Zugzwang - Recap

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The episode begins with Reid dressed up as a groom and his entire team witnessing his wedding which is being conducted by Garcia! By now we know it is a dream. Garcia asks Reid to kiss the bride; but when Reid lifts the veil, the bride has no face. Obviously, he has never seen her! However, Reid wakes up. Reid goes to the phone booth and dials her number and waits for her to call back. He picks up the phone and hears a muffled voice; it is a male voice. He says “Zugzwang”. Next, Hotch arrives at work; Reid called him. He needs to tell him something. He tells Hotch about Maeve. He has never seen her; only that she is a geneticist.

They addressed each other with their pseudo names; Reid’s was Joseph Bell (Sherlock Holmes’ character was based on Dr. Bell). He hands over the letters they wrote to each other. He tells Hotch that Maeve was afraid of being stalked and that is why he never called her from the same pay phone twice. He says that the voice identified himself as Adam Worth (Moriarty’s character was based on Adam Worth). The word Zugzwang was the code for trouble. It is a chess word where the player realizes that he will be check mated. So, the choice is either to resign or play till the bitter end. And if this is right, then Reid is a part of the victimology too. Reid tells his friends that he is not able to concentrate and so he wants them to help.

Hotch states that they don’t have a case here; so this will be on personal time. Everyone decides to stay on for Reid. They check the emails that the stalker sent Maeve. A classic stalker! Garcia finds out more about Maeve. She is Maeve Donovon and she took a sabbatical from her university ten months ago; fits the timeline! She also tells them that Maeve’s parents bought a loft five days ago. JJ and Morgan go to the loft. They are approximately 10 mile away from the city. They enter the loft and deduce that there has been hell of a fight put up. But there are no signs of forced entry. Maeve was on high alert; so how did she let her guard down and let the stalker enter the house. Rossi and Alex go to the Mendel University and talk to Dr. Lawrence Becker who talks very highly of Maeve.

Hotch talks to Maeve’s parents. The mother has cancer and the parents are working on an oncology project and thought that it would be better if Maeve was nearby. They suspect a guy named Bobby; her fiancé. He is a control freak. Reid is shocked on learning this. They go to Bobby’s house where they first meet Diane; his girlfriend. Booby comes out of the room and Reid is shocked on seeing him. He is the same guy he saw at the restaurant where he was supposed to meet Maeve. He had also suspected him to be the stalker. Bobby recognizes Reid. Hotch tells Reid to wait outside. Bobby tells them that when Maeve went into hiding, she broke off the engagement. So he hired a private detective to keep tabs on her and he found out about her through her parents.

He learned that she had made reservations and so went to meet her. He took a friend as he knew that a crazy guy was stalking her and he wanted to be safe. He then shows them some pictures; the fact is he was being stalked too! JJ and Garcia are scanning the pictures when they see that in one of them, Maeve’s face has been blacked out with eyeliner! The stalker is a woman! That is why Maeve let the unsub into the house as she too thought that the stalker would be a man. Just then Reid runs to Hotch and asks him if he identified him as doctor or agent in front of Diane, Bobby’s present girlfriend. But Hotch says that he said nothing. So how did she know that Reid was a doctor?

The stalker is Diane and she had muffled her voice on the phone. At home, Diane is in a new look; something similar to Maeve’s. Actually, she is wearing Maeve’s clothes. She tells Bobby that she had to change her looks to have him notice her. She then hits him with a wine bottle, just like she bashed Maeve. She then takes Bobby to the same place where she has kept Maeve. She tells Bobby that she is doing all this after tracking Maeve for ten months. She is angry with Maeve for stealing her man. She wants what Maeve and Reid have between them. And she wants Bobby to get Maeve to tell her everything about Reid. They then get to thinking as to what the motivation could be. Reid picks up Alex to talk to about the 100.5 day conversation he had with Maeve.

This is to figure out if Maeve by any chance described or gave out anything about the unsub. Alex talks to Reid trying to dig deeper into his conversations with Maeve and she asks if they ever compared lists on the people they dated. Meanwhile, Diane wants to know when did Maeve know that she had him and how did she do it. During their conversation, Reid wonders what if the unsub worked with Maeve and she wasn’t a doctor; she could have been a grad student. Someone who worked on a project with Maeve! They wouldn’t have mingled; but would be eligible for the first open position. Could be that Maeve rejected her thesis and the unsub took it personally. So that rejection became an obsession to possess.

Diane tells Bobby and Maeve that she has to prove that she too is an equal to Maeve and that is how she can get Reid. She then kills Bobby as there is no use of him anymore. Garcia tells the team that the unsub’s name is Diane Turner and she worked at the university and she was in the bunch of the internal applicants that got rejected. She now works at a local junior college. But Reid thinks that unsub’s don’t react this way. Why is she so obsessed with it? Diane tells Maeve to stand on the railing of the terrace and wants her to jump.

She wants to Maeve to feel if her cells have begun to die at the thought of giving up. Her theory is that when a human being decides to kill himself, the cells begin to decay. She wants to prove it. Maeve now remembers her. The team arrives at Diane’s place. They find out that her parent’s committed suicide; that is the trigger. Maeve tells her that she did read her work and she felt that her examples are bias. She knew that whoever has written this has gone through some tragedy and she felt sorry. She says that she will not jump. She wants her to kill her.

The team sees that there is a camera in the house; this means Diane can see them. Reid has a deal for Diane; him in exchange of Maeve. Maeve calls the landline with a message for Reid; finding her would be as easy as a pie. But Reid quickly figures out that it is not pie; it is Pi, 3.1428. They figure out where Diane could be holding Maeve. Reid is going in and giving her the recognition she needs; he is going to tell her that he loves her. They reach the place and Diane has a blindfold left on the stairs for him. He puts it on and she takes him into the room. He tells her that he has read her thesis and finds that it is brilliant and that he wants to be with her. He convinces her that the Feds would work with her as her work is valuable.

Then following Diane’s orders, Reid looks into Maeve’s eyes and tells her that he does not love her. When Diane is about to kill Maeve, he stops her saying that she should let Maeve live so that Maeve can see her living with Reid. Good idea. Diane then wants Maeve to see one last thing; Diane kisses Reid. But at once she realizes that he was lying. She is about to shoot him but he deflects.

The team rushes in. Reid gets shot in his hand and Diane points her gun at Maeve. Reid is still ready to take Maeve’s place; he is ready to die for her. Diane cannot stand this and so she shoots herself; but the bullet hits Maeve as well. Everyone is shocked. We see both women lying on the floor; in a huge pool of blood. The episode ends.