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Criminal Minds: The Tribe

The BAU team investigates the mass murder of five college students killed in a method similar to that used by a local Native American tribe in times of war long ago.

Gideon, Hotchner and their team believe that a pack of killers who are part of a dangerous cult may be responsible for the student deaths. They interview the residents of a nearby Indian reservation, as well as citizens of the surrounding community, in an attempt to track down the killers. Meanwhile, Hotchner's handsome younger brother pays him a surprise visit at the Behavioral Analysis Unit headquarters.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x16
Production Number: 116
Airdate: Wednesday March 08th, 2006

Alternate Airdates:

DE (Sat. 1) Dec 10, 2006
FI (Nelonen) Jun 21, 2007
NL (Veronica) Nov 08, 2009

Guest Stars
Eric JohnsonEric Johnson
As Sean Hotchner
Chad AllenChad Allen
As Jackson Cally
Chris Ellis (1)Chris Ellis (1)
As Sheriff Rhodes
Gregory Norman CruzGregory Norman Cruz
As John Blackwolf
Robert Curtis BrownRobert Curtis Brown
As Peter Griesen
Skyler ShayeSkyler Shaye
As Ingrid Griesen

Co-Guest Stars
Aaron MacPhersonAaron MacPherson
As Deputy #1
Geoff MeedGeoff Meed
As Eugene Leland/Unsub #1
Josh DuhonJosh Duhon
As Rammy
Michael CanavanMichael Canavan
As Roy Minton
Sky SoleilSky Soleil
As Kyle Van Owen/Unsub #2
Sonya StephensSonya Stephens
As Jane Bear
Main Cast
Shemar MooreShemar Moore
As Derek Morgan
Matthew Gray GublerMatthew Gray Gubler
As Dr. Spencer Reid
A.J. CookA.J. Cook
As Jennifer "JJ" Jareau
Kirsten VangsnessKirsten Vangsness
As Penelope Garcia
Thomas GibsonThomas Gibson
As Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner
Mandy PatinkinMandy Patinkin
As Jason Gideon
Lola GlaudiniLola Glaudini
As Elle Greenaway
Episode Notes
Hotch has a 25-year-old brother called Sean who takes a job in New York working in a restaurant instead of studying to be a lawyer.

Local law enforcement explains that the land that's being developed for housing was seized from the Apache's through use of Eminent Domain. Eminent Domain allows the government to take private property for public use. A controversial 2005 ruling by the Supreme Court allowed the government to seize land and give it to a private developer in order to increase revenue.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
ColdplayThe Scientist 
Iron ButterflyIn-A-Gadda-Da-Vida 

Episode Quotes
Elle: What are you doing out of your bunker?
Garcia: I was on my way to file... the things that I... file.

Elle: Brother as in... is that Hotch's brother?
Garcia: Maybe Hotch is adopted?

JJ: That's Hotch's brother?
Garcia: Uh huh.
JJ: I don't see it.
Hotch: Sean, listen to me. All I'm saying is you're 25 years old...
Sean Hotchner: You know what? Don't profile me, Aaron!
JJ: Now I see it.

Reid: No single unsub could've exerted this much control over so many people.
Elle: So you think there was more than two.
Gideon: Think we're looking at a pack?
JJ: A pack?
Reid: Three or more that kill in unison, as in nature the group dynamic dictates the pack's survival is dependent on their ability to hunt successfully.
Hotch: And, as in nature, a pack will keep on killing until it runs out of prey or is stopped.
Elle: Stopped by what?
Gideon: A stronger pack.

Hotch: Nietzche wrote: "The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe."

Hotch: The bodies were almost completely skinned yet there's so little blood.
Reid: I think I know why. The unsub avoided areas of skin on the wrists and throat - areas where the veins and arteries are closest to the surface.
Sheriff Rhodes: Why would they do that?
Gideon: They didn't want them to bleed out.
Reid: These kids were skinned alive.

Hotch: Blackwolf?
Sheriff Rhodes: John Blackwolf?
Gideon: You know him?
Sheriff Rhodes: Indian activist. He's been in a little trouble related to his activism but nothing violent. Not around here.
Hotch: We call the reservation police and alert them?
Sheriff Rhodes: I don't think that's a good idea.
Hotch: Why not?
Sheriff Rhodes: Blackwolf is the reservation police.

John Blackwolf: And does anybody know the name of the last leader of the Apaches?
Samuel: Geronimo.
John Blackwolf: That's right. He was caught by the U.S. Army five times but the Gahe had given him so much strength he escaped each time. Samuel.
Samuel: Yes?
John Blackwolf: Tell the men from the FBI who the Gahe are.
Reid: The Gahe are mighty spirits who dwell in desert caves.
Hotch: Reid! Is your name Samuel?
Reid: Sorry!
Gideon: Are the Gahe good spirits or bad spirits?
John Blackwolf: They're both. Like men.

Sean Hotchner: This your way of saying I can't take care of myself?
Hotch: No, it's my way of saying I'm a jackass.
Sean Hotchner: Yeah, well, it must be hereditary.

Gideon: Blackwolf, I'm Agent Gideon, these are Agents Hotchner and Reid.
John Blackwolf: (to Gideon) You look like a college professor. (to Reid) You look like a student. (to Hotch) You... you look like FBI.
Hotch: We're with the Behavioral Analysis Unit.
John Blackwolf: Profilers should know better.
Hotch: How's that?
John Blackwolf: We don't do massacres. You do.
Hotch: Me personally?
John Blackwolf: Your government.

Hotch: Forensics says the outside's been contaminated from all the construction traffic.
Reid: Of all the native American tribes, the Apache were most renowned for their tracking ability. It was said they could track a man or animal from any condition by simply noticing the slightest disturbance in the environment.
Hotch: Profiling the dirt.

Reid: I notice you don't carry a gun.
John Blackwolf: Twenty one feet.
Reid: What?
John Blackwolf: Ask Agent Hotchner there, he's the real gunhand.
Hotch: Why do you say that?
John Blackwolf: You carry two guns.
Hotch: The maximum distance an attacker with a knife can close in the time it takes to react, draw your sidearm and fire is twenty one feet.
John Blackwolf: Inside twenty one feet, I win. Outside twenty one, I have other options besides shooting a man.
Reid: Like negotiating.
John Blackwolf: Like running.
Hotch: Why do you say I carry two guns?
John Blackwolf: Your right instep print's heavier than your left. And, since you don't appear to have a cleft right foot.
Hotch: You can't tell that from my footprints, there's no perceptible difference between them.
John Blackwolf: Your problem isn't with your prints. It's with your perception.

Gideon: What do you see?
John Blackwolf: There's a saying - once too much blood has been spilt on the same ground, the ground develops a thirst for it.

John Blackwolf: To the Apache, killing, unless absolutely necessary, was a sign of stupidity and weakness.

Deputy #1: You trying to tell us that Indians wouldn't be so brutal?
John Blackwolf: No. I'm saying that Indians wouldn't be so confused.

Roy Minton: We have the right to defend ourselves.
Morgan: 450 guns, Roy, I don't think so. That's not self defence, that's plain paranoid.

John Blackwolf: Did grandfather ever tell you where the name Apache comes from? It comes from the Zuñi word ápachu, it means enemy. And if grandfather knew the first thing about the real Apache, he would've taught you to refer to us as the Dinë. It means the people.

Ingrid Griesen: The Gahe said...
John Blackwolf: Don't use a word you don't understand! The Gahe are not magic fairies! They're not gods as you understand them!

John Blackwolf: There are many paths to the same place. Trust me.
Hotch: Just so you know... you sound like a fortune cookie.

John Blackwolf: Big mistake!

Hotch: You okay?
John Blackwolf: You just had to shoot somebody, didn't you?

Hotch: We took down these four.
Reid: Without firing a shot?
John Blackwolf: Captain America here shot #5.
Hotch: You're welcome.

Hotch: #6 is cut up pretty bad, I don't think he's gonna make it.
John Blackwolf: (muttering under his breath) At least I didn't shoot him.
Morgan: I think I'd rather be shot.

Hotch: (to John Blackwolf) There's an old Apache saying... you can take many paths to get to the same place.

Episode Goofs
As Gideon and John Blackwolf exit the school building, Blackwolf puts on his jacket, right arm first, holding his knife and badge in his right hand. The next shot sees the first arm in the jacket and knife and badge in hand switch to the opposite side to Blackwolf's left as he puts on his jacket with his remaining free arm (now his right).

Cultural References
Reid: Charles Manson claimed that he ordered his followers to kill whites in order to initiate a race war, something he referred to as Helter Skelter.

Manson believed a race war, Helter Skelter (inspired by the Beatles song of the same name), was imminent and that blacks would win the war but be unable to lead the world. Instead, Manson would head the new world order.

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