Magnum Opus - Recap

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The episode begins with Kelly, standing outside a club and talking on the phone with Danielle, who has ditched her for some one night stand. A man arrives in the alley and she is scared seeing the suspicious looking guy; but he soon leaves with a hooker. She then bends to pick up something that fell from her purse and she sees a dead body wrapped in a plastic sheet; she screams. Next, JJ and Garcia arrive to check on Reid; he is still mourning his girlfriend’s death. But he refuses to open the door. But he does give a sign which proves that he is conscious and fine. They leave. Morgan also leaves a message for Reid.

It has been two weeks and Alex is worried. Garcia educates the team about the recent murders; Garry Porter and Pamela Herd, who were found dead in San Francisco. Both of them were wrapped in plastic and both were exsanguinated. There are bore holes drilled in the femoral artery and that is how all the blood was drained. The unsub has medical knowledge. We then see the unsub (face not yet shown) drain the blood of another victim and collect it in a bottle and refrigerate it. On the flight, Rossi suggests that the unsub could be draining the blood to drink it; but since there are no bite marks, they rule out that option. Garcia calls in with more bad news; one more murder. Alex and Rossi go to the crime scene and meet Detective Lennon. The victim’s name is Lynn; but there is something new this time; her eyelids were removed.

This proves sadism and it is anti-mortem. The team then talks to the relatives of the victims. They infer that the victims are not connected. They also had different blood groups. Garry was A positive, Pamela was O negative and Lynn was AB negative. Garry is a hedge funds guy and Pamela worked several jobs to stay afloat. Pamela also liked to take long walks. There is nothing that connects them so this proves that his selection of victims is random Next, we see a hooker arrive at the unsub’s place and he is ready with his blood draining equipment. Morgan use a trick to hear from Reid; he leaves a work related question for him. Reid calls back with an answer but quickly hangs up. The coroner tells Morgan that there are high levels of EDTA found in Garry’s body. This is an anti-coagulant used to treat heart condition.

There is also a drug that elevates blood pressure. So the victim is also dosing himself; this rules out vampirism. So, the unsub sedates his victims and bleeds them dry. The team then arrives at the next crime scene and the victim is Amy Fortner. Garcia tells them that Amy was a model and she has a website with lots of her pictures; the girl isn’t scared to flaunt what she has; at all. Alex looks at Amy’s body and follows her line of vision. Amy dead body is looking at the Statue of St. Luke, a patron of art. So, the team profiles the unsub; a white male who is an artist. He has left all the dead bodies near some art work or painting that have gone unnoticed. So art is his obsession. And he is painting with the blood. More the blood, more the painting and more are the chances of him being recognized!

Reid calls and tells them to focus at the art galleries in a particular area. Garcia is glad to hear from Reid. Next, the unsub arrives at an art gallery and tries to sell his painting. But the manager of the gallery tells him that he needs to work a little more; he has improved, but still not up to the mark. She tells him that he needs to find his signature and when he does that, she might consider buying it. He does tell her that he used blood to paint this one. She says that an unusual medium is not enough. Hotch and JJ, go to an art gallery and look for a person trying to sell a painting made out of blood. The owner, Trey, tells him that a guy did come in, but since he doesn’t stock this type of art, he did not buy it.

But a customer did fall in love with the painting and bought it on site. The unsub is at his work place and his colleague, Paul asks him to give him a ride home. They have been working together for two years and he thinks that they can be called “friends”. The unsub looks at Paul, thinks for a moment and agrees. Alex and Rossi go to Andre’s establishment which caters to adult fun. They find the painting and figure out that it could be the one made from Pamela’s blood. Alex wants to take the painting. The unsub ties up Paul and now it is his turn. Paul reminds him that they are friends and the unsub says that this is exactly what he was missing. Paul tries to fight back when the unsub is about to cut off his eyelids. He then bites him. The unsub is furious and he hammers Paul!

Paul is dead and there is blood all over. The unsub goes to the fridge, removes a can of white liquid and injects himself with it. He then dips the brush in Paul’s forehead and starts to paint. The team finds out that the plasma has been separated from the blood; Hotch says that this is done to make the blood thicker and easier to use. They wonder why separate the plasma? Reid arrives; he has the answer. He feels that he unsub is hemophiliac. He can’t bleed without the fear of dying. So, they search for a hemophiliac who has a severe type of this disease and should be a universal recipient. He could have a job where he wouldn’t interact much with the world. Garcia does a search and comes up with the information on the unsub; Bryan, who works as a janitor in an art gallery. Next, the unsub attacks the owner of the gallery who keeps refusing his paintings.

Madison Riley is now tied up and Bryan is about to cut off her eye lids. Garcia tells the team that Bryan was involved in a horrible accident and it looks like a miracle that he survived. But the female driver bled to death. This could be the trigger. Bryan is about to cut Madison’s eyelids, but the team arrives and try to talk him out of it. But when they see that he is about to slit Madison’s throat, they shoot him. JJ finds Paul’s body. Case Closed. On their flight back, Morgan tells Reid that he did not mean to get him back into work so soon. Reid tells him that he is fine. Morgan tells him that if at all he needs any help with anything, he could ask. There is one thing Reid needs help with. His house is in a mess. We see that his friends help him tidy up his place. The episode ends.