The Company - Recap

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The scene opens, and Desiree sees Cindi in the car next to hers and calls out, but then the driver speeds off; much to her surprise. Desiree follows as she feels there is something amiss, but she's hit—twice. Sarah calls Morgan, who's at Desiree's hospital bedside when she wakes up. She tells him about seeing Cindi—and she said "I'm sorry"—before the driver, whom she didn't see, drove off. Morgan calls Hotch to tell him he has a case for them and has to come clean to his family. Sarah's waiting when he steps into the hall. Cindi was being stalked by someone, so Morgan and Yvonne convinced her to move since the authorities' hands were tied, since they had nothing against the stalker. Her stalker, Hitchens, wasn't doing anything illegal, as it turns out.

However, Cindi went missing and Hitchens took his own life soon after, hence he might have been harmless after all. They assumed he had killed her, from how the things looked, but now they know it’s otherwise, thanks to Desiree. When Yvonne shows up at the hospital and Morgan takes her aside to explain, she slaps him before walking out. You can't blame her, especially give the situation. Hitchens was found with a gun bigger than what would typically be used in a suicide and it turns out he wasn't the one to buy it—Malcolm Ford was. While JJ wonders if the gun traded hands, Rossi suggests he used it on Hitchens, as that is how it looks from the evidence at hand. Malcolm and Cindi are packing up, and he has her put a gun in the glove box. When a neighbor asks, she says they're going to the cabin. Back inside, Malcolm's burning papers and says they can't take the chance that Desiree didn't recognize her; so it’s better to take precautions rather than fall in trouble later. By the time the BAU gets to Malcolm's, they're long gone.

Meanwhile, Malcolm has brought Cindi to Dominic and Suzy's and gives her permission to speak, but it doesn't go over so well when she questions going to Canada instead of the cabin. Suzy brings her inside to her bedroom, filled with S&M gear. At Malcolm's, they find a head box, and Reid finds something that leads him to tell Morgan they need to deliver a profile—even though they know their unsub's identity. In the meanwhile Morgan talks to Yvonne, who tells him Malcolm went to their church and talked to her and Cindi, the team delivers the profile. Cindi's suffering from an "extreme form of Stockholm Syndrome," and he's gotten her to believe in The Company. Its part of an S&M role-play scenario, but Malcolm has gotten her to believe it's real; and hence she is playing along with the whole thing. The submissive believes that displeasing the master or escaping lead to the Company killing them and their family; and hence they play along out of fear.

Malcolm got Cindi to sign a slave contract, and hence she probably feels she is trapped in it for good. When Cindi won't stop crying when Malcolm pulls over, he gives her a lesson by choking her with the seatbelt before sending her into the market to get him dinner; she willingly does his bidding. Then he discovers the gun's missing from the glove box and joins her in the supermarket, reminding her that with one phone call, "he's dead." However, when they're leaving the supermarket, she sets off the detector with a Chef Boyardee can; much to his shock and anger. The manager wants to search her bag as he suspects something, but Malcolm throws money at him and drags her out, visibly agitated by the whole thing. Thanks to the 911 call, Morgan and Rossi catch up to Malcolm, but Cindi's nowhere to be found, much to their shock.

Morgan's pissed that he's been left to process the scene, and Garcia calls him to tell him she sent him the security footage. She also tells him to call her back when he decides to be the "real hero" Cindi's waiting for. When he watches the tape, he realizes Cindi knew what she was doing when she stole the can. Malcolm's expecting Morgan, so JJ and Prentiss walk in, talking about JJ's family and refusing to let him interrupt. He knows they're there about Cindi, not Hitchens, and says that she knows her role. He's willing to tell them about their bond if they ask permission, and JJ hesitates before leaving. They did a perfect job, and then Morgan takes his turn in interrogation with Malcolm, who keeps asking for the time. Morgan says that Cindi was sending him a message that she's still in there with the food since that's what they used to eat as kids. Malcolm claims that he doesn't know the love she had for him, and Morgan takes note of "had," typically used when the person's dead, thus indicating something.

Hotch interrupts because someone has obtained a lawyer for Malcolm—Cindi. She says she loves him. They don't have anything to hold Malcolm since he claims his gun was stolen. Morgan does try bringing Yvonne in to sway Cindi, who greets Malcolm with a kiss, but Cindi just says he loves her and she has to make him dinner, leaving with him; they are baffled by this behavior of hers. In the car, Malcolm tells her she did a good job and they're going to the cabin. While JJ wonders if Cindi genuinely loves Malcolm, Morgan points out that the food she stole is generally something you cook for a kid. He thinks that Malcolm's keeping their child elsewhere to keep her in line; that is basically what must be the motivation for Cindi to keep doing his bidding. When he lets the lawyer know he knows about his mail order Russian bride, he finds out where the children are kept.

Cindi hurries to her son once they get to the cabin, as she wants to ensure the fact that he is fine, and has relief written all over her face, on seeing him. Malcolm in the meanwhile, rushes them out of the cabin, as he knows he might get in trouble if he sticks around. They're gone when Morgan and Prentiss enter, and while she stays with the other children there, Morgan takes off out the back, in search of Malcolm. Cindi's hiding with her son behind one tree while Malcolm's behind another.

He attacks Morgan from behind taking him completely by surprise, but Morgan gets the upper hand in the end. Cindi tells Morgan to stop and step aside as she trains the gun on Malcolm who is visibly terrified, but Morgan snatches the gun from her; preventing her from doing anything foolish. JJ and Prentiss cuff Malcolm, while Cindi introduces Morgan to her son; she is visibly relieved at this whole episode ending at last. It's time for her to go home, and she seems visibly happy albeit a bit exhausted, post this harrowing experience. Cindi's reunited with Yvonne and Sarah, and as Morgan watches them walk away, Garcia joins him: "There's my hero." The episode ends.