Run (2) - Recap

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The episode begins with JJ and Morgan entering the building after the explosion. Rossi tells Strauss that they had an exit strategy already planned; no one knows about the gas lines and explosives so well. Just then the Homeland security joins them. Garcia tells them that JJ and Morgan are fine but she hasn’t seen Prentiss. Prentiss finds an old couple that was hiding. She tells them that she will get them out of here. JJ goes to search for Will. Morgan follows her. Next, we see Chris running with a bag. He gets into a police car, turns on the siren and drives away. Next, Rossi handles the media and Kevin is glad to see that Garcia is fine. JJ finds Will’s wallet and she is confused as to why they took him after they shot him. Morgan tells her that there was no blood on the floor, so he could be fine.

Next, Chris and the Queen, Izzy, are driving with Will. She has recorded Chris shooting Will. Chris asks Izzy about her partner. She tells him that she is his only way out of this mess. He wants to kill Will but she tells him that they need him for leverage. Next, Garcia checks the traffic camera footage. They see the car, but they are shocked to learn that it is a federal car. They begin to wonder as to who are these people. They are looking for a black SUV with sirens. Prentiss calls Clyde and asks him if he has any latest update. He reminds her that there was a car stolen from Scotland yard in 2004. The woman seemed like a trained assassin and two days later she killed an ambassador. But however the stolen car was found. Prentiss tells her that he would be able to work faster if he had some help. He reminds her of the offer.

She tells him that he always had bad timing. Next, Morgan gets an update. The bomb that was used for the explosion was a ten year old phone. it appears that this kind of bombs have been used for bombings in Chad. Prentiss tells them about the trained assassin named Lady X. JJ infers that Izzy could be the same woman and she might be working for the same person now. Next, Izzy takes Will to an EMT and she asks the medic to fix Will. She threatens him at gun point. Next, JJ and Rossi are at the EMT van. Izzy killed the medic. JJ finds Will’s shirt. But she wonders why they are still in the city. Chris is driving and Izzy’s phone rings. There is a change of location and plan. Chris refuses to drive till the time he knows the plan. Izzy shoots Chris. She tells will to throw him out and drive the car.

Meanwhile, the team is still checking the video footage. They notice something strange about a guy present there. It is Matthew. They find his body language a little odd. They check his records. It appears that he was a marine but had a dishonorable discharge. They infer that this is their fourth guy. Meanwhile, Matthew gets in the car. Will is shocked to Matthew. He was there all along. Next, they arrive at Will’s place. They let Henry’s babysitter leave as Will tells her that Izzy is his cousin and that she will be taking care of Henry. Will tells Henry that Izzy will stay with him tell JJ is back home. Meanwhile, the team suspects that Will might have told Mathew about JJ and Henry. JJ checks Will’s wallet. His license is missing. This means they know where they live. Meanwhile, Will goes back to the car and finds Matthew wearing a badge.

He tells Will that he should do whatever is told, else Izzy will kill Henry. JJ is upset. Rossi tells her not to blame herself. She tells him that she shouldn’t have left Henry alone. Rossi tells her that there was no way of knowing how this day would turn out to be. She tells him that she is a mom first and she had to protect Henry. Meanwhile, Will asks Matthew as to why he is doing this. Matthew blames his experiences while he was a Marine. They pass through a lock down. At home, Izzy tells Henry that her grandfather’s name was Henry and that he was a scary man. She is going to tell him a story. Next, Reid, Morgan and Prentiss are taking a look at the bank. They didn’t take any money. They wonder why the woman wanted to go to Chad.

Moreover Reid thinks that there is a connection in the dates. 2004 Matthew was discharged dishonorably and they met in 2008. Prentiss realizes that the whole thing is a part of their story. They were both soldiers who turned against their country. And when they met during the civil arrest in Chad in 2008; there was no stopping them. Prentiss asks Garcia to check whether there is anything specific about this day. Garcia tells them that here were multiple explosions but the worst one that happened was on a train. Prentiss realizes that they wanted Will so that they could get into the Union Station. Meanwhile, JJ and Rossi arrive at JJ’s house. Rossi tells her that they need to distract Izzy. Morgan, Hotch and Prentiss arrive at the Union Station. They split. Morgan locates Matthew in the crowd and takes after him. Prentiss goes upstairs. She finds Will, but to her horror she finds him strapped and there are six transmitters on him. She tells Hotch that this place is going to blow and the bomb squad is three minutes away.

There isn’t that much time. Meanwhile, at home, Izzy is distracted by a noise. She goes to check and when she returns she finds Henry gone. JJ confronts Izzy. A tussle ensues. Izzy manages to get the gun but JJ easily disarms her. JJ knocks Izzy to the ground. Just then Rossi arrives. He handles Izzy while a relieved JJ hugs her son. Prentiss tries to dismantle the bomb. She has three tries to put in the password. The first two attempts fail. The third attempt is successful as the password is Izzy. But just then one of the cases strapped to Will opens and the countdown begins. Meanwhile, Morgan is chasing Matthew and he gets hold of him. But Matthew seems to get the better of Morgan; but just then Hotch shoots him. In the station they barely have few seconds left.

Prentiss notices that the wires of the bomb were the colors of Chad’s flag but only the “yellow” wire isn’t a part of the U.S. flag. She cuts the yellow wire. And she is right. The countdown stops just in time. Next, JJ meets Will at the hospital. She asks him to ask her the question. He proposes her for marriage. She says a yes and he says it is about time. She tells him that they will get married on Monday. Rossi hears this and he makes a call. Meanwhile at the office, Strauss tells the team that Izzy will never see the light of day again. Hotch receives Rossi’s call. He wants to know if everyone is free the coming night. They are all in. at the party, Morgan confronts Prentiss.

He knows that she wants to leave. She tells him that she wanted to from the time she came back. She is considering Clyde’s offer. Hotch arrives with Beth and his son. Morgan leaves them alone for a talk. But it appears that Prentiss isn’t going to break the news to him now. Rossi has a surprise for JJ. He has called her mom to the party. They obviously couldn’t get married without her mom being around. Rossi admits that he overheard the proposal. Her mother has brought her wedding dress for JJ. So they are finally getting married. Henry is the ring bearer. After the wedding, Reid pulls Prentiss for a dance. Garcia dances with Kevin and Prentiss dances with everyone on the team. The episode ends.