - Zoe's Reprise

The team pursues a copycat serial killer who is recreating the techniques used by past famous murderers.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Amy Davidson as Zoe Hawkes | Johnny Lewis as Eric Olson | Scott Klace as Detective Brady | Bess Armstrong as Sheila Hawkes | Beverly Leech as Paula McConnell | Shannon Marie Woodward as Linda |
Co-Guest Stars: Karen Brundage as Michelle | Laura Simms as Theresa | Alex Boling as Dana | Heidi Fecht as Concerned Mom | Ted Fenton as Danny | Peter Gannon as Dr. Edwards | Mandy McMillian as Amber | Jeremy Scott Johnson as Matthew Cannon
Writer: Oanh Ly

81 :04x16 - Pleasure Is My Business

The team searches for a female suspect who uses her professional skills as a high class call girl to lure and kill high-powered executives.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Brianna Brown as Megan Kane | Catherine Dent as Ellen Daniels | John Getz as Andrew Kane | Kristin Richardson as Mrs. Yvonne Ashford | Nora Dunn as Lauren | Richard V. Licata as Larry Bartlett | Melissa Keller as Katherine |
Co-Guest Stars: Chet Grissom as A.G. Patrick Jackson | Richard Dano as Hoyt Ashford | Patrick W. Day as Customer | James Rekart as Joseph Fielding | Robert John Brewer as Security Guard | Felice Heather Monteith as Lawyer | Gregg Perrie as Lawyer #2 | Dirk Blocker as Trent | Abby Eiland as Allison Barnes | Cade Owens as Jack Hotchner
Songs: Duffy -- Mercy

82 :04x17 - Demonology

Agent Prentiss has a personal connection to one of the victims in a series of deaths with religious overtones.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Carmen Argenziano as Father Paul Silvano | Walton Goggins as John Cooley | Roxanne Hart as Andrea Benton | James Remar as Tom Benton | Bruce Davison as Father Davison |
Co-Guest Stars: Jaret Sacrey as Matthew Benton | David Mate as Young Man | Pamala Tyson as Medical Examiner | Joanne Ryan as Marie Valentine | Ian Foster Woolf as Cab Driver | David Sullivan (1) as Patrick Cavanaugh | Michael Buonomo as Uniformed Officer | Dana Cuomo as Valerie | Weston I. Nathanson as Priest #1 | Cliff Berens as Priest #2 | Kelly Michaels as Morgue Technician | Danielle Lester as Young Prentiss | Sean Holt as Young Matthew
Writer: Chris Mundy

83 :04x18 - Omnivore

Agent Hotchner revisits the first case he worked at the BAU when details come forth that one of the deadliest serial killers in New England's history has struck again after a 10-year hiatus.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: C. Thomas Howell as George Foyet | Louis Ferreira as Ray Colson | James Hanlon as Sergeant Michael O'Mara | James Handy as Tom Shaunessy |
Co-Guest Stars: Joyce Greenleaf as Nurse | Adam Chambers as Evan Harvey | Cara Chute as Nina Hale | Frank Novak (1) as Arthur Lanessa | Lynn Milano as Diane Lanessa | Terrence Flack as Bus Driver | Jeff Branion as Coroner | Adrian Flowers as EMT

84 :04x19 - House on Fire

The BAU team must track down a serial arsonist who instills fear in a small town by setting fire to community meeting places and killing several residents in the process.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Michael Rooker as Chief Carlson | Sam Anderson as Doctor Rawlings | Shannon Lucio as Tina | Tommy Dewey as Tommy |
Co-Guest Stars: Joel Johnstone as Van | Heidi Fecht as Concerned Mom | Aaron Hart as Jesse | Mark Costello as Gary | Marcy Goldman as Linda | Marc Bossley as Fire Captain Danny Wales | Michael Villani as Chief Tom Schultz | Mark Daneri as Minister | Charlene Amoia as Nancy | Janet Haley as Woman | Tiz McWilliams as Cathy | Tabitha Morella as Teen Girl | A.J. Smitrovich as Theatre Attendant | J.J. Pyle as Alice | Nichole Porges as Tina (13 yrs old) | Drew James as Tommy (16 yrs old)
Writer: Holly Harold

85 :04x20 - Conflicted

The team travels to South Padre Island during spring break to find a serial killer who is targeting college students on vacation.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jackson Rathbone as Adam Jackson | Roma Maffia as Detective Reese Evans | Susan Ward as Julie | Michael Hyatt as Dr. Ticona Roberts | Patrick John Hurley as Michael Browder | Natalie Elizabeth Marston as Madison Cooke |
Co-Guest Stars: Rick Malambri as Dan Keller | Brett Novek as Carl Cade | Allen Perada as Mark Harrison | Milissa Skoro as Amanda | Schoen Hodges as Nic Prosser | Brian Borello as Club Guy
Director: Jason Alexander
Writer: Rick Dunkle

86 :04x21 - A Shade of Gray

When profiling a series of child abductions and murders, the team discovers that one of the cases may not be the handiwork of the serial killer they apprehended.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: John Allen Nelson as Dan Murphy | Gretchen Egolf as Sarah Murphy | Kendall Ryan Sanders as Danny Murphy | Spencer Garrett as Captain Lancaster | John Billingsley as Hugh Rollins |
Co-Guest Stars: Anthony Nacarato as Uniform | Mark Arnold as Mr. Seager | Caroline Bielskis as Mrs. Seager | Samantha Zweben as Reporter #1 | Joy Sudduth as Reporter #2 | Robbie Tucker as Kyle Murphy
Director: Karen Gaviola

87 :04x22 - The Big Wheel

When the team is sent a videotape from a serial killer detailing one of his crimes, they discover a hidden message asking them to help him stop his murderous ways.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Alex O'Loughlin as Vincent | Erika Alexander as Detective Lynne Henderson | Jake Cherry as Stanley Wolcott | Martha Madison as Kate |
Co-Guest Stars: Giselle Jones as Alice | Quentin Prescott Price as Carl | Terrence Edwards as Jay | Richard Young (2) as Fairground Worker | Neil Ironfield as Young Vincent | David J. Wright as Sid | Rebecca Avery as Kim | Kyle Steven Templin as Eric | Jill Klopp as Michelle
Director: Rob Hardy
Writer: Simon Mirren

88 :04x23 - Roadkill

An unsub who kills with his car is the subject of a BAU investigation.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Nicholas Brendon as Kevin Lynch | Dale Midkiff as Gil Bonner | Timothy Carhart as Detective Quinn | Jim Meskimen as Dr. Ridgeway |
Co-Guest Stars: Andi Carnick as Shannon | Craig Baxley, Jr. as Coakley | Gerald Downey as Officer Feder | James Nardini as Paul Makely | Chris Pauley as Tech | Edward Conna as Victor Costella | Keith Burke as Blake | Juliana Dever as Coakley's Wife | Debra Milano as Paige Bonner | Caitlin Carmichael as Louisa Bonner | Tracey Aileen Leigh as Mrs. Burke
Director: Steve Boyum

89 :04x24 - Amplification

When a new type of chemical warfare is released into the open air, the BAU must act quickly to find the source before any more innocent people are exposed.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Tamlyn Tomita as Dr. Linda Kimura | Dan Lauria as General Lee Whitworth, MD | David Bottrell as Chad Brown |
Co-Guest Stars: Miles Anderson as Dr. Nichols | Samuel Child as Jason | Traci Belushi as Melinda | Elizabeth Maxwell as Abby | Eric Brandon as Ethan | Chuck Madden as DOD Man | Joe Holt as Jack Summers | Donald Sage MacKay as Senator Baylor | Joe Howard as Russ Daniels | Penny L. Moore as Trudy | Leslie Thurston as Commuter #1 | Douglas Sutherland as Commuter #2
Writer: Oanh Ly

90 :04x25 - To Hell...And Back (1)

The BAU tracks a serial killer who chooses junkies, prostitutes and the homeless off the streets of Detroit and takes them across the border into Canada. After solving that case, another killer returns to exact his revenge.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Sharif Atkins as William Hightower | John Lacy (1) as Officer Jeff Bedwell | Paul Rae as Unsub | Rowena King as Detective Benning | Vernee Watson-Johnson as Maxine Hightower | Lily Kershaw as Kelly | Garret Dillahunt as Mason Turner | C. Thomas Howell as George Foyet |
Co-Guest Stars: Christopher Guckenberger as Charles Porter | Scott Lincoln as Motel Clerk | Brandon Taylor as Border Agent #1 | Gavin McClure as Border Agent #2 | Jessie T. Usher as Daniel | Erin Anderson as Sheri The Hooker | Willam Belli as Walter Patterson | Krystal Marshall as Vicki | Benjamin Byron Davis as Burt Lang | Casey Nelson as Constable Cassar
Director: Charles Haid
Writer: Chris Mundy

91 :04x26 - To Hell...And Back (2)

The BAU tracks a serial killer who chooses junkies, prostitutes and the homeless off the streets of Detroit and takes them across the border into Canada. After solving that case, another killer returns to exact his revenge.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Sharif Atkins as William Hightower | John Lacy (1) as Officer Jeff Bedwell | Paul Rae as Unsub | Rowena King as Detective Benning | Vernee Watson-Johnson as Maxine Hightower | Lily Kershaw as Kelly | Garret Dillahunt as Mason Turner | C. Thomas Howell as George Foyet |
Co-Guest Stars: Christopher Guckenberger as Charles Porter | Scott Lincoln as Motel Clerk | Brandon Taylor as Border Agent #1 | Gavin McClure as Border Agent #2 | Jessie T. Usher as Daniel | Erin Anderson as Sheri The Hooker | Willam Belli as Walter Patterson | Krystal Marshall as Vicki | Benjamin Byron Davis as Burt Lang | Casey Nelson as Constable Cassar

Season 5

92 :05x01 - Nameless, Faceless

Hotch's unexplained absence quickly becomes apparent when the team is called back together to profile a killer who is targeting an emergency room doctor.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Christopher Cousins as Dr. Barton | Paul Butcher as Jeffrey Barton | Michael Adler as Patrick Meyers | C. Thomas Howell as George Foyet | Meredith Monroe as Haley Hotchner | D.B. Sweeney as US Marshall |
Co-Guest Stars: John Eddins as Detective Walker | Kelly Lloyd as Principal Sheila Findlay | Gary P. Stein, Jr. as SWAT Commander | Norma Hans as Grieving Mother | Laura Niemi as Dr. Zwerling | Cade Owens as Jack Hotchner
Writer: Chris Mundy

93 :05x02 - Haunted

When a disturbed man kills several people at a pharmacy, the BAU must figure out what triggered his actions before he hurts anyone else.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Sean Patrick Flanery as Darrin Call | Glenn Morshower as Lt. Kevin Mitchell | Michael Bowen as Tommy Anderson | Bjorn Johnson as Dr. Cipolla |
Co-Guest Stars: Benjamin Stockham as Young Call | Sabrina Hall as Pharmacist | Don Creech as Bill Jarvis | Kanin J. Howell as Young Bill Jarvis | Chris Ufland as Patient | Bridger Zadina as Young Tommy Anderson | Zayne Emory as Ryan | Suzanne Deyo as Local Reporter | Monifa Days as Woman
Director: Jon Cassar
Writer: Erica Messer

94 :05x03 - Reckoner

The BAU investigates a case in Rossi's hometown that involves both his personal and professional life.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Cynthia Watros as Heather Vanderwaal | D.B. Sweeney as US Marshall | Lawrence Pressman as Judge Schuller | Vincent Guastaferro as Det. Gil Hardesty | William Sadler as Ray Finnegan | Cliff Weissman as Drew Sandweiss | Leith M. Burke as Jerry Sorum |
Co-Guest Stars: Glenn Keogh as Sean | Hannah Brylowe as Allison Sandweiss | Cade Owens as Jack Hotchner | Dale Waddington Horowitz as Medical Examiner
Director: Karen Gaviola

95 :05x04 - Hopeless

When vandalism escalates into violence, the BAU must track down a pack of unsubs who kill their victims for the thrill of it.
Guest Stars: Salli Richardson-Whitfield as Tamara Barnes | Wade Williams as Detective Andrews | Travis Aaron Wade as Turner | Clayne Crawford as Vincent | Blake Shields as Unknown |
Co-Guest Stars: Stacy Jorgensen as Lynn | Jeronimo Spinx as William | Rahvaunia L. Johnson as Nicole | Gigi Hessamian as Samantha | Bernie Hourihan as Mike | Suzanne Voss as Catherine | Peggy Blow as Patricia | Nate Witty as Doug | Nellie Barnett as Jessica | Robert F. Lyons as Bartender | Sharon Brathwaite as Karen Osborne | Jo D. Jonz as Dan Osborne
Writer: Chris Mundy

96 :05x05 - Cradle to Grave

The team tries to find a suspect who is known for making young woman pregnant and then kill them after they've given birth.
Guest Stars: Hallee Hirsh as Carol | Jayne Atkinson as Erin Strauss | Max Gail as Conrad Winmar | Diana Scarwid as Jane Winmar | Mae Whitman as Julie |
Co-Guest Stars: Liz Burnette as Maria Ortiz | Van Epperson as Medical Examiner | Frieda Jane as Unsub's Wife | Jonathan Nail as Dr. Marvin Saul | Lyn Alicia Henderson as Dr. Kathleen Dekeyser | Riley Thomas Stewart as Michael | Mark Berry as SWAT Commander | Erik Sundquist as Unsub | Simon Sorrells as Young Man | Spence Kramber as ND Detective | Lauren Skirvin as Kristie
Director: Rob Spera

97 :05x06 - The Eyes Have It

The team attempts to catch a serial killer who kills his victims and keeps their eyes as souvenirs.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Salli Richardson-Whitfield as Tamara Barnes | Jayne Atkinson as Erin Strauss | Todd Giebenhain as Earl | James McCauley as Lt. Brantley |
Co-Guest Stars: Jen Lilley as Megan | Jessie Graff as Tracy | Vanessa Vander Pluym as Jaime | Alice Lin as Elsie | Chuck Kelley as John O'Heron | Cheryl Dooley as Luann | G.O. Parsons as Wes | Amanda Jaros as Sandy | Marco Aiello as Herbert Mullin | Anzu Lawson as Dr. Ruiz | Samantha Cutaran as Lani Sukarto | Jennifer Del Rosario as Bina Sukarto
Director: Glenn Kershaw
Writer: Oanh Ly

98 :05x07 - The Performer

The BAU team investigates the mystery behind a trail of murders that all seem to align with the tour schedule of a rock star.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Gavin Rossdale as P.K. Davies (aka Dante) | Inbar Lavi as Gina | Eddie Jemison as Ray Campion | Ian Anthony Dale as Detective Owen Kim |
Co-Guest Stars: Jordan David as Edwin | Tonya Kay as Tara | Lenny Von Dohlen as Record Exec #1 | Justin Grace as Mundy | Netta Most as Erin | Eric Edwards as Dr. Gillespy | Ashleigh Sumner as Marcia Masters | Elizabeth Chambers (1) as Herself
Director: John Badham
Writer: Holly Harold

99 :05x08 - Outfoxed

The BAU team is tracking down a family annihilator, but need to take a break from the case to get advice from "The Fox", which is a horrific killer from the team's past. "The Fox" surprises the team with a ominous message for Agent Hotchner.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Andrea Thompson as Detective Anne Hudson | Neal Jones as Karl Arnold | Kristina Klebe as Miranda | Neill Barry as Captain Joseph Downey |
Co-Guest Stars: Jimmy Fallon as Himself | Savannah Lathem as Lucy Downey | Hope Levy as Laura Downey | Joshua Rush as Ronny Downey | Sam Cohen as Paul Downey | Lorin McCraley as Garrett Pain | Sydney Sweeney as Dani Forester | Maria McCann as Samantha Forester | Marissa Armijo as Marisa Devon | Noah James Butler as Guard | Dylan Matzke as Nick Forester | Kimberly Crandall as Jane Young | Dominique Grund as Stacy Young | Joseph Marsh as Billy Young
Writer: Simon Mirren

100 :05x09 - 100

Hotchner needs help to find The Reaper and save his own family before it's too late.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jayne Atkinson as Erin Strauss | Meredith Monroe as Haley Hotchner | Josh Stewart as Detective William LaMontagne Jr. | Nicholas Brendon as Kevin Lynch | C. Thomas Howell as George Foyet | D.B. Sweeney as US Marshall | Ariana Thomas as Pharmacist | Brian Appel as Agent Anderson | Zokai Holmes as Super | Kim Swennen as Medic #1 | Ty Vincent as Medic #2 | Cade Owens as Jack Hotchner | Max Goudsmit as Young EMT | Glenn Clarke as Panel Member #1 |
Co-Guest Stars: Gina Garcia Sharp as Evidence Tech Gina
Writer: Bo Crese

101 :05x10 - The Slave of Duty

The team needs to reunite in order to solve a home invasion case, while Agent Hotchner may have to leave the team.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Rena Sofer as Erika Silverman | Jayne Atkinson as Erin Strauss | Josh Stewart as Detective William LaMontagne Jr. | Nicholas Brendon as Kevin Lynch | Meredith Monroe as Haley Hotchner | Khary Payton as Det. Kaminski | Wes Brown as Joe Belser | Cade Owens as Jack Hotchner |
Co-Guest Stars: Frederick D. Tucker as Valet Manager | Molly Baker as Jessica Brooks | Brian Appel as Agent Anderson | Joe Allen Price as Minister | Jonathan Nail as Coroner | Jim Lowe as Grant Franklin | Gina Garcia Sharp as Evidence Tech Gina | Elisabeth Harmon as Park Supervisor | Patty Malcolm as Ann Herron | Dre Michael Chaney as Club Manager
Director: Charles Haid
Writer: Rick Dunkle

102 :05x11 - Retaliation

When a criminal escapes from custody and starts a killing spree, the BAU must first profile his past in order to catch the criminal.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Lee Tergesen as Dale Shrader | A. Martinez as Bunting | Tim Guinee as Joe Muller | Reamy Hall as Molly Muller | Jan Hoag as Betts |
Co-Guest Stars: Angela Pierce as Connie Shrader | Leslie Stevens (2) as Karen Otey | Griffin Cleveland as Son | Jordan Van Vranken as Jenny Shrader | Monroe Makowsky as Dan Otey | Sarah Flannery as Stacey Ryan | Caleb Mayo as Junkie | Darr Gregor Davis as Jason Otey
Writer: Erica Messer

103 :05x12 - The Uncanny Valley

While Hotch has problems returning to work, the BAU investigates an abduction case in which an unusual personal obsession is at the center.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jonathan Frakes as Dr. Malcolm | Jeffrey Johnson as Detective Cotrone | Rosalie Ward as Bethany Wallace | Valeri Ross as Linda Jackson | Jennifer Hasty as Samantha Malcolm |
Co-Guest Stars: Monique Patrice as Maxine Wynan | Joanne Casey as Phyllis | Gregory Marcel as Karl Wallace | Megan Duffy as Cindy Amundson | Leonard Robinson as Joe | Andrew A. Rolfes as Carousel Manager | Matthew Moy as Eric | Anne Moore as Mary Newsome | Don Ernst as Bob Stuart | Tacey Adams as M.E. | Butch Klein as Marc | Patrick O'Connor as Dr. Finn | Christopher Boyer as Shop Manager

104 :05x13 - Risky Business

The BAU team investigates a rash of startling teen suicides in a small Wyoming town.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: John Pyper-Ferguson as Wilson Summers | Michael Bolten as Christopher Summers | Clare Carey as Sheriff Samuel |
Co-Guest Stars: Rene Hamilton as Mrs. Krouse | D.C. Douglas as Mr. Krouse | Christopher Weir as Mr. Leake | Joe Jagatic as Deputy #1 | Ellen Marlow as Lindsay | Justin Prentice as Ryan Krouse | Amanda Leighton as Trish Leake | Lauren Letherer as Mrs. Leake | Kim Irwin Dildine as Principal | Dalton O'dell as Ted | Samantha Grace McCullough as Classmate #1 | Kayla Girling as Classmate #2 | Skylar Nevolo as Classmate #3
Director: Rob Spera
Writer: Jim Clemente

105 :05x14 - Parasite

The BAU follows the mental decline of a con artist whose schemes have become so complicated that he begins to eliminate the people involved in them.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: David Eigenberg as Agent Goldman | Annabeth Gish as Rebecca | Victor Webster as Unsub | Rebecca Staab as Lorraine | Valerie Cruz as Brooke Sanchez |
Co-Guest Stars: Bryce Robinson as JD | Suzanne Quast as Carla Marshall | John Idakitis as Frank McKelson | Anna Marie Wood as Dina McKelson | Mike Randleman as Stuart | Calvin Harrison as Agent Cal
Writer: Oanh Ly

106 :05x15 - Public Enemy

The BAU investigate a serial killer who seems to be targeting quite random victims in highly-visible places, only to intentionally create a sense of public fear.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Sprague Grayden as Meg Collins | Larry Clarke as Father Kendellen | Frank John Hughes as Detective Moreland | Nate Mooney as Connor O'Brien |
Co-Guest Stars: Brantley M. Dunaway as Officer Gardella | David Landry as Paul Collins | Debra Leigh as Parishioner | Curtis Fortier as Layperson #2 | Leah Allers as Reporter #1 | Rob Roy Cesar as Reporter #2 | Natalie Brooke Edwards as Tara Kelly | Shane Zeranski as Looky-Lou | Jennifer Cortese as Library Mother | Randon Davitt as Young Connor | Dan Mailley as Salesman | Anna Clark as Sophia Collins | Dwayne Standridge as Layperson #1 | Sean Patrick Murphy (1) as Officer Liddy | Timothy Brennen as Billy O'Brien | Ryan Bailey (2) as Clerk

107 :05x16 - Mosley Lane

The BAU profiles a child abductor who may have been keeping children for more than eight years.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Ann Cusack as Sarah Hillridge | Bud Cort as Roger | Beth Grant as Anita | Brooke Smith as Barbara Lynch | Toby Huss as Frank Lynch | Evan Peters as Charlie Hillridge | Cameron Protzman as Aimee Lynch |
Co-Guest Stars: Bunny Levine as Martha | David Youse as Mr. Shepherd | Debra Sullivan as Mrs. Shepherd | Richard Clarke Larsen as Mr. Hayden | Grace Savage as News Anchor | Austin Mincks as Stephen Shepherd | Mark St. Amant as Jake Hillridge | Katlin Mastandrea as Mae | Alton Clemente as Deputy

108 :05x17 - Solitary Man

A truck driver is kidnapping women and disposing of them in random locations and the BAU must find out his motive in order to catch him.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Morgan Lily as Jody Hatchett | Gabrielle Carteris as Nancy Campbell | Bradford Tatum as Truck Driver | Hugo Armstrong as Manager | Melissa Culverwell as Lynn Clemons | Kimberly Adair as Tanya Hill | Scarlett McAlister as Betty | Stuart G. Bennett as Sam | Ariana Savalas as Bobby Lainsford | Obba Babatundé as Sheriff Frank Sanders | Brynn Samms as Courtney Campbell
Director: Rob Hardy

109 :05x18 - The Fight

The BAU team travels to San Francisco to investigate the murders of several homeless men and teams up with a separate group of BAU operatives who are working another case they think is connected.

Source: CBS
Special Guest Stars: Forest Whitaker as Sam Cooper | Beau Garrett as Gina LaSalle | Matt Ryan as Mick Rawson | Michael Kelly (1) as Prophet |
Guest Stars: Jason Brooks (1) as Bell | Jason Wiles as Ben McBride | Alexa Nikolas as Jane McBride | Lesley Fera as Leslie McBride | Kelvin Han Yee as Detective Ekler | Scott Allan Campbell as Detective Ganz | Felix Solis as Nelson G | Howard S. Miller as Coroner | Eric B. Gerleman as Suspect

110 :05x19 - Rite of Passage

Illegal immigrants entering the country are being targeted by a serial killer, so the BAU is called in.
Guest Stars: Mike Doyle as Deputy Boyd | Marlene Forte as Sheriff Ruiz | Kurt Caceres as Omar | Alex Quijano as Deputy Gentry |
Co-Guest Stars: Joseph Lucero as Jose | Jaime Alvarez as Man | Lyn Mahler as M.E | Eduardo Ambriz DeColosio as Coyote #1 | Kristen Alaniz as Mother | Nathaniel Pena as Young Boy | Casey Nelson as Deputy Gannon | Justin Huen as Richard | Elena Campbell as Marion | Shannon McClung as Evidence Tech | Parvesh Cheena as Father

111 :05x20 - ...A Thousand Words

The BAU team must profile a serial killer covered in tattoos who commits suicide, but leaves clues to the whereabouts of his last victim

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dean Norris as Detective Barton | Jolene Andersen as Juliet | Holland Roden as Rebecca | Tina Lifford as Nora | John Thaddeus as Unsub/Man | J.F. Pryor as Tommy |
Co-Guest Stars: Greg Jennings as Tech Jennings | Kimberly Van Luin as Police Dispatcher One | Dana Lyn Baron as Police Dispatcher Two | Fred Cross as Trooper Pasternak | David Stranbra as Trooper Creighton | Jason M. Roberts as Deliveryman | Reginald Mayo as Paramedic

112 :05x21 - Exit Wounds

Garcia joins the BAU team's and goes to Alaska where several people have been murdered in a small town.
Guest Stars: Nicholas Brendon as Kevin Lynch | Mark L. Young as Owen Porter | Scarlett McAlister as Deputy Susan Flack | Wings Hauser as Sheriff Rhodes | David Carpenter as Doc Johnson | Dale Dickey as Carol | Eric Ladin as Joshua |
Co-Guest Stars: Kimberly Estrada as Brenda Bright | Robert Dolan as Keith Graves | Steven Montfort as Craig Ramey | Pat Caldwell (1) as Mrs Brown | Karen Strassman as Martha Porter | Natasha Sims as Kat Allen | Peter Colburn as Mr. Porter
Writer: Rick Dunkle

113 :05x22 - The Internet Is Forever

The BAU team are brought in to profile a serial killer who uses the internet and locates his victims on social networking sites.
Guest Stars: Katherine Conway as Dorris Archer | Reece Rios as Unsub | Ned Schmidtke as Austin Chapman | Karen Forest as Norma Renmar | Kathryn Michelle as Mary Ann | Tyler Jacob Moore as Brad | Peggy McClellan as Allison Kittredge | Justin Sintic as Texting Detective | Stefanie McCall as Reporter #2 | Jonathan Goldstein as Detective John Fordham | Matthew Rocheleau as Scott Weldon | Ian Vogt as David Caston | Deborah Puette as Louise Hightower | Sarah Lieving as Lucy Masters | Nate Donaldson as Faux Unsub | Graham Clarke (2) as Reporter
Director: Glenn Kershaw

114 :05x23 - Our Darkest Hour

A series of rolling blackouts in the city of Los Angeles lures a serial killer out of hiding, giving him renewed opportunities to continue his killing spree

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Tim Curry as Billy Flynn | Eric Close as Detective Matt Spicer | Robert Davi as Detective Eric Kurzbard | Linda Purl as Colleen Everson | Austin Highsmith as Kristin |
Co-Guest Stars: Kent Shocknek as Newsanchor Kent | Laura Diaz as Newsanchor Laura | Pat Harvey (1) as Newsanchor Pat | Paul Magers as Newsanchor Paul | Dar Dixon as Greg Everson | Tina Huang as Reporter | Maxim Knight as Carter | Caroline Kinsolving as Spicer's Mom | Isabella Murad as Ellie Spicer | Ricardo J. Chacon as Cordo | Emilee Annine as Annie | Mark Thompson as DJ Mark | Brian Phelps as DJ Brian | Jeanine Harrington as Carter's Aunt
Writer: Erica Messer

Season 6

115 :06x01 - The Longest Night

As the murderer continues his murder spree with Detective Speicer's daughter as his hostage the team do everything they can to catch him.
Guest Stars: Tim Curry as Billy Flynn | Robert Davi as Detective Adam Kurzbard | Austin Highsmith as Kristin | Isabella Murad as Ellie Spicer | Joe Garcia as Larry Simmons | Susan Papa as Annette Simmons | Ronald William Lawrence as Detective Stansfield | Zenja Dunnm as Paramedic One | Randolph Adams as Paramedic Two | Joe Gandurski as Police Captain | Matt Taylor (1) as Tire Changer | Jim Wisniewski as Paul Farraday | Grant Venable as Joshua Farraday | Michelle Josette as Nora Flynn | Stone Eisenmann as Young Flynn | Kris Campbell as Uniform | Donald Agnelli as Uniformed Sergeant

116 :06x02 - JJ

While JJ attempts to reunite a family whose daughter has mysteriously disappeared, her BAU family braces for the loss of one of their own

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jayne Atkinson as Erin Strauss | J. Downing as Detective Mathias | Gil Bellows as Jeff Joyce | Isabella Murad as Ellie Spicer | Rya Kihlstedt as Patty Joyce | Anna Lunberry as Kate Joyce | Michael Welch as Syd Pearson | Chris Marquette as Jimmy Barrett
Writer: Erica Messer

117 :06x03 - Remembrance of Things Past

When several women are found murdered in a similar fashion, Rossi revisits a cold case that has haunted him for 25 years, causing him to suspect that the original killer is at work again.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Josh Braaten as Colby | David Rees Snell as Detective Green | Daniel J. Travanti as Mr. Mullens |
Co-Guest Stars: Renato Powell as Jocelyn Sherman | Cristen Irene as Anna | Mary Beth Evans as Candice DeLilly | Michael Spound as Sam DeLilly | Megan Gallacher as Jenny DeLilly | Mateus Ward as Lyle DeLilly | Josh Woodle as Michael Young | Ellie Gerber as Heather Langley | Michael Lesly as Officer | Michael Ketzner as Young Colby | Heather McClurg as Karen Bachner | Nan McNamara as Mrs. Langley | Mark Hutter as Mr. Langley | Marissa Skell as Shelly | Shaun Russell as Prison Guard
Director: Glenn Kershaw

118 :06x04 - Compromising Positions

Because of JJ's departure Hotchner is looking for someone from the team to take over her duties, meanwhile, the team is searching for a serial killers who goes after married couples.
Guest Stars: Nicholas Brendon as Kevin Lynch | Craig Sheffer as Unsub | Juan Pope as Detective David Crowley | Erin Matthews as Maryann Thomas | Jed Bernard as Scott Hartway | Michelle Parylak as Kathy Hartway | Bill Lee Brown as Alphonse Keppler | Kathryn Howell as Beth Hartway | Kiff Scholl as Ben Frelow | Lisa Arturo as Debra Wilson | Helen Eigenberg as Shirley Andrews | Thomas Garner as Phil Andrews | Sarah Buxton as Leslie Sanders | Wayne Nickel as Deacon
Director: Guy Norman Bee

119 :06x05 - Safe Haven

The BAU team is on the trail of a serial killer targeting families throughout the Midwest. Meanwhile, Morgan is concerned when Ellie runs away from her foster family and pays him a visit.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Michael Reilly Burke as Agent Grady Beeks | Mare Winningham as Nancy Riverton | Isabella Murad as Ellie Spicer | Sterling Beaumon as Jeremy | Kerry O'Malley as Kendra Sayer | Kristin Carey as Sandra Bennett | David Goryl as Jake Bennett | Preston Strother as Sammy Bennett | Natalie Alyn Lind as Kayla Bennett | William Cowart as Reverend Louis Hannum | Evan Dye as Zack Riverton | Stephanie Grant as Amber Riverton | Chloe Csengary as Carrie Sayer | Ken Meseroll as State Trooper | Cameron Meyer as Ellie's Mom
Director: Andy Wolk
Writer: Alicia Kirk

120 :06x06 - Devil's Night

For the past three years a killer has been active in Detroit during the pre-halloween celebrations, but this year the BAU is there to catch him.
Guest Stars: Leonard Roberts as Kaman | Jocko Sims as Tony Torell | Ernie Hudson as Lt. Al Garner | Mandy Levin as Dr. Fullerson | Stacy Highsmith as Kierston Torell | Ava Acres as Daughter | Ken Olandt as Chris | Justin Alston as Paramedic #1 | Carl Lumbly as Jay-Mo | Danièle Watts as Tracy Anderson | Honor Jones as Daniel | Beverly Todd as Susan | Michael Warren as Tom | Cade Owens as Jack Hotchner
Director: Charles Haid

121 :06x07 - Middle Man

As bodies of exotic dancers start turning up in the middle of cornfields in Indiana the BAU is called in to help the local sheriff.
Guest Stars: Robert Newman (2) as Sheriff Jeff Salters | Steve Talley as Michael | Michael Grant Terry as Chris | Jake Thomas as Scott | Cherilyn Wilson as Stephanie | Grant Albrecht (1) as Gregory Wilson | Justine Ezarik as Meredith Joy | Patricia L. McGuire as Jimmy Joe | Melissa Claire Egan as Tara Dice | Paul Zies as Jonah | Julie Moran as Reporter
Director: Rob Spera
Writer: Rick Dunkle

122 :06x08 - Reflection of Desire

When a kidnapped woman is found murdered in an alley in Georgetown, the BAU team goes on the hunt for the killer before he can strike again.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Robert Knepper as Rhett | Kaitlin Doubleday as Kelly | Sally Kirkland as May | Stephen Simon as Clarence | Conor O'Farrell as Detective Croft | Stephanie Czajkowski as Kiara's Mom | Whitney Able as Penny | Treisa Gary as Karla | Sam Scarber as Marvin | Travis Kindl as ND Cop | Ken Costanza as Security Guard | Amelia Rose Kohan as Taylor Conwright | Jeff Boehm as Reporter | John Kelly (5) as Peter Hanley | Jillian Nelson as Sally | Zen Gesner as Robert | Mackenzie Brooke Smith as Kiara
Writer: Simon Mirren

123 :06x09 - Into the Woods

When an 8-year-old is found murdered on the Appalachian Trail, the BAU team goes deep into its forests in search of a man lurking in the wilderness who is targeting children

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Gill Gayle as Shane Wyland | John Laughlin as Ranger Walter Turner | David Meunier as Joseph Lanham | David Trice as Brandon | Kimberly Atkinson as Linda Walker | Jon Briddell as Michael Walker | Cole Alan Pendery as Sammy Walker | Mark Atteberry as Frank Brooks | Gattlin Griffith as Robert Brooks | Nan McNamara as Violet Brooks | Emily Alyn Lind as Ana Brooks | Cade Frankson as Daniel Lanham | Brad Carter as Charlie
Director: Glenn Kershaw

124 :06x10 - What Happens At Home

The BAU searches inside a gated New Mexico community for a killer targeting women, and Hotchner looks to an FBI cadet with a unique past for help with the investigation.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Rachel Nichols as Ashley Seaver | Milby Barron as Aubrey Jacobs | Kenneth Mitchell as Drew Jacobs | Alex Fernandez as Detective Manny Ruiz | Larry Herron as FBI Instructor | Christopher Kriesa as SSA William Heller | Scott Subiono as Harvey Brinkman | Dan Warner as Frank Morris | John Thoms as Bob Page | Henree Alyse as Maureen Watson | Gordon Carmadelle as Mike Watson | Madison Leisle as Heather Jacobs | Bryn Allen as Young Ashley | Eben Ham as Uniform Cop
Director: Jan Eliasberg
Songs: Five Finger Death Punch -- Far From Home

125 :06x11 - 25 to Life

Morgan believes a prisoner has been rehabilitated and helps him get paroled, but soon regrets his decision as the man murders someone.
Guest Stars: Rachel Nichols as Ashley Seaver | Jayne Atkinson as Erin Strauss | Cade Owens as Jack Hotchner | Kyle Secor as Don Sanderson | Philip Casnoff as James Stanworth | Greg Collins as Bill Codwin | Phil Levesque as Tom Wittman | Paula Mattioli as Mary Rutka | Edita Brychta as Mrs Stanworth | Chris Prangley as Joshua Sanderson | Megan Kathleen Duffy as Carrie Sanderson | Nikki Hahn as Abby Sanderson | Joy Darash as Young Mary Rutka | Mike Hoagland as Young James Stanworth | Chrystopher Ryan Johnson as Young Tom
Writer: Erica Messer

126 :06x12 - Corazon

As the BAU travels to Miami to investigate a series of bizarre, ritualistic murders, Reid suffers a series of blinding headaches and hallucinations that leave him concerned for his health.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Rachel Nichols as Ashley Seaver | Chris Walker (1) as Professor Walker | Michelle Gillette as Brenda | Manny Perez as Manny | J. Santiago as Victor Cabrera | Ruben Rabasa as Jimmy Mercado | Barnaby Barrilla as Elian | Hakeem Kae-Kazim as Julio | Brian Kubach as Assistant | Grasie Mercedes as Ritual Woman | Stephen Mendel as Doctor Barnes | Toya A. Brown (1) as Screaming Mom | Rico Deveraux as Juan

127 :06x13 - The Thirteenth Step

The BAU hits the road to track down a pair of young lovers on an interstate murder spree. Also, Prentiss hears frightening news from her former boss at Interpol.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Adrianne Palicki as Sydney Manning | Jonathan Tucker as Ray Donovan | Deirdre Lovejoy as Agent Bates | Gary Hudson as Tim | Kevin McCorkle as Gary Manning | Angus MacFadyen as Sean McAllister |
Co-Guest Stars: Walt Scott as Store Owner | Meegan Godfrey as School Teacher | Siena Goines as Tsia Mosely | David Wells (1) as Store Clerk | Jordan Tartakow as M.E. Tech | Daniel Buran as Jason | Robert F. Lyons as Mr. Donovan | Roberta Hanlen as Mrs. Donovan | Colleen McDonnell as Karen Manning | Harley Graham as Heather Manning | Kerry Kilbride as Newscaster #1 | Olga Ospina as Newscaster #2 | Bill A. Jones as Newscaster #3 | Oleg Vidov as Driver

128 :06x14 - Sense Memory

The BAU travels to Los Angeles to investigate unusual murders throughout the city. Also, more of Prentiss' mysterious past comes to light.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Brad William Henke as Steve | Gray Stevenson as Linda | Roberta Valderrama as Bernice | Logan Holladay as Biker | Matthew Glave as Detective Bailey | Eric Ramey as Dr. Bayo | Stacey Oristano as Anisa Gold | Ryan Christiansen as Uniform | Vahe Bejan as Taxi Driver | Timothy V. Murphy as Ian Doyle
Director: Rob Spera

129 :06x15 - Today I Do

The BAU is called to upstate New York to investigate mysterious disappearances. Also, Prentiss gets some disturbing news about one of her former Interpol colleagues.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Rachel Miner as Molly | Rebecca Field as Jane | Joshua Leonard as Lyle | Siena Goines as Tsia Mosely | Don Harvey (1) as Chief Barrows | Peter Cilella as Donnie | Aaron Wilton as Bill | Corbin Bernsen as Jerry | Karen Landry as Carla Wendel | Timothy V. Murphy as Ian Doyle | John Hemphill as Mantis | Taylor Brock as Dr. Weingold
Director: Ali Selim
Writer: Alicia Kirk

130 :06x16 - Coda

Reid makes a connection with an autistic child that could assist the BAU in finding the boy's missing parents. Also, Prentiss enlists two former Interpol colleagues in hunting an old nemesis.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Skyler Brigmann as Sammy Sparks | Phil Willcox as Charlie Sparks | Jessica Lundy as Alison Sparks | Cade Owens as Jack Hotchner | Siena Goines as Tsia Mosely | Shane Woodson as Sheriff Oliver | Timothy V. Murphy as Ian Doyle | Mimi Kennedy as Miss Rogers | Jennifer Christopher as Rebecca David | Romy Rosemont as Lizzie Sparks | Lew Temple as Bill Thomas | Sebastian Roché as Clyde Easter
Director: Rob Hardy
Writer: Rick Dunkle

131 :06x17 - Valhalla

After a series of suspicious murders occur, Prentiss suspects her old Interpol nemesis, making her fear for the safety of her BAU team as he closes in on her.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Timothy V. Murphy as Ian Doyle | Siena Goines as Tsia Mosely | Sebastian Roché as Clyde Easter | Madison Mason as Lex Dreyer | Tyler Poelle as Jed Hastings | Andy McPhee as Liam | John Colella as Ron Cosenza | Jennifer Riker as Kerry Fagan | Brian D. Johnson as Frank Fagan | Jan Munroe as Dr. Sherman | Thor Edgell as Byron Delaney | Fionn William O'Brien as Calum | Jim Castillo as Weatherman

132 :06x18 - Lauren

Prentiss is ready to confront her nemesis, Ian Doyle, once and for all. Meanwhile, the BAU calls upon JJ to help them find Prentiss and capture Doyle before it's too late

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Sebastian Roché as Clyde Easter | A.J. Cook as Jennifer "JJ" Jareau | Timothy V. Murphy as Ian Doyle | Patrick Fischler as Jack Fahey | Don Watson as Bartender | Andy McPhee as Liam | Alan Pietruszewski as ND Agent |
Co-Guest Stars: Robert O'Gorman as Minister

133 :06x19 - With Friends Like These

When a gang of suspected murderers begins targeting a new victim each night, the BAU travels to Portland to head them off before they can strike again.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Bug Hall as Ben | Matt McTighe as Matt | Samantha Shelton as Yolanda | Chad Lindberg as Tony | Vanessa Vaughn as Karen Haywood | Wendy Schenker as Detective Colbern | Robert Wu as Paul Jones | Nancy Daly as Mrs. Donnolly | Deborah Pollack as Mrs. Foster | Lexi DiBenedetto as Sarah | Zachary Haven as Evan | Taylor Brock as Dr. Weingold |
Co-Guest Stars: Liz Loza as Clerk | Ivar Brogger as Minster | Hugh Holub as Priest | Greg Van Dyke as Bus Driver | Amanda Daisy Leak as Young Mrs. Foster | Cody Sullivan as Young Ben (10 years old) | Nathan Sheperd as Young Ben (5 years old)

134 :06x20 - Hanley Waters

As the BAU investigates targeted killings in Tampa, they also deal with their own feelings about the loss of Prentiss

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Kelli Williams as Shelley Chamberlain | Angela Martinez as Reporter | Louis Herthum as Chief Thiers | Katherine Ann McGregor as Jennifer | Preston James Hillier as Gibbs | Brandon Morales as Sparks | David Chisum as Don Chamberlain | Dianna Catterton as Joy | Doug Simpson as Father | Aaron Berger as Birthday Boy | Jason E. Kelley as Paul Lyons | Chris Ivan Cevic as Surgeon | Quinn Friedman as Damien Chamberlain | Zach Lewis as Bill | Allan Graf as Larry Connors
Director: Jesse Warn

135 :06x21 - The Stranger

The BAU hunts a stalker in San Diego who is targeting college students. Meanwhile, the team comes under Strauss' scrutiny in the wake of the loss of Prentiss.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jayne Atkinson as Erin Strauss | Heather Mazur as Kate Phinney |
Co-Guest Stars: Chad Todhunter as Greg | Michael Raynor as Detective Bryce Harding | Mark Elias as Movie Buff #1 | Adam Bartley as Movie Buff #2 | Elizabeth Wilson (2) as Amber Lasko | Bruno Oliver as Medical Examiner | Helen Highfield as Laurie Burgin | Bryn Abbott as Michelle Weston | Nick Toren as Bob Jenkins | Rae Latt as Rosemary Jenkins | Dallas Clark as Officer Austin Kent | Sophie Kargman as Lily Droubay | Yuri Lowenthal as Jake Ellison | Jennifer Kuhn as Amy Ellison | Gillian Carr as Medic

136 :06x22 - Out of the Light

The BAU is called to a North Carolina mountain town after a woman is found badly injured and another is missing, and they discover that these two are not the only victims.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Cade Owens as Jack Hotchner | Amanda Yarosh as Angela Proctor | Jeffrey Meek as Robert Bremmer | Mandy Kowalski as Rose | Michael Anthony Rawlins as Dr. Boyd | John Kapelos as Sheriff Montell | Time Winters as Marcus Talbot | Caitlin Dulany as Linda Owens | Lennie Loftin as Don Owens | Melissa Bickerton as Claire Proctor | Cody Weiant as Marcy Owens | Jennifer Weston as Nurse | Brian Durkin as Police Officer | Andre Hotchko as Henry | Angie Kibiloski as Waitress
Writer: Roger Hedden

137 :06x23 - Big Sea

The BAU is Florida-bound to investigate bodies discovered buried in the ocean floor off Jacksonville, but the case rattles Morgan when his aunt suspects that her missing daughter is one of the victims.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Karl Makinen as Blake Wells | Bruce Nozick as Detective Jarrett Foreman | Denise Dowse as Yvonne Burns | Hassan Manning as Andre Hutchins | Mary Thornton Brown as Louise Jones | Benjamin Parrillo as Gary Rhymer | Cody Klop as James Rhymer | John Marzilli as Captain Dan Martin | Holly Hawkins as Jane | Ruben Pla as Paul | Evans Forde as Bart | Stacey Hinnen as Pump Operator
Director: Glenn Kershaw

138 :06x24 - Supply & Demand

The bodies of two missing persons are found in a car trunk, and the BAU suspects that an interstate human trafficking ring is at work. Also, Hotch warns the team of possible changes, and they are surprised when a beloved team member returns.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: A.J. Cook as Jennifer "JJ" Jareau | Nicholas Brendon as Kevin Lynch | Matt Baker (2) as Kyle | Sean Carrigan as Lamott | Forry Smith as Campbell | Sarah Foret as Renee | Max Decker as Max | Massi Furlan as Leon | Amy Price-Francis as SSA Andi Swan | Gary Kasper as The Cleaner | Jan Munroe as Dr. Sherman | Christopher Illing as Billy | Angela Sarafyan as Lucy
Writer: Erica Messer

Season 7

139 :07x01 - It Takes A Village

The BAU team is at a crossroads as they are questioned by a Senate Committee for their retaliatory actions in the wake of Prentiss' loss, but an unexpected familiar face could help them win their case and keep the team together.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jayne Atkinson as FBI Section Chief Director Erin Strauss | Mark Moses as Senator Cramer | Ursula Brooks as Chloe Donaghy | Robin Atkin Downes as Lachlan McDermott | Conrad Bluth as Declan | Timothy V. Murphy as Ian Doyle
Director: Glenn Kershaw
Writer: Erica Messer

140 :07x02 - Proof

The BAU team searches rural Oklahoma when women are being found murdered after being robbed of one of their five senses. Also, JJ and Prentiss get the cold shoulder from Reid as he deals with their deception about Prentiss' presumed death.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Andy Milder as Cy | David Starzyk as Matt Bradstone | Tracy Middendorf as Lyla Bradstone | Johanna Braddy as Tammy Bradstone |
Co-Guest Stars: Caroline Schreiber as Abby Elcott | Sean Ryan Fox as Young Cy | Lindsay LaVanchy as Beth | Kristen Ariza as Detective Bonner | Doug Morency as Mr. Elcott | Peg London as Mrs. Elcott | Cynthia Eades as Mrs. Westerly | Paul Butler as Jason Bradstone | Jessi Cooper as Sarah | Nawal Bengholam as Medical Examiner | Kinna McInroe as Gwen | Monique Green as Debbie | Michael Monken as Jeff | Jimmy Deshler as Teen Cy | Katelyn Pacitto as Young Lyla | Kevin Norman as Teen Matt | Chloe June O'Shannon as Cheryl | Troy Lindsay Brown as Bully Kid #1 | Harry Daniels (2) as Bully Kid #2
Director: Karen Gaviola

141 :07x03 - Dorado Falls

The BAU team investigates a mass murder at an Internet security company in Charlottesville, Va., but clues reveal it is not a typical serial killer at work. Also, Prentiss must complete recertification training under Morgan's watchful eye.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Max Martini as Luke Dolan | Sarah Aldrich as Jenna Dolan | Lindsey Ginter as General Boyd Milgram | Rodney J. Hobbs as State Trooper Brian Long | Andre Ellington as Driver | Jamie Silberhartz as Jamie | Bryan Friday as Adam Werner | Andy Allen as Nathan Munz | Michael Bofshever as Mark Dolan | Julia Rhoda as Mary Dolan | Robin Meyers as Dr. Risa Coletti | Hana Hayes as Ally Dolan | Vince Green as Uniformed Officer | Gina St. John as Reporter | Janice Kent as Wendy Milgram | Robert Steinman as Carter Tadman | Bruno Amato as HRT Commander Powell | Sean Hemeon as Police Officer

142 :07x04 - Painless

Survivors of a Boise high school massacre return to remember the event 10 years later, but the BAU team is called in when a new killer with a similar style targets the survivors. Also, Hotch is worried that his son, Jack, may be a victim of school bullying.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Eric Jungmann as Bob Adams | Julia Campbell as Martha Slade | Joe Reegan as Lewis Ramsey | Aaron Hill as Jerry Holtz | Cade Owens as Jack Hotchner |
Co-Guest Stars: Don O. Knowlton as Principal Givens | Tom Derek as Chief Cole | Stacie Greenwell as Ms. McKee | Terra Wellington as Reporter | Michael Grant as Brandon Slade | Trisha LaFache as Chelsea | Kerry Barker as Tiffany Gleason | Patrick Cohen as Caleb | Hudson Thames as Randy Slade | James C. Burns as SWAT Commander
Director: Larry Teng
Songs: Shawn Lee & AM -- City Boy, Oceansize -- Music for a Nurse

143 :07x05 - From Childhood's Hour

The BAU team investigates the abductions of young children with troubled mothers in St. Louis. Also, Rossi reconnects with his first wife who has shocking news for him.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Patrick Stafford as George Kelling | Mason Cook as Bobby Smith | Annie Fitzgerald as Marlene Smith | Heather Tom as Connie | Isabella Hoffmann as Carolyn Baker Rossi |
Co-Guest Stars: David L. King as Detective Woods | Rebecca Spicher as Shannon | Elisabeth Noone as Mrs. Crenshaw | Shevaun Cavanaugh Kastl as Kelsey Tanner | Brecken Lawrence as Timmy Tanner | Doug Dezzani as Charles Tanner | Blake Bertrand as Young Unsub

144 :07x06 - Epilogue

The BAU search California's Angeles National Forest after a number of bodies mysteriously turn up in the mountain lakes there. Also, Rossi struggles with an agonizing decision regarding his ex-wife.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Sam Murphy (1) as Chase | Drew Osborne as Boy/Young Chase | Douglas Bennett as Daniel/Father | Colin McGurk as Phinny | Courtney Hope as Lacey | Sharline Liu as Dr. Stacey Carroll | Aubyn Philabaum as Samantha | Ben Stillwell as Evan | Karen Sheperd as Katherine | Isabella Hoffmann as Carolyn Baker Rossi |
Co-Guest Stars: Zach Filkins as Ranger
Director: Guy Ferland
Writer: Rick Dunkle

145 :07x07 - There's No Place Like Home

When a series of tornadoes hits Kansas, the BAU is called in to investigate bodies of young boys that turn up in the aftermath of the storms. Also, work pressures cause tension on JJ's home front.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Alex Weed as Travis James | Cornell Womack as M.E. Cranston | Josh Stewart as Detective William LaMontagne, Jr. |
Co-Guest Stars: Demetrius Grosse as Lieutenant Beasley | Faline England as Fran Meredith | Khylin Rhambo as Damon Weeks | Zac Badasci as Eric | Chris Doyle as Roscoe Gulch
Director: Rob Spera

146 :07x08 - Hope

It’s personal for Garcia when the BAU investigate the disappearance of a woman in her survivors’ support group whose daughter went missing seven years earlier.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jack Coleman as William 'Bill' Rogers | Brigid Brannagh as Monica Kingston |
Co-Guest Stars: Hayley Chase as Teen Heather Wilson | Ted Heyck as Dean Miller | Erin Sossamon as Teen Hope Kingston | Brian Appel as Agent Anderson | Reganne Sheely as Young Hope Kingston | Caroline Labrum as Young Heather Wilson | Sean Hemeon as Police Officer

147 :07x09 - Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

The BAU team looks into the real reasons behind an apparent mass suicide of a small group of youths at a military academy. Also, Hotch and Morgan butt heads when a team member could be in jeopardy.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jayne Atkinson as FBI Section Chief Director Erin Strauss | George Gerdes as Lieutenant Tawes | Rene Auberjonois as Colonel Ron Massey |
Co-Guest Stars: Kevin Fonteyne as Josh Redding | Matthew David Ness as Carter Campbell | Sterling Ardrey as Randy Parker | Tim Powell as Dr. Alexander | Mitchel Blackfield as Bailey Shelton | Don R. Williams as Chris Shelton |
Uncredited: Jeanine Jackson as Tiff Redding
Director: Charles Haid
Writer: Erica Messer

148 :07x10 - The Bittersweet Science

The BAU team investigates a string of brutal bludgeonings in Philadelphia and is led to the city's boxing scene in search of the killer. Also, Hotch makes a connection with an attractive runner as they both train for a triathlon.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Shawn Hatosy as Jimmy | Charles S. Dutton as Tony | Bellamy Young as Beth Clemmons | Abby Brammell as Pam |
Co-Guest Stars: David Mazouz as Ryan | Ludwig Manukian as Dr. Raj Surna | Jill E. Alexander as Dr. Joanne Carlton | Mark Withers as Lou Manzoni | Ken Lally as Jack | Kelsey Scott as Paramedic | Sean O'Connor (2) as Dr. Jean Bellamy | Jeremy Radin as Man | Sandra Genovese as Billie | Ray Stefanelli as Referee
Director: Rob Hardy

149 :07x11 - True Genius

A series of murders in San Francisco bearing the tell-tale signs of the infamous Zodiac Killer have the BAU wondering if the notorious serial killer has returned. Also, Reid ponders if he should be doing more with his genius abilities.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jeff Newburg as Caleb Rossmore | Finn Wittrock as Harvey Morell |
Co-Guest Stars: Claudia Choi as Agent Rebecca Lin | Marissa Armijo as Marisa Devon | John Jay Osborn Jr. as David Atley | Christine Garver as Nicole Puli | Patricia Cornwell as Patricia Cornwell | Joseph Fuhr as Dan Feinberg | Bill Frenzer as Hippie | Josh Latzer as Park Supervisor | Brett Weinstock as Best Man | Toni Sawyer as Mrs. Zablonsky | Danny Goldman as Det. Zablonsky | Jimbo Barnett as Roger Smith | David Fraioli as Messenger | Michele Dawson as Tara Henson | Frank Marshall as Alec Wyseck | Alexandra Choi as Reporter
Director: Glenn Kershaw

150 :07x12 - Unknown Subject

The BAU team searches for a serial rapist in Houston known as "The Piano Man" who has resurfaced and is assaulting his previous victims. Also, Prentiss tries to come to terms with her trauma from last year and with rejoining the team.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jay Karnes as Hamilton Bartholomew | Judith Hong as Diana Mitchell | Dina Meyer as Regina Lampert | Matthew Alan as Herman Scobie |
Co-Guest Stars: Leaha Boschen as Vanessa Campbell | Matthew Iott as Bill Campbell | John Knox as Chief Wilson | Maggie Contreras as Brittany | Penny Peyser as Dr. Linda Merrill | Catheryn J. Brockett as Susan | Elia Cantu as Tammy | Bianca Lopez as Reporter | Daniel Hagen as Dr. William Shaw | Jim Pacitti as Peter Joshua
Director: Michael Lange

151 :07x13 - Snake Eyes

The BAU tries their luck in Atlantic City when the team is called in to investigate a series of ritualistic casino-related murders. Also, after a spat with her boyfriend, Kevin, Garcia thinks she and Morgan may have gotten a little too friendly with each other.
Guest Stars: Nicholas Brendon as Kevin Lynch | Dean Cain as Curtis Banks | Sandra Purpuro as Agent Carol Goslin | Joe Egender as Eddie Bee | Vanessa Branch as Teri | Frankie Jay Allison as Vince |
Co-Guest Stars: Jenn Korbee as Francesca | Christopher DeMaci as Jimmy | Randy Irwin as Security Guard | Chasty Ballesteros as Tahitian Girl

152 :07x14 - Closing Time

The BAU team hit choppy waters on the beaches of Southern California when they discover a series of bodies hidden in lifeguard towers along the coast.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Geoffrey Blake as Michael | Bellamy Young as Beth Clemmons | Tyler Neitzel as Hunter | Chris Payne Gilbert as Agent Parker | Rodney Rowland as Doug Summers |
Co-Guest Stars: Ashlee Füss as Michelle Green | Jordan Potter as John Holden | Kathleen M. Darcy as Elaine Kraus | Ryan Scott Greene (1) as Jimmy | Brian Mulvey as Gus | Maury Morgan as Andrea Wright | Herve Clermont as Dr. Brandon MacDonald | Alison Trumbull as Kelsey Ashwood | Tim Martin Gleason as Todd Ashwood | Cody Saintgnue as Tyler Allison
Director: Jesse Warn
Writer: Rick Dunkle

153 :07x15 - A Thin Line

The BAU team investigates a series of brutal home invasions and murders in California's Inland Empire that appear to be gang-related, but their investigation may uncover a more sinister motivation.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Kevin Sheridan as Trevor Mills | Paul Johansson as Clark Preston |
Co-Guest Stars: Marypat Farrell as Hilary Ross | Maria Cina as Trisha Lewis | Greg Carlson as Matt Lewis | Jackie R. Jacobson as Mackenzie Lewis | Chiquita Fuller as 911 Operator | Paul Diaz as Jimmy Valdez | Floyd Foster, Jr. as Ray Phillips | Bianca Taylor as Sophia Underwood | Ken W. Murphy as Mayor Steve Wennington | Horacio Galaviz as Pedro Mendez | Taylor M. Graham as Deputy | Paul Lincoln Alayo as Ramon Gomez | Laura Richardson as Pamela Mills | Austin Michael Coleman as Young Trevor | Lilah Jade Haye as Staring Girl | Lauren McNeely as Reporter

154 :07x16 - A Family Affair

When the BAU travels to Atlanta to investigate the murders of women, the clues lead them to look for an unsub who is not working alone.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Derek Magyar as Jeff Collins | William Russ as Donald Collins | Kathy Baker as Linda Collins | Bellamy Young as Beth Clemmons | Merle Dandridge as Agent Lynn Brooks | Fiona Gubelmann as Erika Taylor |
Co-Guest Stars: Kelly Theibaud as Rebecca | Natalie Avital as Allyson | Robert Pierce as Medical Examiner | Lilah Richcreek as Julie | Cade Owens as Jack Hotchner
Director: Rob Spera

155 :07x17 - I Love You, Tommy Brown

When married couples fostering young children end up being killed in Seattle, the BAU team looks for an unsub with a maternal-yet-murderous instinct. Also, Garcia fears a possible proposition from Kevin.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Nicholas Brendon as Kevin Lynch | Teri Polo as Maggie Hallman | John Bain as Tommy Brown | Tricia Leigh Fisher as Sandra Montgomery |
Co-Guest Stars: Lexi Ainsworth as Abby Miller | Dona Maria Wood as Gayle Gilbert | Marc J. Raymond as Brian Gilbert | Kevin Brief as Pastor Larry Benson | Holland Reid as Pregnant Woman | Polly Cole as Karen Wilson | Chris Kato as Paramedic | B.K. Cannon as Julie Parker
Director: John Terlesky
Songs: Pink Floyd -- Hey You, Pink Floyd -- Mother, Pink Floyd -- Wish You Were Here

156 :07x18 - Foundation

The BAU searches for a kidnapper after an emaciated boy is found in an Arizona desert and another boy disappears. Meanwhile, Morgan uses his own scarred past to bond with the rescued kid.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Hedy Burress as Samantha Allen | Garrett M. Brown as J.B. Allen
Director: Dermott Downs
Writer: Jim Clemente

157 :07x19 - Heathridge Manor

The BAU team heads to Oregon to investigate a series of gothic, ritualistic murders

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Robert Englund as Detective Gassner | Madeleine Martin as Lara Heathridge | Kyle Gallner as James Heathridge | Juliet Landau as Catherine Heathridge
Songs: The Platters -- Smoke gets in your Eyes

158 :07x20 - The Company

When Morgan's sister sees a woman who looks like their presumed-dead cousin, Cindi, it forces Morgan to confront a lie he told his family last year to provide closure and compels the BAU to reopen the case of her disappearance.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Shanola Hampton as Cindi | Chad Coleman as Malcolm Ford | Erica Gimpel as Sarah Morgan | Denise Dowse as Yvonne Burns |
Co-Guest Stars: Benita Krista Nall as Desiree Morgan | James Edson as Detective Palmer | Brian Ibsen as Matt Miller | T.R. Shields III as Arnold Whitcomb | Dirk Etchison as Bob Campbell | John Zderko as Dominic Maguire | Elizabeth Kouri as Suzy Maguire | Holger Moncada as Store Manager | Bob Glouberman as Larry Stiles | John G. Preston as Eric Beckford | Ieva Georges as Julie Beckford | Dusan Brown as Anthony Ford

159 :07x21 - Divining Rod

After a notorious serial killer is executed, a copycat begins murdering women in the same Oklahoma town and in the same fashion, and the BAU team must act fast before more victims are found. Also, Prentiss gets nervous at the thought of a major real estate purchase.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Lisa Darr as Helen Garrett | MacKenzie Astin as Dylan Kohler | Casey Sander as Detective Jon Childers |
Co-Guest Stars: Eddie Kehler as Rod Garrett | Glenda Chism-Tamblyn as Female Witness | Anna Rubley as Jodie Armstrong | Bob McCracken as Warden Hansen | Kelly Curran as Karla Demshure | Steven Howell as Gary Hazlett | Jo Beth Locklear as Emily Sisk | Leigha Kingsley as Cara Smith

160 :07x22 - Profiling 101

Rossi and the team present one of the longest-tenured serial killer cases to college students, and they take the class through a nearly 20-year chase for the murderer

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Adam Nelson as Thomas "Tommy" Yates |
Co-Guest Stars: Elizabeth June as Professor Marsha Grant | Zack Weinstein as David Zimmerman | Nate Thomas as Lance | Sally Hughes (2) as Devin | Kagiso Alicia Paynter as Bianca | Ashley Leggat as Sloan | Kelly Lynn Warren as Trudy Yates 1977 | Alec Gatlin as 10-year-old Tommy | Daniel Guzman as Dr. Castro | Tara Shayne as Tina Dyson | Kellen McGee as Angie | Eileen Fogarty as Dr. Lin | Cyndi Martino as Diane | Denise Carole as Crystal | Rene Ashton as Grace Powell | Kay D'Arcy as Trudy Yates 2005 | Julie Dove as Brianne Matloff | Eugenia Care as Marie | Shannon Sullivan as Ruth Taylor | Linda Sandee Larson as Lynn | Dan Owens as Steve | Richard Henning (1) as John | Elizabeth Southard as Becca | Paul Morgan Fredrix as Donald | Jolie Adamson as Georgina Yates | Thomas Phelan as 15-year-old Tommy

161 :07x23 - Hit (1)

When the BAU goes up against a gang of serial-killing bank robbers in Washington, D.C., the team tries to negotiate the situation unfolding inside the bank, but the stakes rise when one of their own becomes a hostage.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jayne Atkinson as FBI Section Chief Director Erin Strauss | Josh Stewart as Detective William LaMontagne Jr. | Nicholas Brendon as Kevin Lynch | Bellamy Young as Beth Clemmons | Sebastian Roché as Clyde Easter | Josh Randall as Matthew Downs | Tricia Helfer as Izzy Rogers | Evan Jones as Chris Stratton |
Co-Guest Stars: Cade Owens as Jack Hotchner | Mekhai Andersen as Henry | Gina Garcia Sharp as Evidence Tech Gina | Brian Appel as Agent Anderson | Seth Laird as Oliver Stratton | Elena Varela as Jodi Ketelson | Marie Wilson as Lynne Noble | Mickey Casab as Shawn Harper | Marsha Henry as Annie Beneville | Lance Danford as Terry Rosett | Dawan Owens as Zack Hansen | Sasha Matthews as Reese Hansen | Pamela Marie Hobby as Hannah Wakefield | Brady Rubin as Shirley Hamilton | Augie Riddell as Ray Hamilton | Dean Lemont as Agent Travis Green
Director: Michael Lange
Writer: Rick Dunkle

162 :07x24 - Run (2)

As the BAU team continues to pursue the bank-robbing serial killers, the team determines that the suspects have a bigger target in the Nation's capital, and with one of the team still a hostage, they must work quickly to diffuse an explosive situation. Also, wedding bells ring for one of the BAU, and Prentiss ponders her future.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jayne Atkinson as FBI Section Chief Director Erin Strauss | Josh Stewart as Detective William LaMontagne Jr. | Nicholas Brendon as Kevin Lynch | Bellamy Young as Beth Clemmons | Sebastian Roché as Clyde Easter | Josh Randall as Matthew Downs | Tricia Helfer as Izzy Rogers | Evan Jones as Chris Stratton |
Co-Guest Stars: Cade Owens as Jack Hotchner | Gina Garcia Sharp as Evidence Tech Gina | Brian Appel as Agent Anderson | Marsha Henry as Annie Young | Brady Rubin as Shirley Hamilton | Augie Riddell as Ray Hamilton | Candy Clark as Sandy Jareau | D. Elliot Woods as Medic | Tara Kirkland as Kate Bryggman | Matthew Jones as Police Officer | Mekhai Andersen as Henry
Director: Glenn Kershaw
Writer: Erica Messer

Season 8

163 :08x01 - The Silencer

When a Texas prisoner escapes during a transfer, he leaves behind victims with his unique trademark, sewing their mouths shut, a signature the BAU remembers as unique to the UnSub "The Silencer." While they investigate who he was and who he's become, the BAU also gets to know the newest member of the team.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jayne Atkinson as FBI Section Chief Director Erin Strauss | Sam Hennings as Marshall John Tilghman |
Co-Guest Stars: Troy Kotsur as John Myers | Ray Mirabal as Mitch Gregory | Tracy Fraim as Kevin Jenson | Julia Silverman as Dr. Janine Ainsworth | Matt Beck as Tyler Parker | Brian Slaten as Danny Tucker | Meagan Campbell as Laura Tucker | Bianca D'Ambrosio as Kelly Tucker | Jessica Ires Morris as Julie Myers | Kayla Tabish as Girl at Rest Stop | Aidan Collins as Young James | Jarrod Bailey as Teenage James
Director: Glenn Kershaw
Writer: Erica Messer

164 :08x02 - The Pact

When the bodies of two seemingly unrelated victims are found just hours apart in San Diego and Los Angeles respectively, the BAU suspects that not one, but two killers are working together to commit these murders.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Kim Wayans as Darlene Beckett | Mackenzie Phillips as Ellen Russel | Brandon Keener as Jason Nelson |
Co-Guest Stars: Meghan Maureen McDonough as Brenda Wipley | Paul Haitkin as Kyle Wipley | Victoria Platt as Detective Angela Pratt | Bruno Oliver as Dr. Ray Mathis | Scott Ly as Paul Montgomery | Stephen Jordan as James Dolan
Director: Karen Gaviola

165 :08x03 - Through the Looking Glass

When one Kansas family turns up dead and another goes missing, the BAU looks for a link between the cases to find out who is behind the kidnappings and murders. Also, Hotch gets surprising news from Beth.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Bellamy Young as Beth Clemmons | John Fleck as Arthur Rykov | Gary Grubbs as Detective Oren Carr | Danielle Bisutti as Debra Acklin | Josh Stamberg as Mike Acklin | Shelby Young as Mackenzie Acklin |
Co-Guest Stars: Cade Owens as Jack Hotchner | Ian Bieda as Braden Acklin | Adam Conger as Judd | Tony Forsmark as Stone | Hans Obma as Drifter/Nathan Eades | Jeanne Joe as Mrs. Kin Nishio | Brad C. Light as Ross Acklin | John Gale as Bill Pittman | Ali Bayless as Vanessa Hall | Willie James Warren Jr. as Randy Harper | Mary Kathleen Gordon as Dr. Kay Armbruster | Nick Saso as Young Arthur | Bobby Hall (2) as E. J. Torres
Director: Dermott Downs

166 :08x04 - God Complex

When a legless body is found in the New Mexico desert and a second unwilling amputee shows up at the hospital, the BAU team searches for this amateur surgeon before he preys upon his next reluctant victim. Also, Reid's phone calls to a mystery woman have the team intrigued.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Arjay Smith as Tony Anders | Ray Wise as John Nelson | Chris McGarry as Carl Timmons | Jamie Rose as Linda Nelson |
Co-Guest Stars: Stefan Marks as Doug Smith | Paul Sanchez as Detective Gonzalez | Marion Ruth Kerr as Donna Sullivan | Regina Saldivar as Maria Rodriguez | Heleya de Barros as ER Doctor | Lou Richards as Ben Hughes | Liz Jenkins as Triage Nurse
Director: Larry Teng

167 :08x05 - The Good Earth

When four men go missing in rural Oregon, the BAU searches for a common link among them in order to track them down. Also, JJ gets upset when her son Henry doesn't want to celebrate Halloween this year

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Anne Dudek as Emma Kerrigan | Rebecca Wisocky as Sheriff Olivia Colwin |
Co-Guest Stars: Mekhai Andersen as Henry | Raquel Houghton as Cara Barrett | Matthew Jaeger as Terry Rodgers | Danielle Langlois as Geena Deaver | Hannah Eisenmann as Lexy Kerrigan | John Churchill as Dr. Edward Gourse | Tammy Garrett as Nurse | Tom Beyer as Dr. Rowe | Allison Ikin as Cheryl Winslow | Michanne Quinney as Dr. Holly Roettinger | Don Jeanes as Deputy | Coronado Romero as Paul Hicks | Scott Antonucci as Barry Deaver | Paul DiVito as Gary Ellard
Director: John Terlesky

168 :08x06 - The Apprenticeship

When prostitutes in Miami are discovered murdered in a similar style to local animals found dead there, the BAU must work fast to find an UnSub whose confidence is quickly escalating. Also, Morgan tries to increase Reid's athletic skills by convincing him to join the bureau softball team.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Harrison Thomas as Toby Whitewood | Matthew Lillard as David Roy Turner | Michelle Alvarado Martins as stunt double: Veronica Carranza (uncredited) |
Co-Guest Stars: Nancy La Scala as Claire Whitewood | Veronica Diaz-Carranza as Amanda Lopez | Hector Hank as Detective Sam Oglivie | Shirley Jordan as Dr. Rosa Escobedo | Shira Scott Astrof as Hollie Riggio | Marina Lyon as Shawna Radford | Eitra Kennedy as Jose Aguilar | Mekhai Andersen as Henry | Cade Owens as Jack Hotchner | Michael Broderick as Secret Service Player | Chuck Pierce (2) as Umpire
Director: Rob Bailey

169 :08x07 - The Fallen

The BAU travels to Santa Monica when burned bodies of homeless people begin showing up by the famous pier. Also, Rossi reconnects with his former Marine sergeant from Vietnam.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Meshach Taylor as Harrison Scott | Shane Johnson as Chad Mills | Conni Marie Brazelton as Sarah Mapes |
Co-Guest Stars: Robert Dunne as Young Rossi | Joseph H. Johnson Jr. as Young Scott | Valerie Perri as Amanda Bell | Sharline Liu as Dr. Stacey Carroll | Merilee Brasch as Rebecca Leeman | James Kirkland as Jeremy | Rene Rosado as PFC Hernandez | Erik Steffens as PFC Mattheson | Christian Campos as Hernandez III | Mary Mora Cordova as Hernandez's Mother | Brook Adams as Lindsay Leeman
Story: Rick Dunkle, Danny Ramm | Teleplay: Rick Dunkle

170 :08x08 - The Wheels on the Bus

Whem a school bus full of children goes missing the BAU team is called in to help locate them.
Guest Stars: Andrew James Allen as Josh Moore | David Gallagher as Matt Moore | Devon Werkheiser as Billy Walton | Brittany Curran as Addyson Jones | Nicholas Brendon as Kevin Lynch | Reggie Hayes as Detective William Richards |
Co-Guest Stars: Chris Hendrie as Roy Webster | Marcia Ann Burrs as Mrs. Roberts | Robert Bailey, Jr. as Sean Parker | Cole Bernstein as Wendy Campbell | Paul James Jordan as Trent Walker | Rocky Bonifield as Regan Walton | Dawn Greenidge as Principal Anderson | Keely Marshall as Debbie Joy
Director: Rob Hardy

171 :08x09 - Magnificent Light

When a recent attendee at a popular motivational speaker's conference in Seattle is murdered, the BAU looks at the speaker as the main suspect, but they have to refocus their investigation when the speaker himself goes missing. Also, Garcia is puzzled when Morgan declines to attend a dinner honoring an old family friend.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Patrick Fabian as Barry Flynn | Raphael Sbarge as Carl Finster | Matthew Yang King as Detective Harrison Chen | Kelly Smith (2) as Dr. Marcy Frome | Rico E. Anderson as David Cooper |
Co-Guest Stars: Ursula Burton as Cynthia Strobl | Kari Wahlgren as Rena Tracey | Jonathan Dane as Ricky Lopez | Jenny Robinson as Janet Dodd | Cesar Garcia as Gangbanger | John T. Woods as Stephen Caldwell | Ariana Dubynin as Mrs. Caldwell | Kennedy Mason as Caldwell Daughter | Dan Foote as Replicator Victim
Director: John Kretchmer

172 :08x10 - The Lesson

The BAU investigates a series of male bodies that have been oddly disposed of, finding themselves in search of a killer with ritualistic tendencies. Also, Reid gets anxious when faced with the possibility of meeting his mystery woman.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Brad Dourif as Adam Rain | Hans Howes as Mr. James | Mark Povinelli as Mr. Conrad | Hanna Hall as Connie Foster | Suzanne Krull as Dr. Glenn | Jay Hayden as Bobby Putnam | Beth Riesgraf as Maeve Donovan |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Charles Boucher as Evan Davis | Kurtis James Erwin as Byron Sadler | Steve Suh as CSI Tech | Sean Whalen as Tucker White | Matt Kirkwood as George Small | Jake Brennan as Matt Small | Noah Darden as Young Unsub | Maya Stojan as Hostess | Carlos Cervantes as Detective Martin (as Gary Cervantes) | John Hawkinson as Alex Rain

173 :08x11 - Perennials

The BAU heads south to investigate a fast-moving UnSub whose signature matches that of a serial killer from 30 years ago. Also, the team learns that someone is tracking their cases and replicating crimes the BAU is solving

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Bill Tangradi as Willie Kestler | Stephan DuVall as Otis | Kristen O'Meara as Jane Sissler |
Co-Guest Stars: Kim Robillard as Sheriff Mitchell | Erika Godwin as Floressa | Sarah Benoit as Doris | Scott Vance as Dr. Frank Chapman | Danielle Hoetmer as Brianna Wells | Bethany Orr as Stephanie Barrett | Jon Rudnitsky as Kyle Owens | Jarid Root as Aidan | Kevin Ryan as Cop | Patrick Holder as Russell Smith | John McCool Bowers as Bill Kestler (Unsub's Grandfather) | Rebecca Flinn as Beverly Kestler (Unsub's Mother) | Chad Anthony Miller as Hospital Clerk | Steven Connor as Doctor | Annzella Victoria as Nurse
Director: Michael Lange

174 :08x12 - Zugzwang

When Reid discovers that his girlfriend has been kidnapped by her stalker, he and the BAU team band together to find her before it's too late.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Michelle Trachtenberg as Diane | Jay Hayden as Bobby Putnam | Beth Riesgraf as Maeve Donovan |
Co-Guest Stars: Robert Mangiardi as Joe Donovan | Nancy Linari as Mary Donovan | Benmio McCrea as Dr. Lawrence Becker
Director: Jesse Warn

175 :08x13 - Magnum Opus

While Reid copes with a loss in his personal life, the rest of the BAU travels to San Francisco to investigate victims discovered in the Mission District.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: John Patrick Amedori as Bryan Hughes | Jamie Luner as Madison Riley | Anna George as Dr. Barbara Moore | Brian Mulligan as Andre |
Co-Guest Stars: Craig Watkinson as Detective Lennon Miles | Jeff Adler as Man | Melinda Stephan as Woman | Amy M. Morgan as Elaine Porter | Alex Beach as Sherry Douglas | Ashleigh Borman as Aimee Fortner | John R. Colley as Alan Archer | Malachi Weir as Tre | Zach Book as Paul | Kate Hamilton as Kelly Miller
Director: Glenn Kershaw

176 :08x14 - All That Remains

When the daughters of Bruce Morrison, a writer whose wife mysteriously vanished a year ago, go missing on the anniversary of their mother's disappearance, the BAU is brought in to study Morrison as a possible suspect.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Ken Olin as Bruce Morrison | Sophi Bairley as Sera Morrison | Keith Szarabajka as Detective Marty Friedman | Paul Dooley as Chip Gordon | Larry Poindexter as Jeff Godwin |
Co-Guest Stars: Delilah Napier as Katie Morrison | Anna Khaja as Dr. Francie Kendall | Donna Rusch as Judy Morrison
Director: Thomas Gibson
Writer: Erica Messer

177 :08x15 - Broken

The BAU heads to Austin to investigate victims found there with their watches set inaccurately, a clue which may connect the crimes. Meanwhile, the UnSub stalking the BAU inches closer in his pursuit of the team.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Yani Gellman as Mitchell Ruiz | Patrick John Fluegler as Paul Westin | Corey Mendell Parker as M.E. Kevin Aylesworth | Daniel Smith (1) as Will Blackburn | Ken Weller as Connor Drake |
Co-Guest Stars: Christina Michelle Nelson as Shanice Stone | Devon Ogden as Michelle Bradley | Ryan Caltagirone as Doug Warn | Mele Ihara as Susan Cole | Anton Narinskiy as Anton Slavsky | Hank Cheyne as Detective Edward Sanchez | Evelyn Edwards as Isabella Grant | Darren Kendrick as John Westin | Meagan Holder as Paige Munson | John Omohundro as 15-Year-Old Paul | Tanalee Glaser as Kind Woman
Director: Larry Teng
Writer: Rick Dunkle

178 :08x16 - Carbon Copy

When victims are found in Philadelphia in a similar style to victims of The Replicator, the stalker who has been tracking the BAU's every move, the team thinks this could be the break they need to try and apprehend him.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Matthew Del Negro as Detective David Rizzo | Jayne Atkinson as FBI Section Chief Director Erin Strauss | Scott Grimes as Donnie Bidwell |
Co-Guest Stars: Meredith Adams as Molly Patton | Bo Kane as Sergeant Blutarsky | Michelle Gardener as Dr. Balboa | Jessie Lande as Shannon Lavin | Billy Mayo as Captain Marcus Jackson | Brian Appel as Agent Anderson | Derek Graf as Ruffian
Director: Rob Hardy

179 :08x17 - The Gathering

The Un-sub in this episode runs a fantasy murder writing class and acts out the murders that his class write about.

Source: spoiler tv
Guest Stars: Nicholas Brendon as Kevin Lynch | Andrew Bowen as Mark Jackson | Patrick Breen as Peter Harper | Jayne Atkinson as FBI Section Chief Director Erin Strauss |
Co-Guest Stars: William Charlton as Detective Paul Boseman | Jacquelyn Zook as Nicole Francis | Sean Solan as John Butler | Stephen Simon as Sam | Ally Iseman as Laurel Tyson | Gita Reddy as M.E. Marvi Hatcher | Elizabeth Higgins Clark as Tammy | Stephanie Jones as Leslie Hopkins | Genevieve Levin as Reporter | David Bickford as Dr. Montgomery Houston | Lauren Marie Klausmeyer as Kayla Jefferson | Ayumi Iizuka as Call Center Operator | Trevor Jackson (1) as Tyler Rogers
Director: Michael Lange

180 :08x18 - Restoration

The BAU goes to Morgan's old neighborhood in urban Chicago in search of an UnSub targeting middle-aged men, and a clue leads Morgan to believe that they are after someone connected to the man who molested him as a child

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Keith Tisdell as Rodney Harris | Skipp Sudduth as Captain Stan Gordinski | Julius Tennon as Carl Buford |
Co-Guest Stars: Dennis LaValle as Anthony Rango | Jakobe' Dempsey as Jerome | Joe DiGiovanni as Billy | Adela Tirado as Officer Rodriguez | Joy DeMichelle Moore as Shondra Walters | Tom Williamson as James Barfield | Jordan Aaron Carroll as Teen Morgan | Garland Whitt as Keron Bendor | Nadege August as Sheila Goode | Ricardo Mamood-Vega as Paul Kelly | Wendy Rosoff as Female Reporter #1 | A'da Alison Woolfolk as Female Reporter #2 | Vito Viscuso as Male Reporter #3 | Everton Lawrence as Akil | Donis Leonard Jr. as Tyler Harris

181 :08x19 - Pay It Forward

When a time capsule in a small Colorado town is opened 25 years later and contains a gruesome discovery, the BAU investigates that crime and a possible link to the death of a local police officer

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Rob Nagle as Tory Chapman | Bill Dawes as Sheriff Bob Collier | Missy Crider as Leanne Tipton | Ryan Cutrona as Sam Wakefield | David Hayward as Clarence Tipton | Jeanette O'Connor as Arlene Tipton |
Co-Guest Stars: Tammy Dahlstrom as Mayor Lindsey Winters | Linda DeMetrick as Melanie Burke | Pamela Bellwood as Wanda Sullivan | Mitch Poulos as Middle Aged Man | Adam LaCoste as Young Man | Garrison True as Todd Backus | Burt Grinstead as Wade Burke | Diana Hopper as Young Leanne | Gregg Christie as Charlie Figg
Director: John Terlesky

182 :08x20 - Alchemy

The BAU travel to Rapid City after two male victims are discovered murdered in a ritualistic manner. Also, Reid continues to grieve over Maeve's death

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Angela Bettis as Tess Mynock | John Posey as Detective Tom Landry | David Hoflin as Chad Dumont | Cooper Huckabee as Raoul | Beth Riesgraf as Maeve Donovan |
Co-Guest Stars: Kate McDaniel as Amber Moxley | Claudia Christian as Agent Stern | Calliope Porter as Voluptuous Woman | John Kerry (2) as Eli Grohl | Adam Nee as Joseph Purl | Ed Zajac as Cowboy | Jody Carter as Old Woman | John Mawson as Waiter
Songs: Santo & Johnny -- Sleepwalk

183 :08x21 - Nanny Dearest

The BAU travels to Los Angeles looking for an UnSub who is kidnapping nannies and the children they care for on the same day each year

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Josh Stewart as Detective William LaMontagne, Jr. | Christopher Amitrano as Johnny Ray Covey | Yara Martinez as Tara Rios |
Co-Guest Stars: Mekhai Andersen as Henry | Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer as Gina Mendes | Samantha Colburn as Melody Payton | Leif Gantvoort as Shane Payton | Greg Ainsworth as Jogger | Greg Dehm as Dr. Jerry Berneman | Anthony Hawkins Woods as Reporter #1 | Arthur Keng as Reporter #2 | Michelle Loucadoux as Allison Astor | Alejandro Furth as Dr. Felix Mendoza | Kent Shocknek as News Reporter | Thomas Hobson as Leo | Trevor Kuhn as Max
Songs: Donovan (1) -- Sunshine Superman

184 :08x22 - #6

The BAU goes to Detroit to track an UnSub with a rapidly changing MO. Also, Blake's husband returns from overseas with a life-changing career proposition for her

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: D.W. Moffett as James Blake | Erin Cummings as Emma Churchill | Adam Harrington as Phillip Connor (as Adam J. Harrington) |
Co-Guest Stars: Giovanni Adams as Brendon | Gracemarie Serafina as Elizabeth Garrett | Allison Lane as Mary Hammond | Jocelyn Ayanna as Dr. Harriet Jones | James Moses Black as Detective Ron Keaton | Bruce Kenny as CEO #1 | Cliff Berens as CEO #2 | Elisabeth Noone as Agatha Connor | Maggie Lehman as Maya Connor | Nathan Davis (2) as Eddie | Matthew Floyd Miller as Dennis Hammond
Director: Karen Gaviola

185 :08x23 - Brothers Hotchner

The Replicator zeroes in on the BAU when the killer targets one of the team as the next victim. Also, the BAU is called in to investigate a string of deaths in Manhattan tied to apparent ecstasy overdoses, and Hotch discovers that his estranged brother, Sean, is caught in the middle

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jayne Atkinson as FBI Section Chief Director Erin Strauss | Bellamy Young as Beth Clemmons | Eric Johnson as Sean Hotchner | Sean Maguire as Thane Parks | Mark Hamill as John Curtis |
Co-Guest Stars: Cade Owens as Jack Hotchner | Annabelle Borke as Anna Johnson | Stephen Wastell as Jim Peters | Matthew Grathwol as Greg Matulic | Brie Eley as Kimberly Sullivan | Paul Shaw as Bernard Hatchitt | Meghan Strange as Catherine Hatchitt | Avery Kristen Pohl as Kiegan Hatchitt | Tony Mirrcandani as Walter Beaird | Richard Augustine as Larry Feretich
Director: Rob Bailey
Writer: Rick Dunkle

186 :08x24 - The Replicator

The Replicator zeroes in on the BAU when the killer targets one of the team as the next victim. Also, the BAU is called in to investigate a string of deaths in Manhattan tied to apparent ecstasy overdoses, and Hotch discovers that his estranged brother, Sean, is caught in the middle
Guest Stars: Jayne Atkinson as FBI Section Chief Director Erin Strauss | Mark Hamill as John Curtis a.k.a. The Replicator | Nicholas Brendon as Kevin Lynch | Mark Moses as Senator Cramer |
Co-Guest Stars: Teresa Huang as Dr. Weiss | Kara Luiz as Liz Leonte | Brian Appel as Agent Anderson | Breanne Hill as Strauss Child #1 | Emma Marcus as Strauss Child #2 | Jordan Ledford as Strauss Child #3
Director: Glenn Kershaw
Writer: Erica Messer
Songs: Lily Kershaw -- Ashes Like Snow

Season 9

187 :09x01 - The Inspiration

The team heads to Arizona to help local authorities locate a methodical killer. They also believe Hotch is a candidate to become the new BAU unit chief.
Guest Stars: Fred Koehler as Wallace Hines | Camryn Manheim as Carla Hines |
Co-Guest Stars: JoNell Kennedy as Sgt. Lynne Johnson | Leah Garland as Dr. Pat Lewis | Lauren Lee Denham as Corin Todd | Rob Silverman as Mike Hardy | Katherine Everett as Emma Coleman | Bianca Malinowski as Mia Rivera | Gene Rathswohl as Officer Bachner | Brice Williams as Ben Coleman | Brianne Howey as Heather Clarke | Vince Melocchi as Erik Cole | Ian Bamberg as Waiter | Carrie Lazar as Patron | J. Omar Castro as Cop | D.T. Matias as Mini-Mark Clerk | Diane Mizota as Reporter
Director: Glenn Kershaw

188 :09x02 - The Inspired

As the BAU zeroes in on the suspect of the ritualistic killings they've been investigating in Arizona, a bizarre connection within the UnSub's family could lead them to finally nab the suspect

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Fred Koehler as Wallace Hines / Jesse Gentry | Camryn Manheim as Carla Hines |
Co-Guest Stars: JoNell Kennedy as Sgt. Lynne Johnson | Douglas Olsson as Mark Anderson | Richard Gleason as Bob Clarke | Stephanie Nash as Jean Clarke | Dominique Razón as Elizabeth Nash | Gene Rathswohl as Officer Bachner | John Michael Herndon as Bill Robbins | Brianne Howey as Heather Clarke | Elizabeth Schmidt as Vanessa Randall | Joseph Baird as Danny Randall
Director: Larry Teng

189 :09x03 - Final Shot

A sniper brings the BAU team to Dallas.
Guest Stars: Mike Colter as Colin Bramwell | Yetide Badaki as Maya Carcani | Suanne Spoke as Nancy Summers | Blake Gibbons as Adam Dawson | John M. Jackson as Agent Malcolm Hollins | Eva La Rue as Agent Tanya Mays |
Co-Guest Stars: Aly Sykes as Brooke | Kate Comer as Casey | Graham Skipper as Danny Sterling | Medalion Rahimi as Secretary
Director: Bethany Rooney

190 :09x04 - To Bear Witness

The BAU meets their new section chief, Mateo Cruz, who, unbeknownst to them, shares a long work history with JJ. Cruz joins the team as they comb the streets of Baltimore for an UnSub who leaves victims unable to communicate

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Esai Morales as Mateo Cruz | David Anders as Anton Harris |
Co-Guest Stars: Brian Appel as Agent Anderson | Franklin Killian as Sam Carter | Charles Chun as Dr. Hoshino | Emily Podleski as Dana Harris | Daren Dukes as Truck Driver | Martin Thompson as Mr. Harris
Director: Rob Bailey
Writer: Erica Messer

191 :09x05 - Route 66

As Hotch fights for his life due to complications from his stabbing at the hands of George Foyet, a.k.a. "The Reaper," he experiences visions of his late wife, Haley, and his nemesis, Foyet. Meanwhile, the BAU searches for a missing teenager and investigate her estranged father as a suspect in her disappearance

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Meredith Monroe as Haley | C. Thomas Howell as George Foyet/The Reaper | Todd Stashwick as Eddie Lee Wilcox | Madison Davenport as Samantha Wilcox |
Co-Guest Stars: Cade Owens as Jack Hotchner | Colin Woodell as Tommy Burns | Angela K. Thomas as Paramedic #1 | Devin Rumer as Paramedic #2 | Courtenay Taylor as Melody Grimes | Granville Ames as Gas Station Attendant | Bruce Katzman as Doctor #1 | Rajesh Bose as Doctor #2 | Molly Baker as Jessica Brooks

192 :09x06 - In The Blood

When the BAU investigates victims of possible ritualistic murders in Utah, clues lead them to believe that the UnSub they are looking for might have a fascination with the Salem Witch Trials. Also, Garcia prepares for a "Day of the Dead" celebration at her apartment

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: James Immekus as Leland | Tom Irwin as Sgt. Joe Mahaffey | Jeff Griggs as Herbert Sykes | Sarah Jane Morris as Yvonne Carpenter | Caitlin Carmichael as Kylie |
Co-Guest Stars: Peggy Dunne as Linda Grunwell M.E. | John Lee Ames as Parker Mills | Aubrey Manning as Charlotte Novak | Charlotte Ubben as Gloria Carlyle
Director: Michael Lange

193 :09x07 - Gatekeeper

After a series of strangulations in Boston, the BAU looks for an UnSub who likes to keep mementos of the victims, and the team wonders if a common link to the casualties could lead them to the culprit. Meanwhile, the BAU rallies around Rossi when his favorite bar is on the verge of closing

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Jack Plotnick as Tanner | Tara Buck as Hannah Johnson | Julianna Guill as Ashley Fouladi |
Co-Guest Stars: Brent Bailey as Scotty Delfino | Angela Bullock as Helen | Noshir Dalal as Ben Harrison | Tory Doherty as Colin Kirkland | Joey Wagner Luthman as Jake Preston | Jenny Strubin as Dr. Janis Karickhoff | Dominique Davis as Kara | Ray Stoney as Nick Wilson | Franklin Fung as Bad Karaoke Singer
Writer: Rick Dunkle

194 :09x08 - The Return

When teenagers who were reported missing are suspected of a series of mass murders in Chicago, the BAU investigates their whereabouts to find a motive for the crimes. Also, Morgan has conflicting feelings when his girlfriend takes her job at a hospital as seriously as he takes his

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Rochelle Aytes as Savannah Hayes | Maurice Compte as Detective Reyes | Jimmy Carlson as Reporter |
Co-Guest Stars: Mark Sivertsen as Wayne Gulino | Kelly Hawthorne as Sylvia Hoover | Emily Skinner as Julie Hoover | Ronnie Banks as Gavin Rossler | Andrew Fiscella as Officer Ryan Clayburn | Koby Kumi-Diaka as Trevor Madison | Gwen McGee as Dr. Taylor | A.J. Achinger as Daniel Morrison | Jan Broberg as Lauren Morrison | Joanna Tiwald as Stephanie Lawford | Alexander Eckert as Cameron Patterson | Karly Rothenberg as Leah Rollins
Director: John Terlesky

195 :09x09 - Strange Fruit

When skeletons are found in the backyard of a Virginia home, the BAU centers its investigation on the family living there, unearthing family secrets rooted in the past racial divisions in the South

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Esai Morales as Section Chief Mateo Cruz | L. Scott Caldwell as Tina Johnson | Glynn Turman as Charles Johnson | Seth Gilliam as Lyle Johnson |
Co-Guest Stars: Jason Mac as Mike Bishop | Alexandria Cree as Cheryl Bishop | Jeremy Woodland as Greg | Clay Blanchette as Cop | Paget Kagy as M.E. Tamako Kimura | Grayson Duvall Wittenbarger as Young Karl Beck | David Ryan Speer as Young James Moses | Kian Morr as Young Charles

196 :09x10 - The Caller

When a young boy goes missing from his home in St. Louis, the BAU reinvestigates a similar cold case to search for the UnSub

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Marika Dominczyk as Lida Taffert | Doug Savant as Malcolm Taffert |
Co-Guest Stars: Frank Collison as Richard Clayvin | Adam Edgar as Agent Green | Kevin Rock as Dr. Eldon Mercer | Carl Schwaber as Leon Burns | Elia Saldana as Marla Golden | Michael Ostroski as Daniel Milworth | Adalgiza Chermont as Nurse | Marcus Eckert as Young Boy Daniel | Betty Fraser as Reporter | Kate Burton as Holly Golden
Director: Rob Bailey

197 :09x11 - Bully

A tense reunion between Blake, her retired police captain father and detective brother takes place when the BAU is called into Kansas City.
Guest Stars: Brennan Elliott as Scott Miller | Tom Bower (2) as Damon Miller |
Co-Guest Stars: Tom Vincent as Ronald James Underwood | Jim Garrity as Harold Ramsey | Felisha Cooper as Laurie Patterson | Jake Miller as Charles Gates | Arianna Ortiz as Dr. Liz Montoya | Tim True as Daryl Barnes | Kim Genelle as Renee Patterson | Simon Vance as Gil Patterson | Macka Foley as Trainer | Saxon Jones as Riley Wilson | Braden Lynch as Edward Ray Stokes | Lindsay Wolf as Sheryl | Phillip Fallon as Young Ronald
Director: Glenn Kershaw

198 :09x12 - The Black Queen

When the BAU goes to San Jose to investigate a string of murders, Garcia delves into her hacker past and reconnects with her old flame to help the team with the case
Guest Stars: Jeffrey Combs as John Nichols | Erik Passoja as Sam Russell | Paulo Costanzo as Shane Wyeth |
Co-Guest Stars: Clifford Morts as Bob Cooper | Cecile Cubilo as Debbie Bloom | Jesse Heiman as Ethan | Mandy May as Gloria Holden | Rayna Tharani as Marguerite Churchill | Caroline Whitney Smith as Kathleen Miller | David Salsa as Lt. Mike Sommers | Jackie Joyner as Rhonda

199 :09x13 - The Road Home

Rossi is concerned when he hears that his former Marine sergeant has gone missing, so heads to LA to find him. In Cleveland a vigilante killer needs to be tracked down by the BAU. JJ's secret is almost exposed.
Guest Stars: Meshach Taylor as Harrison Scott | Jon Gries as Clifford Walsh | Jack Wallace as Carl | Meeghan Holaway as Cheryl Grant |
Co-Guest Stars: Carl W. Crudup as Willie | Cesar Garcia as Gangbanger #1 | Michael Domantay as Gangbanger #2 | Mik Scriba as Clerk | Vijaya Kumari as Sita Patel | Alexis Peters as Madison Davis | Mark Hapka as Terry Pyke | Thomas F. Evans as Sgt. Gulsby | Loki Pacheco as Dane Hendrix | Russell Richardson as Thomas Scott | Hilary Ward as May Scott | Vern Urich as Jogger | Shelley Gershoni as Bartender | Suzanne Sena as TV Announcer | Ian Patrick Williams as Clarence | Natalija Nogulich as Helen Clark
Director: Joe Mantegna

200 :09x14 - 200

The BAU investigate JJ's time at the State Department after she disappears unexpectedly. They then uncover a secret mission plotting to put her life in danger, the team call Prentiss in to help find her.
Special Guest Stars: Paget Brewster as Emily Prentiss |
Guest Stars: Jayne Atkinson as Erin Strauss | Esai Morales as Section Chief Mateo Cruz | Josh Stewart as Det. William LaMontagne Jr. | Farah Tahir as Tivon Askari | Tahmoh Penikett as Michael Hastings | Nicholas Brendon as Kevin Lynch | Debrah Farentino as Undersecretary Rosemary Jackson |
Co-Guest Stars: Mekhai Andersen as Henry | Brian Appel as Agent Anderson | Gina Garcia Sharp as Agent Sharp | Stephen Gregory Fuller as Building Administrator | Darrian Lorenzo as Security | Chervine Namani as Tech | Nicole Shalhoub as Nadia
Director: Larry Teng
Writer: Rick Dunkle

201 :09x15 - Mr. and Mrs. Anderson

Garcia and Morgan share Valentine's Day plans with their significant others. The BAU investigates several murders occuring in the Pittsburgh area and are soon looking for a pair of UnSubs who are working as a team.
Guest Stars: Rochelle Aytes as Savannah Hayes | Ned Bellamy as Alan Anderson | Mary Mara as Judith Anderson | Wendy Davis (1) as Kathleen Benedict |
Co-Guest Stars: Stephen Simon as Sam | Jarvis W. George as Agent Eli West | Whitney Morgan Cox as Hanna Franklin | Charlie Babcock as Johnny Matthews | Brittany Faith Rosoff as Maya Taylor | Winston Story as Dr. Garnett Packard | Morgan McClellan as James Crayton

202 :09x16 - Gabby

In Mississippi a 4 year old girl staying with relatives goes missing. The BAU makes a shocking discovery whilst trying to find the missing child and races to bring her back to safety again.
Guest Stars: Sianoa Smit-McPhee as Sue Walsh | Ashley Jones as Kate Hoffer | Molly Culver as SSA Tia Canning |
Co-Guest Stars: Julia Butters as Gabby Hoffer | Brad Berryhill as Cashier | Cean Houston as Willie Blaine | Cassandra Relynn as Daphnie | Tysen Fraker as Ian Little | Jimmy Taylor as Rodney | Dennis Baker as Austin Leland | Trisha Rae Stahl as Michelle Fader | Darin Singleton as Doug | Audrey Hsieh as Asian Girl | Rachel Hroncich as Nicole Jones
Director: Thomas Gibson

203 :09x17 - Persuasion

Mysterious drowning deaths discovered in the Las Vegas desert have the BAU trying to figure out the true cause and motive for the murders

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: David Clennon as Marvin Caul | Ashton Holmes as Finn Bailey | Michael Irby as Cesar Jones | Susan Santiago as Det. Solana Ramirez | Darren Romeo as Romeo the Magician | Gregory Bach as Olsen | Keelin Woodell as Sarah Renfield | Sheila Shaw as Irma | Mark Sande as Bill | Keisuke Hoashi as Dr. John Chen | Travis Hammer as Elijah Hall | Courtney Cunningham as Frida Bancroft | Kayla Crance as Renee Sheffield | Karen Teliha as Gladys | Olga Pikhienko as Olga the Contortionist

204 :09x18 - Rabid

When three bodies are found with animal and human bite marks in a shallow grave near Milwaukee, the BAU has puzzling questions to answer. Meanwhile, Reid and Garcia work out for a company fitness test, but try to hide their preparation from Morgan

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Steve Monroe as David Wade Cunningham | Dana Melanie as Gloria Wilson | Chris Coy as Russell Holmes | Tammy Lauren as Liz Foley | Phil Abrams as Dr. Weinstein | George Alvarez as Officer Kowalski | Chloe Wepper as Barista | Brittani Ebert as Soccer Mom | Chris Hatfield as Mr. Foley | Jacqueline Scislowski as Foley Daughter #1 | Hannah Swain as Foley Daughter #2 | Shawn Kathryn Kane as Nanny | Ayana Hampton as Jogger

205 :09x19 - The Edge of Winter

As the BAU wraps up an investigation into unusual stabbings in Upstate New York, Morgan's visit with one of the crime's survivors could uncover more questions left for the team to answer

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Aasha Davis as Daria Samsen | Emayatzy E. Corinealdi as Ellen Samsen | Taymour Ghazi as Joe Bachner | Anthony Nuccio as Coby Peters | Mandi Kreisher as Carrie | Caroline Lindy as Melissa | Scott Speiser as Dr. Claude Pinault | Lisa Kaminir as Dr. Carol Roberts | Guy Nardulli as Det. Walker | Isabella Way as Nurse | Matthew Alan Brady as Lionel | Marty Fortney as Dad | Aaron Fili as M.E. Garrison | Steven Dady as Son | Sunny Suljic as Young Joe

206 :09x20 - Blood Relations

When two murder victims are found in a backwoods community in West Virginia, the BAU uncovers a long-simmering feud between two families and must investigate which side could be responsible for the deaths

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Bill Oberst Jr. as UnSub | Adrienne Barbeau as Cissy Howard | Tobin Bell as Malachi Lee | Ronnie Gene Blevins as Miles Lee | Gregory Sporleder as Sam Caplan |
Co-Guest Stars: Stephanie C. Allen as Teenage Cissy | Wednezday Ryan as Appalachian Woman | Rocky McMurray as Captain Rogers | Cedrick Hardman as Unsub Hand Double | Castille Landon as Maddie Lee | Ben Adams (1) as Teen Malachi | Dede Drake as Sandy | Will Green as Brent | Burt Culver as Clark Howard

207 :09x21 - What Happens In Mecklinburg…

A series of targeted kidnappings near Memphis have the BAU searching for a commonality between the missing persons and a motive to lead to the UnSub. Meanwhile, Savannah vents her frustration to Morgan about the amount of traveling he does for his job

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Rochelle Aytes as Savannah Hayes | Anne Leighton as Susan Harrison |
Co-Guest Stars: Colleen Donovan as Christy White | Alisha Wainwright as Debbie Martin | Dwight Hicks as Raymond Martin | Marshall Teague as Dr. Edward Calder | Jason Turner as Dr. Albert Miles | Lisa Grady as Agnes Kane | Elly Schaefer as Lauryn-Anne Harrison | Ty LaPlaunt as Christopher Stafford | Luke Loving as Adam Richmond | Matthew Helfer as Trevor Burkett | Cj McBath as Marcus Kinman | Mark Vuncannon as Hunter | James Bane as Cop | Dar Dixon as Michael Smith
Director: Rob Hardy

208 :09x22 - Fatal

The team suspect someone has a bizarre attachment to Greek mythology when they investigate a spate of deaths caused by arsenic poisoning. Hotch is concerned about taking part in Jack's career day.
Guest Stars: Bruce Baumgartner as Bill Harding | Marcos De La Cruz as Det. Jimmy Tavez | Terry Serpico as Wick Griffith |
Co-Guest Stars: Nikki Tomlinson as Candace | Richmond Arquette as Sgt. Mack | Chris Moss as Wayne Campbell | Victor Morris as Sgt. Burnell | Giovanni Lopes as Carlos Ortega | Germaine Scott Grimes as Benjie Ruiz | Steve Campbell (1) as Patrolman Harris | Patrick Robert Smith as Bartender | Tisha French as Janice Cheswick | Martica De Cardenas as Sgt. Fletcher | Brian Houtz as Manager | Brooke Stone as Bonnie Taylor | Tristin Rupp as Ms. Springer | Cade Owens as Jack Hotchner | Layla Crawford as Susie | Lane Thomas as Worker
Director: Larry Teng

209 :09x23 - Angels (Part I)

When the BAU is called to Texas to consult on the murders of prostitutes, evidence points to killings with religious overtones. But as they delve further into the investigation, the team could put their lives at risk

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Esai Morales as Section Chief Mateo Cruz | Michael Trucco as Owen McGregor | Brett Cullen as Preacher Mills | Kevin E. West as Sheriff Coleman | Brady Smith as Deputy Marty Bennett | Romi Dias as Deputy Vicky Lorenzana |
Co-Guest Stars: Tamara Clatterbuck as Dinah Stidham | Veronica Roy as Belinda Clark | Sarah Stouffer as Tabitha Ryan | Cyrina Fiallo as Jesse Moore | Ashley Dulaney as Abigail Jones | Tom Proctor as Dusty | Amy Schloerb as Carrie Lawson | Dougald Park as Principal McIntyre | Shawn Law as Albert Franklin | Roberta E. Bassin as Linda | Brice Fisher as Bobby | Gary Cairns II as Travis
Director: Rob Bailey

210 :09x24 - Demons (Part II)

The BAU continues its murder investigation in Texas, and clues uncover a deep web of corruption that could be the motive for the killings. Meanwhile, as one team member's life hangs in the balance, another concerned BAU member must face a sad secret from the past, and Garcia is thrust into action to save a colleague

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Esai Morales as BAU Section Chief Mateo Cruz | Michael Trucco as Owen McGregor | Brett Cullen as Preacher Mills | Kevin E. West as Sheriff Coleman | Brady Smith as Deputy Marty Bennett | Romi Dias as Deputy Vicky Lorenzana |
Co-Guest Stars: Tamara Clatterbuck as Dinah Stidham | Tim Lane as Dr. Wolfe | Potsch Boyd as Male Nurse | Lucas Barker as Josh Stidham | Trevor Scott as EMT #1 | Shannon Kern as EMT #2 | Betty Murphy as Dinah's Mom | David Atkinson as Deputy Everett
Director: Glenn Kershaw
Writer: Erica Messer
Songs: Lily Kershaw -- Maybe

Season 10

211 :10x01 - X

The BAU team investigate a list of murders in Bakersfield, California. The victims have been left unidentifiable by their murderer(s). Elsewhere the team welcome new agent Kate Callahan into the BAU family.
Guest Stars: Kerr Smith as Frank Cowles | Lily Mariye as Dr. Lee | Daryl Crittenden as Mark |
Co-Guest Stars: Al Vicente as Lt. Ted Banks | Eric Frentzel as Steven Parkett | Hailey Sole as Meg | Jakob Wedel as Corey Cowles
Director: Glenn Kershaw
Writer: Erica Messer

212 :10x02 - Burn

Following a series of abductions and murders in Seattle, the BAU look for an UnSub who was abused in the past and is after revenge.
Guest Stars: C.S. Lee as Justin Leu | Nicholas Brendon as Kevin Lynch | Potsch Boyd as Greg Baylor |
Co-Guest Stars: Christopher Devlin as Detective Sachs | Al Coronel as Mr. Connoley | Jimmy O. Yang as Nathan Chow | Ambrit Millhouse as Shanice | Vivian Kerr as Emily Hazley | Ho-Kwan Tse as Raymond Leu | Steven Hack as Dr. Anthony Reynolds | Rick Deats as Flashback Priest | Tom Killam as Warden | Blair Dickens as Guard | Karen Furno as Widow | Carlos E. Campos as Baldrige Priest | Austin Chandra as Young Justin Leu | Philip Ellis as Todd Leu
Director: Karen Gaviola
Songs: Radical Face -- The Gilded Hand

213 :10x03 - A Thousand Suns

A passenger jet crashes in Colorado, leaving the BAU team to build a profile around the suspicious events. Kate is reminded of a family tragedy.
Guest Stars: Deidrie Henry as Commander Jumilla Reardon | Eyal Podell as Charlie Hosswell | Charles Carroll as Galen Petosky
Director: Rob Bailey

214 :10x04 - The Itch

After a body is found in Atlanta covered in scratches, the BAU learn that this death and other subsequent murders could all be linked to an UnSub with an obsessive skin disorder.
Guest Stars: Jon Abrahams as Leo Jenkins | Alicia Coppola as Lisa Randall | Brit Morgan as Jane Posner | John Prosky as Jim Carlson | Cullen Douglas as Dr. Wilson | François Chao as Dr. Jack Chun
Director: Larry Teng

215 :10x05 - Boxed In

After a young boy who went missing in San Diego on Halloween reappears a year later, the BAU are called out into action after another trick-or-treater disappears in similar circumstances.
Guest Stars: Pamela Reed as Mary Bidwell | J. Michael Trautmann as John David Bidwell | Anjali Bhimani as Dr. Rasgotra | Christopher May as Rodney Tanner
Director: Thomas Gibson
Songs: TAPS -- What have I done

216 :10x06 - If the Shoe Fits

It is a difficult time for the team when finding a common denominator among several victims in Montana. After the death of her sister, J.J. is struggling with her feelings.
Guest Stars: Abbie Cobb as Claire Dunbar
Director: Bethany Rooney

217 :10x07 - Hashtag

After victims with massive social media followings are discovered dead in Maryland, the BAU looks for an UnSub taking on the persona of an Internet urban legend.
Guest Stars: Rochelle Aytes as Savannah Hayes | James Austin Kerr as Connor Holt | Ian Nelson (1) as William Pratt
Writer: Rick Dunkle

218 :10x08 - The Boys of Sudworth Place

After a prominent attorney vanishes in Boston, the BAU discover secrets from his past which could give a clue to his sudden disappearance.
Guest Stars: Jeffrey Nordling as Jack Westbrook | Evan Gamble as Chad Griffith | Garrett Boyd as Brian Stiller | Christie Lynn Smith as Linda Westbrook
Director: Laura Belsey

219 :10x09 - Fate

The BAU follow a conflicted killer in the state of Virginia who feels remorseful having committing crimes.
Guest Stars: Tina Holmes as Ellen Connell | Angelique Cabral as Sarah Ryan | Amber Stevens as Joy Struthers
Director: Rob Bailey

220 :10x10 - Amelia Porter

The BAU are in Salt Lake City to investigate a triple homicide.
Guest Stars: Travis Caldwell as Benton Farland | Mary Mouser as Rebecca Farland (as Mary Mouser) | Kasey Campbell (1) as Andy Farland | Nikki DeLoach as Audrey Hansen | Avery Clyde as Amelia Porter
Director: Alrick Riley

221 :10x11 - The Forever People

After some frozen bodies are discovered in Nevada, the team think that the victims were members of a cult.
Guest Stars: Brian Gant as Carl Mason | Grant Show as Colton Grant | Faran Tahir as Tivon Askari | Ptolemy Slocum as Jon Kanak

222 :10x12 - Anonymous

The team looks for a killer who calls the authorities before committing the crimes he is about to carry out.
Guest Stars: Ray Abruzzo as Frank Cosgrove | Lindsay Pulsipher as Estelle Cosgrove | Amber Stevens as Joy Struthers | Meeghan Holaway as Cheryl Grant | Paul Carafotes as Dale Crawford | J.J. Johnston as Impatient Man
Director: Joe Mantegna
Songs: Casey Hurt -- Mended Souls

223 :10x13 - Nelson’s Sparrow

The BAU goes back to its origins as they look at one of Rossi and Gideon’s old cases to try and locate a killer that managed to get away.
Guest Stars: Arye Gross as Donnie Mallick | Ben Savage as Young Jason Gideon | Eileen Grubba as Young Mary Ellen Barnett
Director: Glenn Kershaw

224 :10x14 - Hero Worship

When an Indianapolis coffee shop is blown up and a hero emerges from the wreckage, the BAU tries to protect that person and his family while searching for the UnSub before more incidents occur.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Lex Medlin as Allen Archer | Sarah Lafleur as Brenda Archer | Candace Burr Scholz as Dylan Einstein
Director: Larry Teng
Writer: Rick Dunkle

225 :10x15 - Scream

Victims in California have the BAU searching for an UnSub who may have witnessed abuse as a child. Meanwhile, Kate shows parental concern when her niece, Meg, makes a date with a friend to meet a boy they met online.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Greg Grunberg as Chris Callahan | Brian Poth as Peter Folkmore | Lisa Brenner as Greta Thomas | Martin Kove as John Folkmore

226 :10x16 - Lockdown

When two guards at a privatized maximum security prison in Texas are murdered, the BAU suspects that more than one UnSub within the prison could be at work.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: William Ragsdale as Capt. Dale Shavers | Robert Gant as Warden Miles Tate | Jeremiah Birkett as Julio Watson (as Jeremiah W. Birkett) | Matt Corboy as Officer Tom Polinsky
Director: Thomas Gibson

227 :10x17 - Breath Play

The BAU is called to Wisconsin in search of a serial killer, and the team looks for a connection among the victims for clues to the UnSub. Also, Kate has trouble dealing with her niece, Meg, when she begins acting out.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Mark Deklin as Patrick Jon Murphy | Rochelle Aytes as Savannah Hayes | Emily Goss as Charlotte Jacobsen | Emily Robinson as Connie Murphy
Writer: Erik Stiller

228 :10x18 - Rock Creek Park

When the wife of an up-and-coming congressman disappears, the BAU investigates his political enemies as possible suspects.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Tess Harper as Dinah Troy | Chris McKenna (2) as Congressman Benjamin Troy (as Chris L. McKenna) | Gloria Garayua as Madison Young | Marc Vann as Adam Fuchs

229 :10x19 - Beyond Borders

When a family of four is abducted while on vacation in Barbados, the BAU is called to assist Unit Chief Jack Garrett and his International Unit on their investigation. Garrett and his unit, the FBI's top division for handling cases involving Americans abroad, work jointly with Hotch and his team when they discover that this case matches one the BAU investigated last year in Florida.

Source: CBS
Special Guest Stars: Gary Sinise as Jack Garrett | Anna Gunn as Lily Lambert | Daniel Henney as Matthew Simmons | Tyler James Williams as Russ Montgomery |
Guest Stars: Tom Everett Scott as Greg Sullivan | Bonnie Somerville as Colleen Sullivan | Darri Ingolfsson as Jerry Tidwell | Sterling K. Brown as Fitz | Gatlin Green as Alison Sullivan | Esai Morales as BAU Section Chief Mateo Cruz
Director: Glenn Kershaw
Writer: Erica Messer

230 :10x20 - A Place at the Table

When a Maryland family is found murdered at their dining room table, the team tracks down other family members and friends to uncover secrets that may have led to it. Also, Hotch must try to make peace with his father-in-law, Roy, after discovering he’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Source: CBS
Special Guest Stars: Edward Asner as Roy Brooks |
Guest Stars: McNally Sagal as Cora Gilliam | Grant Harvey as Marc Clifford
Director: Laura Belsey

231 :10x21 - Mr. Scratch

When three people implicated in murders claim they were attacked by a “clawed shadow monster” at the moment each crime occurred, the BAU searches for an UnSub who is controlling their minds. Also, the search for the culprit puts one of the team in jeopardy.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Bodhi Elfman as Peter Lewis | Thad Luckinbill as Larry Merrin | Kiko Ellsworth as Daniel Karras | Andrew Borba as Tony Axelrod | Suzanne Ford as Dr. Susannah Regan | Joseph Williamson as Bill Kinderman

232 :10x22 - Protection

When shooting victims are found in the Los Angeles area with possible links to criminal activity, the BAU searches for a vigilante UnSub.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Joe Adler as Danny Lee Stokes | Melora Walters as Paige | Todd Williams as Detective Spreewell | Melissa Pino as Patricia Valdez | Marcello Thedford as Eddie Parrish

233 :10x23 - The Hunt

When Kate’s niece, Meg, and her best friend, Markayla, are kidnapped, the BAU suspects an online predator engaged in sex trafficking who poses as a teenage boy.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Greg Grunberg as Chris Callahan | Brian Howe as Alex Zorgen | Melora Walters as Paige | Molly Culver as SSA Tia Canning | Hailey Sole as Meg | Taylor Mosby as Markayla Davis
Director: Glenn Kershaw

Season 11

234 :11x01 - The Job

The BAU searches for a serial killer who leaves distinctive marks on victims' faces with the help of an impressive potential new team member, forensic psychologist Dr. Tara Lewis.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Aisha Tyler as Dr. Tara Lewis | Brian Appel as Agent Anderson | Jacqueline Piñol as Dr. Judith Mertz | Robert Neary as Giuseppe Montolo | José Zúñiga as Al Eisenmund | Jamie Tompkins as Betty Wilson | Josh Coxx as Captain Phil Wilson | John Marshall Jones as Detective Mike Warner | Joe Pistone as Detective Dustin Paddock | Noelle Toland as Junkie | J.P. Giuliotti as Brian Taylor | Mary T. Sala as Nurse | Crispin Alapag as Workman
Director: Glenn Kershaw

235 :11x02 - The Witness

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Guest Stars: Aisha Tyler as Dr. Tara Lewis | Stephen Kilcullen as Mitchell Crossford | Marisol Nichols as Agent Natalie Colfax | Delpaneaux Wills as Agent Darryl Young | Samantha Sloyan as Tracy Senarak | Saylor Bell as Jolene Senarak | Tim Kang as Charlie Senarak | Cuyle Carvin as Theo Koutranis | Albert P. Santos as Businessman | Heath McGough as Counter Employee | Melody Peng as Leanne Bookout | Mark Semos as FPS Leader | Crispin Alapag as Workman
Director: John Terlesky

236 :11x03 - 'Til Death Do Us Part

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237 :11x04 - Outlaw

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238 :11x05 - The Night Watch

• No Summary (Add Here)

239 :11x06 - Pariahville

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240 :11x07 - Target Rich

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241 :11x08 - Awake

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242 :11x09 - Internal Affairs

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243 :11x10 - Future Perfect

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244 :11x11 - Entropy

The BAU implements an elaborate strategy to try and take down the "Dirty Dozen" hitmen ring, with Reid playing a central role

Source: CBS

245 :11x12 - Drive

When corpses are discovered in public places in Boston, a ride-sharing service may lead the team to the killer.

Source: CBS

246 :11x13 - The Bond

The BAU attempts to find a suspect as well as a motive after some victims are discovered in truck stop restrooms in the South.

247 :11x14 - Hostage

A young woman manages to escape from the home where she and two other women were held hostage for a long time.

248 :11x15 - A Badge and a Gun

The BAU team attempt to find a suspect in Los Angeles after security footage is found which shows an unknown subject being invited into victims' homes.

249 :11x16 - Derek

Morgan ends up being abducted and the members of the BAU team face a race against time to locate him and save his life.

250 :11x17 - The Sandman

The team look for an unknown subject who has been taking children whilst their parents are asleep.

251 :11x18 - A Beautiful Disaster

After an UnSub targets the BAU the team look for who's responsible.

252 :11x19 - Tribute

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253 :11x20 - Inner Beauty

The BAU looks for an UnSUB who is deliberately disfiguring victims. Rossi and his ex-wife are involved in an uncomfortable reunion.

254 :11x21 - Devil's Backbone

The BAU ends up playing a dangerous cat and mouse game with a convicted serial killer.

255 :11x22 - The Storm

Hotch ends up being arrested by a SWAT team being suspected of conspiracy. The members scramble to prove Hotch's innocence and they find out about a larger plot that could be on the horizon.
Guest Stars: Frances Fisher as Antonia Slade | Sheryl Lee Ralph as Hayden Montgomery | James Shanklin as Timothy Ritchie | Matt Battaglia as Captain Grant Howard | Josh Stewart as Detective William LaMontagne, Jr.
Director: Glenn Kershaw
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller
Status: Returning Series
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 22, 2005
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