The Silencer - Recap

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The episode begins at the Braun correctional facility where a prisoner is strapped to a bed and is taken to the med van. The med guy asks the guard if the prisoner is epileptic but the guard has no clue. In the van the guard learns that the con had a severe allergic reaction and the guard feels that he did it to himself on purpose. Just then a deer jumps on to the road and the driver in an attempt to save the animal, manages to run off the road. Moments later we see that the driver is dead as he ran into a branch of a tree and it pierced his chest. The med guy in the van is dead too. Guard Jensen is unconscious and the con manages to free himself of the handcuffs.

He then takes away Jensen’s gun. Jensen wakes up and asks the con to put the gun down. After a bit of persuasion, the con listens to him. He gives Jensen his hand to help him off the floor. Jensen tries to grab the gun. The con is then furious and chokes Jensen to death. At the BAU office, Garcia, Reid, Morgan and JJ are talking and they all are missing Emily. Garcia says that the view from Emily’s new apartment is spectacular. She then asks her teammates about the new boss. She has done a bit of research on her and she knows that she is highly qualified. She wonders whether the new boss is nice and just then Alex Blake introduces herself to Garcia and the group.

Later, Rossi and Hotch arrive. Hotch updates the team about the unsub. The unsub (con) is wearing the EMT uniform and carrying the guard’s weapon. But they also see that the guard’s mouth has been sown shut. Alex immediately recognizes him as the ‘Silencer’. Hotch says that the forensics confirmed the knot and it is the same as the last three murders. His last murder was in 2004. Hotch then tells the team that the unsub killed two inmates inside the prison and he never spoke a word for eight years; he mostly used his fist to speak. On the flight, the team continues to discuss the case. They notice that the violence that the unsub displayed in the previous murders seems to be missing this time. The signature is the same; sewing his victim’s mouths. Alex and Hotch arrive at the correctional facility. They are setting up office there.

Reid checks his cell and finds out that he read the French version of the Count of Monte Cristo. But they then figure out that he has two forms of expression, silence and rage. When he is enraged, he silences his victim and when he is in the prison, he silenced. Hotch and Alex figure out that he is the most active during night and that he will be back in action by tonight. Reid and Rossi take the unsub’s writings along with them. At the coroner’s lab, the coroner informs Morgan and JJ that the victim’s mouth was sown when he was still alive; a sign of torture just like his first victims. The coroner then cut the stitches and finds a piece of paper wrapped in plastic in the guard’s mouth.

It says: Gazing through to the other side. JJ feels that the message isn’t for them; then for whom? Meanwhile, Alex goes through the previous murders of the three women and she says that the murders were pain-stakingly personal. Alex feels that his silence in prison shows that he was ridiculed when he spoke. She also notices that his reading comprehension shows above average intelligence but his writing is inferior. JJ and Morgan arrive with the note. Reid states that instead of beating the victims, he now takes pleasure in putting words in their mouths. Hotch feels that they should keep a check on the remote isolated areas as he might be attracted to those as he is a recluse.

Next, we see that the Unsub is in a gas station and he murders the attendant. The Marshall wonders how Hotch knew that the Unsub would be in this gas station. Hotch says because it is isolated just like him. It appears that the unsub took a vehicle and fled. This time the note says: Waiting for the taste of honey, smell of summer. Morgan calls Alex and reads her the new note. Reid infers that the Unsub might be heading to some place. But where? Hotch feels that the unsub’s actions will betray his intentions. At the gas station, he could have stolen money but he didn’t. This means he is not planning a long road trip, but he is logical enough to stay in survival mode. Now the team updates the marshals with the facts that probably the unsub had some speech impediment due to which he was relentlessly teased.

His prior victims show that a mother figure is to be blamed. And chances are that she was abusive and rendered his words useless. Also, he has done a lot of reading but his writing proves that he did not have an excellent education. The patterns in his writings indicate that he could speak. And if he is yelled at or made to feel stupid, he holds on to his anger until he snaps. The team doesn’t know what the unsub’s mission is but they know that it is somewhere close-by. The unsub is in a car and is about to sleep when he sees a woman get out of her car. He watches her. At the station, Hotch notices a scar behind the unsub’s left ear and he doesn’t remember reading about any such mark. Also the left side of his face is sagging in the photos which prove that he could have had a stroke.

So, official deformity and possible speech impediment could lead to a pretty low self esteem. The team then thinks of a possibility that the unsub got into those fights so that he could be put away in solitary, which means that he was looking for some quiet. Alongside, the unsub is hiding behind the bushes and he sees a car pull by. A man steps out of the car and we hear a baby’s noise coming from the car. The unsub goes towards the car. Cut to next day morning, the team is at the scene. The father of the child is in the store dead and the baby is left under a tree in the pram. It seems like the baby has been fed some milk. The unsub stole the victim’s id.

So, the unsub killed the father and came out and fed the baby till he slept and gave him the pacifier. JJ finds that the unsub has left his tools behind and this time there is no note in the victim’s mouth. At the office, the team is discussing the recent change in the pattern. They feel that he must have killed the person he wanted to; like his mother. Hotch asks Garcia to check the records of the previous victims for children and family. Rossi wonders what is a medical tape doing in the tool kit as the unsub hasn’t used it on any of his victims. Morgan feels that the unsub might be using it on himself.

Since he had nerve damage, it could be possible that his eye wouldn’t shut by itself and so he used the tape to shut it. Alex then suggests that the unsub could also be using an implant which enhances natural sounds and that could be disturbing if he is looking for peace. Hotch then asks Garcia to check if any of the victim’s children had cochlear implants and it turns out that the fist victim’s (Julie Meyers) son had one. It seems that Julie was paid $650 for getting that implant done on her son; it was a testing phase and a highly controversial procedure. We then see that Julie was rude too her son John who was deaf and dumb. She always hit him and yelled at him, causing him a lot of pain due to the implant. The unsub remembers his painful childhood.

He then sees a demolition team bringing down a small store by the name Fruit and Honey. At the office, the team figures out that the words aren’t his. And that they are a part of some story telling by a fellow prisoner. Going by the dialect, Alex feels that it is someone from the North. They narrow down to a Danny Tucker who owns a property close to where they are at the moment; it is secluded. Garcia also informs them he specialized in honey. But the property is sold and they are building a housing development. So, it might not be a hideout that the unsub thought it would be. He could blame Danny for lying to him about a place where he could find peace. They leave for Danny’s house.

Garcia tells them that after a bit of digging she found out that Danny and the unsub never saw each other. Meanwhile, the unsub (John) reaches Danny’s house and he ties him to a chair. He is about to sew his lips. But the team arrives and rescues Danny and his family. Alex talks to John in sign language and tells him that he has to go to prison and there is no other way. John shoots himself. At the office, Aaron apologizes to Alex for not standing up for her when a wrong suspect was arrested.

Morgan notices that the two men have a history together. Garcia arrives and tells Alex that she would like to start over and that she cannot adapt well to change. Elsewhere, in a dimly lit room we see that someone is developing a photograph; it is Alex’s. The person then hangs it on the string along with the photos of the rest of the team. The episode ends.