Broken - Recap

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The episode begins at a bachelorette party in Austin, Texas. The bride-to-be and her friend walk out of the club and the bride sees that the other friends aren’t with them. She goes back into the bar to fetch her friends and the friend walks across the street to a man she noticed earlier, and asks for a light. They start making out. But the friend suddenly stops when the guy pulls his pants down. She tells him that they are done. But the man pushes her back into the car. Next, Alex tells her class about the theory of variation, and she gets a text from Garcia. Later, on their flight to Austin, Garcia tells the team that Michelle Bradley went missing from her friend’s bachelorette party.

The first victim, Craig, disappeared from the fraternity party. Another victim, Helen, also disappeared from an event. All the victims were at a social gathering before they were abducted and killed. Also, the unsub knows where he could find his victims. There is an overkill seen in every murder. This proves that the unsub is angry; but about what? Helen was stripped down to a watch but Craig was fully clothed. But Craig’s wallet was missing. They also figure out that the unsub dumps the body in the district from where they are abducted; so he might be using his vehicle for the assault. Meanwhile, the unsub dumps Michelle’s body on the side of the highway and leaves. Morgan and Rossi meet detective Sanchez.

They see the site and infer that Michelle was bleeding when the unsub dumped her. He was with her the whole night. The unsub had stabbed all his victims except Craig; he hit Craig with a blunt object. They feels that Craig and the unsub are connected. They decide to talk to Craig’s classmates and professors. Meanwhile, Alex arrives with Michelle’s picture and they notice that Michelle was stripped of all her clothes and accessories; but there is a watch on her wrist. They check with the bride-to-be and they learn that Michelle wasn’t wearing that watch at the party. So, the watch is some sort of a signature. Michelle was brutally stabbed and murdered; around 40 stab wounds. Reid suggests a past trauma. JJ thinks that Craig triggered the unsub’s violence.

The coroner then shows them Craig’s pictures. They notice the bruises on his chest and back. But Craig was fully clothed and his clothes weren’t torn. This means that the unsub dressed Craig post-mortem; a sign of remorse. Craig was closer to his attacker than they thought. Alex talks to Craig’s roommate Will. She sees that Will has packed Craig’s things. She figures out that Will is trying to hide something from Craig’s parents; the fact that Craig was gay. Garcia tells the team that Michelle was the only one wearing a watch that did not belong to her; this also means that she was the only one not wearing a watch when she was abducted. They realize that the time set on the watches is wrong. It could be a clue that indicates the time of the next abduction.

And they realize that the next abduction would happen soon. Paige is sitting with her friend, Paul at the bar and Mitch arrives with a new friend, Doug. Alex tells Hotch, Rossi and Sanchez that Craig was at a gay bar when he was abducted. They then discuss the unsub’s sexual orientation. Next, Doug is at Paul’s place and it seems that they have had sex. Paul then asks Doug to leave. He feels bad about what happened because he thinks that guys are supposed to be with girls. Doug tells him that things would be fine. He runs his hands on Paul’s back and tells him that he is a great teacher. Paul is reminded of a woman who does the same and tells him that she is a great teacher. Paul loses his temper and asks Doug not to touch him.

The next day, Reid arrives at work and Morgan tells him about their latest victim, Doug Warn. Reid then solves the puzzle about the watches. He tells Morgan that the unsub sets all the watches are set to 6.22 before disposing off the bodies. It is the time on Michelle’s broken watch. Alex and JJ take a look at Doug’s body. The blow to the back of the head killed Doug and he was stabbed post mortem. Alex and JJ figure out that the unsub is gay. They then profile the unsub. They tell the officers that they need to look for a homosexual who must have grown up in a broken home. All the signs show that the unsub has been through years of abuse. Having sex with women is to gain acceptance in the eyes of a loved one.

Meanwhile, the unsub recalls the time when he told his father that he likes men and how his father brought a beautiful woman to him and forced him to have sex with her. Hotch tells that the unsub will not stop killing. He will try to get aroused by women and each failed attempt will lead to another murder. Next, Mitch arrives to meet Paul and to make sure that he is alright. He tells Paul about Doug’s murder. Morgan, Rossi and Reid think that 6.22 is a date and ask Garcia to check the events. Rossi thinks that it could be that the unsub is struggling with his faith and feels that it could be a passage from the Bible. Reid tells them that it could be 6.22 pm which means 18.22 and he knows that there is a relevant passage in the Bible that talks about homosexuality.

That still doesn’t prove that someone’s sexual orientation could be changed. They then ask Garcia to check for conversion camps in Austin and Garcia finds one; the camp has the Biblical passage 18.22 on its webpage. At home, Mitch finds out that Paul killed Doug. Paul tells him that it is “their” fault. Mitch tells him that it cannot be “their” fault; it has been years since they have laid their hands on them. It appears that Mitch and Paul went through the same torture. Next, JJ and Alex go to the conversion camp and ask for a list of participants from the last 15 years; but he doesn’t give it to them. They then try asking about what they do to students who break rules or lash out. The man does not discuss the advance therapy with them.

Morgan asks Garcia to run a check and find out the names that were closely related to the victims. He also tells her to flag the names of students who did not complete the course as they would be the ones to endure the tortures of the advance therapy. JJ tells them that the unsub went to the camp because the watch he made Michelle wear was exactly the same one that all the students were wearing at the camp. At home, Mitch realizes that Paul was the one who killed the women. Paul tells him that they reminded him of “her”. Garcia tells the team that a guy named Mitchell went to the camp and three weeks later, his parents started making payments to a dummy corporation that was shut down for prostitution and they had just one prostitute named Isabella and she is in prison.

Hotch goes to talk to Isabella. He figures out that, she as a form of security and to protect herself in court, made the parents watch when she had sex/molested the young kids. Paul and Mitch discuss about what Paul went through and how his father was present when he had sex with Isabella and how at times when he wouldn’t do it right, his father would demonstrate it to him. Garcia finds out that Paul Westin went to the camp the same time with Mitch. Hotch tells her to find out everything about Paul. The team goes to Paul’s house but find it empty. They find blood on the floor and they look around. Paul and Mitch are at Paul’s father’s house and Paul takes him to the basement and punches him. He blames him for the turmoil he is going through.

He pulls out the bed and tells Mitch to take his father’s clothes off. He wants Mitch to rape his father. Paul is holding a gun at his father. At the house, the team finds out that Mitch and Paul were lovers and they were sent to the camp for the same reason. Hotch tells the team go to the father’s house. Mitch doesn’t want to rape his father. His father tries to grab the gun from Paul and in the tussle, Mitch gets shot. Paul shoots Mitch’s father. The team arrives and Paul is about to shoot himself. Morgan convinces him to put the gun down and testify against the camp and save the other guys who are going through the torture they once went through.

Paul agrees. The team then arrives at the camp and rescues the students who are being given electric shock and made to watch porn. Next, we see a man watching the news. He then goes through his computer where he looks at the pictures of the cases solved by the BAU. He then looks at the recording of Alex’s class where she talks about the theory of variation. The episode ends.