Hit (1) - Recap

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The episode begins with JJ and Henry seeing Will off to work. It’s a day off for JJ and the rest of the team. Hotch and Jack are home and Beth joins them. Next, we see Garcia and Reid arrive at a sci-fi convention in their costumes. They run into Kevin, who is with a woman. Garcia is upset and she walks away. Just then they see Rossi. Meanwhile, Prentiss and Morgan are seeing Prentiss’ new property. She doesn’t like it and now she is confused. Next, we see that the Face Cards rob a bank. The girl shoots the security guard. Will gets a radio message about the robbery and he heads to the bank with his partner. As the Face Cards leave the bank, they see Will and his partner. One of them shoots Will’s partner and Will guns down the shooter.

The other two go inside the bank. The FBI arrives at the scene. JJ is glad to see that Will is fine. So, about Face Cards; seven bank robberies in seven months and they killed one person in each robbery. That is probably their MO. Hotch educates them that the Face cards hack into the security feed and turned off the cameras until they wear their masks. Inside the bank, the guy who has been shot, the Jack, is profusely bleeding. The Queen doesn’t seem to be bothered by it and the King is worried about Jack. They decide to use the hostages as shields. Inside the bank, the phone rings. It is Rossi. The King answers the phone. The King tells Rossi that he wants a doctor sent in and they need to let them leave. But Rossi tells him that they can discuss that once they let the hostages leave. The King denies as they need leverage. the Queen doesn’t want to negotiate, so she grabs a small girl.

But the father tells her to take him instead. The Queen shoots the father. Detective Strauss, who is looking over this operation, arrives and tells Rossi that they are sending in a medic. But Hotch suggests that they should send an agent with medical training so that he can handle the situation if there is a need. Hotch infers that the King seems too worried about the Jack rather than the Queen or the money. He feels that they might be related. Reid and Prentiss are analyzing the robbery patterns of the Face Cards. It appears that they usually rob smaller banks; so the exception this time? But then JJ points out to one common thing or pattern in the robberies; the Queen is the one who always pulls the trigger. Next, Garcia has an update. The King and the Jack are actually brothers; Chris, the King and Oliver, the Jack. They were put in prison after their first heist went sour.

They weren’t very successful criminals. And moreover a third shooting partner was never a part of their MO. Meanwhile, Reid points out that the Queen shoots a different victim each time, a mother, a child; her choice is random. Reid, Prentiss and JJ think that it would be a good idea to turn the King and Queen against each other; but that would work only if Jack doesn’t die. Morgan educates the agent about what he is supposed to do once he is inside the bank. Rossi calls and tells the King that they are sending in a medic. Chris is surprised that the feds know their names. Just then the Queen removes her mask and faces the camera and puts on the lipstick. Next, Morgan sends Green in. he checks on Oliver. Just then Morgan tells him to make the move before Chris does. But Chris shoots Green. Next, the snipers move into position and they are about to implement a whole tactical assault.

Rossi and Hotch tell Strauss that it is a wrong move as the hostages could get killed in the cross fire. Hotch tells her to buy them a little time. Hotch tells Rossi that they need to reason with them. Rossi says that is impossible as Chris just lost his brother and he shot Green in retaliation. Just then Garcia arrives announcing that there is a problem. Someone else has hacked into the feed. Inside the bank, Chris is furious and is being irrational. The Queen tells him that they need to pull themselves together and that he should ask for an armored truck. She is glad that they are going to be famous. Next, Interpol agent Clyde calls Prentiss. He has information about the Queen. Clyde tells Prentiss that the Queen has pulled off a number of bank robberies; but she didn’t have any partners overseas. Prentiss remembers a robbery in Paris. Clyde tells her that six Intelligence Agencies are looking at her and no one seems to be able to identify her.

Rossi is looking at the footage and sees that the Queen seems to be enjoying the situation. She isn’t in it for the money. They wonder what she is here for. Chris tells Rossi that they want an armored truck and a plane with clear path to Swiss, but the Queen says Chad. Prentiss calls Clyde to check if he can tell her the significance about Chad. But he doesn’t know much about. But he offers Prentiss a job to run the Interpol team. Meanwhile, Hotch and the others think that they are too good to get caught, and then what happened this time. Garcia tells them that 911 received a text alert about the robbery. They infer that the text was sent by the Queen and that she wanted them there. They also figure out that she did not do this for the media attention. There is a fourth unsub watching them. And she wants to look good for that fourth partner.

Next, Rossi calls Chris and tells him that the Queen had informed the cops about their robbery. But she denies it and tells Chris that they are trying to create a rift between them. Chris tells Rossi that he wants to talk to the cop who killed Oliver. Will is ready to go but JJ objects this. Chris tells Rossi that if they send in Will, he will release a few hostages. Chris kills a hostage named Sean Harper. Will walks into the bank. Chris releases a woman and two kids. Chris shoots Will and the video feed goes out. Prentiss tells JJ that Will was wearing a bullet proof vest. JJ and Hotch decide to go inside. Will is shot in the shoulder. Chris took the Queen’s advice and did not go for the kill shot. Next, Matthew and Lynn are tending to Will’s wound.

Matthew suggests that they should turn the two against each other. He is a former marine. Will tells Matthew to convey a message to JJ. He wants to tell her that he is sorry. Will tells Chris that the Queen is taking orders from someone else and is setting him up to take the fall. Chris takes Will along with him to the backside of the bank. The hostages take this chance and walk out of the bank. The feds go in. Reid figures out that the Queen has been following the gas lines. Rossi tells the team to abort. Just then the bank explodes. The episode ends.