Divining Rod - Recap

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The episode begins with a prisoner about to be executed, saying a few lines from the classic; Arabian Nights. Just then warden receives a call and says that he will proceed. The prisoner is executed by the firing squad. Meanwhile, we see a woman tied to the bed; struggling. A man is watching the news on television about Garrett’s execution. AS Garrett is being executed; the unsub kills the woman tied to the bed. Next, at the office, Prentiss is talking about a bid she put in for a new place. But Reid feels that she doesn’t like the idea as much. The entire team is present in the briefing room. Garcia tells them about their new victim; Cara Smith, who was murdered in her new apartment, moments after Garrett’s execution.

The MO is similar to that of Garrett’s. So, either we have a copy cat killer or someone is trying to raise doubts whether the right person was executed. Prentiss thinks that if this new one is a copy cat, then the body count has just started. Meanwhile, another woman is killed; Prentiss is right. Next, the team is on their plane, and Morgan says that Garrett chose the firing squad over lethal injections. Just then Garcia tells them more about Cara. She also tells them about the quote Garrett used from the Arabian Nights. Rossi says that Garrett was a sixth grade dropout and there is no way he would know this quote. It’s a story where the woman who was about to be executed, won the king by love and the king dropped the execution. Just then Aaron informs the team that another body has been found, same MO. Morgan and Aaron go to the prison to check whether Garrett had any disciples. But the warden says that Garrett was a loner. There were two attacks on him, but Garrett killed his attackers with their own knife.

The only visitor he had was his wife. They check Garrett’s cell. Prentiss and Rossi are talking to Garrett’s widow. She said that she didn’t want to go to the execution. They said their goodbyes a day before. She says that Garrett stood by her through hard times and got married to her. Hence, she never wanted to abandon him. Meanwhile, JJ and Reid are at the second crime scene. The second victim is Jody Armstrong. Prentiss tells Helen, Garrett’s widow about the admirer who too is on a killing spree. They tell her to give them a call if she remembers anything. She gives them all the letters Garrett received. Meanwhile, JJ finds out that the unsub cut Jody’s hair.

Next, we see the unsub killing his third victim. Meanwhile, the team Is trying to figure out the unsub’s pattern. It appears that the neighborhood is familiar to him and that he knew his victim’s routine. They are also going through Garrett’s letters which was written to him while he was in prison. Just then Garcia tells the team that JJ was right about the hair angle. It seems that the unsub had cut Cara’s hair as well. Morgan points out that his MO is different from Garrett’s, as Garrett never took trophies. Moreover, the unsub victims are low risk victims as opposed to Garrett’s high risk ones. Next, the team is at the third crime scene, where they see that the unsub has tried to shave the victim’s head; more humiliation, which he didn’t do to the other two. At the office, Rossi and Prentiss find two letters that used identical stationery.

One of them had the quote from the Arabian Nights; one Garrett said while he was being executed. Rossi calls Aaron and tells him about the letters. He also tells Aaron that the writer thought that Garrett’s work was inspirational. Moreover, he waited for Garrett to die before he killed his first victim. This could be their guy. The team profiles the unsub and tells the cop team that his next attack would be around midnight, the unsub attacked his victims in a span of six hours. The city is under curfew; not a mandatory one though. Next, we see the unsub entering the house of his next victim. But on finding that the victim isn’t home, he immediately leaves. Just then the victim arrives at her house with her boyfriend. The boyfriend goes inside the house to get beer, while the girl waits outside, talking to her mother over the phone.

The unsub is hiding inside the house, and when the boyfriend goes to the fridge to get the beer, he attacks him. The girl enters the house and runs out screaming on seeing what transpired in the house. But the unsub manages to get the girl. Meanwhile, at the office, Garcia has an interesting piece of update. It seems that the two attacks that were made on Garrett in jail, was the days after Garrett’s executions were postponed; the very next days. So, someone wanted revenge and decided to take things in their own hands. The team ponders about the unsub’s MO and they feel that they are missing something. Next, Morgan and Prentiss hear the radio alert on the girl’s abduction. Just then they see a car speeding away.

They follow the car. But then they see that the wounded boyfriend is driving the car. He tells them that he was trying to find the car of the person who took his girlfriend. Prentiss and Morgan inspect the house. The girl’s name is Emily Sisck; but she isn’t from the same neighborhood. Prentiss calls Garcia. Garcia finds no pertinent correlation. Just then Prentiss finds Emily’s body lying a little ahead of the perimeter of the abduction site. It appears that he must have circled around and then dumped her back there. She informs the guys at the office. Emily has stab wounds all over her body and this time the unsub removed Emily’s scalp. JJ infers that it could be a sign of rage, as the unsub wasn’t able to go according to his plan. The team is trying to figure out the correlation between all the murders.

They try to find the geographic component to the killings; and find that it forms a heart. There is more- Helen Garret is in the middle of the heart. So, it is all about Helen. The team arrives at Helen’s house; but she isn’t there. There is no sign of any struggle. Just then Garcia calls and tells Rossi that Helen had no friends and that she only went to the prison, while Garrett was alive. But she is there now to pick up Garrett’s belongings. She checked out four minutes ago. JJ finds wigs in Helen’s wardrobe. Garcia tells them that Helen had brain tumor and it was successfully removed. She was undergoing reconstructive surgery. Rossi feels that the heart was a Valentine and that the unsub was in love with Helen. Helen was a loner and so they wonder how the unsub knew about her surgery.

It had to be someone who spent a lot of time with her and who she trusted. The unsub knew that she was unavailable for him and waited till Garrett died. He knew of her devotion towards Garrett. Aaron figures out that the only person who could spend long hours with Helen would be the prison shuttle driver. Meanwhile, as Helen is about to get off the shuttle; the driver stops her and tells her that he wants her to see something and shuts the shuttle door. The team arrives and sees that Helen’s car is still in the prison’s parking lot; but nobody saw what happened or where she went. The Warden tells them that the shuttle driver is Dylan Kohler. The Warden also tells them that the previous day, Dylan took a day off.

Meanwhile, Dylan takes Helen to his secret place and shows her the wig he made for her. On the other hand, Garcia checks the list of people who might have ordered for supplies used to make wigs; and she finds out the address Dylan had them sent to. She informs the team. Meanwhile, Helen tells him that she already has wigs. But Dylan tells her that it is a real thing. He made it because he loves her. He says that they were destined to find each other. Just then the team breaks in. Dylan holds Helen hostage and points an ice pick at her. He says that he wouldn’t kill anymore. But then Aaron gets his shot, and shoots Dylan. Helen is crying and says that her father was right.

They arrest him. Next, the team is on their way back. Garcia tells Prentiss that she has got her house. But Prentiss isn’t too excited. JJ wants too know about what Helen meant when she spoke about her father. Rossi tells her that Helen’s father told her that she was the diving rod and that she could sniff out the evil in men like no one could. Guess her father was right; she was the centre of two serial killers. Next, we see that Helen goes to meet Dylan in the prison. She tells him that this is her place now and it is her calling. The episode ends.