The Pact - Recap

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The episode begins with a husband and wife arguing. The wife isn’t able to take the husband to the airport as she has got work. He is pissed and leaves telling that he would take a cab. The wife then gets a text from saying: Can’t wait to see you later and, she replies saying that she will be there soon. She then arrives at a place and gets off her car. As she is walking on the road, a man begins to follow her, imitating her walk. He then strikes her on her head and then chains her to the car and starts the car. We see the woman being dragged along. At the office, the team suggests that Rossi should take a vacation as it has been a while.

Hotch arrives and Garcia gets to briefing the team about the case. There are two murders; Brenda Wipley and Mark Coleman. Both the victims were murdered in different places; one in San Diego and one in LA. And the MO was the same. The local PD believes that the victims didn’t know each other. Both of them received similar text messages asking them to meet. So, the unsub pretends to be a friend and is sadistic. This appears to be a serial killer on a spree; two victims in three hours. On the flight, they discuss that Brenda was a teacher and mother of two, and Mark was an addict. Garcia tells them that the unsub called the victims through an untraceable phone over two times each day, for the last few weeks. JJ and Derek go to LA and examine the crime scene.

JJ feels that Mark was meeting his dealer in the parking lot. She feels that Brenda too could be an addict and she too was I the parking lot meeting a dealer. Next, we see that a woman gets the same text message as Brenda. Reid and Hotch meet detective Angela Pratt from LAPD. Hotch receives a message from JJ and Reid states that it is usually the addict that calls the dealer and not the other way round. Moreover, there are no drugs that came up in the tox screen. Garcia calls Hotch and tells her that Mark changed his last from Logan to Coleman. She finds out that Mark was picked up by the cops and also found an eight year old girl, Kelly Taylor, in his car, who he had sexually assaulted but denied killing her. As the body was never found, the cops couldn’t charge him with murder.

He was released a month ago and since then he has been working in fast food joints. Next, the latest woman who received the message is at a diner having soup, when a woman walks up to her and asks her to step outside. Rossi and Alex go to meet the coroner who tells them that it took him four hours to find the second victim’s body. But Brenda was dragged post mortem and the COD appears to be a fatal blow to her head. Rossi feels the unsub was scared during his first kill but seemed confident with the second one. JJ finds out that the cars used for both the killings were different; they are looking at two unsubs. At both crime scenes the nearby stores had been closed or being remodeled. They also infer that one unsub was hesitant and the other seems to enjoy it.

Next, wee see the two women from the diner discussing the murders. One of them is an Afro-American, Darlene and the other woman is a Caucasian, Ellen. Darlene tells Ellen that she couldn’t kill Brenda when she heard her begging for her life and so she killed her first and then dragged. Ellen tells her that when she was killing Mark, he told her that there were two other guys who helped him and now she says that they need to kill both of them. Darlene doesn’t want to do it; but then who else will? The two women then go and attack one of the ‘other two guys’ who helped Mark. He admits to being there but he did not touch Kelly. So, we see that Kelly was Darlene’s daughter and the women are avenging her rape and death. They chain this guy to the car and drag him to his death. This guy is Paul Montgomery.

But this time there are no text messages this time; a change in MO. Garcia finds out the connection between Paul and Mark. Brenda was involved in an accident that killed a two year old boy, Sam Dolan. She was sent to juvi for a year which was then reduced to two months as her father gave heavy donations. Hotch says that they should meet the parents of Sam and Kelly. JJ talks to James Dolan, who says that he was arriving from London the night Brenda was murdered. He also tells her that his wife killed herself a few years ago as she was a mess after Sam’s death. He tells her that his wife had joined an online support group; but that group worsened her case as they let her obsess about Sam’s death. Pratt on the other hand, isn’t able to get in touch with Kelly’s mother.

Derek gets the call records and says that Brenda was a happily married woman; then why she would take calls from a random guy. Reid infers that Brenda was meeting a woman. Mark roommates tell them that Mark was talking to someone online lately and the night he was killed, he dressed up as if he was going on a date. This also proves that the second unsub is a woman. So they are looking at two women. They profile the unsubs and figure out that they could be related to the victims and it is possible that they would disappear as their revenge is taken. The team wonders that if Sam’s mother killed herself and belonged to a support group, who would have the same level of interest in Sam’s death.

Garcia finds out that Sam’s mother had a sister named Ellen Russell and that she was talking to Darlene a lot about Mark’s release. So they need to find out how these unsubs get to Paul and if there is anyone else involved. Garcia tells them that they were four friends and they look inseparable; Bryce and Jason. Jason visited Mark in prison every week. Derek feels that Mark gave a dying declaration and gave up his friends and that is how the dynamic duo learned about them. Hotch tells them that they need to go to Jason’s house. The women are already at Jason’s house and they attack him. Jason tells them that he can take them to Kelly’s body. The team arrives but they are late. Darlene wants to know what they did to her baby. Jason narrates the story with immense pleasure and Ellen loses it.

She pulls him out and kicks him. But Darlene asks her to stop as she wants to find her baby. But turns out that Jason was lying! He was expecting them as he had heard about the other two. He had told his neighbor to keep an eye on passing cars and number plates. JJ feels that there is something off about Jason and Derek finds a box which has souvenirs of all the girls he had raped. Jason is a psychopath. He tells the women that he will tell them about Kelly’s body if they kill somebody. Darlene refuses to do so and Ellen takes her gun and shoots the man driving a truck which passes them. Rossi infers that the recent death proves that Jason must have forced the women to do it.

Maybe he has a bargaining chip. Derek thinks Jason knows where Kelly’s body is. They also infer that since Ellen enjoys killing, Jason could manipulate her. Reid and Alex check Jason’s storage unit. Jason takes the women to a spot where he had moved the body to after Mark’s death. In the storage unit, they find a shovel with fresh mud on it and Alex quickly concludes that Jason used it to move Kelly’s body. Meanwhile, Jason digs the ground and uncovers the skull. Darlene wants to know where the rest of the body is and Jason tells her that they cut up Kelly’s body and it was his idea. Darlene is devastated and she repeatedly hits him with the shovel. Garcia manages to track down the area when Alex describes the soil type to her.

The team arrives at the spot and finds Jason’s dead body. And the women aren’t to be found. Rossi thinks that they could be in Mexico, a place where Darlene was supposed to go with Kelly; but Kelly never returned home. Next, the women are sitting on a beach and Ellen tells Darlene that they to split up and Darlene finds it difficult to end things. Ellen tells her to start thinking about herself. Darlene goes to get a drink and she sees the cops. She turns around. Rossi finds Ellen and the cops put her in the vehicle. Ellen sees Darlene sitting in a bus and she smiles and nods in approval. The episode ends.