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God Complex - Recap

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The episode begins with a guy on a drip and oxygen, waking up and finding himself strapped to the bed. He sits up and sees that there are “cut here” markings made on his thighs. He is scared and just then a guy walks in with surgical equipment. He is wearing a surgeon’s mask. There is a short struggle and the surgeon turns on a chloroform machine and makes the tied guy unconscious again. Next, the phone rings and the guy wakes up with a start and finds one of his legs has been amputated and there is fresh blood on the bandage and the bed. Next, Reid is at the telephone booth and is talking to a woman.

It appears that they have been talking in secret for six months and have never seen each other. Reid had sent her some MRI scans of his brains and the lady decided that she needs to know about this guy. They talk only on Sundays. Reid also wonders whether “He Knows?” and she tells him that he doesn’t and she would like to keep it that way. She hangs up the phone. At the BAU unit, Garcia briefs the team about their new case. Tony Anders, the guy we see in the beginning is now in surgery as his leg was cut and he was dumped in a motel. The unsub is taking the right legs and the first victim, Richard Hubble wasn’t lucky as his body was dumped in Juarez, Mexico. There are no drug connections and the victims weren’t patients.

The team thinks they are looking at a doctor but Reid points out that the way Tony’s stump was stitched so tight which restricted blood flow, it looks like the work of a butcher. We then see the unsub (face not clearly shown) pulls out another man from his van and cuffs him to the bed. The victim is awake and he screams. The team is on their way to Mexico and Reid feels that it has to do something with the black market. Both the victims were organ donors. But here we are talking about limbs and not vital organs. Next, Alex and Hotch meet Detective Gonzalez from the Albuquerque police department. Rossi and Morgan talk to Tony.he remembers walking out of organic chemistry and then nothing!

Rossi tries to hypnotize him and make him remember about the place he was kept in. on waking up, Tony remembers that he was in somebody’s garage. Meanwhile, the unsub is ready with his third victim. Alex goes to the prison to meet with a doctor who was involved in the black market. Smith tells her that he will give her his expert opinion if they cut a deal. Alex notices that he smiles after looking at the last picture. She knows what he is thinking and she doesn’t need any of his opinion. She leaves. Reid and JJ take a look at the remains of Richard Hubble. Reid notices that Richard’s leg was cut below the knee and Tony’s was cut above the knee. Reid says that the unsub has definite medical training; but he is not a surgeon. JJ finds a perfectly circular hole on the bone and it looks like it was drilled. In the garage, the third victim has lost his leg. The team gathers together and Reid tells them that they need to treat the case in a different way.

It is likely that the unsub sees himself as a scientist. Looks like the unsub’s goal isn’t amputating the leg but it is an experiment to re-attach it. Looks like he is right because we then see that the third victim is at a hospital and the attending doctor is shocked to see that another leg has been attached to his body. Reid looks at Carl’s leg and wonders as to why the unsub tried attaching a foreign leg as the gangrene had already set it. Reid is having some headache issue and Morgan notices it. but Reid brushes off the topic. They are ready to profile the unsub. So, they are looking at a doctor but not someone who is weird. He would have healthy relations with his family and children. he has a medical background but has a “God complex’ and is a narcissist. This would have led to problems with his work and ethical violations in med school. They need to look at someone who is well know with the neighbors.

At the same time we see that the unsub is talking to someone on the phone and his wife notices he looks worried. He tells her that the investors want to see the results and his research isn’t complete. He is worried that they will pull out their funding. At the BAU, they ask Garcia to find out more about the implant they found on Richard’s body. Reid figures out that the unsub could be a mortician. JJ and Alex go to a funeral home and confirm that the attachment is used to re-attach body parts on a dead body. Rossi and Morgan go to talk to Tony and they learn that he always donated blood and the last time he gave the guy his medical history; and that is how the unsub found Tony. Next, we see the unsub is waiting with his van which has a blood donation banner on it. a woman arrives as the unsub had called and told her that there is some problem with the test results and that they need to redo the test.

She gets into the van and sees a girl strapped to the bed. He then drugs this woman and straps her to the bed as well. Next, Maria’s dead body is found and she has been operated on her left leg and she died due to blood loss. Looks like the unsub is in some sort of a hurry. He then asks Garcia for the nearest pay phone. Morgan and Garcia are surprised. At the garage, the latest victim survived the transplant. Alex drops Reid at the pay phone and leaves but then she comes back and asks him what is happening. He tells her that he is talking to a woman and he doesn’t want the guys to know about her as it is personal. He then consults his mystery woman. Reid is consulting with her and the team deduces that the unsub is trying to heal someone close.

Reid and his mystery woman doctor figure out that the unsub is trying to correct limb disorders that are passed on from the mothers to the child especially due to chicken pox. The men were trials and now that he is experimenting on women, he seems to have found his answers. We then see that the unsub’s wife doesn’t have a right leg. He tells her that he is done with his experiment and takes her to see the final result. The latest victim manages to set herself free but she still cannot feel her new leg. She then manages to grab a surgical knife and waits for the doctor to come. The unsub and his wife arrive at the garage and he is shocked to find his subject missing. The wife is shocked to learn that her husband is experimenting on humans. The victim then grabs the wife and points the knife at her neck.

The team narrows down their search to a married couple whose wife has limb deformities due to chicken pox; Linda Nelson and John Nelson. The team barges into the garage. Linda tries to convince John that she never wanted to be fixed. John surrenders himself. Next, Reid talks to his mystery woman and she tells him that she doesn’t want “him” to find out and she fears that “he’ could hurt Reid. They decide to talk next Sunday. She says a “love you” and hangs up the phone. The episode ends.