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#6 - Recap

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The episode begins in Downtown Detroit, Michigan, where two car thieves find a dead couple in the trunk of the car they were about to steal. The car keys are in the woman’s hands. One of them wants to back off, but the other one decides to dump the bodies, clean up the trunk and take the car. One of them is about to pick up the keys from the dead woman’s hand when she suddenly grabs the guy’s hand and asks for help. They freak out and flee the scene. At home, Alex’s husband, James, gives her a surprise by arriving home unannounced. She knows that there is something behind this unexpected visit.

James tells her that he is tired and will talk about this later. Garcia messages Alex to report to work. At the office, Garcia briefs the team about the recent murders in Detroit city, where two couples were found in two different cars; Brian and Melissa Cain in car no.1 and Paul and Elizabeth Garrett in car no.2. She tells them that Elizabeth was alive when two kids found her, but by the time the paramedics reached the crime scene, she died. Also, the unsub holds on to the victims for one week after he abducts them. Garcia tells them that the unsub stabs his victims during that period; 50 stabs per victim and then the final cause of death is one fatal stab wound. Elsewhere, the unsub has kidnapped another couple. The woman is stabbed, and she asks her husband to remove the knife.

The husband refuses to because he knows that she will die. She begs him to put an end to her misery. The husband removes the knife and the woman dies. The unsub is watching all this on his surveillance monitors. On their flight to Detroit, the team figures out that since both the couples were from Detroit, there is a chance that the unsub could be from the same place. Moreover, both the couples were from Grosse Point, one of the most affluent places in the whole country. Hotch wonders why the unsub is kidnapping married couples. JJ thinks that he is trying to mock the bond. Rossi and Alex go to the morgue and the coroner gives them her assessment about the stab wounds, but when they compare it with the first couple, the geometry seems off. Rossi and Alex conclude that the unsub is making the husband and wife stab each other.

Reid tells Hotch and Detective Ron Keaton that “date night” is very important to the unsub. He tells them that the couples were abducted when they were spending some personal time together; the unsub gets enraged when he sees them happy. This means the unsub stalks the couple and follows their routine. JJ and Morgan take a look at the car and try to figure out as to how the unsub managed to get both of them in the car. They figure out that the unsub is hacking the car, and that is how he is getting in. Garcia calls Morgan and tells him that they have another case. The team arrives at the latest crime scene which is five miles away from the last one. This time the unsub has dumped only the wife, Mary Hammond. The car is registered to the husband, Dennis Hammond.

The cops are talking to Dennis, who is very much alive and fine. (He is also not the guy we see with Mary in the room). Reid asks Dennis as to why he filed the missing report so late. Dennis tells Reid that he was travelling. He also says that he and Mary were fighting because they had a dinner date on Thursday, but his boss wanted him to go to Cleveland. He says that he wasn’t able to inform Mary about this and she ended up going to the restaurant alone. Hotch thinks that something is off; they are missing a male victim. Elsewhere, the unsub kidnaps another female victim. Alex calls James and asks him what is going on. He tells her that he has been offered a job in Harvard. He also tells her that Harvard has agreed to give Alex a job in the linguistic department.

Alex tells him that she needs to think about it. Hotch arrives and tells Alex that another woman, Emma Churchill, has been reported missing. Alex wonders why the unsub doesn’t want men anymore. The coroner tells them that the wounds on Mary are more superficial in nature. It looks like he doesn’t want to hurt them anymore. They profile the unsub. They tell the cops that probably the unsub’s MO has evolved. He has abducted a 6th male victim, who he is using to kill the female victims. Morgan, Hotch and JJ check Mary’s car. Garcia tells them that the unsub has a pattern. He hacks into the car and disables the GPS three days before the date night. This means that the unsub has access to a place where all the cars go. Hotch calls the AG and asks for a favor.

In the torture room, Emma wakes up and meets Philip (the man who stabbed Mary). She learns that he has been there for more than a month. Philip tells Emma that this time it is his turn, she has to stab him. Hotch and Reid talk to the representatives of the three car companies and tell them that they need access to their GPS database. Later, Garcia manages to figure out one point of intersection for all the three cars. She sends them the co-ordinates. It is a stadium where people workout. Alex looks at a woman training with her trainer and feels that the unsub’s wife must have left him for her trainer. So, when he comes to the ground and sees the women training, it triggers his anger.

In the closed room, Philip tells Emma to stab him. She stabs him once. The next time Philip grabs her hand and plunges the knife deep into his body. At the office, the team looks at the list of missing men. JJ and Alex like Philip Connor. He was reported missing just after Mary Hammond disappeared. Alex tells Morgan and Hotch that Philip and his wife, Maya, got engaged while Maya was still married to another man. Hotch tells them get more information on Philip. In the room, Philip asks Emma how she met her husband, John. She doesn’t want to talk about it, but when Philip tells her his story, she tells him that she met he husband on a Christian dating website. She tells Philip that she is Jewish and hasn’t told he husband about it.

The monitor turns on, and the masked man orders Philip to go back into his cell. He hugs Emma and tells her about the escape route. Reid and Alex talk to Philip’s mother. She tells them that Philip used to go to the track to watch Maya. She tells them that after marrying Maya, Philip started acting funny. He felt that if Maya could cheat with him, then she could cheat on him. She tells them that Philip was sick, and he loved being sick because he got a lot of attention. Alex and Reid learn that Maya had enough and she left Philip. Alex asks the mother if Philip used to cut himself. The mother says yes. They realize that Philip is the unsub they are looking for. Maya left him because he was a cutter.

In the room, it is revealed that Philip is the unsub. Emma trips on a wire while trying to escape. Philip, who is wearing a mask, arrives and renders her unconscious. Later, when she wakes up, she sees Philip on his bed and he is bleeding. She goes to help him. Philip uses a small remote control to operate the monitor, wherein the masked man comes on screen and tells Emma to cut Philip. Emma doesn’t want to. Philip tells Emma that they could die together. He will make it real quick. Garcia checks Philip’s work history and finds a microprocessor site up for closure. Later, the team arrives at the site. They announce themselves. Emma is relieved. Philip picks up the knife and places it on her neck. Alex tells him that she knows that he is doing all this for Maya.

She assures him that she can help him get her back. Philip tells Alex that he wants her to bring Maya to him. JJ walks in with Maya. Maya tell him that she is ready to talk if he lets Emma go. Philip falls for the bluff and the cops arrest him. Case Closed. Next, Alex arrives home and tells James that she has made up her mind. She wants to keep this job. James understands. He says “I took you for better or worse and nothing is going to change that”. Alex hugs him. The episode ends.