Profiling 101 - Recap

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The episode begins with Rossi sitting on a bench with a list of names. He seems to be in pensive mood. Just then Hotch arrives telling him that the entire team is ready and is waiting for him. Rossi thanks Hotch for helping him set this up. Next, we see an auditorium filled with students. Rossi along with the BAU team are going to give the students an insight about what they do and how they do it. Rossi takes the stage and introduces his team to the audience. They are going to talk about how serial killers are made, because once you understand that, it is easier to catch them. The first victim is Rachel Morris, a seventeen year old runaway, who came from a poor family and a broken home. The second victim is Tina Dyson and she is from Seattle, happy family and excellent in academics.

And the only thing common between them is that they crossed paths with the most prolific serial killer the BAU has ever come across. Rossi tells the audience that the unsub had an abusive childhood and if he is not being abused, then he was humiliated. They show the pictures of some of his victims. He used to kidnap them, starved them and then kills them by mutilating their reproductive organs. They have been finding bodies since 1992 and it appears that there could be over a hundred of dead bodies. In order to study a hunter’s mind, one needs to study his prey. So, the first victim, Rachel Moore, was held captive for days and she was starved; hence she was weak. But there are defensive wounds as well to be seen on her body. She did put up a hell of a fight. Then she was stabbed in her lower abdomen and genitals and that makes it difficult to find if she was sexually assaulted.

53 stab wounds and it shows that it was overkill. This overkill could be due to inexperience, personal grudge or an outburst of extreme anger. Just then Rossi gets a call and he step out to take the call. The next victim, Tina Dyson, her body was found on the outside of Seattle. Tina was with her friends and they were carrying fake ids. They go to a bar and drink. Tina gets sick; so her friend goes to get a ride back home. When Tina was alone, the unsub took her. And when he killed her, he buried her. So, Rachel was a low risk victim while Tina was a high risk for him. So the media and press were involved as there was no internet at that time. But then the case went cold and they didn’t hear from him until 1997. Two bodies were found in San Francisco. Same MO and definitely our guy! In this case too, he dumped the first one and buried the second.

That is the time when Rossi met Hotch. Hotch infers that the unsub lived in Seattle as he seems comfortable with the neighborhood. The media gave him the name ‘The Womb Raider’. Rossi says that this time with all the attention and the glorified name, he would step up his act. But he went dormant again and they lost the trail. Meanwhile, Rossi retired and began writing a book. In 2005, the next victim was found in Los Angeles. She was a prostitute and she was given a complete hysterectomy. It was a little crude but the unsub knew what he was doing. The prostitute’s vocal chords were cut, which implies that she was alive when she was performing the hysterectomy. Reid suggests that they should be looking at doctors or medical students. Hotch called Rossi as he didn’t want to start profiling without him. They profile the unsub. A white male, doing a menial job and as he was mobile, he must own a truck or a van. He is in his mid-thirties. His first victims are low risk ones and his next a high risk one.

So this time it could be a soccer mom. Prentiss and JJ tell the students that the removing of the reproductive system could be a sign of self-loathing. It could be Hatred towards the fact that he was born. Or he should have hated his own mother. A strange mother –child relationship gives rise to a lot issues. But nothing happened and the case went cold. Rossi stayed nearby so that he could be available in case of an emergency. But there was nothing. Next, in 2009, when Rossi came out of retirement, they had their next victim in Seattle. The unsub is back home and now he is looking for someone in her forties. The victim that was found was killed in the same way like the previous one. But this time the team was ready for him. They used the targeted media strategy, in which they told the press that they had arrested the suspect and he is being questioned.

They wanted to give the unsub a false sense of security, so that he would be a little relaxed and he would make a mistake. The unsub took down his next victim. They wonder why someone would return home at the age of forty. Just then Garcia tells them about their next victim; aged forty two and a mother of two children. She went out for a girls’ night party and never returned home. Rossi tells them that the latest victim was picked from the same place from where the unsub had grabbed Tina. So there must be something very significant about that place. Garcia does her research. She found a police report from 1966, where a 16 year old girl was found raped in a car. Since she was a minor, her name wasn’t given in the report. Instead she was given a patient number. Garcia tracked it and found out that she went back to the hospital several times for pre-natal care. She brought the baby to term and gave birth to her child. But during her emergency hysterectomy, she died. She was Georgina Yates.

Her son was named Thomas Yates and he was in the custody of his maternal grandparents. He was kicked out of two schools for starting fire and then when he was 15 he committed his first murder. He served three years in juvie and another seven in prison and then released on parole. While in prison he told the psychiatrist that he was abused by his grandmother. She used to starve him and beat him up senselessly. So they figure out that she was the object of his rage and not his mother. She had lung cancer and she was put in hospice car. That is the reason he returned home. Next, Morgan asks Garcia to run an address that he just found. It led them to a storage container, where his grandmother’s stuff was kept. They find Thomas there along with his latest victim. But this victim was alive. They arrest Tomas. Thomas tells Rossi that it is nice to meet him after all those years.

They questioned Yates for two weeks straight but he didn’t say a word. It seems that since childhood he was rendered silent for so long, that it had become a conditioned response. But he was still convicted and was up for death penalty. But two years later, Thomas called Rossi and told him that he wanted to make a deal and he would make it only with him. He handed a list of names of the girls he took; the ones the team didn’t find. There were forty on that list. There are a total of 101 and Thomas said that he remembers all of them. He could give them their names; but there were two conditions. One, no death penalty, and he didn’t mind rotting in prison and two, he wanted to be transferred to the East Coast as his grandma is dead and there is nothing left here.

He said that he would give one name each year, on a “special day”; a day he chose. Rossi then tells the students that they checked the list and found all forty bodies. Rossi personally went and informed the families. One of the students asks Rossi about the special day Thomas chose to give the name. Next, we see that the team walks out with Rossi, and Rossi doesn’t want them to go with him. Rossi leaves. Today is the special day when Thomas is going to give him a new name. Rossi arrives in the prison to meet Thomas. Thomas gives him the name and the location where he buried the victim. Rossi gets up and leaves. On his way out he hears Thomas singing ”Happy Birthday to you”. The special day is Rossi’s birthday. The episode ends.