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Brothers Hotchner - Recap

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The episode begins at a club where the waitress asks Sean Hotchner (Hotch’s brother) for an override card. Sean tells the waitress that Thane has it. Thane is making out with a woman in the washroom when Sean arrives and asks him for the override card. Thane steps outside and hands over the card to Sean. When he goes back inside, he is shocked to see that the girl’s eyes, nose and mouth are bleeding. He calls Sean for help. Sean checks the pulse and sees that the girl is not breathing. He tells Thane to call 911. Hotch and Beth are in Manhattan for a vacation. They are spending some time together when Sean calls. Sean is surprised to learn that Hotch is in the same city.

Hotch arrives at the Edinburgh club. Sean tells Hotch that the girl, Anna, died in his arms. The cops wrote the case off as a drug overdose case. Sean then tells Hotch about his co-worker, Linda Heying, who died last week. Hotch thinks that the girls got their supplies from the same person. Sean tells Hotch that Linda wasn’t using. He knows that because she was his girlfriend. Hotch video conferences with Garcia, Erin and Rossi. Garcia tells them about three more cases. All of them died of ecstasy overdose. Garcia tells them that the doctors said that their body temperatures went so out of control that their blood literally boiled from inside. Rossi cites a case which was similar to this one, but it was about cyanide poisoning. Hotch wants the team to join him in New York. Erin decides to go as well. Elsewhere, in another other club, more people die in a similar manner.

On the flight, the team thinks that this is not just product tampering. They think it is mass murder. Erin wonders why the unsub is taking out seasoned party goers and non- users at the same time. JJ thinks that the unsub gets off when he sees fear in the eyes of the witnesses. Alex says that the unsub is desperate for attention. Reid points out that the unsub has chosen a drug that is known for its euphoric affect. This means he doesn’t want to take his victims’ happiness away. They talk about Linda and Eric who were non-users. Rossi tells them that they could have been hiding the truth. Reid, JJ and Morgan are at the club. Reid talks to one of the guys, who was present at the party. He asks the boy as to why the pills didn’t kill him but killed his friends.

The guy tells Reid that it was liquid ecstasy. He says that he didn’t take extra doses because he didn’t have the money to buy it. Reid asks him why they wanted to take extra doses. The guy tells Reid that normally it takes an hour for the drug to show its effects but this one was taking double the time, and his friends didn’t want to wait. That is why they took extra doses. JJ tells Reid and Morgan that the MEs told her that the drugs were cut with a higher dose of meth. Morgan tells Garcia to check on the delayed effects of meth mixtures. She tells Morgan that there is a latest drug in the market called the PMMA. The street name is “Doctor Death”. This drug is produced with large amounts of meth and this masks the effects of ecstasy. This is why the users consume too much.

Morgan wonders whether the unsub is altering these drugs before it hit the market. Elsewhere, someone injects some drug into a wine bottle. Erin tells Hotch that the DEA is very concerned. She tells him that this is the first evidence of PMMA making its way into the United States. Hotch tells Erin that he has some doubts about his brother. He sends Rossi to interrogate Sean. During the interrogation, they learn that Sean and Linda broke up because of a fight. The fight was about Sean using. He tells Rossi that he doesn’t use anymore. Hotch barges into the room. He is pissed that Sean did not tell him about him using. He then learns that Sean used to take ecstasy. Sean says that he got his supply from Thane. Hotch thinks that Sean is protecting Thane. Sean tells him that Thane gave him a job when he lost his previous catering job.

He believes that Thane could never do something like this. Alex talks to Eric’s sister, Kimberly, who says that Eric never used drugs. She tells Alex that on the night he died, they only had some wine. Eric had white wine. Elsewhere, a married couple enjoys a bottle of wine when their daughter arrives at the dinner table. She screams in shock when she sees her parents bleed from everywhere. Later, the team arrives at the scene. Reid figures out that the wine was spiked, and it looks like the victims, Bernard and Catherine Hatchitt, had finished an entire bottle. He tells Rossi that the unsub wants to increase his body count and he doesn’t care who he kills. Garcia tells Alex and JJ that the wine bottles that killed the Hatchitt family and Eric, were from the cases that were shipped to the Edinburgh hotel.

JJ wonders as to how the wine bottles ended up with two parents from Manhattan and an under aged guy (Eric) in Harlem. Sean tells Hotch that he wants to help with the case. He knows that Thane spikes the wine and uses ecstasy as a date rape drug. He says that he knows the guy Thane gets the drugs from. He says that he can talk to that guy. Hotch is reluctant but Sean insists. They wire him up. Hotch prepares Sean, and at the club, the owner, Jim, is yelling at Thane. Sean arrives and tells Thane and Jim that the cops called him again for interrogation. Sean plays his part really well. Jim and Thane look nervous. Jim tells Thane to dump those wines. The waitress who asked for the over ride card (from the first scene) asks Jim if he knows anything. Jim says no. Thane and Sean go to the store room and Thane gives Sean two bottles of wine. He tells Sean to dump the wines.

Thane then finds out that three other bottles are missing and he gets tensed. Sean tries to ask him about spiking the wine. This leads into a fight between both of them because Sean blames Thane for Linda’s death. The team comes in and arrests Thane and other staff members, but Jim manages to escape. Hotch receives a message from Sean. Hotch realizes that Sean is gone. Elsewhere, Jim gets into his car and is about to leave when another car deliberately rams into Jim’s. Later, the team finds Jim’s body. Reid tells them that the crash did not kill Jim. Someone poured PMMA down Jim’s throat. Hotch thinks that this is Sean’s doing. He feels that Sean left from Edinburgh for a reason. Morgan thinks that Hotch is over reacting. Reid looks at it from another angle.

He points out that the attention seeking unsub would never let anyone interfere with his work, and that is why he must have killed Jim because Jim and Thane had spiked the drinks. He also feels that the unsub was upset about the Hatchitt couple’s death. The team interrogates Thane and the waitress, Liz. They agree to co-operate. Later, Garcia tells the team that Eric and Catherin Hatchitt withdrew money from the same ATM which is located in a bodega, which is two blocks away from the Edinburgh club. This means they bought the wine from that shop. JJ and Alex tell Hotch that they now have the map of the distribution chain. They explain the chain to Hotch which also includes another club connected to Jim. Hotch tells them to find out about that club.

Morgan and Reid go to talk to Walter Beaird, the guy that owns the bodega, and ask him if he sold a box wine that was given to him “off the records”. Walter says yes. He also tells them that last night the guy came to him and took back the remaining bottles and paid the full price. Garcia tells the team about a guy named Mike, a baggage handler from the Franklin airport (the same airport through where the PMMA enters into the US) who has been making large deposits in his account. The strange part is that Mike has been dead for four weeks but the deposits are still being made. Sean calls Hotch and tells him that he didn’t kill Jim. Hotch tells him that the unsub is targeting the Edinburgh employees and his life is in danger. The team figures out that the unsub must have taken Mike’s place at the airport.

Hotch tells Garcia to widen the search and see if any airport employees had a drug death in the family recently. Garcia comes up with a name, Larry Feretich, whose daughter, Megan, died two months ago at the other club owned by Jim Peters, The Obsidian. They arrest Larry. Case Closed. The team tells Hotch that Sean can now come out of hiding. Later, Sean arrives to meet Hotch. Hotch knows that Sean took the three bottles of wine from the storeroom and sold it to Walter and then later bought it back from him when he learned that Thane had spiked the wine. Sean tells him that he wanted money for the rent. Hotch tells him that he has made calls to a couple of lawyers. Sean turns himself in to the cops.

In her lab, Garcia is shocked to learn that her computers are being hacked into. There are pictures of the team solving the case in New York. All the screens are then filled with the word ZugZwang. Garcia realizes that it is the Replicator. Next, a man enters Erin’s hotel room while she is sleeping. The episode ends.