All That Remains - Recap

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The episode begins with Bruce Morrison video recording his wife and two lovely daughters; one of them is going for her homecoming. Cut to two years later; the team is listening to a 911 call made by Bruce who reports his girls missing. They have been gone for 36 hours and he doesn’t blame anyone. Hmm. Also, he seems to have lost track of time. The call came in an hour ago and Alex wonders how a father doesn't realize that his girls have been missing for the past 36 hours. The team notes the fact that Bruce has used the word “gone” instead of missing or abducted or any such words. One year ago, on the same day, Bruce made a 911 call saying that his wife was “gone”. Even the wife was missing for two days before Bruce contacted the authorities.

Looks like he is either the victim or the offender! On the flight they learn that Bruce and Judy were a quiet couple. Bruce was a writer and also taught in the University and Judy got into real estate. She then had an affair with Jeff Godwin. Bruce was the prime suspect but there was not enough proof that he had motive. Judy had inherited a lot of money but it is in the trust for the girls. They analyze all the possibilities and end up with the same suspect back then and now. Hotch feels that they would find the answers in the house. They arrive at the house and meet Marty Freidman, the Detective. He doesn’t want Bruce to get away this time. Marty tells them that Bruce said that he had been glued to his computer as he is searching for new writing material.

He says that he has made some fliers for Katy and Sarah, the daughters, and Hotch feels that it is a good idea. Reid checks Katy’s room and infers that she stayed in a lot and tried new recipes. Her phone is not around. But Sarah’s room is the opposite; it is too clean for a high school student. Morgan wonders whether Bruce has been cleaning the house for two days! Rossi and Hotch talk to Bruce and he tells them that he did laundry in the morning after he woke up. Sarah had come home late because she was driving and slowly due to the rain and Katy was asleep. Bruce says that he was watching basketball and the next thing he remembers is it is morning. He cannot explain that. Sarah’s alarm went off and he went to call her to tell her that she is late.

But he did not find the girls and he made the call. Just then the phone rings; it is Karen. Bruce has a shotgun which hasn’t been used for years. He did use a .38 but he says that he doesn’t know where it is. They send the bed sheets for a test to check for gun residue. Morgan doesn’t think that he was mourning. Rossi and Marty find out that Bruce had been drinking a lot on Monday morning. Bruce tells him that he was sad as it was the day his wife went missing. He said that he wasn’t drinking much. But Marty points out that it was enough to knock him down to lose an entire day! Alex and JJ talk to the neighbor, Chip Gordon who tells them that Bruce was a drunk and he had a fight with his wife on the night before she disappeared. Then, he also heard him arguing with his daughters before they disappeared.

He also says that he saw their car gone for a while and then it was back. Bruce says that he was sober but started drinking after Judy’s affair. Next, they find Katy’s body in a river and Sarah’s is yet to be found. Hotch breaks the news to Bruce and he is shattered. Alex is cynical about Bruce’s display of emotions. Hotch says that there was residue on the sheets and boots; Bruce did fire a gun. The coroner tells Hotch that COD for her death is blunt force trauma. There is no water in the lungs which means that water was just a method of disposal. There is flesh found under her nails. Hotch finds scratch marks on Bruce and he tells him that he saw them in the shower on Monday. Sarah has been writing a lot after her mother went. JJ thinks that Sarah is still alive.

Garcia calls and tells JJ that there have been a lot of texts exchanged between Sarah and Jeff; it seems like more fatherly types. Jeff texted Sarah on the night she disappeared but it has been deleted from the phone. Jeff walks into the station himself. Jeff tells Morgan that he is worried about Sarah. He shows him the texts that Sarah had deleted from her phone. They were supposed to meet in a parking lot. Sarah was terrified of her father as Bruce got violent after drinking. There were calls made by Katy reporting abuse. They make Bruce listen to the call where they hear Bruce yelling and banging at the door. Just then they see that Bruce has changed completely and they are now looking at his alter ego.

He tells them that Bruce is a cry baby and that he is totally incapable of dealing with things. Hotch wants to know where Sarah is and he tells them that Sarah is learning a lesson. Marty doesn’t believe in Bruce’s dissociative identity disorder. Now, there is sufficient evidence that Bruce did this; but they still don’t have Sarah. Hotch asks Marty to give them an hour to find Sarah. Marty agrees. Bruce tells Hotch that the blackouts started in grad school as he started drinking then as he could not handle the pressure. The team then finds out that Judy had been ordering prescription medicines for severe alcoholism and she is the one who kept his drinking in check. But it stopped few months back.

So, Bruce being off his meds could be the trigger. JJ has a plan. They bring Jeff in front of Bruce. They then ask him about Sarah suggesting that he had an affair with her. Bruce is pissed and Johnny is back. They take Jeff away and JJ talks to Johnny. He wants a smoke. JJ gets him talking and he admits that he did take the girls to the river several times but this time he had their attention. Next, the team goes back to the river side and find an abandoned building. They find Katy’s phone and a shot gun mark on the window. Later, they find Sarah hiding behind a tree. They ask her to come out and Sarah walks out with a shot gun in her hand. Sarah is at the hospital and JJ talks to her. JJ then brings Sarah to meet Bruce. Bruce apologizes to his daughter.

She wants him to tell the cops where her mother is. Bruce says he doesn’t know. Sarah walks away. JJ brings her home and she goes to take a shower. JJ tells her team that she is not sure if everything is alright as Sarah did not mention Katy even once and she seems too casual and composed at the same time. So, if Sarah pulled this off, it had very detailed planning. Sarah does not go for the shower and walks up to JJ who is talking on the phone. JJ pretends that she is talking to her son. The team rushes to the house. Garcia tells the team that Sarah was the one who canceled the prescription. JJ figures out that Sarah hated the day when Katy was born. JJ is snooping around and Sarah arrives with a gun drawn at JJ.

She says that her mother loved Katy more than her. Morgan and Reid arrive. Sarah plays the PTSD card. Morgan lets her believe that he believes her and takes the gun away from her and Reid cuffs her. She is smart and they figured that out. JJ tells Reid that Sarah was planning to pin all this on her father. She had set up witnesses perfectly so that Bruce could look like the culprit. Later, Bruce is set free and he returns home. The episode ends.