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The Good Earth - Recap

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The episode begins with woman running through the woods looking over her shoulder. She then stops and looks around. Just then Terry joins her and he is running out of breath. She is his personal trainer and she is teaching him some cool down exercises. But he is too tired to do anything and he says that he will see her later and leaves. Terry is driving back and his vision begins to blur and the radio starts sounding weird. He runs into a fence and the car comes to a stop. He gets down and stumbles across the ground. Just then someone arrives (face not shown) and turns off the radio and then walks up to Terry.

At the BAU office, JJ is upset that Henry doesn’t want to go for the Halloween party. Later, Garcia puts forth the current case to the team; Paul Hicks, Gary Ellard, Barry Deaver and the most recent, Terry Rodgers, all these four men decided to hit the road and then vanished. There is no evidence or eye witnesses; at least for the first three victims. It is difficult to make four men disappear and stay disappeared. Alex says that if they have to assume that the victims are alive, how is the unsub holding them? And why? We then see that the four men are alive and are being kept in some sort of a barn on a farm. The team is on their flight and Garcia tells them that Terry lived in a cabin and life a primitive life; literally. But on the other hand, Ellard is a professor; Beaver owns a business and Hicks is an attorney.

All are married with young families. But the first three were born in the same place and Terry moved in few months ago. Garcia says that the vomit found at the scene of Terry’s abduction is being tested. Hotch wants to find out if there is something that links theses four together; he asks the team to talk to the families. Next, Rossi and Hotch meet Sheriff Colwin. Alex and Morgan talk to Geena Deaver. But she says that there was nothing that she could point out to as suspicious. Garcia sends the vomit reports to Hotch; there are no toxins or infections found. However it shows elevated levels of melatonin. Well, actually they are off the charts and such heavy dozes can induce drowsiness in someone. It looks as if he was drugged but the nothing from the groceries that he had bought was missing. So how did Terry unknowingly ingest such a heavy doze? Reid and JJ search Terry’s cabin.

It is not that primitive. There are books on heavy subjects and JJ wonders what he does for fun. Reid checks the shelves and pulls out a packet of weed from one of the boxes. Olwin says the second set of tread marks were from a pick up truck and Derek is looking at the likely routes the victims took and none of the lines intersect. Rossi tells Morgan that Terry’s PT says that he was dedicated. Morgan is surprised he has a PT. Garcia tells the team that Beaver’s car has been found which was impounded by Gus’ towing service. It was picked up three weeks ago. Looking at the place where the car was found, they infer that the unsub’s hunting grounds are rural and remote.

At the same time, we see that the unsub injects something into the tube that runs into the victim’s noses. One of them passes out. Next, Reid and JJ arrive and state that they found nothing much at Terry’s other than marijuana. But according to the grocery list, Terry had purchased some baby food. Olwin arrives saying that a body matching Terry’s description has been found next to the river. They find the body and it is Terry. The care that has been taken to dispose the body points out that the unsub is a woman. at the barn, we see the unsub is chopping wood and her daughter arrives asking for food. The unsub warns her daughter to stay away from the barn. The three men inside look petrified when they hear a machine being turned on.

Next, the team sees that all men were athletic but Terry’s trainer said that he was out of shape. A frustrated Garcia calls and says that she has no clue what Terry did for the five months after he left Rhode Island but before that he was married twice and he was way behind on his child support payments to wife number two. It is profiling time. They are looking for a woman, who is in her thirties or forties and who knows the rural areas well. she is selecting men who are exceptionally fit and health conscious which means she could be looking for a breeding partner as all the four have fathered children.

She eliminated Terry as he was behind on child support and also not too fit. This means she will keep eliminating the men one by one, until she finds her ideal breeding partner. Next, we see that the unsub has developed some rashes on her skin. The unsub, Emma visits her doctor telling him that the scleroderma is back. But the doctor finds nothing on her hand and he tries to tell her that it is a delusion. She says that she isn’t crazy. At the office, Hotch considers the possibility that Terry wasn’t in the country for those five months. Reid looks at the grocery store list and finds out that the items were ones used to boost immunity and which means he was sick and baby food was advised. In that case, the marijuana found could have been medicinal. They should check the medical facilities on the border.

At home, Emma sees that there are blisters developed on her; well, actually there is nothing and she is indeed delusional! Morgan arrives and tells Hotch that he was right; in June Terry checked himself into an experimental clinic in Mexico; cancer. Reid and JJ are at the ME’s office and he points out that the contents of the vomit also had a particular kind of saw dust in it along with other natural sedatives and Reid wonders if it was imported from China. This means natural holistic elements are important to her; this means she has health issues of her own. Hick’s and Ellard’s vehicles are found.

Hotch needs the exact locations where they were first found. Olwin says that there is an abandoned car found and the second set of prints match with the prints from Terry’s abduction site. They see that the things in the car was for a baby shower; this means the unsub has now kidnapped a pregnant woman due in three weeks. Now, it is possible that she might not be able to conceive and JJ wonders if the unsub is building a family. At the barn, Emma cuts open the pregnant woman’s womb. Next, the woman is rushed to the hospital; a c section has been performed with a serrated knife and then crude stitched back up. There is massive blood loss. The mother and the kid were found in the parking lot. The baby is fine. Hotch feels that the unsub returned them as she felt that a premature baby is not healthy enough for her family.

This means she would go looking for healthier babies. Rossi tells the team that the unsub scrapped out every bit of the placenta from the body. Reid suggests that the victim was harvested for food as this was practiced during the ancient times. At home, Emma tries to feed the placenta to her daughter but the girl knocks it off and starts crying. Emma then starts noticing blisters on her daughter’s skin. At the office, Garcia tells Hotch that two of the abductions took place on Thursdays and that there is a market that is put up every Thursday that sells fresh fruits and veggies. Hotch sends Alex and Morgan to the market as it is Thursday. Alex and Morgan figure out that Terry drank an energy drink he bought from this market and didn’t know the contents.

Reid and JJ deduce that the unsub is using her victims as human fertilizers. We then see that Emma sedates one of the men and then she chops him and uses him in her farm where she is cultivating tomatoes. She then sedates her sick daughter and buries her in the soil, thinking that the soil would heal her. At the office, Garcia gets a hit about Emma where she finds out that Emma has a farm and she supplies free samples at the heath club. She also tells them about the 30 ER visits Emma had. The team arrives at the house and they find nothing. Garcia then guides them to Emma’s private garden. They arrive at the barn and then find Emma draining the last victim’s blood into the soil to cure her daughter.

Alex talks to Emma and tells her that only her husband’s ashes can cure her daughter. Emma is relieved and throws down the knife. They arrest her. Good work Alex! She tells them that she saw a fire place and some ashes. She knew Emma’s disorder and she took a chance. At the office, JJ tells everyone that Henry is now ready to celebrate Halloween as she told him that he should go and find out which monsters are real and which aren’t. So he wants to become a profiler! Well, not just any profiler; Henry walks in dressed as Reid!! The episode ends.