The Apprenticeship - Recap

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The episode begins with a boy arriving at Miami and he walks up to a prostitute and asks her how much she charges. She takes him to an empty place and tells him that she hopes he doesn’t mind doing it standing. He says that he wouldn’t know as she is his first. He gives her the money. She bends down to remove her panties and the boy hits her on her face with his thighs. She breaks her nose and is bleeding. He then pulls out a plastic bag. Next, Morgan is trying to teach Reid to play baseball. Reid hates it. Morgan’s phone rings; they got a case.

Thank God! Garcia tells the team that last night Amanda Lopez’s body was found in an alley and she was badly beaten and suffocated. She ran away from her foster home when she was sixteen. She is a prostitute and has been subjected to a lot of sexual assault. Occupational hazard; can’t say if the unsub is responsible for it. There were six cases, but the victims were puppies who were beaten and suffocated and identical DNA traces have been found at all the scenes. But there is no match on codis database. Why is the unsub so angry? He graduated from animals to humans and could go serial. Next we see that the unsub gets a text from an unknown contact and the message says: I SEE YOU and there is an MMS of the murder.

The unsub’s mother arrives and asks for breakfast. He wants her to leave him alone. On the flight, Reid suggest that cruelty to animals is usually displayed by teens and to humans they need to be in mid twenties to start killing humans; usually. Hotch and JJ, meet Detective Oglivie. JJ points out that the puppy killings were done around the same area but to kill Amanda, the unsub travelled a long distance. They also deduce that he doesn’t have access to a vehicle and so he took a bus. Alex and Rossi are in the autopsy and the coroner tells them that the unsub isn’t a big guy as he has tiny hands. Also, he is inexperienced and does sloppy work.

Next, the unsub Toby is at the store he works and he gets a text from the same unknown guy. This time the text says: YOU ARE SCREWED and there are pictures of Amanda lying dead in the alley. He leaves from work saying that he has flu. Morgan asks Garcia to check for offenders in juvi. Next, Toby walks out of the pet store and he sees a man waiting for him. He asks him to get into the car. The man seems angry and Toby tells him that he was nervous while killing Amanda and didn’t know what he was doing. The man says that first time always sucks and so this time he has something better for Toby. There is another body found. It is a prostitute named Vicky. She is dumped in a dumpster and there are bite marks on her body; a huge shift in MO.

Looks like a pretty rapid evolution! Reid suggests it could be a copy cat. Morgan points out that nothing about this victim is young and impulsive; this one was well thought. Reid then thinks that it could be a team. Later at night, Toby’s partner stops a prostitute and tells her that he is looking for some fun and asks her to get into the car. She gets in and Toby, who is in the back seat, strangles her with a belt. The man then tells Toby not to hold so tight and asks Shawna if she would do whatever they ask her to. She nods. The next day, they find Shawna’s dead body. Rossi points out that they aren’t attempting to hide the bodies. This time no bite marks but she did take a blow to her forehead with a hammer.

They infer that the older unsub is teaching the younger one. The old man has blindfolded Toby and he brings him to a home store. He tells Toby that he had come a long way and it is graduation day. Hotch profiles the unsubs; two white males, one significantly younger than the other. The younger one seems to be a resident and might be going t the local school. The older one is more sophisticated and he could be an ex-con or someone with law enforcement training. He is charismatic and someone who teens could be attracted to. We then see that the unsubs are shopping for more equipment. Morgan rules out most of the juvi offenders but he wants to talk to Jose Aguilar.

He has visited the ER after a hammer attack and he hates cops. They bring in Jose and Reid tries to refresh his memory about the attack. Meanwhile, Holly fires Toby for being late. Jose tells them that on his way back from school, he stopped at a park to take a leak when he saw a white kid beating up his dog. Jose then goes up to him and beats up the kid. Just then an older man hits him from behind with a hammer. He says that he can describe the young boy to the sketch artist. At the pet store, Toby attacks Holly. At the BAU, the team discusses as to how the two unsubs could have gotten together; either they are related or maybe the older one sought the younger one out.

But Reid says that the teacher-student partnership has to eventually end as there comes a day when the student no longer requires the teacher. Next, we see that Toby is holding Holly in the trunk of a car. Garcia tells Morgan that she got a hit on a guy named Stein who had a similar MO and he died. Reid thinks that the older unsub could have gotten mentored by Stein. Toby is waiting for his mentor and the mentor freaks out when he sees Holly. He is pissed at Toby as he had warned him that he it shouldn’t be anyone he knows or anyone from where he lives. Garcia tells the team that Stein shared his work details with a guy named Roy Turner; he is Toby’s mentor. Turner was serving time for assaulting an under aged male prostitute.

The team goes to Turner’s house but it is empty. Morgan asks Garcia to hack into Turner’s laptop. They then find articles of murders and also the animal murders; he was tracking them. They then find pictures of Toby and Turner together and Toby looks like the guy Jose described. Turner seems to be obsessed with Toby. Garcia finds out about the conversations between Turner and Toby and that Toby works in Hale’s pet shop. She sends them Toby’s pic and address. Reid says that Turner must have found out that Toby committed the animal murders and then stalked him at work and earned his trust. At the same time, Toby and Turner bring Holly into an empty factory. Turner is going to take Holly to the boat and Toby is asked to clean the car.

Toby doesn’t agree. He knows that the way Turner feels for him and calls him a pervert. He then attacks Turner with the hammer. Garcia tells Morgan about a boat factory that Turner owns and gives him the address. JJ talks to Toby’s mother and tells her about Toby. Rossi tells Reid, Morgan and Alex that Toby and his sister were kidnapped and the sister was raped and killed. Toby confessed that he didn’t shout or scream because he enjoyed it and it aroused him. At the boat house, Toby pulls a plastic bag over Holly’s head and tries to suffocate her. Turner comes from behind and strangles Toby. Turner is then about to hit Holly with the hammer when the team enters and asks him to drop the weapon.

But when he is about to strike her again, Morgan shoots him. Next, Morgan is at a game and Reid arrives. He is going to play second base and the whole team is there to watch Reid play, including Henry. Reid has a couple of misses and then he gets his hit. They win and everyone is happy. But someone is clicking the team’s pictures from a distance. The episode ends.